20 Places to Go in Nepal Before You Turn 20 Years of Age – Travel Guide & Ideas

20 Places to Go in Nepal Before You Turn 20 Years of Age: – I think, the generations to come are the luckiest because they are constantly exposed to information and photos you see on Facebook. These days, a 10-year-old kid can make plans on where to visit after their examinations and so on. When I was 10, all I did was watch Mickey Mouse on TV.


But now the trend has changed, and people want to know much more about their country- they want to know the happening places of Nepal so that they could go and enjoy. Also, they will bring back awesome memories and obviously tons of photos to upload to social media. So here we have top ideas and information on where you should go exactly before 20.

20 Places to Go in Nepal Before You Turn 20 Years of Age – Travel Guide

  1. Gosaikunda

This is probably on my wish list. Yes, I never knew about it before I was 20 but since I know now, I really want to go there. It lies in Rasuwa District and if you can walk a long way then trek to Gosaikunda is the best places to go. Gosaikunda is known for its religious places but the beauty of this places is what captures your attention.

  1. Rara Lake:

Rara lake is the deepest lake in Nepal. It lies at 2990m above sea level. Rara Lake, as Gosaikunda has the best beautiful factor than any other lake in Nepal. People here come by trekking and they say that hard walk was totally worth it. If you plan to go here, do consult a trekking company, it will take 4-5 days to go and come back to your home. The trip does not take much of your holidays. Do visit Rara lake before you turn 20.

Beautiful views of Rara Tal lake Mugu Nepal

Beautiful views of Rara Tal lake Mugu, Nepal

  1. Sauraha:

Now, this place is the place where you should go with your friends and families. I am not talking about hiking or trekking, I am talking about relaxing and chilling. Sauraha lies in Chitwan- the hot temperature will certainly raise your excitement. You will have time to chill at the shore and you can watch animals on the other side of the river.

  1. Pokhara:

Who hasn’t been to Pokhara? I am sure you already did but if you have not then what are you waiting for? Pokhara is the top tourist preferred places and that goes for all the Nepalese here. The Fewa lake and the environment are so different from any other town. And if you want to leave behind the chaos and pollution of Kathmandu, then Pokhara is where you should go.

Pokhara Nepal City Town Image

Pokhara Nepal

  1. Lumbini:

The birthplace of Lord Buddha and probably the best place you must visit with your family. Many tourists visit this place since it is the listed as world heritage site. If tourists can come to this place from a very distant, then why can’t you?

  1. Chitwan National Park:

Chitwan National Park is the first national park of Nepal. It lies in the Chitwan district. It has been saving and preserving the wildlife for more than decades. Being the oldest national park, it holds the magnificent history. So before you turn 20, this is the place to visit. You can see elephant breeding and different animals here. So what are you waiting for?

rhino Nepal national park chitwan

Rhino in National Park Chitwan Nepal

  1. Nagarkot:

Nagarkot is regarded as a beautiful place for seeing the Himalayan views. People go here to take a chill pill and avoid the chaos in the town. People are seen to come on weekends and see the sunset and sunrise the next morning. Nagarkot has finest hotels which provide the magnificent infrastructure which will make you come here more and more.

  1. Annapurna Base Camp:

    Tibetan Flags at Annapurna Base Camp

    If you are fond of hiking and adventure, you should visit this place at least once. The Annapurna base camp is the most classic and legendary trek. The breathtaking Mountain View from 4130m from the sea level is to die for. It will take you quite a buck but it’s worth paying for.

  1. Kalinchowk:

    Kalinchowk is located in Dolakha district which is about 132 km away from Kathmandu. It has a religious shrine called the Bhagawati Temple which lies on the top of a hill. People come here with wishes which they hope to come true. Last year, people had gone crazy on visiting this place and enjoying the snow. The locals here find business and live on such earnings.

  2. Sisneri:

    You might have swum in the pool, the terrace pool but nothing beats the pool that comes naturally. Yes, Sisneri is one of the places to visit before you turn 20. Sisneri was not a famous spot until a few years back.

    It has a natural swimming pool which is clean and chilling to be in. Sisneri lies in Makwanpur district which is probably 3 to 4 hours away from Kathmandu.

  3. Mustang:

Mustang is probably the isolated and backward region of Nepal. Despite the drawbacks, people come here every year to see the beauty it holds. When you enter Mustang, its’ like you are in the surreal world and everything here is an HD background.

A few years back, almost every Nepalese might have gone to Mustang because it held so much of hype and attention. You won’t regret coming to Mustang.

  1. Poon Hill:

    Poon hill trekking is also known as Annapurna Sunrise Trekking. It is located 3210m above the sea level. The trekking takes you right into the Annapurna range and exposes you to the Gurung localities. If you trekking in the Himalayas of Nepal, then Poon hill is the must place to visit.

    Not only with the cultural exposure, it also gives you a panoramic view to see the sunrise from the Annapurna range to Manaslu ranges. The package can be of 6 days and might take you more than 7thousand on average but the trek is worth it.

  2. Ghandruk:

    Ghandruk is a small town which is located in Kaski district. If you wish to see the Annapurna range of Nepal and go trekking in the Himalayan flow, then Ghandruk is the place to choose. If you trek to poon hill, Ghandruk is the first destination you reach and then you move ahead. Ghandruk village is also called as Ghandrung Village.

    It is famous for trekking where you can see the view of Annapurna and Machhapuchhre Mountain. And if you are already in Pokhara, it only takes a 42km drive and 6 hours of walking.

  3. Godavari:

    Located at Lalitpur, Godawari is a place to go out with your friends for refreshment and picnics. The Godavari is a fine garden covering a large area. You should always go to this places because it has the fresh and livable environment.

    It is located at the base of Pulchowki. So when you visit the Godavari, Phulchowki is also the places to go for a quick hike. And if you lucky enough you will be able to experience snowfall in winter. The fresh nature and home environment are worth experiencing. So before you turn 20, visit Godawari.

  4. Bhaktapur:

    Bhaktapur, also known as for the place of devotees is on the number 15 on my list. It is regarded as the ancient Newar city. Bhaktapur Durbar Square is the ancient Durbar and it has different information related to the past.

    nyatapola temple bhaktapur Nepal -

    Nyatapola temple, Bhaktapur Nepal – Photo by HARMEN van der VAART

    Also, Siddhapokhari is a place to sit and think. It is quite and most loved places here in Bhaktapur. Since you are here, how can you miss juju dhau? the famous yogurt which should be eaten 100 times should not be missed.

  5. Kakani:

    It is located in Nuwakot District. And is basically famous for the fish and the strawberry farming. You have to go all the way to the valley edge to get amazing views of the Himalaya. It is fixed on a point at 2073m, just off the road to Trisuli Bazaar.

    Kakani is the quieter and more peaceful than Dhulikhel and Nagarkot. You can see the series of high points along the edge views of the Himalayan skyline.

  6. Marpha

    Marpha is a small village in the Mustang District. Tourism is the earning business of people. The population is also small. When you visit Marpha, you will experience different ambiances. The houses are basically painted white which shines out bright. The Thakali people are the local people here.

    And yes, when you visit Marpha, the local brandy called Marphak is worth buying. The locally made brandy is sold among the people who come here for a visit. Also, the dried apple is the products which are exported in high number. So before you turn 20, this is the must place to be at.

  7. Markhu:

    Markhu is lying just ahead of Chitlang, a place at Makwanpur. Chitlang is actually a place where people on a hike for. It is famous for its families like the environment and the people who respect all the guests in their places.

    Markhu is 1-hour walking distance away from chilling. It has a beautiful view of Kulekhani dam. People are allowed to boat here. The food and the fish are what people come from. A little piece of daily chaos, Markhu is a must place to go.

  8. Bhotekoshi:

And when I say Bhote Koshi, I mean all the fun from rafting and bungee jumping. Before you turn 20, you must absolutely try on bungee jumping and rafting. Bungee Jumping is done on “ The last resort” which takes about 5800 rupees for the bungee jumping and other facilities of food and transportation.

Likewise, rafting is done through a different agency which takes about 2000 to 4000 rupees which include two-way transportation and food services.

  1. Manakamana:

Manakamana means wish from the heart. It is located in Gorkha district and lies 1320 m above the sea level of 1320 m Gorkha District is located. The cable car ride to the temple is thrilling and breathtaking. People mostly come here because they want their wish to be heard by Goddess Manakamana.

Visiting such religious places is a must place to visit before you turn 20 years of age.


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