10 Best Places To Visit in Autumn Season in Nepal – Tourist Attractions


Best Places To Visit in Autumn Season in Nepal: – The world is not unknown about the natural beauty of Nepal because its light is thrown all over the world. The beauty of Nepal has dismissed all the laziness and flop plans of people in swings of its glamour and beautiful content.

People who visit Nepal really become the fan and fall in love because it’s the rule of natural beauty that it makes anyone addicted those who especially come to see and view the natural milestone of Nepal.

Nepal has lots of secret places which are mostly opened and treated as the best according to the seasonal atmosphere. Many natural sites are only good to look in a special season. And if you are planning to visit the natural stamina of Nepal, then you have to also keep the information about the atmospheric effect of stipulated places.

Apart from the places, and talking about the Autumn, season, it is the month of Aswin and Kartik, which is also treated as the month of the festival for Nepalese. Thus, you have to also maintain your future plan for specific achievement of  natural slides.

Here are the top 10 best places to visit in Nepal fro autumn season especially  because you haveto also maintain the rule of +regarding your  marching for acquiring the sensation of nature.

10 Best Places To Visit in Autumn Season in Nepal – Tourist Attractions

  1. Rara lake:

Everybody are familiar with Rara lake because it is one of eth largest lake of Nepal which symbolizes its density of straddle. Rara lake is the heart of Pokhara which is known as the places of tourism pumping. It is not only the lake but also the places of writing the story of you partition life with you sweet moment in the olden paper of times.

The beauty of Raralake is so glamorous and much more attractive with their natural and dynamic color formation with a moment of time. The lake lies in Mugu district, and the district is alsorising their crown in the sector of a tourist attraction for few years.


You can make your journey towards the Rara lake by both airways and road ways. The both transportation is comfortable  due to access of road direct to its fruits and roots.

It is the main center for making your time full of pleasure because it does not let you to dawn according to the dawn of temperature. It’s beautiful bubbling spinach will deserves you enlightenment after making you entrants to get it in best delighting. The beauties never down even with a change of season. This is also eth best and memorable places to visit especially in autumn, summer and spring.

  1. Poon hill:

This is the secret places and many of Nepalese, as well as a tourist, are also not aware about it because it has not been spread out by any of the visitor. Its beauty will also made you the secret of joy.  The places  lies in Annapurna area which is also one of the most popular trekking area of the world which dignifies the top ranges of trekking places in Nepalese dynamite.

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It’s full name is Ghandruk-Ghorepani-Poon Hill trail which offers a short and scenic trek in the Annapurna area. It has the highest altitude located  at 3210 meter high between mount Annapurna on the right and mount Dhaulagiri on the left and showing their semblance in the mirror of tourism. There  is good facilities of accommodation  and living services because more than 30 hotels and guesthouses in the area  are generating 700 room nights for better   services.

It is also getting the high number of tourist and the tourist number mostly increases in the autumn season, treated as best for viewing all its aspect directly and clearly. Travel entrepreneurs are always looks busy in serving and servicing the guest with their best services.

  1. Jomsom and Muktinath:

The common places for every castes and every religion people , can jointly speech up their views and gallery. It is the places for making your all the tiredness freed from the pressure lied upon you.

The  Jomsom and Mustang  is specially the ice-places where there is heavy snowfall in the winter season, and people even leaves their home for some period f of time till the frozen and quilt does not get its way. Muktinath is located at the highest altitude of 3710 meter at the foot of the Throng La mountain pass in Mustang.

Muktinath is the symbol of peace  and metal relief places where the number of devotee  always departure getting the bless of Muktinath. Muktinath is located on the mountainhaving the images god Shivshankar stature ort temple. So, in the autumn, people mostly visit to water it on the Shivlinga, treated as the superior gift given to god Shivshankar.

It is also famous for trekking due to its diversified land and moderate temperature which will not let you tired. For visiting Muktinath, there is  facilities of both roadways and airways. Trekking  is done mostly through the gorge carved by the Kali Gandaki River, which originates in the Tibetan plateau to eventually flow into the Ganges.

People are visiting from every part of the country to get its one semblances and appearances. You will not forget the journey to mustang and Jomsom due to its natural appearances and glossary. People are also waiting always fro welcoming you as well as nature are supporting their mentality.

  1. Khaptad national park:

It is also one of the great dynasty of beautiful Nepal which is situated in the far western region, Bajura and Bajhang. The national park is spread from 1400 meters to 3300 meters. The natural  popes and artificial hopes will make you crazy to spent some more time . The  scenes of the park is really  looks like the woven  clothes with colorful thread and designed with different grand creation.

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Different kinds of animal and birds sound  is adding the smell in its images that makes the visitor more  hypnotized  to take photos from very aspects.  Its best  and beautiful part to analyze and see is its natural arrangement and greenery  lubricants.


The best time to make your best trip towards its will be Autumn, Spring for achieving the exquisite relaxation. The bad aspect is only that you will have  to carry your all the goods for your living and eating, due to the absence of lodges and hotels near about it. Currently, the Nepalese government is giving their attention for its better growth and making comfortable for visitors by making the availability of needed services.

  1. KoshiTappu:

KoshiTappu wildlife reserve is not standing for giving you the smooth enlightenment but available according to its name that is wild. It is situated in Terairegion  ofSunsari district having the great and largest  homes of  many mammals and  other animals.

It has touched three district that Sunsari, Saptari and Udaypur having the size of 175 square kilometer. it has a unique and large number of different animals like as  hog deer, spotted deer, wild boar and blue bull, not only that have also extensive mudflats, reed beds, and fresh water marshes in the foodplain  land and river.

Koshi Tappu Animal koshi tappu wildlife reserve Nepal
Koshi Tappu wildlife reserve Nepal

The Koshi has also its effect in the Nepalese  tourism because  it is the largest river of Nepal having highest fluxion of water  according to speed. The KoshiTappu windows and bridges also symbolizes its power of water fluxion.

You can travel here easily without getting any barriers due to the plain road. Nepal Association of Tour and Travel Agents (NATTA), in association with NTB, have launched Ghumphir 2073 Special Package for the tour to Koshi zone to increased it goodwill and popularity in the mind of Nepalese  as well as foreign too.

  1. Ilam:

How can people of Nepal forget the beautiful sliding and slopes of land templates of  IIlam .Its the natural heaven located on the land of Nepal.it is located in eastern Nepal that is also treated as the end of Nepal due to its existence at last but its beauty content deserve the first aspiration and  appreciation by its visitor. People get pleased and destroy all their back pain and surgery of life in its circle of joy and natural radiation.


IIlam is famous and also popularly known as the land of tea and king too. It has the highest number of tea production and supplied all over the world.so people even buy the tea as a symbol of  gift.

Due to its radiance of natural beauty with  rising of sun increase its shining, the many hilltops also adding their  natural  gift and radiances to its ultimate package. Antu hill is the best places to see the sun rise with a full glow and full flow of emotion and happiness. The best time to visit IIlamis  autumn due to best climate not so much hot and not so much cold.

  1. Bardia national park:

It is famous for royal Bengal tiger and Nepal famous one-horned Rhinoceroes. It is located in Bardia and is bordered by Karnali and Churia range in west and north. Bardia is famous forits beautiful services and appreciative facilities and several safari. People who come to visitdoes not want to miss the entire games and action of animals that exist inside it.

The elephant safari and other activities of an animal are really the mind blowing delight for every visitors. To visit the Bardia national park, it also invites you to come in autumns for best and more enjoyment.you can make your journey easily by flight from NepalgunJ or via though roadways.you will feel any kinds of difficulties in accommodation and other services.

  1. Langtang:

It is the popular places locatedin the arms of the mountain having cold temperature specially. However, the beauty and its  glory will make you  fall in love.  It is treated as the best  distance having short notes to travel without having heavy maintenances of time and all other extra things.

Langtang national park contain wide ranges of natural statics like as Gosiakunda lake, and also get chance to seeHimalayan black bear, rhesus monkeys and red pandas due to its mountainous range. It has devastated and suffered from incison by last year  catastrophe earthquake.

  1. Nawalparasi:

It is also one of the best places to see its birds watching,  other natural beats  after vising to its boundary. Boating and watching the climax of the  people and wildlife reserves  makes you more interesting. The glorious sunsets is also its strong part to impact the tourist to get a click  with it.

There are about 114 species of birds can be seen singing et welcoming song for praising the tourist and wildlife safari also adds its honey  for making its ingredients of  living day pro longed by stretching.

Many luxurious resorts and homestays are waiting for their guest to give the special services for making them fully pleased. Number of tourist are increasing and moving to it for  receiving the ultimate funs and get some special refraction natural sparks. You can travel to Nawalparasi by roadways  without any disturbances. Its the places of direct interacting natural reflection and roles that diversify the enjoyment for making you more and more pleased.

  1. Barpak:

It is the center point of earthquake occurrence. So, it has been affected very badly and had faces a lots of destruction.  It is situated in the northern part of Gorkha district. Its natural beauty is really the praising and have become able to drawn the attention of many national and international tourist. It’s all the places is situates above 1900 meters  sea level. From here, you can see the radiance and semblance of mount Manaslu.

People  has decreased their  wish to visit this place since the  devastating earthquake has made its center. And even people scared to visit this places due to heavy jerking of  earthquake is even felt.

But if you are looking to get some super enjoyment and take the oxygen of relief  at the top level , then it is the best places to decorate your dreams  and make your every moment more delicious and dashing. Its beauty will surely make you crazy but you have to become alert from every aspects.


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