Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Nepal in Summer 2020 in Vacation


Top 15 Best Places to Visit in Nepal in Summer 2020 in Vacation

Places to Visit in Nepal During Summer in summer vacation: – Nepal is a country of a highly diverse, a land of geographical culture, religions and political instability. Also, a landlocked country nuzzled in the laps of the hardy Himalayan range.

If you are searching for those places where you want to visit with your friends and get relaxed, then this article is for you. Here, in this article, I have listed some of those coolest places of Nepal where you can visit in summer. Not only in summer, you can visit anytime but in summer it will be more fun to enjoy with friends as well as with the beautiful nature.

Nepal draws site visitors who come for a ramification of motives. Some are lured by way of the call of the mountains and in search of to climb or trek within the Himalayas, others are intrigued with the aid of the lifestyle and the famous metropolis of Kathmandu, and but others come hoping to locate some type of religious awakening. Nepal may be an adrenaline journey, a cultural eye opener, or a life-converting experience, relying on the itinerary and mindset of the traveler.

Most traffic will spend a while in Kathmandu touring sacred and historic attractions, and then head out into other components ,use of a number of the most popular places out of doors of the capital are Chitwan country wide Park for natural world viewing, and the lakeside town of Pokhara, a famous place for starting treks. Trekkers will locate a selection of alternatives, with the maximum famous areas being the Everest, Annapurna, and Langtang regions.

15 Best Places to Visit in Nepal in Summer 2018 – Explore your summer vacation in Nepal

1. Kathmandu

Kathmandu, the capital and biggest town in Nepal 2018, the best place to visit in Nepal in summer, is like no different city within the international. The decaying buildings in the heart of the city are a contrast to the lively environment that permeates the streets. The scent of incense wafts from the shops at the same time as street dealers push their wares, and those cross about their each day lives, all in opposition to a backdrop of historical temples and carved statues.

For several hundred years, Kathmandu changed into one among 3 rival royal towns, in conjunction with Bhaktapur and Patan. Situated in near proximity to each other, today those three almost run collectively. The highlight of Kathmandu has long been Durbar square, the largest of the palace squares within the 3 royal towns and a UNESCO international historical past website. Temples and monuments of various shapes, sizes, styles, and faiths can be located right here.

The capital city of our country Nepal is Kathmandu. It is also known as the largest city in the mountainous nation of Nepal. Kathmandu city is situated in about 1400m above the sea level and is surrounded by four major mountains which include: Shivapuri, Pulchoki, Nagarjun, and Chandragiri.


Kathmandu valley is also known as the “City of Glory” because of many monasteries and temples. Peoples of the Kathmandu Valley are also very friendly and polite to the new visitors. In summer and to enjoy with your friends, Kathmandu Valley is the best place to spend your free time.

2. Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is one of the famous places of Nepal which is situated in Kathmandu. It is also very famous as the old heritage of our country Nepal. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the main attraction of the Bhaktapur.

Many beautiful sceneries, the old temples, monasteries can be viewed while visiting in Bhaktapur. It is also taken as the most important part of the Nepal. Different foreigners visit there for the natural beauties as well as to see the tradition of Nepal. It is more fun in summer to visit with family as well with your friends.

Bhaktapur, another best place to visit in Nepal in summer, the 1/3 of the “Royal cities,” lies on the vintage alternate direction to Tibet, just outdoor of Kathmandu. For Bhaktapur, the trade path was both an arterial link and main source of wealth.

Its relative remoteness on the time allowed the town to develop independently and in ways which distinguish it from the alternative towns. In comparison to Patan and Kathmandu, the population of Bhaktapur is on the whole Hindu. The excellent area from which to start an excursion of the town is Durbar rectangular, where in addition to the royal palace, numerous temples are also situated. The complete region is a UNESCO international heritage web page.

3. Boudhanath Stupa

The Boudhanath Stupa, another one of the best place to visit in Nepal in summer, simply out of doors of Kathmandu, is one in all the most important stupas of its kind inside the international, and dates to someday across the sixth century, probably even earlier. Like Bhaktapur, it lies on the antique alternate direction to Tibet and is a UNESCO global heritage site.

The stupa sustained minor damage at some stage in the 2015 earthquake but is otherwise in precise condition.

The stupa itself is an image of enlightenment however at Boudhanath the symbolism is especially clear. Every exceptional form represents one of the 5 elements, earth, water, fireplace, air, and sphere, which can be also the attributes of the five Buddha’s. Delivered collectively in the shape of the stupa, their unity reflects in summary style the structure of the universe itself.

4. Pokhara

Pokhara, at the base of the foothills, is 200 kilometers west of Kathmandu and surrounded via some of the highest mountains in the international – Dhaulagiri, Manaslu, and Annapurna I. for plenty trekkers, Pokhara is the gateway to the Himalayas.

It’s miles the starting point for treks to Jomsom and the Annapurna place. But site visitors will enjoy Pokhara and the stunning surroundings even supposing they’re not making plans on averting on a hike.

Via population, it is the second largest town in Nepal after Kathmandu but nonetheless does now not sense like a big city. Human beings coming from the Kathmandu Valley notice the lot purifier air and high-quality weather nearly right now. Lake Phewa, with its cluster of lakeside accommodations, restaurants, and shops, is right for the ones looking for rest and for day tours.

One of the most beautiful city and also known as the second largest tourist destination in Nepal is the beautiful valley, Pokhara. It is popular as the “City of Lakes”. If you are thinking of visiting Pokhara city then just not think, visit there now.

Pokhara is such a beautiful place to spend your lazier time with family or friends. Some places like Devis Falls, Sarangkot Hill, Mahendra Cave, ChamareGufa, Gupteswormahadev Cave, Boating, and Paragliding are the main features of the Pokhara valley.

Not only the foreign tourists, local tourists also visit this beautiful piece of Nepal. If you went there, Don’t miss the views around the lake of Pokhara and the Annapurna with the Eagles or the huge vultures to guide the way.!

5. Hiking within the Annapurna vicinity

The Annapurna location is one of the maximum popular trekking areas in Nepal, with trekking options of some days to three weeks. There are 3 predominant routes inside the Annapurna location, which intersect and combine in places, but trekkers can choose to do an element or a version at the routes.

The Annapurna Circuit around Annapurna Mountain takes approximately 21 days to complete and is incredibly popular with human beings who have enough time.


This direction is from time to time called the “Apple Pie Circuit,” in reference to the truth that most of the teahouses alongside the course serve their own version of fried apple pie. The Annapurna Sanctuary nestles among the peaks of Annapurna and takes five days to attain.

Muktinath is in the manner to Annapurna however, has due to the fact turned out to be a destination in its personal right. The Muktinath path runs within the Kali Gandaki Valley at the east flank of Annapurna and takes seven days. North of Muktinath is Mustang, a small location that turned into best spread out to travelers in 1992. This location is unspoilt and has its own captivating subculture.


In many regards, the Annapurna place, north of Pokhara, is a super taking walks area. The dramatic contrasts of the Nepalese nation-state are especially seen, from the subtropical plant life of the Pokhara Valley to the dry rain shadow location, with functions of the Tibetan plateau.

The humans and cultures are also very unique: facial characteristics, houses, lifestyles, customs, and faith. The Annapurna region becomes declared an included location in 1986. The region has an awesome infrastructure to support the various trekkers that come through this area. The paths are nicely maintained, and food and lodging are guaranteed.

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10 Best Places to Visit in Nepal in Summer 2018 – Explore your summer vacation in Nepal

6. Chitwan countrywide Park

Chitwan country wide Park is the vicinity to come back to revel in a first rate side of Nepal, other than the hiking and the intrigue of Kathmandu. this is the area for plant life and fauna viewing and a safari kind environment.

At an altitude of exceptional a hundred meters in a few areas, a good deal decrease than Kathmandu at 1400 meters, this place has a tropical monsoon weather, commonly pretty exceptional than what most people count on to find in Nepal.

website online visitors come here in the main to see flowers and fauna. tours from the lodges take web page traffic out into the park, both walking or more regularly, on elephants for near-up perspectives of the animals.

The park is home to rhinos, Bengal tigers, leopards, sloth bears, gaur deer, and lots of various critters. Freshwater dolphins and crocodiles inhabit the rivers and streams, however, are not often seen. extra than 500 species of birds make Chitwan a paradise for ornithologists.

Chitwan lies southwest of Kathmandu near the Indian frontier and is covered within the UNESCO list of worldwide cultural historic past websites. The high-quality time to visit Chitwan is from October to February. average temperatures hover about 25°C, with excessive humidity, even though the mornings may be quite cool. June to September is the monsoon season, with common and heavy rain.

Chitwan National Park is the very first national park which was established in 1973 and as also given the status of a World Heritage, site 1984. Generally, it was called as the Royal Chitwan National Park but it was renamed after the dismissal of the royal family.


The Chitwan National Park also contains a Ramsar site which is known as Beeshazari Tal in its intermediary zone. At total, 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds, 56 species of Herpetofauna, and 126 species of fish can be found inside the Chitwan national park. Especially, the Chitwan national park is modernized for its protection of One Horned Rhinoceros, Royal Bengal Tiger, and Gharial Crocodile. The best feeling of nature can be felt inside the Chitwan national park. You must visit there once.

7. hiking in the Langtang location

The Langtang region, another most famous and best place to visit in Nepal in summer, domestic to Langtang country wide Park, is an splendid region for trekking, with a few excessive passes, great views, vintage monasteries, and delightful mountain environment with rhododendron forests that bloom at a few degree within the spring trekking season.

it’s far less developed than a number of the opportunity popular hiking areas in Nepal and usually much less busy on the trails, notwithstanding its near proximity to Kathmandu. There are villages with guesthouses and food all along the direction, even though in reality extra unfolds out than in different hiking regions.

This location may be reached without issue from Kathmandu via jeep in seven to eight hours, making it extraordinarily on hand, and not using flights required. On a clear day, the peak of Langtang Lirung, which dominates the surrounding place of the same call, is visible from Kathmandu. trekking lengths and duration variety from a few days to more than one weeks relying on the routing. a few trekkers integrate Helambu and Langtang for a prolonged trek.

8. Swayambhunath

swayambhunath picture a place to visit in Kathmandu Nepal
Swayambhunath Stupa – a place to visit in Kathmandu Nepal

Set on a hilltop to the west of Kathmandu, Swayambhunath is the second most crucial shrine in the Kathmandu Valley after Boudhanath. due to the resident monkeys that inhabit elements of the temple, it’s far more affectionately called the Monkey Temple.

The Swayambhu Stupa painted with the eyes of the omnipresent god, office work the centerpiece of the temple complex. It was, to begin with, a prehistoric cult internet site, but the temple complex dates to the 5th century. Swayambhu plays a notable element inside the lives of the Vajrayana Buddhists of Northern Nepal and Tibet, however in particular of the Newari Buddhists of the Kathmandu Valley.

9. Everest and the Trek to Base Camp

Those People whose dreams soar higher than even the clouds, this Everest base camp is the adventure of a lifetime and a journey too. For the Everest base camp’s path starts from the ancient Kathmandu, where you will explore the city at your leisure while expecting your ascent.

You trek to Everest base camp at 5364m which is over 5.3 miles to the base of the world’s tallest mountain will bring you over suspension bridges stretch over chasms of thin air through the hidden Buddhist monasteries and into the heart of the warm, rough Sherpa culture. If you are really thinking about how to spend your summer time, then you should have to visit for Everest base camp.

Views of the different mountains and for feeling fresh in the summer Everest base camp is perfect.!

Everest and the Trek to Base Camp
to the Everest Base Camp

The summit of Mount Everest, the fine mountain within the global, reaches 8,848 meters immoderate. trekking inside the Mount Everest region has become well-known following the now mythical first ascent of the peak in 1953 via Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and the Sherpa Tensing Norgay.

For the reason that that point, many extra have summited the mountain, but a long way greater trek the route to Everest Base Camp virtually for a glimpse of the height a long way above. In latest years the mountain has seen its straightforward proportion of tragedy and drama. The 2015 earthquake and former avalanches, together with disputes among climbers on the mountain, have left their mark on Everest trekking and trekking.

The Everest place is commonly not appeared due to the fact the most scenic location within the USA for trekking, but the allure of Everest attracts climbers in huge numbers. there are numerous routes to access base camp and severa options for organizing an adventure.

Many hiking corporations offer a guided hike, both with Nepalese groups or western-based corporations. It’s also feasible to rent a non-public guide or porter and do it yourself, but all trekkers are technically required to have a guide. the number one hiking seasons are within the spring and fall, from March to may additionally and September to December.

For those now not trying to trek to Mount Everest however nevertheless trying to see the mountain, it’s far possible to look it on clear days from the hill city of Nagarkot close to Kathmandu. motel personnel will knock on visitors’ doorways on clean mornings if Everest is seen. This might be the lazy vacationer’s satisfactory hazard of seeing the arena’s most top.

10. Lumbini

Lumbini, the best place to visit in Nepal in summer, is well-known for being the birthplace of Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, called Buddha Shakyamuni. placed on the primary visitor music, almost 250 kilometers from Kathmandu, Lumbini is a worthwhile detour at the route from Pokhara to the Chitwan countrywide Park.

in this pilgrimage metropolis, a UNESCO global historical past website online, there may be an experience of tranquility. maximum of the visitors is Buddhist pilgrims from across the area, retracing Buddha’s footsteps through the stations of his lifestyles.

The Maya Devi Temple, devoted to Buddha’s mother, is thought to be the spot in which Buddha changed into born. It contains a historic stone remedy from the second-century ad depicting Buddha’s starting.

11. Panch Pokhari:

Panchpokhari is one of the holy lakes which is a group of different other five Hindu Holy Lakes. This PanchPoKhari is situated in the Sindupachowk district. This small lake is also very popular as the 9th highest attitude estuary in the world. It is also very popular for the pilgrimage destination for Hindus and Buddhist.

This lake is named as the PanchPoKhari because it is formed by the five different other lakes and this lake is also one of the holy places for the Hindu and Buddhist. That’s why this, the group of the five lakes is named as the Panchpokhari. People use to visit in the special occasion and take a holy bath in this Panchpokhari. It is such a beautiful place, you must visit once special in summer.

No. 12) Gosaikunda Lake:

This famous Gosaikunda lake is situated Langtang and is located at an altitude of about 4360m. The almost sides of this Gosaikunda lake, it is surrounded by mountains. This Gosaikunda is also very popular as one of the holy place. During Janai Purnima, many people from different places visit there for a holy bath.

In the middle of this lake, there is a huge rock which is said to be the remains of a Shiva shrine (Holy Place). It is also known as one of the historical place, where people from the different corner of Nepal visits this Gosaikunda lake for the holy bath. This place has a beautiful temperature which is very suitable for visiting in summer.

Along with the beautiful scenes, people can spend their summer vacation too.Gosaikundalake is also very famous for trekking.

No. 13) Rara Lake:

Rara lake is one of the biggest lake of Nepal which is situated within the borders of Nepal. It is located at an altitude of 2990m. it is the very beautiful lake. This beautiful lake lies in the northwest Kathmandu in Nepal which is situated in Mugu district. This Rara lake is surrounded almost by the huge and dense forests.

To get the stunning views of the lake and the thickly forested hills on the sides of this lake and the snowcapped peaks there is a Chuchemeradanda of 4087m which is the best vantage point. This famous lake is also very famous for trekking. Most the people often visit there during summer. It is such a cool place, do visit once especially in summer.

No. 14) Dharan:

One of the top most cities of Nepal, among all the cities Dharan, is also one of the city which have the natural beauties and artificial too. This beautiful city lies in the east of Kathmandu. Budhanilkantha, one of the most popular place in Dharan where many people visit for the holy purpose.

To get the magnificence view of the whole city, Budhanilkanta is the place where we can go and can get all the views of the beautiful city, Dharan. This city is also known as the “Eton of Nepal” because of the numerous educational institutes that are scattered all around the city. This city was formed after the British established a recruitment Centre for the British Brigade of Gurkhas.

One of the coolest places to visit in summer and also can get the natural sceneries is the beautiful city Dharan. At the middle of this city, a clock tower has been made which is the main attraction for the people.

15. Sagarmatha National Park:

the Sagarmatha national park occupies an area of 1148 sq. km of the Himalayan ecological zone in Khumbu region of Nepal. This national park lies in the northern mountain of eastern Nepal.

According to the information, this national park was established on 19 July 1976. It was also declared as one of the world heritage sites in 1979(UNESCO). The major ethnic group is the sherpas and the major religion is the Buddhism. From this Sagarmatha national park, we can the beautiful sceneries of the different famous mountains of Nepal like Sagarmatha which is of 8848m, Lhotse of 8501m, sagarmathaCho Oyu of 8153m and Nuptse of 7896m.

The fresh and the clean air from the different mountains can be felt. For trekking purpose also, we Sagarmathanational park.

As I have mentioned 10 coolest places of Nepal above with photos, there are many more places too where you can spend your summer easily. Some of the places like, Nagarkot, ShivapuriNagarjun National Park, Patan, Dulikhel, janakpur Nepal, Bardiya national park, Tilicho Lake and many more other places are also there in Nepal where you can easily spend your summer.

Hope you all will like my article where I have listed very coolest places in Nepal you want to be in summer. THANK YOU…….!!!!

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15 Best Place to Visit in Nepal in Summer 2018 – Explore your summer vacation in Nepal


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