10 Best Places To Visit in Nepal in December

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best places to visit  Nepal in December: – No doubt, Nepal is the hub of beautiful natural places and platforms where the people of the world come to get the delight and dedicate their attitude in the arm of its beauty. The people of the world come here to get the pleasure and feeling of real heaven.  The Nepalese territory is filled with unlimited natural camp and arts that always cry for its natural refraction in the ray of the sun rising.

When the sun rises, they also wake up to welcome the chief guest warmly, that makes the visitor attached towards its attraction, the beauties defines their appreciation self but its beauties is appreciated by the people of the world, even who comes to visit and does not come to visit. If you are planning to visit Nepal, then you have to also maintain your routine to make your journey safe and more fabric.


There are lots of places and natural hub, that mostly gives you the extreme pleasure according to the atmosphere, that depends on the calendar or the month. Therefore, planning should be made according to the season. But when you are planning and have spaced out you time in December, it means that you want to enjoy unlimitedly without any intervention.

We have come here with some of the very attractive places that will make you more devotees and fall in love with beauty mostly making your visiting routine in December to suits up the new year celebration along with.

10 Best Places To Visit in Nepal in December

1. Annapurna base camp:

It is one of eth popular sites across the world in the context of trekking. That is why a lot of people from eth Nepal as well as from the world come here to make their legs free from the up and downs in the diversified sloping of land and mountains. Trekking is one of the journeys of making you some period of time more historic and get relief from networking life, that makes you in pressure.

The beauties of the mountain that become more bright with rising of the sun. The ray and its shining slowly make you the feel of catching you in their beautiful arena. It’s one of the highest altitudes, Therefore, you have to also keep your body and health more considerable.

While making your trip, you will have to pass with different dense forest, where you get the smell of Rhodendron, the national flower is also waiting to add the courage and zeal for making you more strong. Red and silky Rhododendron in mountain and way will grow the formation of track and energizes you with full support. It lies in an altitude of 4100 meters, and temperature based on the season.

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If you want to take the joy of eating the hot coffee and thing in the surrounding of coldness will also make you moment more pleased. Trekking distance is about 16 kilometer, does not defines more for an interested trekker.

2. Bungee jumping in Nepal:

It is one of the adventurer’s tasks mostly preferred to do by the hardest heart and adventitious people to diminish the accident. it’s the symbol of making you and proving yourself as the strong and Superman. It is situated at an altitude of 160m above the Bhote Koshi River, which lies north of Kathmandu 80 km away.

Bungee Jumping in Nepal "Bungy Jumping Nepal"
Bungee Jumping in Nepal

You can easily make you traveled to its spot if you are interested in driving three hours over the bridge of Bhote Koshi river that lies at the altitude of 3600 feet. Here you will first be given the training and make you clear about its role and action almost about all the terms and conditions. You can make your time riskier and funnier by making its one for your playing game and enjoying in the air. You can settle yourself according to your experience and jumps according to your belief that you can easily make accomplishment successfully.

The tour and journey will really not rarely gives you the gifts of enjoying a lot in the air and chances to fly like the bird. You have to also take action according to your capacity, otherwise, there may cause a huge distraction and injury.

3. Hiking trip to Nagarjuna:

It Is also most interesting works and visiting that you can mostly be done in December because eth temperature will forwards you fast and makes you tiredless. Interesting in hiking is also the major task mostly liked by the great heart and nature lover. People are natural and should be nature loving. Matching to this sense, it’s also the great offer that you can start in the month of December.

Kathmandu views from nagarjuna
Kathmandu views from nagarjuna

Nagarjuna is also called the historic Jamcho peak which is located in the north west of Kathmandu that can be directly visualized through your special action. It is most famous for different kinds of the cave, mountain revealing in the different color. The altitude of hills is 1950 meters which you can complete up in  7-hour easy trek. after reaching to its top.

You can capture the beautiful images of Kathmandu valley and surroundings mal hills and their features of expressing delighted. There are also good facilities for accommodation due to the establishment number of hotels. You can make your journey after traveling some hours to reach its initial point for starting your trek.

4. Cycling tour  all around  in Nepal:

It is also one of the most fabulous tasks that you can start to get the intimate fun of the moment and time of December. December is treated as one of eth best season due to its atmospheric presentation and smoothness in temperature that does not deserve any bad infection.  It is one of the extraordinary experience that you can achieve by making your trip with the group of friends.

Nepal is the country full of natural spots, artificial station,  hand made arts junction, where you can interact your ultimate feeling to point out the philosophy of marrow. You can make your journey with a group of friends to make your period of the holiday will of naturality and calamity enjoyment by entering to the natural resources wiring and many other delightful places, that also makes you more intelligent and provides you the prime fun to enjoy the moment.

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It will be more funny and interesting to slopes down and drive in the mountainous land by capturing the images of bidding flower of the Himalayas, growing greenery; leaves of plants, and shining sapphire of mountains that creates the welcomes flats for your happiness. The various circuit of ethical delighted places and an exotic moment will make your traveling smelling like  Rhododendron that makes the whole mountain waked up, and shaved up.

5. A visit to Kakani:

It is also the popular natural tourist site where mostly all kinds of domestic natural get more busy to interact their love and emotion in the shadow of the deep and dark love of jocundity mountain. It lies after an hour of 2 to 3  hours north of  Kathmandu situated in the north. It is also the best places especially to visit in the month of Kakani.

kakani Kathmandu Nepal
kakani Kathmandu Nepal

The weather in the December also gives you support to add the enjoyment for your enjoyment.  The shining of mountain ranges and rise of rhododendron will enchant your feeling and make you fan of their creativity and identity. The beauties always increase slowly with the rising of the sun and set down with the setting of sun but the shining of its land and boundary does not set even in the night.

The existence of natural and greenery moment and a lot of small and top landscapes also invites you to click the images of every step in different poses. It is also the best places to visit in December.

6. Day trip to Champa Devi:

A lot of pilgrimage places an religion places when also we can grasp out the intimate and ultimate fun after spending some time.  Champa Devi is also one of them where you can achieve lots of fun and enjoy your moment if you make your visit with a friend as well as the family does not affect its environment.

It is located at an altitude of 2285 meter south-west of Kathmandu and famous for the pilgrimage site for Buddhist stupa and also considered as Hindu shrine. You can reach its spot after driving some hours of the bike due to its short distance of 16 km south of Kathmandu. Then after, you can make your hiking trip forward from the top hill.

In December, if the temperature is not so much effective, then you can clearly see the views of Langtang and Ganesh mountain range, that blow your motion on its eyes. After all it, you can again end up your journey returning to your home.

7. Sightseeing tour to Kathmandu:

Kathmandu is the capital of Kathmandu and it is also known as the hub of tourist spots, religious hubs and historical as well as cultural pilgrimage sites and architecture. It is the places where people get first to interact with is a beauty. You can make your journey with a friend or even with a family to get the fun with different historic sites by reaching to its spots like as monkey temple, Basant Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pashupatinath, Swoyombhunath and many more.

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No one can forget the holy places of Pashupatinath which is the greatest faith places and devoted places. To begin the sightseeing, you can serially make the lines by visiting one by one. These all the durbar and places have a confidential story behind its images and standing, that you can pick out to get more information. in the moth December, It becomes your exercise as well as fun by visiting.

You will make the life more adoptable by knowing and visiting the existed sites in Kathmandu. This is also the best job which you can perform better in the month of December with any complexity.

8. Hiking to Shivpuri :

It is also the best task that can be performed in the month of December. It is one of the highest peak and protected area. the great holy river Bagmati flows up from its roots and passes through all the Kathmandu. you can explore your all the activities by visiting through the Nagi Gumba situated at an altitude of 2330 m north of Kathmandu just little beat above to Budhanilkath temple.

shivpuri hiking destinations near kathmandu Nepal

It will be more special and specific for Buddhist because the environment is made accordingly and look like. You can drive out by seeing and furcating all the funny activities a that you perform with nature and friends and expose it. It will better to reach here in the month of December.

9. Jungle safari at Chitwan:

It is also the most visited area and spots by both domestic and as well as international tourist. Chitwan lies in world national heritage site and such specific value also it consists to make every its visitor captured their mind and belief. Jungle safari is a famous instrument and activities that are done by almost every visitor to travel and even take their first experience of riding over it by a new visitor.

jungle walk in chitwan national park nepal
jungle walk in chitwan national park nepal

After reaching here, you also get eth chance to analyze nearly about the cultural and traditions existence and remarks due to attachment of Tharu society near with its boundary. December is the best season to visit it for best moment experience.

10. Janakpurdham:

It is also the biggest and most popular holy places of Hindu but Jankapur is always waiting to welcome everyone. The places are also very popular for having its natural and historical values and velocity. The great temple of king Janak who is treated as the great intellectual person and the story of Ramayan starts with its contents also.

Janki Mandir temple Janakpur, Nepal
Janaki Mandir temple Janakpur, Nepal

The God Ram and Goddess Sita are two characters of Ramayan, one from India and another from the  Jankpur, king of Janakpur, i.e  Janak.  the historical moment and their arts and everything is safely kept as a museum. So its also the message giving and holy as well as enjoying places for making your trip. You can easily afford the rate of accommodation and all other needed services due to the cheap rate of everything with best quality providence. It will bebetter to visit in December.

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