100 Popular Places to Visit in Nepal – Nobody Want to Miss In His/Her Life

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Nepal Must Focus on Tourism  Marketing

Three phases of the consumer market may be identified. In the first phase, most demands were for consumer goods. During that time the demand for the manufacturing industry was higher than supply. Industries were not able to fulfill the demand. Then industries emphasized on production, which is known as “production-oriented stage”.

The second phase starts when the techniques of production improved to the point that more goods were available in the market than there is demand for. Then producers concentrated on “sale and sale”. This is a sales-oriented stage.

The third stage starts when producers realized that they should recognize the needs and test of the consumer. Tourism marketing has reached this third phase. The earlier philosophy of “let the buyer beware ” (popularly described as caveat emptor) is not applicable in modern tourism marketing. Tourism is rendering service and satisfaction so the modern philosophy of the professional express is used that is “The consumer is the king”.


Tourism market is a customer market so tourism marketing is to create the “win-win” situation.

Some people think that marketing is selling; others think that marketing is advertising. The word marketing means different things to different people. Others think that marketing has something to do with making products available in stores, arranging displays and maintaining inventories of products for future sales. Actually, marketing includes all these activities from production to sales and after sales process.

As the drive is to driving so the market is to marketing. The market is the place or time or situation where seller and buyer meet to exchange the ownership of the product. The market consists of three elements: seller, buyer, and product. From the seller’s point of view, marketing is a management process to occupy the market share.

So it involves controlling the buyers, their desire, product, and price. For this purpose marketing activity involves finding out the customer, one’s need, desire, then introduce the product, make the customers aware of the product.

The main objective of marketing is to gain the profit or to attain the objective set by the company. To attain the objectives it does research, fixes the prices and organizes promotional activities.

As a management function, it includes planning, organizing, leading and controlling of the market. Marketing involves different activities. Some activities are done inside the organization, such as buying, production, storing, staffing, etc. and many activities need to be done outside the organization such as collecting information about customers, competitors, rules, and regulations, etc.


Marketing may be understood from the management of demand and supply. Demand is represented by buyers and supplier is the organization itself,

Marketing is an attempt to satisfy exchanges by following “right principle” that is the right product to the right people at the right place, at the right time, at the right price using the right promotion techniques.

The market is defined as the meeting point between buyer and seller. It is the event, time, process when and where the transaction is done. The market is a set of actual and potential buyers who might transact with a seller. In the traditional term, it is a physical location where buyer and seller gather to exchange goods.

It is the most convenient place for the buyer and seller where the ownership of the product is transferred. In this way, the market is used to describe as the collective of buyers and potential buyers of each product, like a fish market, vegetable market. Webster’s Student Dictionary defines the market as a place where the product is displayed for sale.

Due to the “Three Basic Natures” of tourism, its transistors are done in different ways than other industries. So the concept of the market in tourism needs to be understood in its own perspective. In the tourism market, buyers and seller may be in different locations and product is intangible. Selling is commitment o: providing service in the future.

It is not a transfer of ownership. Tourism products are sole where the buyers are located. So the market in tourism refers to the buyers, location of the buyers, the potential buyers of tourism products such as the American market. Indian Market. Japan market, etc.

The term is used to describe the location of buyers such as counter sale, educational institutions, religious centers, commission agents, etc are the example of the tourism market. They are the buyers and location or potential buyers:” the tourism product and they have the capacity to purchase and involve in tourism.

Photos about Nepal are available on Photos.imnepal.com

Best Top 100 Popular Places to Visit in Nepal

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  1. Nepal is the fascinating destination for travelers, scholars, and researchers. There are many places where you can feel like as a heaven. There are many Popular Sightseeing places In Nepal. Wow it’s a nice article.

  2. Sir I just wrote an articl on Beauty of Nepal and linked you.
    I am your daily visitor and i have read your blogs.
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