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places to visit in Nepal with family: – Nepal reputes its national arts in the sector of tourism due to glory and groups of place inviting and inventing it’s glow daily in increment serried to make the Nepalese identity greater and recognized all over the world. 

Nepal has many architecture places which are even not in use due to many problems. Even though, there exist the realistic and plastic fortunate to the visitor. Super beauty is making the environment more glowed and more shinning.

There are many places to visit in Nepal for a family tour. It’s very good things and plans if you are in the mood and march of the family tour. The internal environment would let you see the reality that exists out of the locality.

It is said the visit gives you more knowledge and provide you the information about those place where you are visiting. Visit means learning and knowing more and special things about various subjective.

People even not have seen and visited the nearer temple due to their business and busy in works. Many of the people of today generation are suffered from earning disease.

They have forgotten the real meaning of life and real pleasure of life. It is like the honey inbox which is not even seen from outside, you have taken it to know the taste.

Meanwhile,  the person are not interested in the visit because they feel and think that visit looses time and increase your expenditure. There are many people who spend their holiday visiting and traveling to new places.

Mostly, Nepal has many and various pilgrimage destination, architecture function, glamour display can be visited with their choice.  Place to visit in Nepal for the family tour show that your family belong to high class and have adopted the standard of high level.

A person does not want to take the taste of life in partial payment and conduction or performance. Giving the family full support and making the visit also lit the new knowledge and behavior in the family which makes the internal coordination and makes your family relation better and cooperative.

The lion also starts to acts and become the dog if you kept him in the cage by childhood. They do not have such power as the lion even though he is a lion due to the internal and tied environment.

So, freedom is also necessary to inhale the outer air that makes the person ammunition of knowledge and understanding open for observing and feeling the realistic plates and circumstance that got some shape and salutes.

Many families are living their life in their high manner for making and showing the world that the family is not only the part of support but also the partner of visiting.

Making the statement cleared, places to visit in Nepal for family tour explains the famous and fine thought on the behalf of family benefit to constant happiness and prosperity.

The family tour makes your family relationship more bolster and unity that do not make your any moving upward stairs stop, The man can only get success if the family has supported him.  And we know that family will only support in the case of family happiness.

Relatively, the family becomes only happy if they also got the chance of making cooperation and share their happiness in any new and strange place which makes all of them tied in one rope and established in one garden.

There are many places to visit in Nepal for family tour, some of them are presented and  described below with its a specific  attraction:

Places To Visit In Nepal With Family – Travelling Tour Guide


It is also one of the selected places if you are interested to make your tour funnier and more glorious after the entrance in Lahan. It is the place where the great temple and the unique adopted flower rises in the new year auspicious occasion. 

It has made also many people happy. In the new year, the person is murmuring and making the whistle of happiness in the  Fulbari ground because there exists a great fair on the new year day.

A person looks like a winner and had gotten the victory due to the rapture of its appointment of flower in the new year morning. Extra to this, the great temple of Rajdevi which also the religious place to make you journey blessed and life sin free, here many people are always in the presentation due to the worshiping, is going every day.

Lahan is not only the places of making the tour and family satisfied but also the place to makes and perception of safeness and happiness. Lahan has made many visitors happy and it also consists the many services of lodging and environmental attraction.

2. Rajbiraj:

 Rajbiraj is also known as the places of religious sites and pilgrimage. The great Shakhara Bhagwati temple is situated after some distance of Rajbiraj. The temple is famous which have the great power of Goddess and many people first down and head on the foot of its ground doors. 

It is a belief that the person gets their life new pack to fulfill with happiness and prosperity. The person makes their any events opening only by first worshipping of it. It has also made many people and many devotees happy and loans by providing the blessing of prosperity. It is also all things of satisfaction after the tour of the family.

It is rich in personal satisfaction due to shinning construction of temple and ponds inside of it. The great superpower and also recognized for proving the health, wealth and happiness. Person bows their head for making their life shunned and get happiness. Many have made life in changed after the worshipping of it.

The new mechanic and new transportation are firstly worshipped here to make the starting happy and not any disturbances and circumstances of blockade and accident should not even come near. To get rid of all the extra black spots and events, people worshipped here for making the life and lesson of events and works fully moveable and pleased.

3. Dharan, Bhedetar, Dhankuta:

 Dharan is also one of the most selective destinations of many particulars and groups and stakeholders.  It is known for the greenery environment and wonderful cleaner to make the people happy by seeing it’s the presentation of matched artificial beauty that has created by themselves.  Dharan is famous for welcoming and taking the new taste of food.


The 37 tastes of coffee shop in Dharan will give your journey more energy to climb and drive the upper level to Bhedetar. Bhedetar is the coldest place having a moderate temperature. It is famous for the tower and green mountains that make you more strategical.

The temperature of it changes in time to time because of high altitude.  climbing up and driving up, you can also travel to upwards and move for Dhankuta famous for the orange farming and also the greenery and better environment.  Nepal has made the Dhankuta famous also for the headquarter of the eastern region.

Thus it has got its value also in administrative and rich in the natural presentation of Dhankuta is making the new history in the field of tourism.  Places to visit in Nepal for family tour expose the places related and destination to it. You can enjoy and expose your happiness in the moderated sunny and shining sunrise will make your intention cool and full of waves.

4. Solukhumbu:

 Solu Khumbu is also the places to visit in Nepal for the family tour because the Nepalese identity starts from  Solukhumbu and the  Nepalese origin of mount Everest also speaks the appreciation and positivity about Nepal. Nepal is recognized for the Everest and Nepalese are respected all over the world due to its assessment.  

There are many people from the world come here to make their life happy and pleased by getting the real picture of Everest and making their mind drawing then it’s the exact and real picture. There even not lies any people who have not to listen about the Everest because it has made climber popular, viewer popular and visitor popular.

So, it’s also the places to visit in Nepal for a family tour. As it is the commonplaces of staying and all and everything managed by the tourism department for easiness and safety, there is no probability of falling in the accidental pit.

The world highest mount Everest lies on our Nepal and even there exist any people who have not visited the camp but the one most embarrassing thing is that the people from the world have successfully not one visited but have also admitted their name in the list of Mount Everest climber.

So, this is also the family tour places which will provide you the information and reality feeling of seeing the Everest from near.  Places to visit in Nepal for a family tour would make the many families conscious to see and know about the new places which have mostly become the viral and listened by the majority of mouth.

5. Janakpur:

It is also the places to visit in Nepal for the family tour as it has some special architecture and pictorial memorization. The great historical contain the mystery and hugger to make the people more grasped with it’s the internal and outer look.

The great Janaki temple which is also known as the Naulakha Mandir was built by the queen of Tikamgadh at ancient time. This also knows as the pride of Janakpurdham. It is the roots of the religions and identity of Hindu where the goddess Sita was married by God ram in Treat yuga.

You family can achieve the religious power and extreme glad by keeping your feet in its palace. It is the great identification and religious architect which display the culture and your family can feel the smell of unity and love also get the blessed to make your life and family member more cooperative.

A person who has not yet visited have to visit here compulsory because it also rectifies the historical facts of the arrow and arriving of God and Goddess. makes their life sins fee after visiting here because it is the palace of God where the God Rama was come here in the territory of Mithila.

It is the places of adopting spirituality and involving life in helping and dedication for making the world and people happy and smile. Nepal has not the short and few places for family tour. It is supposed and confessed that Nepal is a small country but it can not be confessed that it has very few tourist destinations of places to visit in Nepal for a family tour.

Janakpurdham tour obviously re-shine and refine your life with happiness and all the circumstance of unexpected makes your journey along with your family happy and prestigious and prosperity.

6. Pokhara, Lumbini:

 These two is known as the two eyes of tourism of Nepal because it contains the extra and all pleasure which makes the visitor addicted to its beauty. There are many visitors who fall in love with its beauty and also there exists the glamorous beauty and happy beauty which have the extra shine on its face. to light up and create a new expression and impression. 

Places to visit in Nepal for the family tour will lead your mind if not to be consulted.  If you are little beat educated then there is no need for a consultation, because we have provided you the selective and best chosen paces for family tour.  As the family means life.  Therefore, it will be better if you make your journey in a less risky way and road.

As   I have upgraded all the destination which consist the goods transportation having no disturbances. There is no the occurrence of any places or any pit which can make your traveling stop. These places will make you and your family fully entertained. Lumbini and Pokhara are treated as the backbone of Nepalese tourism.

People from the world never forget and left to its visit. So, it will make your family tour colorless if you do not reach here. Your journey will get the new output and endless energy by attaining the new environment of glamour and glory. Hence, the places to visit in Nepal for the family tour do not get it ends if you started traveling.

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