100 Popular Places to Visit in Nepal – Nobody Want to Miss In His/Her Life

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91. Dakshinkali

To the south of Kathmandu at about 22 km, the very famous Dakshinkali temple is located which is 1 km away from a small and beautiful village (Pharping). It is one of the major temples of Nepal dedicated to Goddess Kali who is the most bloodthirsty incarnation of Goddess Parvati.

The dakshinkali temple is a part of Dakshinkali Municipality (Kathmandu district, the Bagmati zone of Nepal)  which covers a land of 42.6 sq. Kms. With a population of 24,297 according to the population census of 2011.

The dakshinkali temple is one of the most famous temples in Nepal. Many rituals are carried out in this temple, many animals are sacrificed while carrying out different poojas and rituals in this temple.


Since the temple is dedicated to one of the most blood thirsty Goddess, Kali, there is no doubt that the animals are sacrificed during the poojas and rituals, especially during the biggest festival of Nepal, Dashain to worship the Goddess. People from different parts of the country visit to this temple to worship the Goddess Kali as it is believed that the Goddess kali can make their wishes come true.

The temple is often crowded with people and devotees who come to worship, especially on Saturdays and Tuesdays which are the special days in a week to carry out different rituals and many animals are sacrificed during these two days. The temple is very much famous among the Hindu devotees of Nepal.

Dakshinkali temple places to visit in Kathmandu Nepal
Dakshinkali temple

Although sacrificing animals is considered to be one of the rituals to worship Goddess kali, some devotees still argue about the ritual as it does not satisfy the Goddess Kali. Some believe that the ritual of sacrificing animals is believed to have been regulated through different myths and superstitious culture.

Besides that, At the outskirts of the temple, we can find many local vendors who are selling different pooja items, foods, and much traditional equipments as well as other stuff. You can find the shops at the both sides of the road after taking the exit from the temple.

Apart from the cultural and religious values and activities, the Dakshinkali temple is located along the river and surrounded by green trees more like a small forest.

Walking down the narrow roads with the green tress at both sides is very much appalling. The views and sense from up the hill, the greenery, beautiful climate and the local culture and tradition just makes it a perfect spot for tourists to visit. A small hiking from pharping to Dakshinkali is one of the favorable hikes for tourists.


Dakshinkali temple is located at one of the beautiful places which are about 22 km south of Kathmandu. The temple is always crowded with the people and many Hindu devotees who come to worship Goddess Kali as it is one of the main temples dedicated to the bloodthirsty incarnation of Parvati, Goddess Kali. We can also find a bunch of people traveling to this place for a picnic or just to enjoy what this place has to offer.

92. Muktinath

Muktinath, the place of salvation and liberation, is one of the 108 DivyaBishnuDhams in the world. It is situated at the elevation of 3800 meter on the lap of Thorang peak in Annapurna Mountain range. Mukti Kshetra and ThiruSaligrama are the other names of Muktinath.

As mention in Gandaki Mahatmya of Vishnu Puran, Lord Vishnu is considered reclining in the Himalayas putting his head towards the DamodarKunda (the Saligram Lake) and the chest being located at Muktinath.

So it is a very important pilgrimage site for the Hindu followers. There are 108 holy water spouts considered to be fed by different sources of holy sites dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

The main sanctum of Muktinath Temple houses the idols of Vishnu, Sridevi, Bhu Devi and Garuda. Buddhist believes the image of Vishnu placed in the Muktinath temple, is one of the manifestations of Avalokiteshwara. Narsingh Gompa, Jwala Mai (perpetual natural eternal flame) and small shrine of BhagwanNilkantha Swamy are other not-to-miss attractions of the Muktinath.

Narsingh Gompa is the sacred site for Buddhist followers. Jwala Mai is the melting point of the five super natural elements (PanchaMahabhut: Prithvi, Jal, Vayu, Tej and Aakas). The founder of Swamynarayan sect, BhagwanNilkantha Swamy also visited this place and sanctified by meditating here. It is believed that Guru Rimpoche alias Padmashambhav, also meditated at Muktinath and sanctified this place while he was on his way to Tibet.

Thus, Muktinath is considered a very important pilgrimage site for both, Hindu followers and Buddhist believers. Kagbeni, the confluence point of Kaligandaki and Muktinath Rivers, is believed to another important holy site for Hindus in and around Muktinath area. Hindu peoples perform ablution (Tarpan) in the name of departed souls.

This popular trek takes you to the ancient pilgrimage site of Muktinath, important to both Hindu and Buddhist devotees. It follows an ancient trade route between Nepal and Tibet and passes through the world’s deepest gorge and some of the most beautiful scenery in the Himalaya including the Annapurna Range with the 10th highest mountain on the planet and Dhaulagiri, the 7th highest.

You will have magnificent views and experience a wide diversity of cultures along the way from the plateau of Mustang to the fertile lowlands. The easy and best route to reach there is of Pokhara to Jomsom  followed to Muktinath.

This route is easy to follow either you are for trekking or as the pilgrimage. Pokhara – Jomsom –Muktinath is a top-down trek, starting near the highpoint and eventually working our down which makes for a pleasant, more relaxed way to see some of the world’s greatest sights and meet people who follow an age-old lifestyle, even today.

The trek is also famous for small, ammonite fossils found in the area around Muktinath Temple which are sacred to Hindu pilgrims as representations of Vishnu. The temple is famous for its burning ‘eternal’ flame of natural gas, 108 brass waters spouts and pagoda shrines. The name Muktinath actually means, place of liberation.

The Pokhara – Jomsom –Muktinath Trek is a marvelous tour combining natural and cultural diversity with astounding beauty.

Starting from Pokhara, a famously beautiful lakeside city with mountain views. You can take a short, scenic morning flight to the mountain village of Jomsom, headquarters of Mustang District. The trek then begins over a windswept river basin up to Kagbeni, an ancient village and a main waypoint on the trade route.

The beautiful village feels like a step back in time and the surroundings are a feast for the eyes. You can continue up to the sacred temple at Muktinath and spend some days there observing the local way of life and exploring the nearby villages.

then after you can make your way down the Kali Gandaki Valley on new trails that are away from the road, passing magnificent displays of village life and flora and fauna of the region We finally reach aEpic

natural hot springs where you can relax and enjoy the rewards of our efforts and reminisce about the beauty of the Pokhara – Jomsom – Muktinath trek. You have options to visit viewpoints of Khopra, Poon Hill and Mohare with final views of the astonishing Himalayan Range.

This trek is a suitable choice for anyone with a limited schedule wanting to get a taste of both culture and stunning scenery and also a great option for a family journey. People with more time might consider combining Pokhara – Jomsom –Muktinath with Annapurna Circuit Trek and/or  Annapurna Base Camp Trek.

93. Hetauda

Hetaudais the sub-metropolitan city of the Makwanpur Districtin the Narayani Zone of southern part of Nepal. Hetauda is also the administrative headquarters of the Makwanpur District as well the headquarters of Nepal’s Central Development Region. It is one of the largest city of Nepal.

At the time of the 2068 census of Nepal, there were the population of 153,875 people. Hetauda city is at a flight distance of 76 km from the capital city, Kathmandu and through the fast track, its at a distance of 132 km along Daman Tribhuvan Highway where as 224 km via  First tunneling road is being constructed these days which is believed to further shorten the distance between Hetauda-Kathmandu.

It is expected that traveling time from Kathmandu to Hetauda via tunnel road will be just 57 min and 13 sec and that will assist up the tourism of Hetauda.

One of the most popular and most visited attractions of Hetauda is Martyr Memorial Park, or Sahid Smarak which was buildup for the memory of the respected Martyar  to those who lost their lives in the British colonial wars as well to those who overthrew the autocratic Panchayat system of monarchy about 35 years ago.

The main attraction of this place is a series of sculptures of those martyrs on a cemented pillar. Those faces were sculpted by student volunteers from Lalit Kala Campus and gives their live feeling.

The park is also organized as the picnic spot and as an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. People can swim there and watch some endangered animal in the zoo with some common wild animals, from monkey to leopards.Another major site is MakwanpurGadh which carry the whole story of the unification of Nepal, which lies on the east of the city.

This fort has the great historical importance back to the unification of Nepal. King Prithvi Narayan Shah the visionary king of Gorkha, who led the unification process, had married to the princess of Makwanpur, whose father was a powerful king of the Sen dynasty that ruled this region.

Historians believed that this marriage was a planned political strategy by the king, for the shake of benefit of an relation with Makwanpur to encircle Kathmandu Valley. Similarly other major place for tourist attraction of the Hetauda are chisapani Gadhi, View Tower, Pathivara Temple, Palung Valley, Daman Simbhanjyang, Manakamana Temple, Banaskhandi TempleGumbaDanda, KusmandaSarowarTriveniDham ,Bhutandevi Mandir

94. Dhangadi

Dhangadi city also called as the western gates of nepal which is situated in the far western part of the Nepal next to the Uttar Pradesh state in the India. It is the 9th biggest city of Nepal and the population of 104,047 people according to the census of Nepal 2011. It is as well the capital of Kailali district which also comes under the province of Seti.

Dhangadi is considered as the main hub for the far western region. Dhangadi is the live place of the fusion of the indian culture and typical western Nepalese culture as being in the border part. Its also used as the trade route for the western part of nepal.

To reach out to there you can reach out there  by air andcan directly reach Dhangadhi, famed as the hub city in the Far-West region of Nepal. You can get two flights from Kathmandu to dhangadi and it takes about 1 and a quarter of an hour to reach here.

Air fareare different according to the nationality of people but its not so expensive. For foreign nationals to Dhangadhi the fare is around NPR2000 and whereas for Nepali Nationals the air fare  is NPR11000. Meanwhile there are two Airlines which are operating flights to and from Dhnagadhi -Kathmandu are Buddha air and Yeti air.

But if you wish to be there by road thenthere are several bus services that link you to the Far-West cities like Dhangadhi with Kathmandu. The distance of Dhangadhi is about 680kmsfrom Kathmandu and it might takes your 14 to 16 hours from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, as well provincial town for central region hence you this way provincial towns are linkup by the road ways.

Starting the journey from Kathmandu, on the way to the Dhangadhi following the landways you can come across several places of interest: Chitwan National Park which is approximately 3 hour – drive from Kathmandu), Lumbini, the birthplace of Lord Buddha and that also takes your 3 hour-drive from Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park which is 7 hour-drive from Lumbini.

So dropping at different ways in the ways would help you to enjoy the trip with the scheduled visit of terai region of Nepal. For other visitor, you can get it to there from India and visitors who come from India can enterDhangadhi through border check points, which is only 5km from the city. From Delhi it will takes only a 8-hour drive to reach the border entry point.

You can reach up to Dhangadhiin anytime in the day while entry point is open from 5 am to 8 pm for all modes of transportation. You have to change your bus while starting from Delhi where you can board a bus for the Far-West is the Inter State Bus Terminal( ISBT) located Anand Vihar. From Lucknow, you can board a bus at Kesharbagh Bus Station and there you can get the bus for Dhangadi.

Dhangadi has much more potential to the tourism industry but cannot be flourished due to distance between international airport of Kathmandu by which most of the tourist who visit here are domestic or are from India. The main attraction of the Dhangadi district is Johar Lake which is located on the eastern out of city Dhangadi.

It is the wetland, and often best sight for the people seeking for relaxation, farr away from the bustle and hustle of the city. You can get there diverse species of flora and fauna in the nature maintained beauty even in such a close proximity of the urban area.

You can enjoy boating there or trek and roam around the adjoining jungle, this locality is also famous for its nursery with traditional Ayurvedic herbs. Once you have been to Dhangadi you should not miss to get toMohana Bird Watch which is about 1.7 km west of Dhangadhi city and lies in the same Mohana River Corridor.

This place is the habitat for 111 species of birds including resident and migratory, as well numbers of protected species of amphibians and reptiles (Burmese rock python, Bengal monitor, golden monitor lizard, Indian flapshell turtle, elongated tortoise, etc.), as well 12 species of mammals.

If you want to catchup the best time for bird watching at Mohana River then you should catch of the time of morning between 6am and 7am. You can as well experience Nepalese rural life, enjoyinglandscapes and wonderful flat land there. And it’s one of the best experiences if you choose to roam around on a bicycle.

You can enjoy your time in your own ways and you can reach out multiple place in short time. It takes just 30 minutes to get to the Jhakor Lake. A nice cycle tour one can help you to roam by at dawn to the Mohana River to any of the nearby villages which will let you to know Tharu cultural experience.

In that locality there are mostly the Rana Tharu likely in the southwestern corner of Nepal. Ethnically, their background is Rajput who were legend and ruled over some terriotary before the Mughals invaded India in the 16th century, and they get settled permanently in their new home in the terriotory of Nepal.

Over the next four centuries, their own unique culture emerged. Exploring the surrounding villages either on foot or riding bullock can help you to experience rural life in Nepal and absorb the simplicity of a local farming community. You can enjoy the rhythms of the madala typical nepali Musical instrument and watch the unique ethnic dances or even you can join the dancers.

96. Lukla

lukla is the famous tourist area of the solukhumbu district in the sagarmatha zone which lies in the northern part of the nepal. The altitude of this region is 2,860 meters which is equivalent to 9,383 ft. This is the main route for the mountaineer who visit the summit of the mount Everest.

This place also have a domestic airport which is the airport situated in the highest peak of the nepal. It is the most dangerous airport of the world which may give the adventurous experience to the traveler.

This airport name is called Tenzing Hillary airport which is named after the name of the first human beings who take his first step on the summit of the mount Everest which was commenced with the motto of servicing the region with the verity of thee shops and lodges, catering to the tourists and trekkers, providing western- style meals and trade supplies. Its flight does depen on the weather condition of the region and the flight occur only in day time from Kathmandu.

The reason behind the adventure in this airport is due to the very short and steep airstrip, and weather is always addd the challenges and can be more dangerous due to its altitude due to the sudden drop in the weight and fuel. Hence, it provide the frantic experience to the visitor and tourist with the adventures experience. There are many hotel ranges from average to luxurious.

You can take rest for one or more days enjoying the series of peaks of the mountain and the light breeze of the air. You can see number of mountain peaks including the peaks of Mount Everest overlapping over each other, and covered with the snow in almost time of the year. It takes travelers two days to reach the village of Namche Bajar.

From the lukla you may feel uneasy due to the altitude as the density of the air get low and it feels tired and difficulty in breathing, so youu should be prepared first to get to there. You have to ascend further to the Namche Bazar, so more will be the chances of the altitude sickness.

As well, the wild herbs of the mountain make you feel dizziness so you should be medically prepared. Talking about the way you can enjoy there is the sightseeing. The topographic structure of the mountain will make you feel wonderful as well the experience of the adventurous trip.

You can get there Sherpa who is famous as the mountaineer and helping hand of the mountaineer beside this Sir Edmund Hillary has his partner Tenjing Norgay Sherpa, who was also the Sherpa of the locality. They are very helpful and rich in culture. You may get chance to get participate in their cultural practice and you will sure love their hospitality.

You can as well enjoy the liquor made up of the local apple, which is organic as well mixed with the herbs that can give you relief from the tiredness of the all day. if you get there to the right time then you might get to taste the blood of yak which is enrich with the herbal property and is good for your healthy and help you to get energize. Its good for the yak and this tradition is practiced as the part of culture too.

You can as well enjoy the cheese of the yak, chhurpi and many other dairy products there and you can buy them that you may serve them to your family. The famous place of the lukla is famous for the cattle and animal’s lorry like donkey, mules, horses. If you feel hard to climb over the mountain then horses can help you to go to your distintion.

You can hire horses, if you like to ride horse. The land of the lukla is like the gate to thee mount Everest and is rich in culture and hospitality and we should not miss to talk about its beauty of nature, environment and mountain peaks.

98. Ghandruk

Ghandrukis a small town which is located in Kaski district. If you wish to see the Annapurna range of Nepal and go trekking in the Himalayan flow, then ghandruk is the place to choose. If you trek to poon hill, ghandruk is the first destination you reach and then you move ahead.

Ghandruk village is also called as Ghandrung Village. It is famous for trekking where you can see the view of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre Mountain. And if you are already in Pokhara, it only takes a 42km drive and 6 hours of walking. The trekking is so much worth it because at the end of the day you will be seeing the beautiful mountains right in front of you. It will feel like you are actually touching the mountain range.

And when you wake up in the morning, you will see how the sun rays hit the mountain and feel like the mountain is covered with gold.

99. Chitlang

Markhu is lying just ahead of Chitlang, a place at Makwanpur. Chitlang is actually a place where people on a hike for. It is famous for its families like the environment and the people who respect all the guests in their place. Markhu is 1-hour walking distance away from chitlang. It has a beautiful view of Kulekhani dam. People are allowed to boat here. The food and the fish are what people come from.

A little peace from daily chaos and pollution, Markhu is a must place to go. I had hiked up to Markhu and when I reached there, I would see the lake and the sun rays hitting the water making it shine. This place is something you should not be missing for sure.

100. Chandragiri Municipality

Chandragiri is the municipality situated in the Kathmandu district of the Bagmati zone. It is geographically located in the central development region. Chandragiri hill, seven kilometers from Thankot, lies on the south- west of Kathmandu valley and is 2,551 meters from sea level. Chandragiri municipality is famous for the Chandragiri hills where people visit through foot trails as well. It has its own history as well as mythological significance.

The breath- taking views of Kathmandu valley with the luscious green landscape makes any person visit this place more than once. Not only the landscape, the panoramic views of Himalayan ranges from Annapurna to Everest makes any person feel like having a view of whole Nepal from this beautiful place.

The mythological story ofBhaleshwormahadev temple, where Satidevi’s forehead was disposed makes the visitors with religious spirit to visit this place. It also has historical significance, related to king Prithvi Narayan Shah, that he had observed Kathmandu valley from this particular place.

Chandragiri can be reached with the foot- trails by trekking from Pathankot area. Many visitors visit this place with family as well as with friends.

101. Godavari

The Godavari is a beautiful town located in the southern part of the Lalitpur district in the Bagmati zone of Nepal. It is situated in the central development region of Nepal. The Godavari is a wonderful paradise located at the 11 km east of Lalitpur’slagankhel, and 14 km south of Kathmandu.

It is a beautiful place famous for the botanical garden where different plants, birds, and trees can be found. It is the beautiful destinations to hikers for hiking. Not only the hikers, it is also a beautiful place for the bird and bird watchers as well as to explore the Godavari botanical garden. The rushing streams and shady meadows in the Godavari botanical garden attract the visitors.

It is also popular for a picnic spot, and bird watching as well as dating spot among the teenagers and time spending area for the family as well. A path also leads to the Godavari Kunda, a spring where the sacred water of the Godavari River pours from the river can be found. A large celebration takes place at the Godavari temple once every 12 years in the autumn season pilgrims from around the country participate in the fair which is named as MahaKumbhamela.

Lots of movies and videos shooting takes place in the Godavari garden throughout the year. The greenery and flowery environment with beautiful flowers leave a beautiful impression in the mind of the visitors and tourists every year.

A beautiful small paradise situated in the Lalitpur district, Godavari, enriched with the natural beauty and Newari culture attracts the people to visit many times.

102. Simikot

Simikot is the administrative headquarters of Humla district in the Karnali zone of northwestern Nepal. It is geographically located in the mountain region of mid-western development region of Nepal. Simikot is the place through which Kailash tour is carried out by the visitors.

Simikot is the beautiful place located in the mountainous region accessible from the developed parts of Nepal by air. Simikot has been able to develop itself through the provision of basic facilities like roadways and radio stations. Mt. Kailash, the center of the universe, as said by the most of Asian, is visited by visitors trekking from simikot.

The main objective to visit this place is to trek to visit Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar Lake. Throughout the journey from simikot to Kailash, trekkers travel along ancient pilgrimage and trade links, trekking across the border into the Tibet. The Kailash tour via simikot ends in Lhasa which is called as the “cradle of Tibetan civilization”.

Simikot is easily accessible from the developed parts of Nepal and the trekkers use this place to have a journey of Kailash tour.

103. Ghalegaun

Ghalegaun is a popular scenic destination situated 2100 above sea level in lamjung district of the Gandaki zone. The village is situated at approximately 108 km North West of Kathmandu valley and 12.5 km northeast of Pokhara and it is also surrounded by the Annapurna Himalayan range.

Ghalegaun is a beautiful village enriched with the culture and lifestyle of the Gurung people. Visitors to ghalegaun are welcomed with the offerings of garland and tika along with the performance of traditional dance and music as well as the farewell songs when guests depart from that place.

The place is able to attract tourists with the beautiful trekking routes. The trekking area is full of cultural and ethnic variation and the trekking is also mesmerizing as the visitors can have panoramic views of mountain range including Manaslu, machhapuchhre as well as Annapurna. This trip also includes museum filled with Gurung treasures collected from their ancestors.

A visitor with the interest to hike and enjoy the beauty of Himalayan range mostly visits this place. Ghalegaun is also the village of ethnic diversity along with the natural beauty and lovely environment to trek.
104. Tukuche

105. Bardia National Park

Bardia National Park is the one place I always wish to go during my holidays but unfortunately, I do not get the time to go places so far from my home.

And it is a place where you should not miss on going. No matter which month or season, Bardia National Park is the must place you should go. It is the largest and off the beaten national park of Nepal. The wilderness of this place is still pure and untouched from the modernization. You can take few days leave from your daily work routine.

You can take the 4 days and 3 nights jungle safari to really see and explore the place. It is famous for Bengal Tigers which will be fascinating to watch. It is estimated that there are about 22 Bengal tigers along with 100 one-horned rhinoceros. You will also get to see more of the wildlife along with different species of birds and flowers. You will also experience the culture of local people living here.

106. Khaptad National Park
107. RAra National Park
108. Shuklaphanta National Park
109. Banke National Park

110. Tumling

Tumling is the small and beautiful place that is located in the eastern part of Nepal. The beautiful place, tumling is located in jogmati VDC in Illam district of a mechi zone of eastern development region of Nepal. The population in this wonderful place is mostly composed of Gurung families, with the total population being a mere 15 in number.

Tumling is the small place with the greater tourist attraction. This place is mostly famous for trekking. It is roughly 10.5 km uphill from the town of manebhanjan and the manebhanjan is the place from which the trek starts. As the visitors reach tumling, the small cottage and huts are noticed from the distance. This is the residential area where 10 to 12 Nepalese people live.

From this place, many visitors and trekkers trek up to sandakphu. This place also caters the small huts and private lodges to the trekkers and tourists who desire to stay here. The panoramic view of Kanchenjunga range can be seen from the mountain lodge built in this place.

Since the boarder of Nepal and India is blurred, the people from India or Nepal and even foreigners can visit this place with Indian visa. There is no restriction, it is a free way for all.

The tourist attraction place situated in eastern Himalayan part, tumling is the beautiful place to trek and to recreate with nature.

111. Bhedetar

Bhedetar is a beautiful place that is generally said to be visited by every individual once in their lifetime. It is a village situated in dhankuta district of Koshi zone located in the eastern development region of Nepal. It lies on the border line of sunsari and dhankuta district. Geographically, it is 1420 meters high from the sea level.

It is a small hill station and is being developed as a famous tourist spot. Generally, bhedetar is famous for its unpredictable weather condition. It changes its weather within the moment; it might be covered with fog but within the moment it changes its weather revealing itself. This place is generally known as “sailing dada”.

It is said that bhedetar name is given to the place by the traveler. Since there were lots of sheep in this place, travelers named this place as bhedetar  ( the place with lots of bheda or sheep). There is a built-in tower known as Charles tower through which people can enjoy the beautiful greenery of the valley and the beautiful hills. The tower has earned the name after the name of prince Charles.

Bhedetar, a beautiful tourist spot is a great place for rafting, hiking, paragliding and trekking, a place to visit once in a lifetime.

112. Khulekhani

Kulekhani is a village development committee, situated in the makwanpur district in the Narayani zone of central development region of Nepal. It is the location of the kulekhani dam. Kulekhani is famous after the kulekhani dam, built for the kulekhani hydropower project, which is the country’s only reservoir- based power project so far.

Kulekhani has been emerging as the tourist destination, mostly for the internal tourists. People from all over the country visit this place for adventure as this place is famous for adventure tourism. It is a famous place for boating, fishing, hiking, and trekking.

This place is a beautiful panoramic landscape. Kulekhani is a peace place and dam water reservoir adds beauty to the place. Many people hike to the kulekhani dam enjoying natural and scenic beauty. Boating and fishing can be done at many places along the reservoir but it is forbidden at this place as this is a sensitive zone.

Kulekhani has been developed as a tourist place. Mostly, the internal tourist likes to visit this place and enjoy the natural beauty from the prospect of adventure. Kulekhanidam and reservoir invite the people to enjoy the beauty of this place.

113. Gokarneshwar

Gokarneshwor is a beautiful place located on the northeast side of the capital city, Kathmandu. It is situated in the central development region of Kathmandu district in the Bagmati zone of Nepal. This place is named after the Gokarna Mahadev temple, located on the bank of Bagmati River. It is one of the oldest temples in Nepal contemporary to the change Narayan temple.

This place is of historical, cultural and archaeological importance. The gokarneswor municipality is formed by merging five existing villages’sundarijal, nayapati, baluwa, jorpati and Gokarna from 2014. In late august or early September, people visit the gokarneswor temple to bathe and to make offerings in the name of their fathers, living or dead, on a day called gokarnaaunsi.

Gokarneswar is one of the heritage of Nepal as it has its own mythological and cultural significance as well as historical significance. As per the historians, our beautiful country Nepal was ruled from the capital city called Gokarna which is a beautiful village today.

It is also said that jungbahadurrana created a small hunting reserve to hunt the deer in this place so that he could continue his hunting passion until he grows old.  He also had a brick built all around the reserve. Now, the forest is in great shape and is used by the golf lovers and also by the borderland teams to give corporate leaders a “back to basics” course on management. Besides this, the presence of birds, deer, and other small wildlife are also in abundance.

For a day to visit within the Kathmandu valley with historical and mythological significance, gokarneswor can be the one.

114. Annapurna Base Camp:

Mesmerizing Himalayan peaks of Nepal attract thousands of trekkers from the world. Indeed, with eight of the top ten highest mountains, Nepal has some of the finest trekking places to observe the gigantic mountains and stay on its lap. Among many, one of the classic treks that offer panoramic views of Annapurna ranges along with many more snowcapped mountains is Annapurna Base Camp.

Annapurna Base Camp, the lap of Annapurna Mountain is one of the finest places in the world. The only way to get to the Annapurna Massif is via the trekking route that takes you to the lap of the mountain via the beautiful places leaving you enthralled with the views of mountains like Annapurna I, Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV, and Annapurna South (7219 m) as the name itself suggests.

The gateway to Annapurna Base Camp trekking is a beautiful city, Pokhara. Following a 7-hour bus ride to this wonderful city, the trekking heads directly to Tikhedhunga via Nayapul.

The trek later endures through Modi River, Bamboo bushes and dense rhododendron forest to one of the most beautiful hill station, The Poon Hill. From this point, you can have an astounding view of impressive Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges. Finally, following the trekking trails uphill leads you to Annapurna Base Camp.

This 11 day long Annapurna Base Camp trekking has such a great amount to offer to you including the perspective of amazing mountains to investigating the neighborhood society and convention of different ethnic get-togethers including Magars and Gurungs who have lived in these difficult slants for truly quite a while.

115. Sisneri

You might have swum in the pool, the terrace pool but nothing beats the pool that comes naturally. Yes, sisneri is one of the places to visit this August. It really did amaze me when I first saw it. The place is extraordinary. The stones cover it from sideways making a perfect pool of water.

The water is so clean that you can actually see what is on the ground. Sisneri was not a famous spot until a few years back. It has a natural swimming pool which is clean and chilling to be in. Sisneri lies in Makwanpur district which is probably 3 to 4 hours away from Kathmandu.

Even if it rains, you won’t have to feel worried because you will be having more fun here. People come here in a large group, there will be many people enjoying the natural pool.

Hence, these are the more than 100 places of Nepal that are beautiful, adventurous and rich in culture and history. If you are in Nepal, you must visit these places to learn more about your country. Similarly, in case you are a foreigner and are an adventurous person, then embark on a trip to Nepal and visit these places.

Getting to visit this country while learning the importance, significance and beauty of every part is definitely a must-do thing for every people an provides a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone
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  1. Nepal is the fascinating destination for travelers, scholars, and researchers. There are many places where you can feel like as a heaven. There are many Popular Sightseeing places In Nepal. Wow it’s a nice article.

  2. Sir I just wrote an articl on Beauty of Nepal and linked you.
    I am your daily visitor and i have read your blogs.
    Thank You Sir,

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