Top 5 Places to Visit in Nepal for Chhath Puja Celebration


Chhath Puja Celebration: Find the enlist of top 4 places to visit in Nepal for the Chhath Puja celebration. The Festival of Purity. The Festival of Fasting. and Festival of Good Health. In last, this is the festival of the child. Chhath puja falls after 6 days of Laxmi Puja festival. It means it is celebrated after Dashain and Tihar festival.

The celebration of winter, new beginnings, and new relationships. It is easily the most iconic and photogenic Chhath Puja in Nepal.

Chhath is that the competition celebrated every year by the folks in Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar with abundant fanfare. This is often terribly antique competition of the Hindu faith, which is devoted to the God of energy, additionally called Surya or Surya Shashti.

Folks celebrate this competition to supply because of the Lord Surya for blessing the life on the planet as ever. Folks worship the God Sun terribly sky-high and pray for the well-being, success and progress of their relations, friends, and elders. Per the Hinduism, Sun worship is expounded to the cure of a spread of diseases.

With Chhath Pooja finally getting down and receive its due recognition by the government of Asian country as a featured competition vacation kind of like Dussehra or Diwali, we tend to determined to dive on the far side the higher layers of ancient beliefs and conclude what lies to a lower place the traditions, customs and rituals of this painting Puja.

And that we found some terribly attention-grabbing facts that we’ve listed down here for our readers! Chhath is AN ancient Hindu competition, that’s performed as thanksgiving to Surya – The Sun God for sustaining life on earth and granting Health, Prosperity and Abundance.

Per Hindu traditions, the sun god ‘Surya’ is that the supreme god that represents will-power, fame, the eyes, general vitality, bravery and rank. In contrast to different Hindu Poojas that involve worship, this competition is devoted to worshiping a phenomenon that is after all the vital force of our planet.


The word “Chhath” denotes the amount half-dozen in Hindi and also the competition begins on the sixth day of the Hindu lunation of Karttika. Chhath celebrations stick with it for four days, throughout that the devotees, principally ladies; follow rigorous rituals as well as a thirty six Hours quick, holy baths within the Ganga at sunrise & sunset, and consumption Food overdone while not Salt, Onion, and Garlic.

I love to travel. I hope you will love to travel. The main reason is to travel is just because of finding the difference between perceptions of what a place is like, compared to the reality of what that place is actually like.

These 5 places are fantastic destinations where your mind will be filled with mystery and wonder of tradition and culture. But even if you have less ambitious plans this chhath puja festival of Hindu like staying in Nepal or going to visit some places, we hope your Chhath Puja festival is filled with family, friends, and most importantly…!

Top 5 Places to Visit in Nepal for Chhath Puja Celebration

1) Biratnagar

Chhath Puja Wallpaper Facebook Quotes HD Cards. Chhath Puja is also termed as Chhathi Maiya Pooja festival.

Biratnagar is a truly wonderful place to visit for Chhath Puja Festival due to its beautiful way of celebrating the Chhath Puja. Rather than celebrating in the typical styles, this small town does Chhath Puja with a sharp culture. More than the people of Biratnagar are celebrated in River and eastern canal of the river like Koshi River.

There are thousands of people, devotees are performing their rituals in the bank of river and canal of the river in the city Biratnagar. If you see the life of chhath puja festive activities in Biratnagar, you will feel bizarre way to celebrate this Chhath Puja, it is something that you must see to believe!

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2) Janakpur

chhath puja festival in janakpur nepal places to see celebration

Janakpur is the main place to visit in Nepal for the Chhath Puja celebration. Looking to celebrate Chhath Puja with a traditional and cultural twist? Look no further.


Look just Janakpur, the capital of Mithila tradition. Chhath Puja festival is a festival celebrated every year in Janakpur after Dipawali with millions of people in one place.

You will be shocked when you will see faith or belief of men or devotees to the Goddess chhathi Maiya, goddess of Chhath Puja festival. It is truly a cultural and traditional elements of Hindu religion with a hardness of purity.

The festival has been going 5 days and has attracted thousands of visitors every time. If you are interested in seeing the chhath puja festival in Janakpur, Nepal, then just book your tickets.

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3) Bagmati River, Kathmandu

Chhath Puja celebration in Bagmati river of Kathmandu Nepal places to visit see

Oh! Yo ! Ho ! The capital of Nepal, Kathmandu inhabited places in the Nepal. And Bagmati ghats has more religious importance, located on the banks of the Bagmati River, Kathmandu.

There are thousands Ghats for Chhath puja celebration on the bank of Bagmati river in Kathmandu. Bagmati river is easily one of the most iconic places to celebrate Chhath Puja Festival.

On the night prior to Chhath Puja Festival’s last day, thousands of lamps and modern lights are flaming on the banks of the Bagmati to signify new beginnings and freedom from ailments and disease.

The Chhath Puja consists of Purity, Purity, and more Purity!


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4) Koshi River

Chhath Puja

If you wish to have experienced another truly unique way of celebrating Chhath Puja Festival in Nepal, make sure to check out the Koshi River, the greatest river of Nepal.

Chhath Puja is also celebrated on the bank of Koshi river of Nepal. Every year the Koshi river during chhath puja festival is crowded with thousands of devotees.

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5) Birgunj

Chhath Puja festival in Nepal celebration in birgunj places to visit and see

Birgunj is another place to visit in Nepal for the Chhath Puja celebration. Last but not least, we have Chhath Puja Festival in Birgunj.

Birgunj, the trade barriers of Nepal, the gateway of Nepal for the trades and business, bringing is also famous for chhath puja celebration with its uniqueness. If you want a traditional and authentic way to celebrate Chhath Puja Festival in Nepal, this Bhojpuri region is one of the best places to visit in Nepal during the Chhath Puja celebration.

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Make sure to have peace and fun, surround yourself with good friends and relatives, and most importantly…be safe and healthy!

Happy Chhath Puja Festival 2019!


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