25 Best Places to Eat Food in Kathmandu, Nepal for Tourists


Places to Eat Food in Kathmandu, Nepal: – Kathmandu is most popular with tourist and travelers. There are many restaurants catering to western taste bud for foreigners. But visitors looking for traditional Nepalese fare will not be disappointed with dishes like gacok, typical Nepali food like daal bhaat achar momos, and Nepali curries.

We think Kathmandu is one of the best places for the food lovers to eat different varieties of food. Some of the well-known restaurants are given below which are most popular in Kathmandu city.

25 Best Places to Eat Food in Kathmandu, Nepal for Tourists

1. Bhojan Griha


One of the most popular restaurants in Kathmandu is bhojan griha which has a great history of 250 years.

It is made by the design of the four-story building and can host more than 250 people at once nowadays.it is Located in Dilli Bazar. The restaurant serves traditional Nepali food in a charming and clean environment likely to Rana palaces all over Kathmandu district. While sitting in a traditional manner on the colorful cotton cushions and savoring Nepali delicacies served in traditional brassware, guests can enjoy regular cultural shows.

Bhojan Griha - Places to eat in kathmandu Nepal

These showcase traditional Nepali folk music and dance from the different regions, providing visitors a chance to truly immerse themselves in Nepali culture. Bhojan Griha has a Kamasutra bar, which can provide more entertainment to the tourist and appropriately decorated with traditional erotic wood carvings, can be seen on the walls of temples all around Nepalese feature conventional Nepali people music and move from the distinctive areas, giving guests an opportunity to genuinely inundate themselves in Nepali culture. Bhojan Griha has a Kamasutra bar, which can give greater excitement to the traveler and fittingly beautified with conventional sensual wood carvings, can be seen on the dividers of sanctuaries all around Nepal.


2. Yangling Tibetan restaurant


From the research, It has been known that Yangling Tibetan restaurant is the best momos service restaurant in Kathmandu.Momo is most popular food in the context of Kathmandu. Along with momos, there are different kinds of traditional Nepalese dumplings, stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables and served steamed or fried, this small family-run restaurant and also have features some other traditional dishes and food. Moreover, there include hefty thukpa, a traditional Nepali hot noodle soup, with pieces of meat and vegetables, and a tasty and rich Tibetan butter tea. Momo chowmein thukpa and other Tibetan food are easily available in this place.

3. Utse Restaurant

Utse Restaurant has opened over 30 years prior to the bustling Thamel region. This eatery has demonstrated the best Tibetan and Nepali combination food for quite a while. You can have the best t Gyakok in Kathmandu at Use. Gyakok is fundamentally a conventional stew which is exceptionally basic in Tibet incorporates meats, veggies, mushrooms, eggs and different fixings according to the client. It’s served in a pot with the steady warmth underneath by charcoal which is otherwise called hot pot dinner. You can have super zesty Tibetan momos loaded down with vegetable or meat, Nepali Thali, noodles, assortments of soups and numerous more Tibetan and Nepali sustenances at the Use Resturant at moderate cost.

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It has expanded into an accompanying 52-room hotel and increase its branch. A group of experienced and faithful chefs has run the kitchen with full of cooperation and mutual help since the restaurant’s opening, cooking up delicacies like Utse’s specialty gacok, a hot pot-style dish made from a mix of meat, vegetables, mushrooms and noodles kept piping hot by lit charcoal. The Nepalese delicacy momos, dumplings stuffed with meat or vegetables and a mix of spices, are also popular with visitors, washed down with the Tibetan drink tongba, a hot millet-based alcoholic drink.tourist was love to came to drink Nepalese pure kodo alcohol.The restaurant specializes in traditional Tibetan cuisine and is one of the rare places to try a hefty gacok, a traditional Tibetan stew for two made from a mix of meat, vegetables, mushrooms, and noodles, and steamed for several hours in a charcoal-heated hot pot.

4. Kaiser Café


Kaiser Café is one of the most peaceful and relaxing dining experiences ever in Kathmandu, and it is needed getaway from the busy shopping streets of the Thamel district. It is Located on the premises of the lush Garden of Dreams, and practically opposite the Fire And Ice pizzeria, this restaurant mostly serve a tasty mix of international dishes. it includes such culinary delights as Wienerschnitzel and Viennese coffee. The light and serene atmosphere surrounding the neo-classical garden, becomes quieter during the week, at weekends the Garden of becoming a favorite haunt of young Nepalese couples. Mostly tourist like to visit that place who love to teste varieties of food.

5. OR2K

This restaurant, OR2K is very lively and artistic restaurant. It is found in the heart of the tourist area Thamel district. This restaurant serves only vegetarian and vegan dishes, with a particular focus on Middle Eastern Cuisine. With intimate candlelight dinner and UV lighting during the evenings, walls covered in large, colorful paintings, and the seating arranged on the floor cushions alongside the low tea tables, this restaurant offers their guests an easy-going and cozy atmosphere. The restaurant has a small rooftop terrace. The terrace is a perfect spot for sipping cocktails or trying some of the highlights of the menu, including hummus and the OR2K specialty platter. All kinds of vegetarian item like mushroom soup, veg curry, typical Nepalese food like daal bhat achar etc are easily available in this place.



Fusion vegetarian cuisine. You can get comfortable and funky environment at OR2K. in OR2K you can have Indian, Mediterranean, European, Asian, Vegetarian-Friendly, Middle Eastern, Nepali, Israeli and many more dishes as you like. If you are a vegetarian, then you’ll not find any better place to have some extra delicious food than in OR2K in Kathmandu. Clean, hygienic and very friendly service is the key to the progress of this restaurant. Falafel, vegan burger, and lemonade, vegetable combination, cauliflower pie, zucchini pie are some of the main attraction of OR2K. You can go there with your friends on Special occasions, Family or children, Large groups or on a romantic date. You’ll not be disappointed.

Combination veggie lover food. You can get settled and crazy condition at OR2K. in OR2K you can have Indian, Mediterranean, European, Asian, Vegetarian-Friendly, Middle Eastern, Nepali, Israeli and numerous more dishes as you like. On the off chance that you are a veggie lover, at that point, you’ll not find any better place to have some additional tasty nourishment than in OR2K in Kathmandu. The spotless, sterile and benevolent administration is the way to the advance of this eatery. Falafel, veggie lover burger, and lemonade, vegetable blend, cauliflower pie, zucchini pie are a portion of the primary fascination of OR2K. You can run there with your companions on Special events, Family or youngsters, Large gatherings or on a sentimental date. You’ll not be baffled.

6. Saigon Pho

Saigon pho restaurant is the Winner of TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence in 2014, this restaurant is the only Vietnamese restaurant in Kathmandu. It is Located across from the Shangri La hotel, the restaurant serves a variety of traditional Vietnamese and South Asian dishes. This authentic Vietnamese-run place in Lazimpat is bursting with the flavors of cilantro, lemongrass and fish sauce. The light and tasty dishes include shrimp rice wraps, spring rolls, green papaya salad, pho noodles and ca Kho (fish stew with ginger and onion). Grab a seat in the house’s upper balcony.

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These include a hearty pho, a Vietnamese noodle soup made from broth, rice noodles, herbs and meat, fresh green papaya salad, and a variety of Vietnamese recipes, including lemongrass pork and juicy prawns. The restaurant is decorated in a traditional Vietnamese style and artistic art and craft of dark wooden floors and bamboo mats is spread over two floors, and has a lovely open-air terrace, offering a view of the residential Lazimpat area of Kathmandu.

7. Krishnarpan Restaurant


Krishnarpan restaurant is one of the best Newari restaurants of Kathmandu which is suitable for the tourist.One of the best places for Nepali food is the Krishnarpan Restaurant at Dwarika’s Hotel, east of the center near the Ring Rd. The atmosphere is superb and the food gets consistent praise from diners. Bookings are advisable. It is Situated in the charming grounds of Dwarika’s heritage hotel, the Krishnarpan Restaurant features traditional market of Nepali cuisine in a warm and welcoming Newari atmosphere.

It uses only the fresh and organic produce from its own local farm, the restaurant heartily promotes the concept of slow dining, with traditional meals. The Newari-inspired architecture art and craft and interior décor, for which the hotel recently won the PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association) Heritage Award, creates an exceptionally authentic atmosphere. This is further enhanced to attract tourist. If tourist are coming on Friday, arrive in time for the 18:00 dance show in the hotel courtyard

8. Road House Cafe

Road House Cafe is also one of the most popular restaurants opening in 1992 the popular spot at Thamel has expanded to branches in Pulchowk(2002) and Bhatbhateni (2006). With prime locations spread across the city, all our restaurants are easy to find and at great spots. After a tiresome day of shopping in Thamel the Road House near Kathmandu.


the roadhouse cafe

The Roadhouse Cafe is Located just down the street from the Kathmandu Guest House on JP School, it has a relaxed atmosphere. Serving Italian Illy Coffee and fresh Woodoven Pizza with olive oil and hot chilies on the side it has the best pizza in Nepal. It has to serve kinds of pasta and fresh bruschetta as well as delicious desserts. A quiet courtyard in the back of the restaurant gives a relaxing escape from the chaos of Kathmandu. The Roadhouse Cafe is definitely topped on our list of places to eat in Kathmandu for tourist.

9. Fire and Ice

fire and ice

Arranged on an extravagance shopping road, the Fire and Ice Pizzeria offers the best of customary Italian cooking. Opened in 1995, the pizzeria has turned into a feasting staple in Kathmandu, particularly for the little ostracize group and well-off Nepali families. The pizzeria prides itself on offering a decent blend of genuine, yet foreign fixings and the best of neighborhood create. These are regularly used to make conventional Italian flavors, similar to home-made mozzarella cheddar. The menu highlights an assortment of conventional Italian dishes, including pasta and risotto, yet leave space for the smooth and delectable gelato.

Other great alternatives are the newly prepared pizzas with shifted fixings.On the off chance that you need a delightful and delicious momo in speedy time, at that point Dharahara Momo is outstanding amongst other spots you ought to go. Close Dharahara, the shop is serving regular momos with great cleanliness. You have to pay and after that, you’ll get the coupon of the predefined momo and after that demonstrate the coupon in the kitchen, at that point appreciate the most delectable momos. They serve momos in Tapari with pickle and toothpick. Veggie lover, buff, and chicken momos are the menus of the eatery. In the event that you are a momo darling then this place is the one you shouldn’t pass up a major opportunity.

10. Le Sherpa


Named after the ethnic gathering in eastern Nepal who are very respected for their climbing and mountaineering abilities, Le Sherpa presumably offers a standout amongst other fine-eating in Kathmandu. Arranged close to the Japanese international safe haven, the eatery highlights contemporary European cooking in an extravagant yet basic setting. The eating zone stretches out to a flawless outside yard, encompassed by delightful greenery, accessible both summer and winter when the open air radiators and chimney keep the visitors warm. Among the forte dishes is delectable Sherpa soup, produced using beans, radish, potato, and hamburger, and braised rabbit tortellini with withered rocket went with a glass of a red or white wine from the huge wine basement.


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