25 Best Places to Eat Food in Kathmandu, Nepal for Tourists

11.Blueberry Kitchen and coffee shop

Orchestrated by Chhetrapati, Thamel, Blueberry Kitchen, and café is Asian mix diner on a very basic level sensible for lunch and breakfast. Blueberry Kitchen particularly gives Asian, Italian, American and European sustenances with a respectable combination of Coffee. They offer refunds on the gathering time before 5 PM. You’ll without a doubt value their sustenance and neighborliness around the close of Thamel with the tremendous condition and the view from the housetop top. They offer such an extensive number of groupings of delicious sustenance so there’s one specialty of the restaurant and still skillet scorched chicken, Italian pasta norma, salmon steak and shrimp scampi are the segment of the best dishes you’ll get at Blueberry Kitchen and Coffee shop.

12. Ghangri Café

Ghangri Café is the multi-cooking diner where you can get various groupings of great sustenance to eat. The central interest of this restaurant is Sumai Open Momo of various collections. The place is open from 11:30 AM to 09:00 PM. It is arranged in Pulchowk, inside Hardic Fitness Center in Lalitpur, with extraordinary eating feeling. Other than the open Mo: Mo, cheeseballs, and Chicken Lollipop is another choice of numerous people at the Ghangri’s. Diverse dishes are Chicken Corden Bleu, Crispy Prawns, Spaghetti, Sandwiches which is recommended to endeavor the diner. Ghangri has an OK cultivate with devouring zone and it’s agreeable and cool parlor ranges will give the guests an extraordinary space. Ghangri is a champion among different spots where you can have good sustenance around the city with friends and family.

13. Bricks Cafe

Blocks Café is one of the spots where you can get Asian, Italian and Nepali combination sustenances to eat with the immense condition and place. The working of Bricks Café was manufactured over 100 years back in Rana Era at Kupondole, Lalitpur with the blocks in which, you can see that they were made in mid-1900’s. You will discover veritable warmth and accommodation here which will make you feel great and loose. The principle fascination of this place is Firewood Pizza which is made under the kindling stove and this place is truly outstanding to eat delightful pizza of Italian and numerous combinations. Adjacent to kindling pizza, individuals, for the most part, go there for lunch and supper with Nepali and outside style. According to a survey, this is a standout amongst other spots to eat nearby.

14. Rosemary Kitchen & Coffee Shop

Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop are masterminded in the center of Kathmandu, yes that is Thamel. It’s a long way from the gathering and uproarious place where you can feel the ugly condition with develop and indoor spaces with bar. Rosemary is the place you can find a delightful combination of supports with the tranquil and calm condition where you can indeed get rest and free with the sustenance gave the coffee taste or unmistakable refreshments.

There are various unprecedented dishes you can have at Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop, however, few that must state are Duck Breasts, cheesecake, Chicken tikka masala, rosemary buckwheat hotcake and extensively more Eurasian taste that is the blend of European and Asian cooking. Rosemary kitchen in like manner offers you 100% characteristic foods on your request and varieties of best wines from over the world. It’s a good place to hang out with sidekicks or individual pioneers and has eminent sustenance with the colossal melodic condition with sensible cost. It has furthermore a branch in Pokhara.

15. Places Restaurant and Bar

A Nice and cool condition with delicious varieties of sustenances and extraordinary music and what may you require whatever else to contribute vitality to the sidekicks and uncommon ones. Yes, each one of these workplaces you can get at Places Restaurant and Bar arranged at Saath Ghumti Marga-Thamel, Kathmandu. Spots Restaurant and Bar is a multi-cooking diner richly known for its temperament of organization and sustenance.

The distinguishing strength of the place is Biber Dolmasi (It’s a Turkish dish which basically has Green Pepper stacked down with Spiced Rice and Cashews), True Blood Mocktail (Beetroot Juice, Apple, Mint and Lemon), Quesadilla (Mexican), Pesto Momos, Pumpkin Momos with Chili Chocolate Sauce Popcorn Chili (seared in Chinese Kung Pao Sauce together with Fresh Vegetables) and Spinach Pie. Spots have a game-plan that can amass people about all things considered of 100 all around on the patio. So you have to endeavor unmistakable arrangements of worldwide sustenance then this may be the best around the neighborhood.

16.La Dolce Vita, Thamel

It has been around since 1986 and is one of only a handful couple of eateries in Kathmandu to have the capacity to brag about such lifespan. Situated on the busiest convergence of Thamel, it is continually astonishing to perceive how calm and unwinding it is inside. Spread out more than three stories, gritty, natural and soothing, La Dolce Vita is the ideal place to disappear for some careful people viewing. The key to its prosperity appears to lie in its conviction that it doesn’t need to hop onto “serve everything and take into account everybody’s requests fleeting trend”, yet to discreetly trudge away, resolved to give the best quality Italian nourishment in Nepal. What’s more, it is a rationality that has plainly worked. Explorers prescribe this modest diamond of a place to others and for the jam of Kathmandu aware of everything, there is no other place very like it if the yearning for pizzas and pasta in rich sauces rise. It conveys a bit of Italy to Nepal.life is, in fact, sweet getting it done Italian bistro, presenting pleasures, for example, parmesan gnocchi; superb antipasti; goat’s cheddar, spinach, and walnut ravioli; wickedly rich chocolate torte and wines by the glass. Pick between the natural red-and-white tablecloths and earthenware tiles of the fundamental eatery, a housetop plant, the yummy-noticing coffee bar (genuine Lavazza espresso) or sunny parlor space; whichever way the air and sustenance are phenomenal.

17. Yak Restaurant

Yak restaurant is situated in Thamel and it basically serves Tibetan and Nepalese cooking styles. You can get a wide assortment of delightful nourishment in a peace and comfortable environment.Another straightforward and dependable Tibetan-run put on the flip side of Thamel. The stalls give it a ‘Tibetan coffee shop’ vibe and the demographic is a blend of trekkers with their Sherpa aides and neighborhood Tibetans who come to chat casually finished a cigarette and a container of tongba (hot millet lager). The menu incorporates Tibetan dishes, with great kothey (browned momos), and South Indian sustenance, at incredible costs.

We generally wind up coming back to this honest and solid neighborhood put at the southern end of Thamel. The corners give it a ‘Tibetan burger joint’ vibe and the customer base is a blend of trekkers, Sherpa aides and neighborhood Tibetans who come to idly chatter over a container of tongba (hot millet lager). It feels simply like a trekking lodge, down to that recognizable electronic sound of a chicken being choked each time a dish is prepared.

18. Potala Tourist Home

Giving free Wi-Fi, Potala Tourist Home elements a housetop cultivate, and also reflection and yoga classes upon ask. Tribhuvan International Airport is 9 km away. The perfect and fundamental rooms all accompany a fan and satellite TV. En-suite washrooms are furnished with either a shower or a bath. In the core of Thamel in Kathmandu, Nepal, Potala Tourist Home is 400 meters from the Royal Palace and 500 meters from the Garden of Dreams. Stopping is free. Visitors can lease a bike or auto to investigate the region or mastermind a day trip at the visit work area. Looking after children clothing administrations are given too. Bistro Famoso serves universal dishes, close by Nepalese and Tibetan sustenance. Korean cooking can be delighted in a Korean Kitchen.

19. Rum Doodle Bar & Restaurant

The first Rum Doodle was a most loved meeting place for mountaineering undertakings – Edmund Hillary, Reinhold Messner, Ang Rita Sherpa and Rob Hall all left their imprints on the divider. The enormous new area doesn’t have the history yet it’s a wonderful gathering focused place with a fine housetop patio. The steaks, pasta, and pizzas are for the most part average. Maybe the most celebrated restaurant in Kathmandu is Rum Doodle. Built up in 1980, the Rum Doodle restaurant is known to climbers, walkers, and explorers from everywhere throughout the world. Behind the bar are wooden boxes with the marks of several Everest submitter, including Sir Edmund Hillary.

The restaurant is named after the world’s most astounding mountain, the 40,000½ft Mt Rum Doodle (as portrayed by WE Bowman, writer of The Ascent of Rum Doodle, a satire of genuine mountaineering books). Enthusiasts of the book should attempt ‘Pong’s Revenge’, a bacon cheeseburger with egg. Current trekking gatherings can add their own sasquatch impression to the dividers.

20. Samaya Baji

It’s to a more prominent degree alike the Italian pizza yet in the Newari way. Chatamari made with the rice flour with various fixings secured by egg makes it more delightful. Samay Baji serves distinctive Chatamari which are rich in taste and flavor. Baras is made with the adjacent lentil which is consumed overnight the water and a while later smash into a fine paste. Counting the basic flavors, the paste is cooked in iron (tawa) in a round like a shape. On a very basic level, it is minimal level hotcake which is light and squishy. Samaya Baji offers Egg Bara, Chicken Keema Bara, Buff Keema Bara, et cetera. It is one of the indispensable things on the Newari culture where it is served on each puja, occasions, and celebrations. You can find practically identical in the Korean culture and street grandstand as well where they serve you with the lentil pancake exactly like bara with sauce however here you get it with masu ko jhol (meat soup) and less smooth also.

Bara resembles wo the primary qualification is who is sautéed however baara is southern style and has an opening in the center. Sukuti is made from dried meat which is marinated with fresh, ginger and diverse flavors making it hot and delightful. Sukuti serves a perfect settling for the refreshments and moreover, you can see it as a side or pickle while having dinner. We can in like manner pulverize lemon on top of the tart taste; it extends the flavor and in addition, cuts the hotness of the nippy in case you can’t oversee it.


It can be eaten up director charbroiled and spiced as a starter or snack. Extra seasoning like tomatoes, onions, and garlic to make it all the more radiant. Samay Baji serves Sukuti as a canapé which is spiciest and tangiest. Not only these, they serve Kachila, Dyakula, Momo’s, Khaski ko Fokso, Thalthale et cetera. Samay Baji Restaurant is a perfect place to loosen up and have an area taste of Newari sustenance. With the radiant and sterile sustenance, energetic gourmet master, introduce day setting, welcoming convenience Samaya Baji is serving incredibly. We should state Samaya Baji-must endeavor put by all the Newari sustenance sweethearts. By and by you don’t need to travel course long for the core of Samay Baji, mastermind by methods for Foodmandu and get your sustenance passed on agreeable passages.

21. Little Italy

One of the outstanding chain restaurants in India has likewise opened its outlet in Nepal at Durbar Marg. A fine eating outlet that offers you a scope of veggie lover alternative where you can discover best kindling pizza around the local area alongside the other Italian Cuisines. Every single key fixing at the restaurant are sourced from Italy itself and the kindling pizzas are produced using the best fixings accessible around the local area. The best case would be the Barilla Pasta, which is one of the disavowed pasta on the planet, frame Italy is just found in the Little Italy. With the extensive variety of the vegan sustenances, Little Italy is likewise outstanding for its Deserts which can tempt your tongue.

To the pleasure of foodies in the Valley, a smidgen of Italy has come to Darbar Marg. Little Italy restaurant network, a prominent fine-feasting diner offering veggie lover Italian foods in India, has opened its first outlet in Nepal. You may be pondering: Italian and totally veggie lover? The thought takes a touch of getting used to particularly for a deeply rooted meat eater like me, yet once you get over the underlying stun, Little Italy does not frustrate. The minute I opened the menu, I was charmed by a sign that read: Jain on ask. When I asked the supportive and educated maître, he disclosed to me that Little Italy obliges religious and social dietary limitations and will get ready dinners without onion, garlic and every single underground vegetable at the demand of Jain benefactors.

22. Kathmandu Funky Buddha Restaurant & Bar

Situated in Thamel, Kathmandu Funky Buddha Restaurant and Bar is extraordinary compared to other spots to eat and appreciate. This place offers different dishes and furthermore the melodic condition around evening time. Generally, numerous nonnatives visit this place with the tremendous measure of Nepali individuals additionally make the most of their chance at Funky Buddha. It’s the Continental cooking eatery. Involtinis of chicken or Beef, Panna Cotta, Fusilli are the well-known dishes in the eatery. Visit the Funky Buddha and appreciate the nourishment and music with your companions at the core of Kathmandu with exceptionally sensible cost. Funky Buddha Restaurant was established in 1999 and is located in Thamel. It essentially offers brunch, local Nepalese snacks, and home bakery items. It’s good for families and they have got a special children’s menu along with the play area where the kids can enjoy throughout their stay.

23. Dragon Restaurant & Bar

Dragon Restaurant & Bar restaurant was established in 2010 and is located in Thamel. It basically serves Chinese, Korean, Italian, Continental & Nepalese cuisines. ‘Nepalese Thali set’ is the main dish of this place. You can enjoy their delicacies in a cozy & comfortable lounge.

Established: 2010
Seating: 40
Hours of Operation: 9am-9pm
Wi-Fi Zone: No
Cuisine: Chinese, Korean, Italian, Continental & Nepalese
Accepts Credit/Debit Cards: No
Parking: Street
Takes Reservations: No
Delivery: Yes
Take-Out: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Alcohol: Yes
Attire: Casual

24. Cuppas

Cuppas was initiated in 2011 and is located at Putalisadak, Opp. to Century Commercial Bank. It serves Coffee, Drinks, Snacks, Bakery items and Sandwiches. ‘Cafe Mocha’ and ‘Brownies’ are quite famous at this restaurant. On Saturdays, it operates from 11 am to 9 pm. There is a free wifi zone available in the restaurant. Cuisine like Coffee, Snacks, Bakery Items, etc is available. They have a parking are inside.

Established: 2011
Seating: 30
Hours of Operation: 9am-9pm
Wi-Fi Zone: Yes
Cuisine: Coffee & Drinks, Snacks, Bakery Items
Accepts Credit/Debit Cards: No
Parking: Inside
Takes Reservations: Yes
Delivery: No
Take-Out: No
Smoking: Yes
Alcohol: No
Attire: Casual

Gaia was initiated in 2008 and is located at Thamel, Jyatha. It essentially offers the blend of European & Asian Cuisines (Eurasian). Organic Coffee, Tea, Salads & Cakes are quite famous at this restaurant. You would certainly love this place & its savory dishes.

Established: 2008
Seating: 80
Hours of Operation: 7am-9pm
Wi-Fi Zone: Yes
Cuisine: Eurasian
Accepts Credit/Debit Cards: No
Parking: Street
Takes Reservations: Yes
Delivery: No
Take-Out: Yes
Smoking: Yes
Alcohol: Yes
Attire: Casual

Eating out can be an extremely pleasurable ordeal. Eating with a companion, eating a sentimental supper while out on the town or commending some unique occasion with a gathering at an eatery is everything we appreciate doing. All things being equal, there are few individuals who eat out constantly and eating at home has many focuses to support its. It is less expensive to eat at home. It is more beneficial to eat at home and it is normally substantially more agreeable. For me, there is almost certain that I lean toward eating at home. Right off the bat, eating at home is substantially less costly than eating in an eatery. Clearly, when we eat at home we do the planning, cooking and serving of the sustenance ourselves and, in this way, don’t have to pay the work expenses of a cook, server, and other eatery staff.

Thus, we have no different overheads to pay for, for example, eatery lease and high service bills. A further cost sparing is that we search for the elements of our home-cooked dinners ourselves and can pick those which are less expensive in cost. Furthermore, eating at home is vastly improved for our wellbeing and general prosperity than eating outside. At home, when cooking for ourselves, we can guarantee that what goes into our dinners is not terrible for us. We can control the measure of oil we utilize. We can control the measure of salt we utilize and we can adjust our eating regimen to suit our own individual needs. When we eat at an eatery, none of these things are conceivable.

At home, we can likewise cook simply enough nourishment to fulfill us. In an eatery, we are frequently given excessively or too little sustenance on our plate. At last, eating at home is substantially more agreeable than eating or lunch in an open place. At home, we can be more casual than in an eatery. We can wear agreeable, easygoing garments; even nightwear. We can sit in an agreeable position on our most loved seat, on the couch or on the floor. In the event that we wish, we can sit in front of the TV or a video, or tune into a radio program. None of these should be possible at an eatery. Besides, at home, we don’t need to stress over aggravating different cafes and can talk and snicker as boisterously as we need without dread of irritating individuals sitting close-by us.These are the place where tourist can enjoy their food and can collect the best experience of food.so whenever tourist come to Nepal, food lover must visit this place to get the satisfaction of food.

25 Best Places to Eat Food in Kathmandu for Tourist

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