20 Best Places You Can Visit in Nepal During December

Best places to visit Nepal in December: – No doubt, Nepal is the hub of beautiful natural places and platforms where the people of the world come to get the delight and dedicate their attitude in the arm of its beauty.

The people of the world come here to get the pleasure and feeling of real heaven.  The Nepalese territory is filled with unlimited natural camp and arts that always cry for its natural refraction in the ray of the sun rising.

When the sun rises, they also wake up to welcome the chief guest warmly, that makes the visitor attached towards its attraction, the beauties defines their appreciation self but its beauties is appreciated by the people of the world, even who comes to visit and does not come to visit. If you are planning to visit Nepal, then you have to also maintain your routine to make your journey safe and more fabric.

There are lots of places and natural hub, that mostly gives you the extreme pleasure according to the atmosphere, that depends on the calendar or the month. Therefore, planning should be made according to the season. But when you are planning and have spaced out you time in December, it means that you want to enjoy unlimitedly without any intervention.

We have come here with some of the very attractive places that will make you more devotees and fall in love with beauty mostly making your visiting routine in December to suits up the new year celebration along with.

20 Best Places To Visit in Nepal in December

1. Annapurna base camp:

It is one of eth popular sites across the world in the context of trekking. That is why a lot of people from eth Nepal as well as from the world come here to make their legs free from the up and downs in the diversified sloping of land and mountains.

Annapurna Base Camp Image
Annapurna Base Camp Treks

Trekking is one of the journeys of making you some period of time more historic and get relief from networking life, that makes you in pressure.


The beauties of the mountain that become more bright with rising of the sun. The ray and its shining slowly make you the feel of catching you in their beautiful arena. It’s one of the highest altitudes, Therefore, you have to also keep your body and health more considerable.

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While making your trip, you will have to pass with different dense forest, where you get the smell of Rhodendron, the national flower is also waiting to add the courage and zeal for making you more strong.

Red and silky Rhododendron in mountain and way will grow the formation of track and energizes you with full support. It lies in an altitude of 4100 meters, and temperature based on the season.

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If you want to take the joy of eating the hot coffee and thing in the surrounding of coldness will also make you moment more pleased. Trekking distance is about 16 kilometer, does not defines more for an interested trekker.

2. Bungee jumping in Bhote Koshi River, Nepal:

It is one of the adventurer’s tasks mostly preferred to do by the hardest heart and adventitious people to diminish the accident. it’s the symbol of making you and proving yourself as the strong and Superman. It is situated at an altitude of 160m above the Bhote Koshi River, which lies north of Kathmandu 80 km away.

Bungy Jumping in Nepal in Bhote Koshi River
Bungy Jumping in Bhote Koshi River, Nepal

You can easily make you traveled to its spot if you are interested in driving three hours over the bridge of Bhote Koshi river that lies at the altitude of 3600 feet. Here you will first be given the training and make you clear about its role and action almost about all the terms and conditions.

You can make your time riskier and funnier by making its one for your playing game and enjoying in the air. You can settle yourself according to your experience and jumps according to your belief that you can easily make accomplishment successfully.


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The tour and journey will really not rarely gives you the gifts of enjoying a lot in the air and chances to fly like the bird. You have to also take action according to your capacity, otherwise, there may cause a huge distraction and injury.

3. Hiking trip to Nagarjuna:

It Is also most interesting works and visiting that you can mostly be done in December because eth temperature will forwards you fast and makes you tiredless. Interesting in hiking is also the major task mostly liked by the great heart and nature lover.

People are natural and should be nature loving. Matching to this sense, it’s also the great offer that you can start in the month of December.

Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, Nepal
Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park, Nepal

Nagarjuna is also called the historic Jamcho peak which is located in the north west of Kathmandu that can be directly visualized through your special action. It is most famous for different kinds of the cave, mountain revealing in the different color. The altitude of hills is 1950 meters which you can complete up in  7-hour easy trek. after reaching to its top.

You can capture the beautiful images of Kathmandu valley and surroundings mal hills and their features of expressing delighted. There are also good facilities for accommodation due to the establishment number of hotels. You can make your journey after traveling some hours to reach its initial point for starting your trek.

4. Langtang Trek

Rich in cultural heritage, a pleasant altitude profile and a dazzling nature: the walk through the Langtang Valley has many things to offer. The incredible Himalayan Sherpa adventure will help you make the most of this unique experience.

The Langtang Valley is located south of the Tibetan border, which is situated in north of Kathmandu encased between the main Himalayan mountain range to the north and a slightly lower range of snow-capped peaks to the south.

Langtang National Park Nepal
Langtang National Park, Nepal

This made it an important region for trade for several centuries and a focal point for cultural exchange. The walk begins in Syabrubensi, just a few hours from Kathmandu. It offers a wide range of sceneries and landscapes.

The route follows the river upstream through the valley through several types of forests (particularly the impressive rhododendron forests) and takes it from a warm, almost tropical climate, to a more hostile environment at higher altitude.


Along the way, there is a good chance of observing wild boars, deer, various types of monkeys and even some of the largest predators such as bears and leopards and the many types of wild flowers.

As soon as you leave the forest, you will have the impressive Langtang Lirung Mountain (7246 m) right in front of you. The route continues along the Langtang mountain range with all the famous glaciers and beautiful snowy peaks.

During the walk, you will have many opportunities to better understand your culture and lifestyle at high altitude. And you will definitely enjoy their hospitality.


  • Conquer Tsergo RI at 4985m and enjoy the spectacular views of Langtang Lirung, Dorjee Lhakpa and the Ganesh Himal range.
  • Explore picturesque Tibetan villages and experience Tibetan culture.
  • Enjoy the rapid succession of landscapes and distinctive climates.

5. A visit to Kakani:

It is also the popular natural tourist site where mostly all kinds of domestic natural get more busy to interact their love and emotion in the shadow of the deep and dark love of jocundity mountain. It lies after an hour of 2 to 3  hours north of  Kathmandu situated in the north. It is also the best places especially to visit in the month of Kakani.

Kakani Most Beautiful Place of Nepal
Kakani – Most Beautiful Place of Nepal

The weather in the December also gives you support to add the enjoyment for your enjoyment.  The shining of mountain ranges and rise of rhododendron will enchant your feeling and make you fan of their creativity and identity.

The beauties always increase slowly with the rising of the sun and set down with the setting of sun but the shining of its land and boundary does not set even in the night.

The existence of natural and greenery moment and a lot of small and top landscapes also invites you to click the images of every step in different poses. It is also the best places to visit in December.

6. Day trip to Champa Devi:

A lot of pilgrimage places an religion places when also we can grasp out the intimate and ultimate fun after spending some time.  Champa Devi is also one of them where you can achieve lots of fun and enjoy your moment if you make your visit with a friend as well as the family does not affect its environment.

It is located at an altitude of 2285 meter south-west of Kathmandu and famous for the pilgrimage site for Buddhist stupa and also considered as Hindu shrine. You can reach its spot after driving some hours of the bike due to its short distance of 16 km south of Kathmandu. Then after, you can make your hiking trip forward from the top hill.

In December, if the temperature is not so much effective, then you can clearly see the views of Langtang and Ganesh mountain range, that blow your motion on its eyes. After all it, you can again end up your journey returning to your home.

7. Sightseeing tour to Kathmandu:

Kathmandu is the capital of Kathmandu and it is also known as the hub of tourist spots, religious hubs and historical as well as cultural pilgrimage sites and architecture. It is the places where people get first to interact with is a beauty.

You can make your journey with a friend or even with a family to get the fun with different historic sites by reaching to its spots like as monkey temple, Basant Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swoyombhunath and many more.

Pashupatinath Temple Nepal: Biggest Temple of the Lord Shiva in the World

No one can forget the holy places of Pashupatinath which is the greatest faith places and devoted places. To begin the sightseeing, you can serially make the lines by visiting one by one.

KATHMANDU, Nepal Views

These all the durbar and places have a confidential story behind its images and standing, that you can pick out to get more information. in the moth December, It becomes your exercise as well as fun by visiting.

You will make the life more adoptable by knowing and visiting the existed sites in Kathmandu. This is also the best job which you can perform better in the month of December with any complexity.

8. Hiking to Shivpuri :

It is also the best task that can be performed in the month of December. It is one of the highest peak and protected area. the great holy river Bagmati flows up from its roots and passes through all the Kathmandu. you can explore your all the activities by visiting through the Nagi Gumba situated at an altitude of 2330 m north of Kathmandu just little beat above to Budhanilkath temple.

It will be more special and specific for Buddhist because the environment is made accordingly and look like. You can drive out by seeing and furcating all the funny activities a that you perform with nature and friends and expose it. It will better to reach here in the month of December.

9. Jungle safari at Chitwan:

It is also the most visited area and spots by both domestic and as well as international tourist. Chitwan lies in world national heritage site and such specific value also it consists to make every its visitor captured their mind and belief.

Jungle Safari at Jeep in The Chitwan National Park Nepal
A Peacock while Jungle Safari at Jeep in The Chitwan National Park Nepal

Jungle safari is a famous instrument and activities that are done by almost every visitor to travel and even take their first experience of riding over it by a new visitor.

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After reaching here, you also get eth chance to analyze nearly about the cultural and traditions existence and remarks due to attachment of Tharu society near with its boundary. December is the best season to visit it for best moment experience.

10. Janakpurdham:

It is also the biggest and most popular holy places of Hindu but Jankapur is always waiting to welcome everyone.

Janaki Mandir Temple, Janakpur Nepal
Janaki Mandir

The places are also very popular for having its natural and historical values and velocity. The great temple of king Janak who is treated as the great intellectual person and the story of Ramayan starts with its contents also.

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The God Ram and Goddess Sita are two characters of Ramayan, one from India and another from the  Jankpur, king of Janakpur, i.e  Janak.  the historical moment and their arts and everything is safely kept as a museum.

  1. Pokhara

The Pokhara Valley is located about 200 km west of Kathmandu, which is widening of the Seti Gandaki Valley. The name of Pokhara itself is derived from “Pokhari,” which means Pond in Nepali Vernacular, one of the types of wetlands.

The valley itself is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Nepal, where natural heritages, especially lakes and mountains are the main tourist attractions. It is also known as the “City of Lakes.”

Pokhara Nepal City Town Image
Pokhara Nepal

The group of lakes in the Pokhara Valley is of international importance, as it is compatible with vulnerable, endangered and critically endangered species, as well as threatened ecological communities.

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The groups of lakes in the Pokhara Valley have a high socio-cultural significance. There are many temples and shrines in the catchment area of ​​the city of lake. Each lake has its own cultural value or importance, where the lakes are used for the celebration of festivals, sacred baths and worship of God and the Goddess.

At present, Pokhara is widely known as a tourist orientation of the city due to unlimited natural beauty, cultural attractions, social cohesion, harmony and mutual respect.

It is categorically specialized as a famous tourist destination important for adventure tourism and the starting point of the world-famous hiking trail along the Annapurna circuit.

Pokhara is also the meeting point of the Mongoloids and migratory Aryans of the Himalayan mountains and the Terai regions in Nepal, whose presence has made the Pokhara Valley attractive from a cultural point of view.

The mosaic of caste and ethnicity, religion and identity where different ethnic groups such as Newar, Kshetri, Brahmin, Gurung, Majhi and Muslim are important communities that have remained in harmony and cooperation for longer time.

Pokhara offers unique attractions that combine modern features as reflected in places like Chipledhunga, New Road and Mahendrapul; historical wealth reflected in the group of several famous temples (for example, the Barahi temple, Bindhyabasini, Bhadrakali, Sitaldevi, Gita Mandir, the Bhimsen temple, etc.); panoramic views (especially from Sarangkot, the World Peace Pagoda, etc.); museums as a center of knowledge of nature, culture and people (for example, international mountain museum, Pokhara regional museum, ethnographic museum, Gurkha museum and Annapurna natural history museum).

A series of short trail trekking are available in the surrounding areas of Pokhara. Such short walks are Royal Trek (1720m), Ridgeline Trek (Bharatpokhari-10 Kristi) (1114 m), Millennium Trek (1279m), Mardi Himal Trek (4100m) and Machhapuchhre model trek (3682m).

In addition, there are several other important trekking routes such as the Annapurna Sanctuary (4200m), Jomsom-Muktinath (3800m), Ghorepani-Poonhill (3120m), Siklis (1989m), Upper Mustang (3950m), Nyagi (3210m), Manang area ( 3450m)), The Manaslu circuit (5100m), the Dhaulagiri circuit (5710m) where tourists can spend one to four weeks in lodges, camps and home stays.

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The diversity of these activities offers a perfect terrain for all types of visitors, tourists and researchers to explore in detail the Pokhara and its surrounding exotic parts.

  1. Lumbini

Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha and has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Lumbini tour is a popular religious tour to explore historical sites and a birthplace of Lord Buddha.

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It is located in southwestern Nepal. It is one of the important places for the Buddhist pilgrimage tour in the world. To pay tribute to Lord Buddha, followers of different countries have built many international temples. They are beautiful works of art and rich architecture.


The Siddhartha highway connects Lumbini by road to Pokhara, Tansen and Kathmandu. Regular flights from Kathmandu to Siddharthanagar Bhairahwa, which is a 15-20 minute time from Lumbini, connects Lumbini with the capital.

Lumbini tourism also includes a visit to the Japanese pagoda built for world peace. There are different places to visit in Lumbini. They are listed as follows:


The Mayadevi temple is the most important temple among the ancient inheritances located inside the Lumbini garden. The temple houses the ancient idol of Mayadevi, the birthmark stone and the ruins of the third century BC. to the seventh century BC.

Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini, Nepal Birthplace of Lord Buddha
Maya Devi Temple in Lumbini, Nepal

The interior of the temple has a peaceful heavenly environment that brings to life the clairvoyance since ancient times. Tourists love to take pictures of the treasure of ancient artifacts. To reach the Mayadevi temple, it takes 10 to 15 minutes on foot and 5 minutes by rickshaw.

Ashok Pillar:

The Ashok pillar located inside the Lumbini garden is considered an important historical heritage. The famous emperor Maurya Ashok of Magadh in India had ordered that the pillar be erected in 249 BC. C., while on pilgrimage following the advice of his spiritual master Upagupta.

Emperor Ashok had erected the pillar along with a stone tabler that has an inscription that says “Shakyamuni Buddha was born here.” The pillar and the inscription are a testimony that Lumbini is the birthplace of the Lord Buddha. The Ashok pillar has shown the world that Lord Buddha was born in Nepal. The Pillar is adjacent to the Mayadevi Temple.

Sacred Pushkirini Lake:

Before giving birth to Lord Buddha, his mother Mayadevi had bathed in the sacred Pushkirini lake located near the Ashok Pillar to the south. The ancient lake is a great attraction for tourists. Traditionally, it is believed that Lord Buddha was bathed in the same lake after his birth.

Birth marker stone:

The stone marker of the birthplace of Lord Buddha is preserved inside the Mayadevi Temple enclosed in a glass box. The marker stone accurately marks the birthplace of Lord Buddha. The marker stone came out safely in 1996 AD during an archaeological excavation.

Lumbini Museum:

A museum has also been established in the Lumbini garden to preserve historical artifacts such as clothing, coins, idols and other items related to Buddhism unearthed during excavations carried out around Lumbini at different times.

Tourists can see these artifacts in the museum for study and research. The museum is frequently visited by people who want to gather more information about Gautam Buddha. The museum is at a distance of 10 to 15 minutes’ walk from the Flame of Eternal Peace.

Mayadevi Idol:

It is estimated that the 3-foot-tall Mayadevi idol carved from a stone tablet originated in the fourth century. The idol is in the sanctuary of the Mayadevi Temple. However, the carved figure on the stone tablet has eroded and the carved figures have darkened.

The idol is also known as the idol of birth, since it represents the birth of the Lord Buddha. The idol shows Mayadevi leaning in a tree while giving birth and there are two heavenly messengers waiting to receive Buddha. A figure of the infant Buddha is in the center of the idol.

World Peace Stupa:

The World Peace Stupa was built in Lumbini to spread the message of peace, friendship and goodwill in the world and to raise awareness to keep the earth pure and clean. The 41.5 m high stupa is one of Lumbini’s main attractions.

The stupa was built as part of the campaign of the Japanese Buddhist preacher Fujing to build the World Peace Stupa in different parts of the world. It takes between 40 and 50 minutes on foot and 25 minutes on a rickshaw to reach the World Peace Stupa from the Mayadevi Temple.

Very few tourists arriving in Lumbini miss a visit to the World Peace Stupa. The serene and heavenly atmosphere around the stupa and the attractive works of art that adorn the stupa attract visitors.

World Peace Flame:

The eternal World Peace Flame is one of the main attractions of the Lumbini garden located in the center of the garden. Tourists came here to observe the flame that is kept burning continuously 24 hours a day.

The flame was lit on November 1, 1986 AD by the Prince Gyanendra Shah. It was brought from the United States of America as part of the celebration of the International Year of Peace. We can reach the eternal flame at the end of 10 minutes by foot from the Mayadevi Temple.


Tilaurakot was the capital of the former Kapilvastu state of the Shakya dynasty. The site is important both historically and religiously. In this sacred place, Siddartha Gautam had spent 29 years of his early life. Tilaurakot is 25 km west of Lumbini.

There is a road to Taulihawa from the Pambá of Lumbini, a 5 km rickshaw ride from Taulihawa will take you to Tilaurakot. However, there are no accommodation facilities in Tiluarakot. There are various sites associated with the lie of Siddhartha Gautam which are Kudan, Niglihawa, Gothihawa, Sangrahawa, Devdaha.


There are many historical sites associated with the life of Lord Buddha situated around Kapilvastu and Lumbini. Kudan is also one of those sites. It is situated about 5 km south of Tilaurakot.

This is the place where, according to a popular belief, Lord Buddha met his father, King Shuddhodan, when he returned after attaining Enlightenment.


Devdaha, the birthplace of Lord Buddha’s mother, Mayadevi and his consort Vasundhara, is located in the Rupandehi district. The region 56 km east of Lumbini was the capital of the rulers of Koliya.

There is a popular belief that Lord Buddha had visited the place 7 years after reaching enlightenment. Tourists visiting Lumbini also visit Devdaha.


The Sangrahawa region that witnessed the massacre of thousands of Shakyas in ancient times is an important historical site of the Kapilvastu district. The region represents a dark chapter of history. The site is full of ancient remains and there is also a pond nearby. Sangrahawa is located 12 km north of Taulihawa.

  1. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is one of the most famous tourist destinations outside the Kathmandu Valley which is located 32 km northeast of Kathmandu Valley at an altitude of 7,200 feet.

It offers panoramas of the main peaks of western Nepal, such as the Annapurna range, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang and Gaurishankar in the east. It takes 45 minutes by car from Kathmandu and is better for sunrise and sunset.

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At dawn and dusk, the snow-covered peaks are painted in shades of rose, pink orange and gold. It is a show that should not be missed, although one can never be sure of the visibility of mountain ranges, even during the winter months.

Seeing a single pink peak that appears in the middle of the clouds can be as exciting as seeing the entire 200-mile peak panorama. As the mornings are clearer than the afternoons, it is recommended to spend a night here.

Nagarkot is also a place for day trips, especially when you don’t have enough time for long walks. The best part of these walks is that everything goes downhill from the moment you start.

The fortress and its surroundings are not the only matter of interest in Nuwakot, although it is the central one. Being close to Langtang Himal, opportunities for hiking, trekking and mountain biking are very close to the city. In fact, the one-hour climb from the bustling Trisuli bazaar down the hill to Nuwakot is a route that many tourists choose.

The whole place is dotted with modest food and lodging places to meet your needs. The view of the Trishuli River is also a pretty spectacular scene and is worth capturing on this trip. The river passes through the middle of Nuwakot. Higher up, this same river turns into a raging place for rafting.

  1. Palpa

Palpa is located at a distance of 316 km from Kathmandu, on the southern slope of the Mahabharat mountain range. Therefore, Palpa Trip is an adventure trip for nature lovers.

The high hills of Palpa have an impressive view of Nepal in all directions. As, there is great Madi valley in the west and the Kali Gandaki river along its northern border. Speaking of people here, most of them follow Hinduism followed by Buddhism. Some Muslims and Christians also reside here.

The main magnetizations of the district are Ranimahal (Ranighat), Srinagar Danda, Vairabsthan Temple, Palpa Durbar, Ridi.

  • Srinagar Danda is a 1600 m high hill (Tansen) just north of Tansen, the hadquarter of this district. In addition, you can see a magnificent view from the tower over the Kali Gandaki river of the Himalayas. The dense pine forest is the southern slope and the natural vegetation with the national flower “Rohodendron” on the northern slope is popular among naturalists.
  • Bhairavthan, the greatest “Trishul” – a symbol of Lord Shiva is the next magnetization primarily for Hindus.
  • Ridi, located about 20 km northwest of Tansen, is a place of pilgrimage. Rishikesh Mandir, a popular pagoda style Mandir and the Ridi River have considered a pilgrimage site. On 1st Magh, pilgrims from all over the country visit here to take the holy bath in the river and pay homage to the temple.
  • The Shital Pati (Shady Restplace) was built in the early 20th century in downtown Tansen. This resting place has an octagonal shape and is located in the heart of Tansen Square, one of Tansen’s most popular squares.
  • In the year 1807 AD, the Amar Narayan Temple was built by General Amar Singh Thapa. According to the old legend, a sacred spring (lake) is hidden under the three-story pagoda temple. When one will observe this temple, erotically carved wood structures become visible. The temple is surrounded by a stone wall known locally as the Great Wall of Palpa.

In addition, Palpa is famous for several types of handicrafts and cottage industries, one of which is a typical water jug, Karuwa. Karuwa is one of Palpa’s main attractions. Similarly, Dhaka is one of the main articles that has gained national and international fame. Others, Dhaka products are shawls, wallets, etc.

Finally, one can easily arrive here as there is direct bus accommodation between Kathmandu and Tansen, Pokhara and Tansen, between Bhairahawa and Tansen. Palpa is one of the 75 most beautiful districts in Nepal.

Some of Palpa’s most important lakes are Sita Kunda, Pravas Lake and Satyawai Lake. The rivers Kali Gandaki, Tinau, Ridi, Dovan and others are the rivers located in this district. It is a place of great historical importance with many museums, fortresses: Kalika Fort, Nuwakot Fort and Bakumgadi Fort, and other important sites that are worth visiting.

  1. Bandipur

Bandipur is a small and authentic town / small town in Nepal. Bandipur is famous for its pure and natural environment and its lifestyle. It is the complete package for anyone willing to spend the weekend in the lap of Mother Nature.

Bandipur Nepal Views
Bandipur Nepal

This place was used to be a stop on the route to Tibet from Kathmandu. Originally a city of Magars, the Newars of Kathmandu took the place and settled in Bandipur, turning it into a village dominated by Newar as it is now.

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With traditional-style houses, rich in wooden architecture, this place also offers wonderful views of the magnificent mountains. It is one of the most popular tourist sites these days for panoramic views and cultural experiences.

Bandipur is about 140 kilometers west of Kathmandu and about 80 kilometers east of Pokhara. It is about 8 km from Dumre on the Kathmandu-Pokhara (Prithvi) road. The time to reach Dumre depends on where you are.

Things to do in Bandipur                                                   

  • Visit to Tundikhel:

Tundikhel is a great terrain from which you can see the scenic beauty of mountains and hills and the Dumre bazaar. You don’t need anything more than a good company to enjoy there.

  • Walk through the bazaar of Bandipur:

Take a walk and see the wonderful wood carvings on the doors and windows of the traditionally built Newari house. It is a kind of live museum city where you can see the elderly dressed in their traditional dresses and sitting in the sun.

  • Jatras and Parties:

Newars celebrates Jatras (local festivals that worship their deity) throughout the year. Each Jatra ends with Bhoj (party) where they serve traditional Newari food.

These jatras and bhoj are culturally fascinating and portray the Newari way of life. Ask a local about the time and place and they will be happy to invite you.

  • Visit to the silkworm factory:

There is a silk production facility in Bandipur where they grow silkworms and extract silk threads.

  • Sideshowr / Siddha Gufa:

It is believed to be the largest caves in Nepal, they are more than 4 hours walk north of Bandipur. The signs direct you to each intersection of roads to reach the cave. It is home to hundreds of bats and has incredible calcite formations inside. You must be sure to bring a flashlight and non-slip shoes.

  • Goat farm:

There is a goat farm nearby where you can see the Nepalese way of raising goats. Try goat’s milk.

  • Eat local:

As Bandipur is a city of Newari, it offers a lot of options for food lovers. Newari food is rich in buff meat, beans and beaten rice. Get a Newari thali. Try Samay Baji, Kachila (marinated raw meat), Choila (roasted roast) and Tho (rice beer).

  • Walk to Gurunche:

Above Gurunche is the temple of Thani Mai (goddess). This place offers a 360 view of the Himalayas. The visit is essential to enjoy spectacular views of sunrise and sunset.

  1. Illam

Ilam, a mountainous district located in the eastern tip of Nepal. This district is completely covered by hills, except some parts of the interior of Terai. The district covered by a pleasant natural geo-structure, mild climate, low green hills and fertile lands, has been made prosperous by the hard work of farmers.

Ilam tea garden Picture Alone boy
Ilam tea garden

Ilam tea is exported to foreign countries. Ilam is inhabited by people from diverse ethnic groups and is an interface of different cultures and religions. Ilam has exciting natural green hills covered with tea plantations and forests, diverse climate, simple lifestyle and houses that represent their own arts and unique style. There are various places in Illam to visit which are;

  • Shriantu Hill:

Shriantu Hill is located at the east end of Ilam which is famous for watching the sunrise. Most of the flat land of Terai, Mirik, Kurseong and Darjeeling along with beautiful tea gardens can be seen from this place.

  • Illam Bazaar:

It is the district headquarters of the Ilam district and is located at an altitude of 1208 m. This is the city of houses and temples that reflects its own originality and geo-structure and ancient tea gardens.

The oldest tea factory and tea gardens in Nepal are located here. Small cozy and economical wooden houses that reflect its originality and rich sculptural tradition are the center of attraction.

  • Mai Pokhari:

This pond is located on top of Mai Pokhari and Sulubung. It has 188 square meters of area with a radius of 750 m and has nine corners. This pond, located in the middle of the forest with rhododendron and magnolia Campbell (chhap) is important from the point of view of the natural landscape, religious importance and pilgrimage to the goddess.

Are you a photographer who likes to take photos of exotic travel destinations? Going to the sparkling lakes of Mai Pokhari offers the perfect opportunity for nature lovers to take amazing and attractive photos with their cameras. If you are looking for interesting things to do in Ilam Nepal, don’t forget to visit Mai Pokhari.

  • Antu Danda

Geographically, Antu Danda is a popular view of Ilam that is located at an altitude of 2,328 meters above sea level.

For those who wish to enjoy the stunning sunrise and sunsets over the majestic snowy peaks, Antu Danda is one of the best activities in Ilam, Nepal. In addition, travelers can also visit the Lepcha museum and interact with local people.

  1. Triveni Dham, Nawalparasi

Located in the southern part of Nawalparasi district, on the western border of Chitwan National Park. Triveni is located near the Indian border, where the Narayani River or the Gandak River flows through the Ganges plains from Sialik Hill.

It is called Trivani (which means three streams or rivers), because the great Narayani River joins small gold and drilling rivers. The legends link this site to Balmiki Ashram, where Sita, consort of Lord Rama, lived with her two children Lava and Kush while in exile.

Located in a lush natural environment amidst hills and rivers, it is a sacred site for Hindus. In addition to the religious destination, this place can be developed as a recreational site with hiking and water activities.

Equally important pilgrimage sites in Triveni are Gajendra Mokchha Dham, Shivalaya, Balapuri Temple, Laxmi Narayan Temple, Narmadeshwor Panchayan Temple, etc.

According to Shreemad Bhagvata and Baraha Purana, there was a war between an elephant king (Gajaraj) and a crocodile (Graha) that lasted hundreds of years. Lord Vishnu heard the elephant’s prayers and described and descended upon Garuda to rescue him.

When he arrived at the place, an elephant’s leg was already in the crocodile’s mouth. God rescued the elephant from the threatening jaws of the crocodile.

Balmiki Ashram has often been mentioned in many of the reasons of the Hindu scriptures. It is said that Balmiki’s Ashram retretats, where pregnant Sita, who was exiled by a husband Ram, took refuge in the great sage ashram and gave birth to her two sons Lava and Kush.

Rishi wrote the epic Ramayana in Balmiki Ashram. Triveni Dham’s bath is considered very sacred. Apsaras used to come here from heaven to bathe. This is what the public says here. Triveni Dham’s reputation is considered since the Janak dynasty.

Therefore, the glory of this place is also associated with Ram and Ram’s Guru Balmiki. This religious place is also more famous for being on the shore of the Narayani River. You can also go boating, swimming and fishing here. The river here is formed by seven other rivers.

Thus, the river located here is very large. Therefore, you can come here and tour this place of peace. There are many places in Nepal that are lagging from the tourist point of view, this is one of them. Therefore, it is our responsibility to recognize this place as a tourist place.

  1. Manakamana

The Manakamana temple is located in Gorkha, on top of a hill of 1302 meters and 105 kilometers west of Kathmandu. The Manakamana devi temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Bhagawati, an incarnation of the goddess Parvati.

The combination of two words Mana means heart and Kamana is desire, so Manakamana is also the goddess of the fluffiness of the will. The famous Manakamana Devi temple takes 3 hours driving from Kathmandu. It is the middle path of Kathmandu and Pokhara.

Manakamana Temple Mandir Gorkha Nepal
Manakamana Temple, Gorkha Nepal

From the temple you can see spectacular deep valleys, a terraced field from the cable car and views of the Manaslu Mountains, the fury of Annapurna and Himchuli.

Altitude and Manakamana go from side to side and the district where it is located is called Gorkha, another name of bravery in the Nepalese language. Manakamana is at the top and kurintar is situated below, from where the cable car runs and connects the two points.

Walking to the top has become a thing of the past due to that cable car and the journey from Kathmandu to Kurintar covers a distance of 104 km. If you are a person concerned about the height digit, you will reach the height of 258 m when you are in Kurintar and 1302 m when you are in the Manakamana temple. Manakamana Pilgrim Tour is a link factor.

There are facilities to spend the night in the hotel and good restaurants to take food. The cable car runs from 8 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. Between 12 noon and 1 o’clock it is lunch time, so the cable car service will be stopped for an hour. Saturday and other holidays in Manakamana is crowded.

  1. Baraha Kshetra

The pilgrimage site of Baraha Chhetra (Kshetra) is 20 km from Dharan at the confluence of Sapta Koshi and the Koka River. The area consists of the main temple of Barahavishnu along with dozens of other temples, hundreds of idols of different deities and some dharmashalas.

It is mainly dedicated to the Hindu god Vishnu. According to the Hindu myth, in Satya Yuga Lord Vishnu once came down to this area in the form of white boar and he killed an evil demon known as Hirayankashyapu.

The statues of Baraha Chhetra exist since the fifth century. In front of the temple, there is a stone that will examine whether you are sinless or sinful. It is said that only the virtuous person can lift the stone.

Baraha Kshetra is an important Hindu pilgrimage site in eastern Nepal that sits on the banks of the mighty Saptakoshi River that flows into the Ganges. The sacred place is an hour’s drive from the buzzing town of Biratnagar, the commercial center of eastern Nepal.

Baraha Kshetra gets his name from Avatar Baraha, the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu, according to Puranas. The main attraction of Baraha Kshetra is a white Shikhara-style temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, one of the Trimurti or the Holy Trinity.

This sacred site looks festive during the Makar Sankranti festival with pilgrims from all over the country and from India arriving at this place to offer worship to Lord Vishnu.

While in Baraha Kshetra, you can visit the temples of Budha Subba and Dantakali. Or you can spend a night at the Bhedetar mountain station on the Dharan-Dhankuta road. Your trip can be extended with a visit to the Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve, a protected area and a popular wetland famous for bird watching.

20. Cycling tour all around  in Nepal:

It is also one of the most fabulous tasks that you can start to get the intimate fun of the moment and time of December. December is treated as one of the best season due to its atmospheric presentation and smoothness in temperature that does not deserve any bad infection.  It is one of the extraordinary experience that you can achieve by making your trip with the group of friends.

Nepal is the country full of natural spots, artificial station,  hand made arts junction, where you can interact your ultimate feeling to point out the philosophy of marrow.

You can make your journey with a group of friends to make your period of the holiday will of naturality and calamity enjoyment by entering to the natural resources wiring and many other delightful places, that also makes you more intelligent and provides you the prime fun to enjoy the moment.

Visit Nepal 2020 – All Information About ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ Campaign

It will be more funny and interesting to slopes down and drive in the mountainous land by capturing the images of bidding flower of the Himalayas, growing greenery; leaves of plants, and shining sapphire of mountains that creates the welcomes flats for your happiness.

The various circuit of ethical delighted places and an exotic moment will make your traveling smelling like  Rhododendron that makes the whole mountain waked up, and shaved up.

So its also the message giving and holy as well as enjoying places for making your trip. You can easily afford the rate of accommodation and all other needed services due to the cheap rate of everything with best quality providence. It will bebetter to visit in December.

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