16 Hot Places in Nepal You Want to Visit & Travel in Winter Season


Places in Nepal You Want to Visit in Winter Season: – When winter comes around, most of the people plan to stay warm and busy, by staying indoors. There are some places in Nepal whose charms increase the temperature.

If you are in dilemma in choosing the finest destination then you don’t have to worry about where to go and what to do because here I have listed some of those places in Nepal where you can enjoy your winter.

Hot places in Nepal: – Nepal is one of the smallest countries in the world. Even though the size of this country is very small as compared with other countries but the beauty that is present inside it is dazzling. Nepal is also called as the country of mountains. Actually not only the country of mountains but also the country of green hills, rivers, lakes, plain, landscapes and other beautiful scenery.

Nepal is geographically divided into three regions i.e. Himalayan region, hilly region and Terai region based on the land structure, climatic condition, and other geographical structure. Among these 3 regions, Terai region is the hottest one and different beautiful places that lie in Terai region would be very suitable to visit during the winter season.

The below-listed places or this article is just for you which will help to choose your destination for winter and will also help you out with a dilemma. Personally, the hot places that I really want to visit during this winter season are listed below:

Here are 16 top, famous and hot places in Nepal you want to visit & travel in the winter season are listed below:

Top 16 Hot Places In Nepal For Winter to Visit and Travel

  1. Sauraha-

Sauraha is one of the villages that lie in Chitwan valley of Chitwan district. This place is nearby the East Rapti River and 23 kilometers east of the city call Narayangarh. The attractions of this place are Chitwan National Park, Tharu Museum, Devghat, jungle safaris by foot, jeep and elephant.


The major attraction of this place is Chitwan National Park which is already enlisted on World Heritage Sites. Much natural vegetation such as elephant grass, khayar, simal, sal, climbers, bushes, thatch grass, etc. are found in this national park. Similarly, the animals such as one-horned rhino, Gharials crocodile, Asiatic Python, deer, jackal etc. are found here.

Sauraha, Chitwan, Nepal

There are also several birds, insects, butterfly etc. It is one of the most popular tourist spot and various tourism activities such as jungle safari, elephant ride, wildlife view etc. are the unique feature of this national park.

In addition, the Tharu people living around the park show cultural programmers to the visitors. Because of these facts I really want to visit this place very soon. Devghat which is one of the cultural and religious places of Hindu people also lies in this village. As being a part of Hindu religion, I want to visit this religious place as well. Due to such special features of this place, I really want to be in this place.

  1. Lumbini-

Lumbini, a Buddhist pilgrimage site is located in the southwest of Kathmandu in Rupandehi district of the Lumbini zone. This place has many amazing facts that can pull any traveler on its way. Some of the major facts are: it is the birthplace of Lord Buddha, who is also known as the “Light of Asia”.

The amazing things that we can find here are famous Ashoka Pillar built by the great emperor of India named Ashok, beautiful garden full of flowers, bathing pool, the temple of Maya Devi who is the mother of Lord Gautam Buddha.

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Many countries such as India, China, Myanmar, Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, France, Germany, etc have constructed very beautiful vihars in these areas which I really want to see.

Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini Nepal
Birthplace of Lord Buddha Lumbini Nepal

Many people from all around the world especially from Asian countries come to Nepal to be in this place so it is pretty obvious for me to want to go there. Since the place is very famous all over Asia, the Buddhist shrine over there has been installed in the clean and well-managed environment.

Not only that but the hotels and lounge and other services of international standards have also been made available. After knowing all of these facts about this place now I really want to visit Lumbini as soon as possible.

  1. Janakpur-

Janakpur the headquarters of Dhanush district is the center for religious and cultural tourism. This place has another name as well and that is “Janakpurdham”. Taking about the climatic condition of this place, the climatic condition is humid sub-tropical.

One of the holiest temples for Hindu religion people “Ram Janaki Mandir” lies in the Janakpur city. This temple is also considered as one of the most valuable models of Koiri architecture in Nepal.

Janaki Mandir Temple, Janakpur Nepal
Janaki Mandir

Similarly, the oldest temple in Jjanakpur “Sri Ram temple” built by Gorkhali General “Amar Singh Thapa” also lies in Janakpur. We can say that Janakpur is full of religious temples that carry huge values for Hindu religion people.

Beside this, other interesting things that we can find and see in Janakpur are: there are more than 200 scared ponds here for ritual bath among which the most important ponds are Dhanush Sagar and Ganga Sagar. So after hearing a lot about this place from friends, this place comes on the list of places that I want to visit.

  1. Bardiya-

Another beautiful place that comes on the list of hot places in Nepal is Bardia. This place is famous among the people for its National Park named Bardiya National Park. This park is also regarded as the largest and the most undisturbed national park in Nepal.

According to the research, out of hundred, about 70 % of the land area of the park is covered with forest with the mixture of grassland savannah and riverine forest. The interesting facts are: there are about 642 faunal species and 125 recorded species of fish. Researcher says that we can also see mugger crocodiles, gharials, and 23 reptiles and amphibians species in the park.

Not only that this Bardia national park is also regarded as the home for 53 mammals including rhinoceros, wild elephant, Bengal tiger, Gang etic dolphin and swamp deer. The things that pulled by heart towards it are many species of different birds animals and plants, plain areas of Terai.

If we see the history of Bardia, this place was from Nepal to East India Company after Anglo Nepalese war. Later, it was returned to Nepal with banks, Kailali, and Kanchanpur. During old days, Tharu people were the main residence of this place and still, we can find lots of Tharus in this way.

This fact got my interest because I really want to know about the rituals and culture of Tharu people. Hence, these are the reasons that made me want to visit this beautiful place, Bardiya.

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  1. Jhapa-

Jhapa is one of the Terai districts that falls on the Mechi zone of Nepal. The people living in this place are called Jhapali. It is the place which has a very hot climate. It is located in an easternmost part of Nepal and the land and structure of this place are plain and fertile. The rivers that we can find in Jhapa are Raatwa River and Maawa River. Here in Jhapa, there is a very good facility of schools and colleges.


This district has the highest number of literate. It has the literacy rate of about 98.33%. Jhapa has large irrigated areas. The place is famous for its huge coal production. Since this place falls on Terai region, it has a very fertile land.

On the season of crops production the fertile irrigated land in Jhapa gets covered with different food crops and cash crops like paddy, maize, wheat, coffee, tea, oilseed, tobacco, etc. the production of this district is very high and since it is one of the industrialized places of Nepal so I eagerly want to visit this place.

  1. Dharan-

One of the most popular cities in Nepal, Dharan lies in the Sunseri district and is situated in the foothills of Mahabharat range in the north and the edge of Terai in the south. It serves as a trading post between hilly and Terai. This place is similar to Kathmandu where we can find the people of different caste and religion living together.

This is is highly develop and the people here very fashionable and style conscious. Since the people are mixed with different castes people, here different ethnic groups host their cultural festivals all year around.

One major thing that is interesting about this place is the lifestyle of people living here. People here live a bit standard life since most of the people living in this place are rich. This place is popular for its huge numbers of industries and high buildings as well.

This place has numerous centers for worship i.e. church, temples and mosques. Dhahran is one of the biggest city in Nepal besides Pokhara, Kathmandu, Biratnagar, and Birgunj.

  1. Lahan (Phoolbari)-

Lahan is full of both natural and religious places and it has been successful to gain their name and recognition all over the world in natural along with artificial contents. Everyone must have heard about the Phoolbari of Lahan which is one of the heritages of Nepal. Phoolbari is very famous for the flowers which have unique characteristics. For example, a flower that grows in one day dies on another day.

New Year Flowers Amazing wonderful Flower in World Bloomed in Nepal (2)
This wonderful Flower Bloomed in Nepal only in Nepali new year’s day

Taking about the ancient stories, it is said that there was a king named Salhesh who use to come to the jungle of Lahan and use to rest there for several hours.

There is also a temple nearby the jungle and now the jungle is popular as Salhesh Phoolbari. There is a belief among the people that everyone will lose all of their pain and sorrows. Such belief among the people has increased the number of devotees visiting this place.

Due to its own unique values, identity, and own principle of being in its own position with its beautiful historical and natural contents, I have carried an aim to visit this place.

  1. Birgunj-

Birgunj is one of the metropolitan cities of Nepal which is located to the south of the capital city, Kathmandu in the Narayani zone. And, is also known as “the gateway to Nepal” from India. Since the place is very close to India, it is one of the major business centers of Nepal.

One thing that is unique about this place is “Tanga” which is a horse driven cart survives as a popular transportation vehicle between Birgunj and Raxaul. Some of the interesting contents in these places are Gadhimai temple, parsa wildlife reserve, Narayani stadium, Gahawa Mai temple, Shankar Acharya gate, Vishwa Hindu parish War Park and so on. This place contains a lot of other interesting facts that is why it attracts lots of visitors every year.

Birgunj, Nepal
Birgunj, Nepal
  1. Sisneri-

Sisneri is a heaven for the nature lover. This place is very popular for its nature made swimming pool which can amaze anyone in the first sight. The stones on the sideways have greatly helped in making the perfect natural swimming pool.


The beauty of this place is added by the waterfall and the jungle around the pool. This place lies in Makawanpur district which is about 3 to 4 hours away from Kathmandu. By local people, this place is more fun to visit in rainy season.

Sisneri Nepal

This place has attracted lots of people to come and dive into the pool of nature. Well, it may not be appropriate to swim during the winter but this place is very fun to watch spend time with friends and family.

  1. Biratnagar-

Biratnagar, a metropolitan city of Nepal is also known as the industrial capital of Nepal.it lies in Morang district in the Koshi zone of eastern Terai. This place is the greatest tourist destination. It can also be called as a tea garden as the tea production in this place is very high. It has been successful to attract huge numbers of tourists with its green atmosphere.

Biratnagar City Images Nepal Photo
Biratnagar City Nepal

There are more than 7000 industries in Biratnagar due to which the unemployment rate in this place is very low. Here in Biratnagar, numbers of colorful weekly markets are held each week in different places of the town. We can find several gardens, temples and other religious places in Biratnagar. Temples have been the ornament of Biratnagar.

11) Khaptad National Park:

Khaptad National Park is located in the far western region of Nepal which covers an area of 225 sq. km. it is very well known for its natural beauty as well as for its religious value also.

It also said that the Late Khaptad Baba lived there for 50 years, meditating and worshipping and became a renewed spiritual angel. Because of its remoteness, the area has been untouched by the tourists.

Khaptad National Park has 22 open plots of grasslands, Khaptad lake, flora consisting aerial, sal, pine and elder species, Fir, Oak, Birch, and rhododendron are the major species found there as well as 135 species of flowers are also can be found inside the Khaptad National Park.

According to the report, inside the Khaptad National Park, there can be found 226 species of birds among the common areLophophorous (viewpoint). And also there we can find about 224 species of medicinal herbs.

On the way to Khaptad National Park
On the way to Khaptad National Park, Nepal

Nepal’s national bird and many types of partridges, flycatchers, bulbuls, cuckoos, and eagles, can be observed inside the grassland of Khaptad National Park. Some other species of different mammals can also be seen inside this national park. Like: wild dog, jackal, Goral, leopard and the common one is barking deer.

I have explained all about the Khaptad National Park because it will make you easier to visit there. Khaptad National Park will be the best destination to visit for spending your winter vacation. You must visit once, it’s too good.

12) Rara National Park:

Rara National Park lies in the Mugu and Jumla districts which can be easily reached by bus or by plane also. It is also one of the smallest National Park, but it still contains Nepal’s biggest lake which occupies the surface of 10.8 km. Rara National Park is located at an elevation of 2999m, and it is also one of the most popular and beautiful lakes too.

This National Park protects the diverse vegetation that is representative of the central Himalaya. If you once visit there then, you will be surrounded by the blue pine, oak, the beautiful sight of rhododendron, black juniper, the west Himalayan cypress.

beautiful views of Rara lake Mugu Nepal Images
Beautiful views of Rara lake Mugu Nepal Images

The lake is home to three species of snow trout, two endemic to Nepal and one existing only in rara. The whole Rara National Park is surrounded by the beautiful and the dense forests where there can be found the Red panda and the Himalayan black bear.

The lake is an important opening point for migratory birds which makes it an indispensable for the ecosystem of the whole region, mostly in the winter seasons. One of the most beautiful destinations to visit for spending the winter vacation is the Rara National Park. If you are thinking or making plans for visiting there then, don’t just think, must visit once.

No.13) Ghorepani (Poon Hill):

The Ghorepani (Poon Hill) crosses via more diverse range of the weather, plants and mix cultures than any place in the entire Himalayan world, from the green grassy vegetation of rain and conservative forests to the gallery rice field and to the alpine area making the trip to Poon Hill, sunrise viewpoint more engaging with an forward to Nepal’s cultural and usual beauty.

Poon Hill Ghorepani Views, Nepal
Poon Hill Ghorepani

The trip for Ghorepani (Poon Hill) begins from Pokhara, the most beautiful city of Nepal. The Ghorepani poon hill trekking mainly fits for short time visitors to Nepal.

The trek band together with the brilliant Himalayan looks and cultural diversity of rural villages. The Ghorepani poon hill is also popular as view tower place. The trek of poon hill goes on towards the dense jungle of the beautiful sight of rhododendron and magnolia crossing via rain forests and gorge between the massive green hills once at the top of poon hill near Ghorepani where you will be in the middle of Showground of snow peaks Annapurna which is of 8091m.

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One of the most popular and the best destination for trekking is Ghorepani Poon Hill. This trek is very near from the beautiful city-Pokhara, that’s why more people from Pokhara visit Ghorepani for trekking.

No.14) Chisapani Helambu Trek:

The great introduction to trekking in Nepal with a pleasant journey into the peaceful Sherpa populated region Northeast of Kathmandu is the ChisapaniHelembu Trek.

The combination of the traditional way of life and the mountain views from the easy-going villages, with the freedom and hospitality of the Sherpa people, will make this experience more fun and yes, unforgettable.

Chisapani Nepal

Thee Langtang Helambu trek is for people with less time and looking for a unique experience near the Kathmandu valley. The journey offers one of the best and the most usable trekking trails of Nepal, and without the crowds.

The chisapani Helambu trek begins with a short ride from Kathmandu to sundarijal, a source of the valley’s water supply, the name means Beautiful water.

No.15) Daman Chitlang:

the Daman Chitlang is located in the southwest part of Kathmandu which covers an area of 75 km ground. Daman is beautiful as usual throughout the year, but it is more beautiful during the winter when the tiny village spring backs to life from its summer slumber.

Daman Nepal

At Daman’s slopes get covered with snow, travelers from the neighboring districts come here to enjoy a scarcity in the Kathmandu valley snow. Daman Chitlang also offers a host of different activities. The beautiful views of the Himalayas and the surrounding areas are the best part of visiting Daman Chitlang.

Daman Chitlang Place Village Nepal
Daman Chitlang, Nepal

You can also take a mountain bike or a cycle to make more enjoy fully. You can reach Daman from Chitlang via Kulekhani, Tistung, and Palung. The place is beautiful all the time of the day. The village is more beautiful at all times of the day and looks like it is wearing a distinct vibe depending on when you observe it.

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No.16) Thak Khola:

Thak Khola is very popular on many a romantic’s travel list. When the pressures of the outside world weaken in winter, it is possible to experience traces of those romantics that were once characteristic of this region of Trans, Himalayan trade and ancient culture.

Though the thousands of trekkers and pilgrims are seen each year, there are still places in Thakkhola that are off the beaten path, abandoned or simply forgotten. In winter, trekking in Thak Khola means you will not have crowds congregating in sites like ruins of old forts, centuries, old monasteries, sacred lakes tucked in the folds of mountains and abandoned villages. Thak Khola in winter is paradise for loiterers and seekers of solitude.

Thak Khola is very popular on many a romantic’s travel list. When the pressures of the outside world weaken in winter, it is possible to experience traces of those romantics that were once characteristic of this region of Trans, Himalayan trade and ancient culture.

Though the thousands of trekkers and pilgrims are seen each year, there are still places in Thakkhola that are off the beaten path, abandoned or simply forgotten. In winter, trekking in Thak Khola means you will not have crowds congregating in sites like ruins of old forts, centuries, old monasteries, sacred lakes tucked in the folds of mountains and abandoned villages. Thak Khola in winter is paradise for loiterers and seekers of solitude.

All the above-mentioned places are the major places where I really want to visit this winter. I have heard a lot about these places and visiting these places could be really adventurous and a way to explore the beauty of nature. There are other many numbers of beautiful places in Nepal where we can spend some quality time and make it unforgettable.

As we all know that winter is the coldest season of the year in some parts of the northern and the southern hemisphere, this season is categorized by falling snow and freezing cold temperatures, usually lasts about three months is caused by the winter-stricken area being farthest away from the sun in the earth’s orbit.

During this season, the days are short and the nights longer, this usually reverse slowly as the season progresses, the sun comes out very late on winter mornings and when it does is not hot.

People clothe themselves in thick clothes during winter to fight the cold and keep their bodies warm, over the year. The year’s winter clothing has evolved today’s styles and designs are incorporated into them. The early man used the animal’s skin to protect himself from the same grim weather.

In winter season in the morning, the sky remains foggy. There is cold. The weather is quite pleasant. The sun appears very late in the morning. The sunlight is also not very hot. People often light fires to save them from the extreme cold.

A variety of fruits and vegetables can be found during the winter season. Most of the people want to stay busy to keep their body warm and adjusted to the winter season. Hanging out to dry, having a warm meal with the family and many more other things are done to stay warm.

I have listed and suggested some of the places which are the best destination to visit during a winter season. And also explained what the people often do or wants to do during the winter season.

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