Major Political Parties of Nepal for Election 2017


Nepal Maoist  party:

The great party who has returned in the series of the government tactical platform to move on straightly from the forest by surrendering themselves. This party has sacrificed many youths and many people in expectation of 20 thousand that determines, its mentality and attitude. But forgetting the past, the broken metal can be also joined but it cannot be fully revived.  The broken rope can be joined but there shows the signs and stamps of jointing that makes the exposure.  There is saying that the person becomes attacker and criminal due to unemployment and poverty but it’s fully false.

UCPN Maoist flag

There many unemployment and poverty facing person but there is very few who has converted their mind as the terrorist. Escaping all the extra matters, the Maoist are also behaving like them to makes the country in their own control and implementing their own rule.   It’s  good commenting that the Maoist have changed their strategy and came in the government and visibility.  So, this is also one of the major parties who is in full preparation of coming in the battle for the election. The result can’t outdated before the election forms. The election determines the person who is sinking and who sank.  The person who has not destination will surely lose their identity and figures in the shadow of the obstacles. The same thing has practiced by the Maoist and  has faced the great betray by their own committed mistakes.

The party president who is also the present prime minister of Nepal Pushpa Kamal Dahal has also instructed all their active leader and representative for the full preparation of the election.  E is the president of the party since the establishment and formation. The party has also made the full preparation about the candidate selection, maintenance of election expenses, and the voting suspension and the topics should be published in the announcement letter. The prime minister is also suggesting and manufacturing the platform to conquer the victory with a high number of seats.

By looking the action, plans, and strategy of this party, there is also great hope for the winning.  The past result achieved by this party is also unbelievable in the constitution election after coming recently in the government. So the sure can be fully said but the guess can be done with full faith. The inspection made by the media and the feedback collected by the party are suspecting the victory will fall on their side. The election is not like the fight between the lion and the goat, it’s the war between the warriors who thinks themselves as the greater that the opposition. The warrior is always the mood of grasping the victory with applying their full practice and implementing their premier made strategy to make the win of war.



This is also one of the big parties of Nepal has made their own footprints in the country and also in the mind of the countrymen. The countrymen are especially also in the support of this party. There are many people who like it. It is the party of communist principles talks about the lower cast grading and development and backward people growth and discriminated people to enrichment. The party has also set up the long term goals and the long term goals need the better instructor to proceed it. There are many leaders and youth who are promoting this party for voting it.


Communist Party of Nepal (Unified Marxist–Leninist)

As the party have a great dream for the development of nation and development of countrymen, that increases the standard of the people and maintains all the gladness of atmosphere around the people. The scarcity has also become the problem of Nepal. the scarcity of fuel and gas, scarcity of food grains, scarcity of electricity, scarcity of my crops seeds, etc are the burning problem of the country that is burning the grown desire and dreams of the country. The party present president K.P Oli also the former prime minister of Nepal has spoken many things and brought the many plans and policy for the benefit of the country but opposition has constructed the wall in the road of development.

The man who wants to try the development are stopped and blocked and the leader who has not any tension are busy in politics. So this is the also the major party which will take part in the coming election.

Madhesi alliances and different Madhesi party:

This is the party who raises the voice of the Terai and dominated and discriminated people of MADESH. THIS IS ALSO ONE OF THE MOST LIES AND SUPPORTED PARTY OF THE COUNTRY HAVING MANY  LIKER AND LOVER.

The party mostly has the mandatory of making the Madhesh free from the colonization feeling and should the government provide the equal post and number in every governmental sector. The governmental sectors are also doing their own powering and standing as the king of a lion. But they have forgotten there is many lions living in one forest. This party is also taking the part in the election with great courage and indefinite hope and uncountable supportable to form the great gap of winning. The majority of MADHESI  are on its side, so there is expectation before the election to win.

Madheshi political leaders
Madheshi political leaders

There are also many parties who is raising the views and demands of Madhesi and rights of Madhesi. the party has the rooted goals but having different demands and requirement in front of the government. The dominated and discriminated people who think about their freedom and can survive in the atmosphere and environment of freedom, then they will surely vote for it. This party also carry the great chance and large hope from the election. The election is the final mode to declare the winner sceptical.

The winner is not elected by their own power but the contribution and supports of the people because they are decider and fortune of the country. It’s also the recognized party involving in this election.


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