7 Best Places to Visit in Nepal in July

Places to visit in Nepal in July

Best Places to Visit in Nepal in July :- In this modern world, people are busy in their works, by which they need refreshment. They travel from place to place for refreshment, to know about the different places in the world.

There is best to travel, seeing a new place for the first time or returning to the new place. People of all ages travel to the foreign places with their family, friends in their holidays, or leisure time.

Traveling is generally pleasurable whether by train, ship, by air at least for the people who can financially afford a comfortable and safe way of travel. Travelling has become the important part of our life.

Nepal is the beautiful country rich in Natural resources. It is known as the land of Gautam Buddha, land of mount Everest, land of Gorkhali and much more. It is a beautiful place to travel. You can get many things to know about Nepal as Nepal is rich in geographical, natural diversity.

The month of July is rainy season in Nepal. As most of the people like to travel in rainy days. In the rainy season, most of the foreigners are afraid to travel to Nepal because they heard about the flooding, landslide.

But Nepal is not so unsafe in rainy days. You can enjoy traveling to Nepal in this month. Actually, Nepali people are so grateful to the guests. In this days, they will get the warm welcome from Nepali.

7 Best Places to Visit in Nepal in July

1. Lumbini – Best Place to Visit in Nepal in July

Lumbini is the historic birth place of Gautam Buddha ( the light of Asia). Ever year, thousands of the tourists visit this place. In Lumbini, there is so hot in summer. So, In monsoon, the place is not hot by which we can visit lumbini without any problem.


You can visit different beautiful monasteries built by different Buddhist countries like china, japan, srilanka, korea, Myanmar. Mayadevi temple is the key of attraction of the different sites in the lumbini as well inscriptions on the Ashoka pillar refers the birthplace of Buddha.

You can walk around the garden or find a peaceful space for meditation. There are many beautiful things to see in lumbini. So, monsoon won’t disturb you to visit this peaceful historic place.

2. Pokhara – Best Place to Visit in Nepal in July

Pokhara is the beautiful which attracts thousands of tourist every year. It is rich in lakes, mountains, falls and many more. In monsoon, most of tourist fear to come to visit in Pokhara. But in the rainy day, visiting beautiful places is incredibly bring happiness.

The rain actually seems to attract tourist, the lake front is scampering, restaurant and lodges are open. It adventure tourist to raft in seti river and even jumping off sarankot on paragliders. Ya, if the mountains are not visible clearly then there is plenty things to see and do in pokhara in monsoon.

As, with the highest rainfall in Nepal, Pokhara’s rivers and waterfalls are dramatic as well beautiful too. As well, the midhills and valleys are all appeasing shades of green. With the maximum volume of water in davis fall, it will be the attractive thing. For the tourist, in july, the best part in pokhara is participating in rice planting festival, playing in mud.

3. Khaptad – Best Place to Visit in Nepal in July

Khaptad is situated in the far western region of Nepal. It is known for its grasslands, pastures, green meadows. It is rich in its natural beauty. Khaptad National park is also situated in this region with animals diversity. The landscape resembles like we see in the postcards.

Khaptad offers a chance to experience yourself. During rainy seasons ( in the month of July), the fields are covered with beautiful colorful flowers which will make smile in our face and our face will be open admiring its beauty. Also, it has its own cultural significance.

During full moon of July- August, Hindu pilgrimage come to worship. In some places, we found the surrounding to be so peaceful that the only thing that can be heard is only our own breath. So, don’t fear to visit khaptad in monsoon, the travel will definitely bring positive change and the beauty of khaptad won’t let you return back your home.


4. Bardiya – Best Place to Visit in Nepal in July

Bardiya national park is present in Bardiya. It is still untouched from modernization. The 4 days 3 nights jungle safari is a great way to explore the park which is famous for the dangerous Bengal tigers along with one-horned rhinoceros. You can also visit elephant breeding center, boat, swim, and can see the cultural dance of local people.

5. Kathmandu – Places to Visit in Nepal in July

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is considered to be the hub of culture and people of various races living together. You can have a sightseeing tour in a historic, typical, famous places such as Basant Kapur durbar, Bhaktapur durbar square, Patan durbar square, Swyambhunath, Pashupatinath etc.

Pashupatinath is the holy temple where you can have a cultural scenic view.  You can visit Bhaktapur darbar square which is a granary of architecture in the historic period of construction in Nepal.

6. Mustang – Place to Visit in Nepal in July

In July, it is best to travel at the upper mustang. You can plan for 7 days exciting plan to a mustang. There are various monasteries, temple, authentic villages with the beautiful natural scenario.

As, the monsoon winds are less active in the upper mustang, as it lies in rain shadow. If you trek at the monsoon time, then you will see the fields around the villages with their annual crop. You can have a trek that will enable you to enjoy varied landscape comprising of natural caves and mountain desert.

7. Langtang – Best Place to Visit in Nepal in July

It is best to explore the beauty of Langtang region by an amazing trekking which combines with a diversity of specular view of the Himalayas, making own way through beautiful Rhododendron and bamboo thickets.

You will be trekking in the Thulo syabru, singh Gompa, kyanjin gompa, Langtang Khola. You can also enjoy frequent spotting of various rare and beautiful wildlife species in Langtang national park as well and the monsoon climate won’t bother you.

There are other many places to visit in Nepal but during monsoon, some places are so dangerous. So, in monsoon, it is not good to trek in higher Himalayas. Nepal is the beautiful country which is the best place to enjoy our vacation. Have fun while traveling and take care of your safety.

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7 Best Places to Visit in Nepal in July

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