Ideology on Nepalese PM KP Oli Speech बेसार सेसार खानू, हाच्छिउ साच्छिउ गर्नु काेराेनाे साेराेना भाग्छ


Ideology on the speech of PM KP Oli “Besaar Sasaar Khau Hachhiyu Sachchhiu Gara Corona Sorona Bhagau”

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said: “Besaar Sasaar Khau Hachhiyu Sachchhiu Gara Corona Sorona Bhagau. बेसार सेसार खानू, हाच्छिउ साच्छिउ गर्नु काेराेनाे साेराेना भाग्छ” But this news makes all Nepalese so sad that they don’t expect an answer from him.

All Nepalese aspects expect a lot of employment for the Nepalese infrastructure during this lockdown, employment for the Nepalese who faced many foreign problems and were forced to return to their homes, a suitable place to handle the victims, etc., but Nepalese Prime Minister just said What Meaning of Besaar paani that depresses the Nepalese.

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Corona status PM Oli Jokes
Cartoon On PM Oli Corona Status

The Corona virus is a serious challenge facing humanity today. This is a serious challenge that we have faced for centuries. Nepal took steps in due course to protect the country and its people from this disease.


We could have prevented foreigners from arriving on the flight routes earlier than we could, but we could not go alone and oppose the global system. Questions would have been raised if we had suspended international flights at a time when other countries were not.


The disease is not yet a pandemic in Nepal thanks to the timely closure of international borders and the health measures that we have taken beforehand. Turmeric contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components.

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Besaar paani is not only one of the solutions for corona virus. We have taken all possible measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 and implemented the WHO guidelines. The testing system has now been expanded to all 77 districts.

Medical and human resources were provided at all sites, and RDT and PCR tests were accelerated by identifying those infected and finding possible cases. According to PM, we are launching awareness campaigns to combat the possible outbreak and the effects of COVID-19.

We expanded the scope of the test by looking for people suspected of being infected with COVID-19. International borders have been cordoned off. We have given priority to human life. We cannot compare loss of life with economic loss and profit.

The ban was enforced to protect people’s lives and slow the spread of the virus. It is an effective way to control the deadly virus. It was not the government’s desire to enforce the ban. It is for the good of the people.

We have taken other measures, such as maintaining social distance, various preventive measures and much more. Economic activities could be gradually resumed after analyzing the gravity of the situation.

The corona virus threat should end. It should not be interpreted as a political problem. It should be noted that the casualty rate is more likely to be seen where there are no effective blocking orders.

Therefore, it cannot be linked to political ideology and government systems. “But none of these things was done by our prime minister.


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