13 Places in Nepal Where Tourists Can Go Without Paying Entry Fee


13 Places in Nepal Where Tourists Can Go Without Paying Entry Fee

Tourist Places in Nepal :- For tourists, Nepal is a place of scenic beauty. A land of Everest and the high Himalayas, the land of flatlands in the Terai and the tourist hub. While in the country, they all can relax and enjoy the beautiful and calming nature while also getting to enjoying the pleasures of this century at five-star hotels and all the business enterprises aimed at serving tourists from all over the world.

As a tourist, of course, you will have a good time in Nepal if you have lots of money to spend. There are many places you can visit if you are willing to pay the extra fee. But, having said that, it doesn’t mean that Nepal is not for those who are budget travelers.

The ones who are not willing to spend a lot, they can also have a nice time in Nepal. There are many beautiful natural places in and around the valley and all over Nepal.

There are many places a tourist can go in Nepal without paying an entry fee. A few of them have been listed below. 20 of those most popular places where you can go without paying an entry fee include places like:

13 Places in Nepal Where Tourists Can Go Without Paying Entry Fee

  1. Nagarkot

Nagarkot is a beautiful hill station which is about 30 minutes ride from Kathmandu. It is a beautiful place to go to if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Kathmandu life. It is serene and calm with high hills surrounding it and since it is at quite an altitude, you can also see the mountain ranges from here.

To go there, as a tourist you need not get any entry fee. You can just go for a relaxing weekend, check into a hotel and enjoy the beauty surrounding you.

  1. Kathmandu Valley

Kathmandu Valley in itself is a beautiful city to go around and spend time. There are many temples and parks and hilltops that you can visit. For all this, you need not pay any extra entry fee. You can just set out on a tour in a taxi and go to places like Thamel, Jhamsikhel that are busy tourist areas.


You can find good restaurants over there and can also find small shops where you can go souvenir shopping for your near and dear ones back home. Also, there are so many temples around every alley in Kathmandu valley that you can visit, including Buddhist stupas that might attract your attention.

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  1. Pokhara

For every tourist, one of the most recommended places to visit in Nepal in Pokhara. It is a 4 hours drive away from Kathmandu and is a busy tourist town. The lakes and the snow clad peaks surrounding this city is the main attraction.

For this, you need not pay anything. You can just set out on foot to the nearest lake and enjoy the scenery while sitting in a restaurant that is abundant in and around the city. The sceneries cost no money. It is there for all to see and enjoy and to get inspired from.

  1. Jomsom Bazar

The gateway to The Everest, Jomsom Bazaar is a beautiful small bazaar set on top of the Himalayas. Every tourist that wants to get as close to the mountains as possible but does not want to scale the mountains should visit this place.

A beautiful place where you get to see the panoramic view of snow topped mountains all around, Jomsom Bazaar is beautiful to calm your nerves. Nestled on the lap of Himalayas, this is the best place for tourists who want to stay for long in the lap of Himalayas. The Buddhist way of life and monasteries are also good places to visit around this valley.

  1. Dhulikhel

Another beautiful hill station around Kathmandu valley is Dhulikhel. Popular among tourists for its beautiful hills, luxurious hotels and a place to observe the daily lives of locals, Dhulikhel makes a good place to unwind.

Tourists who want some peace of mind away from the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu, go to Dhulikhel and stay there for few days. Dhulikhel makes a beautiful getaway for local as well as international tourists.

  1. Sauraha

About 4 hours of drive from Kathmandu is Sauraha. It is a beautiful place that is abundant with natural life. Those who are enthusiasts of animals, plants and vegetations alike, Sauraha is the place to be. Sauraha makes a beautiful getaway for everyone nonetheless. It is a tourist hub with lots of tourists visiting Sauraha every day.

  1. Manang

At an altitude of 3,519, Manang is a beautiful getaway to the lap of Himalayas. You can take a bus or go trekking to this place.


Trekking is definitely the best way to experience this beautiful place. Surrounded on all sides by highest peaks of Nepal, here you get a 360-degree view of the panoramic Himalayan range of Nepali mountains. It is a must see place for every internal and international tourist visiting Nepal.

  1. Ghandruk

A beautiful hill station near Pokhara, Ghandruk is a beautiful village where tourists go for homestay. It is a preserved village which has been made even more beautiful. The life, the houses and everything in Ghandruk reflect the true Nepali culture and tradition. That is the reason Ghandruk is the best place for tourists to experience Nepal as it is.

  1. Kirtipur

An ancient kingdom inhabited by the Newars of Kathmandu, Kirtipur is a typical Nepali place a tourist must see in Nepal. It is just a half an hour ride from Kathmandu city and is on a hill top. Newars have preserved the place from the ancient time retaining its traditional culture and beauty.

The alleyways, the beautiful temples every few steps ahead and the view of Kathmandu Valley you get to see from Kirtipur is amazing. It not only relaxes you but also can be a good place to learn the cultural and traditional importance of Nepal.

  1. Kakani

A few kilometers drive from Kathmandu situated at the top of a beautiful hill is Kakani. This place is renowned for its scenic beauty it offers and the cool climate as compared to the city of Kathmandu.

Tourists can go to Kakani for a relaxing weekend from Kathmandu. Kakani is also famous for its ‘Rainbow Trout’ variety of fishes. It is a delicacy among those who love to eat fish. Since it is a freshwater fish, it is very much tasty and tourists like to go to Kakani to experience and taste this tasty treat.

  1. Ilam

For those who enjoy visiting a tea farm, Ilam is the best place to go to. Situated on top of the high hills, Ilam offers a beauty that is unmatched for those who love looking at beautiful scenery and to lose themselves to it.

Ilam tea garden Picture Alone boy
Ilam tea garden

Long stretches of the slopes of these hills are filled with tea plants. People can be seen working in these fields and of course, you will be served with a very good tea. It can be a perfect place to soak in some nature’s energy and to inhale some fresh air.


  1. Devghat

At the banks of Narayani river is the holy city of Devghat. It is a holy place where Hindus go to earn some good karma in their lives and to make their deities happy. This little town is basically a place where Hindus go and stay in their old age has given up the luxuries of life and to be near to God.

It is a holy and beautiful place that makes your soul peaceful once you visit. Although to go inside any holy temple, you might be asked to pay some amount, taking a tour around the town is free and that is in itself a good experience to collect in the lifetime.

  1. Gorkha

Gorkha, other than the natural beauty that surrounds this place, is a place of historical importance. The Gorkha is the starting point of the unification of Nepal as a single kingdom by the then King Prithvi Narayan Shah.

If you visit this place, it has beautiful palaces and temples. Also, since it is situated in the hilly part of Nepal, the scenery from here is unmatched. You can enjoy the scenery and understand the political history of Nepal. Be sure to visit Gorkha for its natural, historical, cultural and traditional beauty when you visit Nepal.

Nature is for everyone. There need not be any entry fee, be it for tourists or locals, to visit the natural beauty. Of course, there is an entry to places which need constant maintenance like a place of cultural importance, places that fall under world heritage sites and places of natural beauty like national parks.

Other than that, there is never an entry fee to beautiful places in and around Kathmandu valley or around Nepal. If you walk around, every village and every corner, every hilltop is beautiful in Nepal. So, without even paying a penny, you can have a good experience in Nepal. Happy Travelling!

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