Best Places To Visit in Nepal in August

Best Places To Visit in Nepal in August: – July is almost over and August is here. A beautiful month with perfect weather to go somewhere and take a chill pill. You have come up with a few places you can go and have the best times of your lives. Nepal is a beautiful country itself, it has a beautiful history and the natural scene are to die for.

Many of us have not been to the nooks and corners of Nepal and they are traveling to a foreign country by paying tons of money to see the natural view. That’s sad. So we have been searching the convenient place so that anybody can visit these places without having second thoughts.


Places You Can Visit This August In Nepal

1. Sisneri:

You might have swum in the pool, the terrace pool but nothing beats the pool that comes naturally. Yes, sister is one of the places to visit this August. Sisneri was not a famous spot until a few years back. It has a natural swimming pool which is clean and chilling to be in. Sisneri lies in Makwanpur district which is probably 3 to 4 hours away from Kathmandu.

Even if it rains, you won’t have to feel worried because you will be having more fun here. People come here in a large group, there will be many people enjoying the natural pool. You must visit Sisneri this August without having a second thought.

2. A trip to Nagarjuna:

This August try something you haven’t- hiking. Enjoy the fantastic view as you hike to Nagarjuna Hills here in Kathmandu. Feel the breeze as you go walk through the paths for a while. Nagarjuna is also called as historical Jamacho Peak. It is located in the north-west side of the valley. The mountain is well acclaimed for Nagarjuna’s cave.

Not only the cave is the thing for grabbing your attention but the place is also a viewpoint owing to its rising high altitude which adds up to 1950 meters. You do not feel very much tiring since it is an easy catch for those who love hiking. From the top of Nagarjuna, you can capture the mesmerizing view of Kathmandu valley and other surrounding mountain ranges. You can get to the top by hiking for a maximum of 7 hours and you will able to feel the cool environment.

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3. Take a ride to Bardia National Park:

Bardia National Park is a place where you should not miss ongoing. No matter which month or season, Bardia National Park is the must place you should go. It is the largest and off the beaten national park of Nepal. The wilderness of this place is still pure and untouched by the modernization. This August you can take a few days leave from your daily work routine.

You can take the 4 days and 3 nights jungle safari to really see and explore the place. It is famous for Bengal Tigers which will be fascinating to watch. It is estimated that there are about 22 Bengal tigers along with 100 one-horned rhinoceros. You will also get to see more of the wildlife along with different species of birds and flowers. You will also experience the culture of local people living here.

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4. Pokhara:

Who hasn’t been to Pokhara? I am sure you already did but if you have not then what are you waiting for? Pokhara is the top tourist preferred place and that goes for all the Nepalese here. The Fewalake and the environment are so different from any other town. And if you want to leave behind the chaos and pollution of Kathmandu, then Pokhara is where you should go.

5. Champa Devi Tour:

Champa Devi is actually a pilgrimage site known for its Buddhist stupa and is considered as a Hindu shrine. It is situated at an altitude of 2285m south-west of Kathmandu valley. You can start your hiking from Thankot. The hiking to Champa Devi starts with a 16km drive south from Kathmandu if you do not want to walk from Thankot. If you drive for an hour, you will reach a place called Pharping.

So, you can start your hiking from this place gradually uphill which will take you about one hour. After the hike for an hour, you will again have to walk for another 3 hours gradually uphill following the path to Champadevi. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to see Langtang and Ganesh mountain range in the clear season. When you return back, you will need to hike downhill to Hattiban which will take about 2 hours. You will love the nature from the top of the hill.

6. Shivapuri Hiking:

Do not get worried because I won’t be writing only about hiking trips. But this will be the last one I promise! Shivapuri is the closest National park from Kathmandu which is also the second highest peak near the valley. It has more to offer to you from a variety of flora and fauna in this region. Trekking to this place won’t takes much of your time because it is a short and easy to reach the place.

But it has to be an exciting way up to Shivapuri. You can trek or drive for about 20 minutes to the Budhanilknatha temple which is only 8 km north of the valley. You can also visit NagiGumpa which is situated at an altitude of 2330m north of Kathmandu valley just above the Budhanilkantha Temple.

7. Kathmandu Heritage Tour:

The tour is carefully designed for all those travelers who have a great interest in art, culture, lifestyle and historical interest. There are so many sites declared in UNESCO heritage sites. These sites of Nepal would be the best opportunity for the researcher, or any people coming here. It will be easy to collect the historical and social-cultural information.

There are as many as 10 UNESCO heritage sites in this country. 8 of them represent cultural as well as natural heritage sites. Kathmandu is full of ancient temples, stupas, monuments and historical sites. You can enjoy here by watching the wonderful architectures and art pieces.

8. Paragliding in Pokhara:

This August you can enjoy the beautiful view of Pokhara via paragliding. Paragliding in Nepal is one of the famous adventure activities in Nepal which is done in Pokhara. The wonderful view from the top of the valley while flying seeing all the beautiful valleys, cultivated farms, villages, monasteries, temples and the beautiful lakes. The paragliding from the top of Sarangkot will offer the visitor the beautiful view of lakes of the Pokhara along with the sunrise and sunset from the mountain of Machhapuchre and Annapurna.

9. Ghandruk:

Ghandruk is a small town which is located on Kaski district. If you wish to see the Annapurna range of Nepal and go trekking in the Himalayan flow, then ghandruk is the place to choose. If you trek to poon hill, ghandruk is the first destination you reach and then you move ahead. Ghandruk village is also called as Ghandrung Village. It is famous for trekking where you can see the view of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre Mountain. And if you are already in Pokhara, it only takes a 42km drive and 6 hours of walking.

10. Godavari:

Located at Lalitpur, Godawari is a place to go out with your friends for refreshment and picnics. The Godavari is a fine garden covering a large area. You should always go to this place because it has the fresh and livable environment. It is located at the base of Pulchowki. So when you visit the Godavari, Pulchowki is also the place to go for a quick hike. And if you lucky enough you will be able to experience snowfall in winter. The fresh nature and home environment are worth experiencing. So make sure you visit Godawari this August with all your friends and families.

11. Marpha:

Marpha is a small village in the Mustang District. Tourism is the earning business of people. The population is also small. When you visit Marpha, you will experience different ambiances. The houses are basically painted white which shines out bright. The thakali people are the local people here.

And yes, when you visit Marpha, the local brandy called Marphak is worth buying. The locally made brandy is sold among the people who come here for a visit. Also, the dried apple is the products which are exported in high number. So this August Martha is the must place to beat.

12. Markhu:

Markhu is lying just ahead of Chitlang, a place at Makwanpur. Chitlang is actually a place where people on a hike for. It is famous for its family-like environment and the people who respect all the guests at their place. Markhu is 1-hour walking distance away from chilling. It has a beautiful view of the Kulekhani dam. People are allowed to boat here. The food and the fish is what people come from. A little peace from daily chaos and pollution, Markhu is a must place to go.


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