30 Top Places to Go | Visit | Travel Alone in Nepal


30 Top Places to Go | Visit | Travel Alone in Nepal

Top Places to Go | Visit | Travel Alone in Nepal: – The fact that Nepal is the beautiful place is not hidden from anyone. Nepal is rich in natural beauty with beautiful Himalayan range and the panoramic view of the beautiful landscape.

Besides this, natural bodies like lake, river and the higher, as well as the lower altitude, adds to the beauty of Nepal. Therefore, people from all over the world visit Nepal not only seeking the natural beauty to enjoy but also to visit several religious and cultural heritage.

People from all over the world along with their family visit Nepal during their favorable period and season. But it is not always necessary that you need to travel with your family or friends, you can enjoy here with yourself. The only thing required to accompany you here is your camera so that you can click the pictures for your own fun and recreation.

So here I mention some of the places of Nepal where you can enjoy with yourself creating the memory for your future reference. Though traveling is fun with the group, still sometimes you may want to be with yourself.

30 Top Places to Go | Visit | Travel Alone in Nepal

1) Pashupatinath temple:

It is rarely heard that people visiting Nepal not visiting Pashupatinath temple. Pashupatinath is the famous Hindu temple situated in the Kathmandu city and people from all over the world visit this temple while visiting Nepal.

Pashupatinath Temple Nepal: Biggest Temple of the Lord Shiva in the World

Within the premise of the temple, different small temples and monuments are built. Roaming within the premise of Pashupatinath temple alone makes you feel realize the meaning of life. The religious song known as “bhajan”, when you listen within the temple, you feel connected to the god and you never want to leave from the temple premises.

Pashupatinath Temple
Pashupatinath Temple

2) Swayambunath temple:

Swayambunath temple is located in the chakra path area of Kathmandu valley. Popularly known as monkey temple, this temple is the holy place of Buddhist pilgrimage. It is situated on the hill in the Kathmandu, from where you are able to catch the one glance of the whole Kathmandu city.


Your camera can be a huge companion while visiting this place alone and here you can see the harmonic existence of Hindu and Buddhist religion. Therefore, visiting this temple can never make you bore and feel lonely as you will explore fun elements with every step

3) Boudhanath stupa:

This is also the next largest Buddhist pilgrimage situated in the Kathmandu city. Boudhanath stupa which is also popularly known as the boudha is one of the sacred pilgrimage and religious sites that have been able to occupy a special place in the heart of people regardless of their religion.

Many people from abroad visit the stupa to grab the information regarding the Buddhism and the history related to Lord Buddha. Visiting this place gives you the good vibes and the continuous music of “ommanhepemehom” makes you stay within the stupa premise exploring the meaning of life.

4) Kathmandu Durbar squares:

Kathmandu Durbar square also is known as basantapur durbar kshetra is enlisted in the world heritage cultural site by UNESCO. It is one of the three durbar squares of the Kathmandu valley.

The palaces within the durbar square represent the reign of different historical kings. Malla and Shah Kings ruled the kingdom of Kathmandu city from the palaces of Kathmandu durbar square. The Durbar square is also popularly known as “Hanuman dhoka durbar square”.

The palace reflects the culture, tradition, and rituals of the legendary kings as well as the architectural framework of that period. From the period of those legendary kings, within the durbar square premises, several monarch activities is performed which includes the coronation of the monarchial kings too.

Besides, king Tribhuvan memorial museum and king Mahendra memorial museum are also built within the palace. Similar is the taleju temple within the durbar premise, which is opened only during the period of Dashain for the visitors and also some other parts of the palace for the visitors. The camera will accompany you with the best memories.

5) Patan Durbar square:

The main attraction of this durbar square is the palace of malla kings. As Kathmandu durbar square, Patan Durbar square is also rich in its own architectural framework that mainly represents the newari architecture.

Besides, newari culture, Patan is also the old cities of Buddhist, therefore Buddhist culture is also represented by the Durbar square. The history regarding the durbar square is not clear.

There are several temples and idols within the durbar square area and also a huge bell beside the main temple and besides, several temples and monuments built by the newari people, the square also holds a number of newari houses of the people residing within the durbar square.

The main attraction of the patan durbar square is Krishna Mandir, where a number of Hindu pilgrims visit during the Krishna Janmashtami. This durbar square also gives you the numeric reason to visit.

6) Bhaktapur Durbar square:

Bhaktapur durbar square is the next durbar square among the three durbars square within the Kathmandu valley. Bhaktapur durbar square generally is the plaza that lies infront of the palace of the oldest kingdom bhaktapur. Talking about the location of the durbar square, it lies in the bhaktapur city that lies 13 km east of the Kathmandu city.

As in other two durbar square, several temples, idols, structures, and monuments are built within the durbar square along with the royal palace that narrates their own legends and history. The major attraction of this durbar square is a royal palace with fifty-five windows also known as 55 window palace and in Nepali, pachpannajhyale durbar.

Similarly, the next attraction of Bhaktapur durbar square is the statue of King BhupatindraMalla. The next structure is Nyatapola temple which means five stories temple in Newari language. This all structures gives you the reason to visit in the durbar square area.

7) Dhulikhel:

Unless and until nature accompanies you with is beautiful natural beauty, you do not need a companion to enjoy and similar is the case for the amazing place Dhulikhel.

Dhulikhel is visited by many people after the name of the popular monastery named as Namobuddha. Namobuddha is the famous religious pilgrimage of Buddhist after boudhanath and swayambhunath.

Views From Dhulikhel Nepal
Views From Dhulikhel Nepal

This place is generally visited by the people for picnics, night out, seminars and various other programmes. Besides, people also visit this place on several vacations and holidays. Dhulikhel is the beautiful spot for tourists and is famous for natural beauty as well as for the historical myths related to this place.

The place is the main attraction of tourists as this place provides the beautiful eyesight of greenery and also the views of Himalayan range. A camera can greatly accompany you to the best in this place.


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8) kakani:

the place where you can visit alone also includes the hill stations of the country and among these hill stations, kakani is the beautiful hill station.This hill station is located in the nuwakot district, some distance away from the Kathmandu city.

The beautiful view of Ganesh Himal, the Himalayan range is seen from Kathmandu valley, can be observed from here. This place reflects the pure Nepali culture of the country and the forest area located along the trail routes provide the relaxation mood to the hikers.

9) Nagarkot:

The beautiful and interesting destination located in Nepal even attracts internal tourists. Nagarkot is one of such beautiful places and a top spot to enjoy the Himalayan range. Nagarkot has its own scenic beauty, it has been targeted by tourists for hiking.

It is considered as the most scenic spots in Bhaktapur district and is also considered as the best place to view the sunrise through the Himalayan range of eastern Nepal. 8 Himalayan ranges out of 13 Himalayan ranges of Nepal can be viewed through this place along with the panoramic view of Kathmandu valley.

Besides these, this place also commands the view of Shivapuri National Park. A visit to Nagarkot between October and March period will provide the clear view but some hours of the day the mountains may be in the veil of clouds. Since you are enjoying with nature you don’t require any other to accompany you.

10) Panauti:

Among some of the major historical places of Nepal, Panauti is also one. Panauti is the interesting destination situated in the kavrepalanchowk district in Bagmati zone. Being very rich in culture and tradition, Panauti is also known as Newari town and it is said that it is in an almost similar state as left by the founder.

Panauti, also regarded as the religious sites from the early period, is situated at the confluence of two sacred riverRosi and Punyamati. In addition, another sacred river Lilawati joins them forming Triveni. A belief that an individual will be free from sins and anxieties on visiting such places has enhanced the religious beauty of this place.

A number of devotees from all over the country visit this sacred place on several occasions as this place is considered as prayagtirtha of Nepal. If you are a religious person then you may like to visit here alone to get connected with God.

11) Namobuddha:

in the Kathmandu valley, there exists three main stupas . Namobuddha is one of the main Buddhist pilgrimage. It is situated inpanauti at kavre district of Bagmati zone in the central development region of Nepal.

Namobuddha is located far from the city therefore is established as the meditation center. Besides, the view of sunrise also is the attraction of this place. Namobuddha can also be reached via the hiking route enjoying the natural and scenic beauty of the place. Through this place, the reflection of pure Nepali culture is seen.


12) Pokhara valley:

The immense and magnificent view of Pokhara makes you involve in its natural beauty in such a way that you forget you are alone there.Pokhara valley is the beautiful places within Nepal. The place is full of natural beauty and is the tourist centre.

The beautiful lakes like Phewa lake, a begnas lake has always attracted tourists towards this beautiful valley. Many tourists generally visit this place to see the Himalayan ranges and lakes. Beside this, the tourists also visit this place to trek towards the sarangkot, ghandruk enjoying the nature and its beauty.

The reflection of mount machhapuchhre on the Phewa lake makes the visitors realize the extremity of the natural beauty of the place. Similarly, Mahendra cave and barahi temple is also the center of attraction of this place. Paragliding from sarangkot drags the visitors towards the beautiful height of sarangkot. Recently, zip line is also introduced in this place and this has also been the centre of attraction to the visitors.

13) Lumbini:

Nepal, a beautiful country is not only recognized for the natural and scenic beauty in three different regions, Himalayan region, hilly region and Terai region; but also through the recognition of Lord Buddha.

Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha lies in Terai region, rupandehi district of Nepal and lots of visitors from all across the world visit this place to have a look around the birth place of Gautama Buddha.Lumbini is a pilgrimage site that gives the reflection of the first bath that Lord Buddha had after his birth and queen mayadevi took the ritual dip before the birth of lord Gautam Buddha.

The pillar discovered in the birth place of Lord Buddha gave the evidence that Lord Buddha has visited Nepal. These historical marks available in the place gives the visitors the reflection of the reign of Lord Buddha and also satisfies the thirst of visitors who try to grab more knowledge of the Buddhist tradition. Therefore you feel good while visiting with yourself on this historic place.

14) Changunarayan temple:

The beautiful change Narayan temple is located on the hill top which is also generally known as changu or dolagiri. The temple is surrounded by the forest with the tree champak and also the small beautiful village named as changu. Therefore, the temple is situated in the Bhaktapur district in change Narayan VDC of Nepal.

On the way to reach the temple, the human settlement can be found. Mostly people from newar community reside around the temple and village area. Because the temple is developed as the tourist area, many small and medium sized hotels, lodges, restaurants are established by various local people.

Similarly, several souvenir shops are also set up by the local people that reflect the culture and tradition of the historical period as well as that of the local people. The temple is dedicated to Narayan i.e. lord Vishnu and worshipped by the hindu pilgrims.

There are several legends attached to the history of the temple. The hiking route to temple accompanies you with the love of the local people thus not making you alone on the visit to the temple.

15) Kirtipur:

if you want to visit a historic cultural place within the Kathmandu valley, then kirtipur is the best place to visit. The locality of typical newari people gives you the best reflection of the newari culture and tradition than any other city. The different temples, monasteries reveal the harmonic relation between two different religions.

It is the best place to visit in both winter as well as summer season. The existence of old university “Tribhuvan University” adds to the beauty of the town and the ride within the kirtipurmakes you feel very good with the luscious greenery.

16) Royal Chitwan National Park:

Royal chitwan national park is the first ever national park established in Nepal and the park is established in the inner terai area of southern central Nepal. The coverage of national parks extends in the district Nawalparasi, parsa, chitwan and makwanpur. The climate of the chitwan national park has a tropical monsoon climate with the high humidity.

Because of the favourable climate, about 68 species of mammals can be found in the chitwan national park. Royal chitwan national park is also famous for the one horned rhinoceros, which is a rare species but found in Nepal.

Chitwan national park also has the largest population of the Indian rhinoceros. Besides these species, four horned antelopes, rhesus monkey, Hanuman langurs, Indian porcupines are also the some of the major species found in this national park.

Not only the animals, several species of birds like egrets, bitterns, storks, kingfishers, peafowl, jungle fowl are also available within the national park. Thus the national park has been established as the tourist destinations that can be accessed easily through narayangarh in about two hrs and visiting the national park alone makes you enjoy with the nature. The camera accompany you very much within the national park area.

17) Sagarmatha National Park:

The next national park to be enlisted in the world heritage natural sites is Sagarmatha national park that lies in the Solu Khumbu district in the Himalayas of the eastern part of Nepal. This national park has been identified as important bird area by birdlife international. This is the first national park to be included in the world heritage list.

The national park is able to provide the habitat to almost 118 species of bird that includes the Himalayan moon, blood pheasant, red-billed chough, yellow-billed chough and so on. Similarly, the species of animals like musk deer, snow leopard, Himalayan black bear, red panda, Himalayan wolves, langur monkeys are also found in this national park of Nepal.

This is also one of the tourist destination established within the country and makes you feel great with your camera.

18) Mount Everest base camp:

Everest base camp is the either of the two base camps on the opposite sides of Mount Everest. These camps are rudimentary campsites on Mount Everest that is generally used by the mountain climbers all through their ascent and descent.

South Base Camp is used when the visitors are engaged in mountaineering through the southeast ridge, and similarly, the North Base Camp is used while hiking via the northeast ridge. Everest Base Campe is one of the best places in Nepal to visit in the summer season. It is also the chance to have the experience of mountaineering.

19) Annapurna base camp:

Annapurna base camp is the next best walk that you can accompany with your camera. The walk through the diverse landscape provides you the best and beautiful experience of trekking.

Mt. Annapurna is the 10th highest mountain in the world and the journey to its base camp, which is at almost 4130mheight, is one of the most amazing and magnificent walks on the earth. We reach our destination via Mt. Machapuchhre (Fishtail) which is complemented by the Nepalese as well as the external visitors for its unique beauty. Therefore the walk in this base camp would be really amazing.

20) Helambu:

Helambu is a region of highland villages in Nepal, which is almost about eighty km from Kathmandu. This place is the home of the Hyolmo human beings. Nepal’s enrichment in the tradition & art, as well as the architectural framework, renders it ideal and the most wonderful & exciting vacation spot for sightseeing.

This is considered as a good trek for the people who don’t have much time to spend in Nepal. It is an 8-day long trek which starts from the Kathmandu and can also be completed in almost 5- 6 days the trek is started from the Sundarijal, a small dam and hydroelectric station in the north-eastern partner of Kathmandu Valley. Therefore, Helambu is one of the best places in Nepal to visit in the summer season even with your own.

21) Bandipur:

the next place that you certainly will enjoy is Bandipur. It is one of the beautiful hilltop settlement in Nepal that gives the visitor cultural atmosphere of old days. It is growing as one of the tourist destination and reflects the harmonic of different cast and creed like bahuns, newars, chhetris, Magars and so on. Therefore visiting Bandipur, you will get the fragrance of old time in the fresh air.

22) Janakpur:

the next place to visit in terms of historical context is janakpur, the place where the famous historic legend sita was born. The city is popularly known as janakpurdham, formed in the early 18th century as per the myth. The way to travel to janakpurdham is through the railway. If you are interested in the history and the mythology, then you must visit janakpurdham once in your lifetime.

23) Illam:

ilam is one of the important towns in the Mechi zone and one of the major places in Nepal for tea-production. It is generally famous for the natural scenery and beautiful landscapes, tea production, and diverse agricultural economy.

It is also considered to be the one of the major horticultural crop production districts of Nepal. Visiting this place alone with your camera gives you the incredible memory for the future.

24) Mustang:

mustang is one of the remote yet beautiful and incredible place to visit. Mustang is located in the northern part of Nepal. Both the upper Mustang and the lower Mustang are famous for its own beauty.

Upper Mustang is generally visited by the trekkers for the adventure as this is the most beautiful trekking route in Nepal and lower Mustang is famous for the natural beauty. Mustang is the place through where the Kaligandakiriverflows from. Mustang is one of the places to that is generally visited during the summer season.

25) Swargdwari:

It is regarded as the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage of Nepal and is visited by many people from other Hindu countries too. The place can also be reached through trekking which takes about 2 days. There are two routes which can be taken- either from bhingri or from ghorahi. Swargadwari can be reached within 4 hours from bhingri and about 8 hours from Ghorahi.

26) Surya Binayak temple:

the next place to visit alone in Nepal is the famous Surya Binayak temple located in the Bhaktapur district. The temple possesses the statue of Ganesh and has its own significance. This is one of the four Vinayak and visited by people particularly on Tuesdays as it is the day of Lord Ganesha. This is also one of the beautiful place to visit alone.

27) Daman:

Daman is situated on the way of Tribhuvan highway. There is the view tower on this place to have the magnificent view of the beautiful Himalayan ranges. In winter one can have the fun with the snow. It is also one of the place to visit alone to connect yourself with the nature.

28) Pharping:

it is the beautiful place that is located on the way to dakshinkali. This is one of the beautiful place that can be reached passing through the way of taudaha lake. This is the ancient Newari town located at about 19 km south of the Kathmandu valley.

This is considered to be the very sacred place and is famous for the bajrayogini temple. Pharping has always been the common name to the locals of Kathmandu valley.

29) Budhanilkantha:

Budhanikantha is the place located at the northern end of the Kathmandu valley and the main attraction of this place is the budhanilkantha temple. Visitors from the different parts of the country as well as from the other country visit this temple to see the sleeping statue of Lord Vishnu.

During the occasion of haribodhaniekadasi, a fair is held here for the awakening of Lord Vishnu from his long hours of sleep.

30) Bajrabarahi:

Bajrabarahi is the old Newari town of Lalitpur district where the famous bajrabarahi temple is located. The place is also the pass-through for the other beautiful places like tikabhairav in the Lalitpur district. The place attracts the visitors with its simple natural beauty and the love and support of the people.

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