10 Places to Visit in Nepal to Make Your Tihar Memorable

10 Places to Visit in Nepal to Make Your Tihar Memorable

The development of the art, culture, tradition, social norms and values have only been possible with the help of traveling.At the ancient times, people used to sail the uncharted water trying to find their own holy land.Their actions unknowingly sought the greatness that is now the face of the world.

People travel for their own reasons; some seek satisfaction whereas some are bounded to make money.All of them have a different destination, places to go.Just to help them choose their place we include here the most enthusiastic, thrilling and exciting places to make this Tihar unforgettable and can be easily found on the map of Nepal.

Top Places to Visit in Nepali During Tihar Holiday

10: Nagarkot

Nagarkot, with its breathtaking view of sunrise and sunset and snowy peaks including Mt.Everest, is growing to be the widely popular spot to be visited.Dwelling itself  32 K.M from the capital of nation(Kathmandu) is at the height of 2,915m.It’s well stationed with facilities and shares the beauty beyond one person can imagine.

Most of the people often prefer to stay the night there and enjoy the morning view that the Nagarkot provides.Nature lovers and extroverts are best suited for Nagarkot although everyone can vibe themselves with the vision we get to see from Nagarkot.

9. Kathmandu

The country’s capital which is blessed with art, tradition, and culture helps you refine your soul.It stands upon the elevation of 1,400 m above sea level.With the settlement of 1.4 million population, the streets are pretty crowded with the strange faces.People from all over Nepal can be found here. Kathmandu never fails to surprise us with its multiethnic, multicultural display.The core of Netease history has been homed in this very city.Every corner stuns us.

However, Pashupati temple, Hanuman Dhoka, Boudhanath, Rani pokhari and shwaymbhu are the most renown and artistic view at the Kathmandu.

8. Patan

Patan is also well known for its treasurful art.Patan and Kathmandu are dislocated by the Bagmati river.Somehow, they resemble a lot of artistic structure and is a lot alike with each other.We can find pagado style temple, language, culture, and caste in common with both of them.


Patan was the city founded by Kirat Dynasty.So the historical monuments of Kirat dynasty are still kept alive by this city.For the handicraft lovers, this city can benefit them a lot.And the popular places to visit in this city are Krishna Mandir, Patan Darbar Square, Ratnakar Mahabihar, Banglamukhi temple and khumbesor temple etc..

7. Janakpur

Being located in the southern part of the nation.Janakpur holds the shrine build at the plains of the Terai(Janaki temple).Being shroud by mystery, it’s said that, it was the capital of the Videha kingdom which is enlisted in the long epic Hindu book called Ramayan.

Janaki temple is known to be the birthplace of the holy god Ram.So this shrine holds captive the history of Lord Ram.The art and painting made on the walls of the Janaki temple give people the spectacular vibe.This temple’s architecture is quite peculiar in the context of other historical shrines in Nepal.As said they are capable of resurrecting the lost presence of its own when one take a glace at its history painted on walls.

6. Lumbini

The place crowded by pilgrims once was the birthplace of the ‘light’ known as Gautam Buddha.

The sight of this place gives us the eternity of peace, which pulls scholar, archeologist, and pilgrims towards it.


5. Gorkha

Gorkha is the one of the ancient city of Nepal’s history.They give us the pleasure of the bravery and pride of being Gorkhali.

The spot to be visited in Gorkha is the Gorkha Durbar which is elevated at the height of 1000 m.They won’t fail to provide you with amazement as the view seen from the top of the hill is something to me stunned about.It includes the Himalayan ranges, historical building, and some interesting handicrafts.It also gives the clear and vivid view of the sunrise in the morning.

4. Mustang

Mustang city resides at the height 2000 to 3000 m above the bottom of the sea.People are eager to visit this place cause its land topography, traditions, and sights are something to talk about.

Muktinath, one of the solely religious temples of our nation dwells here at the Mustang permanently.Providing the visitors with a tough and tricky walk to the temple gives them the luxury and vision of wonderful sights.

Moreover, Red cliff, Chhairo Gompa, Ghar Gompa, and Thubchen Gompa are also well-known and to-be visited places of Mustang district.

3. Lamjung

The relief to trauma and key to happiness resides in this city where the life of everyone is evergreen.

They are enlighted by the mesmerizing view of Himalayan ranges, traditional village and houses and furthermore, its trekking tracks had started to set an example.Ghalegaun is the beautiful village of Tanjung which is widely gaining popularity by the hospitality they provide and the stunning art and culture they reflect.

Honey haunting is adventurous work to do at lamjung though it requires a strength of skills to master it.But we can enjoy the honey extracted from the Himalayan cliff bees.

2. Biratnagar

Being the second largest city of Nepal, it holds the beauty of numerous places to visit.Dharan, Illam, and Dhankuta dwell on the land of Biratnagar.They have their utmost roles to play.Dharan provides you with the sight of brave Nepali soldiers and the local market on the dusty plains

Illam is regarded as the master land of producing tea.Exploring its content would be the pleasurable thing to do as it glimmers with the infinite hope of natural beauty.

Dhankuta holds the power to give you the material which you can’t find elsewhere.This place is raging itself with the shops.It gives you the material made out of Dhaka and even gives you something beyond your imagination.

Baraha Chhetra, Hile, Forests of Tinjure, Milke, and Jaljale, Koshi river etc. are also placed residing at Biratnagar.

1. Pokhara

Amongst all the places, Pokhara makes you ponder of the another world.It is the paradise on the earth.With every corner you pass by, it leaves the eternal scars of its beauty inside your heart.


Pokhara dwells at the heart of the country.The center attraction of this city is Phewa lake.Phewa lake holds captive the tal barahi temple which resides at the amid of the lake.This city also gives the way to the Annapurna circuit, which is the renown trails in the Himalayas

The popular sights in Pokhara like David fall, Bat cave, Mahendra cave and Sarangkot helps you break free from the chamber of your sadness.Thus, Pokhara is the must fantasizing place you dream to visit.

At the advent of Tihar, every city glim with the light and happiness which makes them the places you’d love to see through.

Our best wish and hope that you may find your neverland to make your Tihar memorable with your beloved ones amongst the 10 places which reflect the art and beauty of our nation.

Writer: Saugat Thapa