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Things to do and places to visit in Biratnagar Nepal: Biratnagar is the second largest city in Nepal. There are many places to visit in Biratnagar. The place which serves some awesome street food that features some amazing momos, chats and other popular street food.

It has some peculiar places; wildlife reserve such as KoshiTappuwhich is the best place or home for many birds and animals to live. Most of the Tourist visits Ilam to see beautiful tea gardens. Ilam is famous for the tea garden which looks greenery and beautiful everywhere. It is also famous for the festival Dashain and Tihar.

Biratnagar City Images Nepal Photo
Biratnagar City Nepal



It is considered that rivers are a very holy place and so we worship them in our country. The Hindu people believe that river bath helps attain heaven. That is why thousands of people go to the Koshi to religious festivals. Corpses are also burnt on the river banks for the same religious belief. KOSHI RIVER is useful in other ways also.

visitor in koshi Barrage of Nepal
a visitor in Koshi Barrage of Nepal

It provides us with fish, crocodile, turtles and other ways also articles of food. Sometimes in winter season dolphins are also found. It also helps to cultivate the land. Koshi river also produces electricity.

Koshi river is home to water animal, Koshi is best for fishing and rafting etc. Ships are also here for tourist to see the river of Koshi. Water is green at koshi. Most of the area is covered by Koshi River. The surrounding environment is greenery and cold.


It is the small wildlife reserve of Terai’s National park. 600 species of birds are found in KoshiTappu.Arna is also found in KoshiTappu.The grassland habitat is the house of birds and the habitat for endangered water buffalo species as called arna. Arnas are buffalos but jungle buffalo. In 1970, this place was founded and it’s a location on saptakoshi.

Mostly tourist visits here to see arna and enjoy the rare species of species. This place is also picnic sport. This place is popular for dolphins, golden jackals, blue bulls, marsh muggers etc… in this place the number of people will be surprised with the number of birds, animal, and beauty of natural beauty that can be observed.


The place is being turned into beautiless because of careless of government in Nepal. These types of birds and animal are only found in koshiTappu.Arna is not found all over the world.

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HAAT BAAZAR means an open market where local people can get fresh vegetables. It’s a location in the Eastern Region of the city. It is found at the roadside field. This place is quite well known for all local people. Agriculture is found at the land of Biratpur and we can find a number of fresh fruits and vegetable there.

street market in india
street market

It is good for our health.HaatBaazar is the cultural importance place and like as small-scale industries for farmers. Poor people get a golden opportunity to earn at the local market as known as HAAT Baazar.

In this place, we found small hotels called as Thela where we can find local food. It is memorable, enjoyable and interesting tasty food for ours. It is found at 8-10pm. It has the freedom to move and all the things are found here.


The jute mill was established in 1936, with the ordered of Minister of JuddhaShamsher. It is the popular jute mill in Nepal. The Biratnagar jute mill is the oldest mill and widely well-known mall. Its location is in Biratpur. It is the first registered mill of Nepal. It is famous as a very old company in Nepal.


It is one of the Hindu places of Nepal. Bahara is the place where Vishnu-avatar; Bahara means a boar in camel and fought with the demon calledHiranaksya and killed him. The image of Baraha is seen beautifully throughout the temple.

The highlights are its beautiful surrounding temples. They will give energy to people. The interesting fact is the bridge connecting the temple to the mountain.

The location of the temple at Sunkoshi and Kosi River is seen as interesting. It is time to worship morning and evening. It has no charge to entry in the temple. It is easy and helpful to poor people.

The most beautiful thing here is that all 7 Koshi rivers meet together to form the holiest saptakoshi river. Most people go in summer, winter season. In the rainy season, the road is rainy due to water. There is a risk to go nowadays, there are many facilities for tourists.


It is one of the famous temples of Hindus. It is just located a few kilometers ahead from sharpening. A blood-soaked temple of Dakshinkali. The temple is known as kali mandir. This place which was damaged in the 2015 earthquake is set at the confluence of two sacred streams in the region.

The temple is dedicated to goddess Kali and an incrimination or power of Parvati; the wife of Shiva. Mostly the Hindus temple is vegetarian but Kali temple has a lot of blood and sacrificed a number of animals for the goddess. It was believed that the goddess Kali is a blood-lust.

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Therefore, the pilgrimage brings anything from ducks to goats, pigs to sheep, and even buffalo as a gift for the goddess. These are cut into meat by a priest who is quite a technical butcher. The temple is a religious bazaar.


There is no entry fee to go to the temple. It’s good timing to go to the temple in the early morning because we fresh in the morning. People believe in Durga goddess but Durga is vegetarian. Kali god is non-vegetarian that’s why most of the goats are cut in the mandir. Dashain is the main festival of people.

Innavaratri scarified of many goats in kali mandir. Most of the people had bhacal to cut the goats. Most of my wishes are fulfilling. Priest has got power while cutting goats at kali mandir.


Basantpur is one of the village development committees in Koshi zones sunsari district, Basantpur has recently become an important travel destination. One of the major reasons why this region is so popular because that is the base village for some major treks including the ones to ensure milk and jaljale forest treks.

The routine which is taken from basantapur is likely to bring you closer to the natural beauty of Nepal.

One of the major highlights of this place is doubtful. The natural beauty is here. This place is well known for its views of the Everest Kanchenjunga and Makalu which are some of the largest mountains in the world. The place is also popular for providing tourists with cheap, affordable places stay.

On the days when it is cloudless, you are likely to see some stunning natural views throughout the region.



1. G-square

It is situated at Biratnagar. It’s opening time is 7:00-8:00 pm on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thursday. Its address is the main road (north) 412, Biratnagar, Nepal. It has a shopping mall, point of interest, establishment. Many types of clothes are found at a fixed price. The dress is also beautiful and found as unique dresses. People usually go on holidays to buy clothes.


It is situated at Biratnagar. It is the temple of Buddha. People go Buddha mandir to get peace and to spiritual life, people mostly go to hear their thoughts. The Buddhists said that if you met somebody and your heartbeats, your hands shake, your knees go weak and it’s beyoumeet your soul ‘you will full calm, no anxiety, no agitation.

The reality of Buddha: Gautam Buddha standing on the ground for reality. It seems the Buddha delivery the big message without speech for human beings which we need in each and every step of our life. People get a fresh mind at Buddha mandir. Gautam Buddha has ten spiritual rights. Right to speech, think, shelter and food are their rights.  If we go through the history of the world we would that the history of mankind is full of violence.

Everybody would agree that there should be complete peace in the world. Peace is good for the world. Peace brings happiness, prosperity, and stability. It is only strength and power that can work as an instrument for peace. Peace makes the mind fresh.

Peace to earth and good will to men. External peace is not practicable, and long drawn –out peace demoralizes people. Preparedness for war is the best security of may also say that most of us to live and die peacefully. Free minded give many ideas for the larger construction. Everyman would have to peace. Peace also moves upward to the people.


It is located at Biratnagar. It has many flowers in the garden. It is the assortment of flouring tune yummy stuff in the garden in the morning. What a hopeful time spend in the garden. The flower is beautiful to see. by seeing colorful flower we think good it’s fresh of our mind-body healthy. Rose flower is also present.

Farmers believe the more manageable plats of landholders could produce food for their own consumption as well as grow cash crops for a niche market. Farmer’s care every time of the day and most of the flowers are planted at petal nursery.

People go in morning for refreshment. The nursery is visiting and studying place also. Most of the student goes to study botanical flower in the nursery. Student finds petal, sepal, androecium, gynoecium, and family of the flower. The student did practically. It is free to go for the student.


The newly released film is in the city cinema. It is located at Biratnagar. The arrangement of seats is done so well, it was so good and comfortable that I love each and everything. The best place to go on Saturdays for a person who doesn’t get time to go out of Biratnagar for weekend refreshment. It’s time is 9:30, 12:30, 3:30, 5:00, 7:00 to see film. Most of the film is a comedian for laughing.


It is the dance studio it is; located at dance gudri bazaar Buddha road Biratnagar. people go to enjoy dancing. Dance is good for our health. Most of the people go to refresh their mind and for enjoyment. People mostly go on Saturday.


It is a fast food restaurant at Biratnagar. The lunch is fresh. It is especially for is also famous for fast lunch factory.


It is located at devkotachowk at Biratnagar. It is fast food and continental restaurant. Rango’smomo has tasty, yummy to eat momo burger. Different kinds of momo are found here. One usual fact is that every people like Momo to eat. People enjoy eating.


It is the family style restaurant. It is situated at Biratnagar it has a water park, swimming pool, recreational center, lovely wood pan pizza. Pizza is tasty and delicious. We also go with the family on any special day like in the birthday or at the weekend.


It is situated at main road Biratnagar. It is a fast food restaurant and people go on Saturday to drink coffee. Coffee is good for our body. Coffee makes a smile on our face. The scientific theory to make coffee is adding some salt to your coffee and really it makes a great deal of sense. Salt helps to suppress the bitterness taste.



It is a picnic sport. Most of the people go in weakened refreshment. There is a different color flower in the garden. It’s beautiful to see. People go at morning walk in samjhana garden.

11. Hotel for the best food

In Biratnagar, there is a well-known hotel; Namaskar that is located at the heart of Biratnagar. The place is called traffic chowk, we overlook the Biratnagar market and offer stunning views from our rooms.

The hotel is close to Biratnagar attractions such as a cinema hall and the historical place of the king. It is best for verities of food and fast food such as general dinner; called sadhana, meat rice; most of the people in and outside of the Biratnagar, chaumin, momo.

In food, rice of basmati, dal of rahari, curry of paneer, and three kinds of sauces, bhujiya, phaper, hariosaag. The hotel is known best for people because of best food made in.

12. Facilities in hotel

It has a air-conditioned environment. Attracted bathroom and free internet, tv attach room are available inside this hotel. Mini market, playing field, drinking bar place, hiring vehicles facilities, shopping mall, nightclub and dance bar are facilities found inside it.


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