26 Best Places to Eat Food in Kathmandu Nepal for High Class Family

Best Places to Eat Food in Kathmandu Nepal for High-Class Family / Where to eat food in Kathmandu?Something consumed to provide support for an organism to do work is food. It contains essential nutrients, such as carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, or minerals which is usually of plant or animal origin. You literally need to be fully conscious of the food you eat. Additionally, you must take care where you eat since it determines which class family you belong to. Isn’t it? If you know where to eat, right from home you will feel more comfortable to go and eat in that respective place. Isn’t it? If you too feel so then this guide is specifically prepared for you.

Kathmandu is a place where different categories of people live. So, for this purpose, there are numerous kinds of hotels, restaurants, cafe etc. for people living here. It must be a tough job to find the best matching place for you if you belong to a High-Class family. Here, you can find some suggestions that will definitely make easier for you to make the best choice.

Here are the names of 26 best places where you can eat food in Kathmandu, Nepal for high-class family, given below:

26 Best Places to Eat Food in Kathmandu, Nepal for High-Class Family

1. Dwarika’s Hotel

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Dwarika’s is located in Battisputali road, Kathmandu, Nepal. It sits on a busy road but, once you enter the doors, you’d not know that you are in such a busy area. This is the best place for lunch, dinner, breakfast, special sauce with ketchup and anything available here. Once you are inside you feel like heaven itself lies at the heart of such a busy city. You can hear the bird’s innocent voice, there is a lovely, cute dog walking around and beautiful seating areas everywhere. There is indoor seating as well as outdoor seating available.

Contact No.+97714479488

2.The Old House

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The Old House is located in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal.The very nice facility, with outside as well as inside seating areas. It is Modern, Comfortable outdoor bar area. Inside it is much like an old house. Staffs are very friendly and we can find a full selection of the menu and drinks. With lots of greenery, the setting is very clean and calm. Tucked away behind other buildings it is a cool place nicely designed and literally a charming old house with outdoor and indoor seating options with a lovely garden. The staffs are very good, friendly, capable and attentive.

Contact No. +97714250931

3.The Chimney Restaurant

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The Chimney Restaurant is located in Lal Durbar, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal.There is a perfect combination of great food and great atmosphere. Probably, this is the oldest restaurant in Nepal. It also serves Russian cuisine. Soup is a thing everyone must try, especially Boris. The Chimney restaurant offers a wide range of Russian as well as continental cuisines. prices are reasonable, not too expensive and not cheap either.

Contact No. +97714248999

4.Krishnarpan restaurant

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Krishnarpan is located in Pashupatinath, Kathmandu, Nepal. Here, dining experience should not be missed. Most of the people usually go for the traditional six-course dinner. But you also can go to an amazing 21 courses. You can get a personal menu and the taste of Nepal starts coming in rounds. You are greeted from starting at the entrance and start with washing your hands. Since Kathmandu is a city with muds and dust all around starting with washing hands is literally beneficial. It is always full so Do Book.

Contact No. +97714470770

5. Le Sherpa

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Le Sherpa is located in Maharajgunj, next to president house, Kathmandu, Nepal.The staff is friendly and the restaurant is always clean and welcoming! It’s an amazing restaurant in Kathmandu.There is a Beautiful tablecloth for outdoor dining as well as a beautiful indoor area with good music and prices not bad. Special dessert also available with mouthwatering taste. A place to be visited to have food.

Contact No. +9774428604

6. Mulchowk restaurant

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Mulchowk restaurant is located in Babarmahal, Kathmandu, Nepal. This place is very appealing place visually. The restaurant has a very nice atmosphere, halfway western pub, and Nepali restaurant. The food here is simply awesome. Staffs are very attentive. Very warm hospitality with the very nice interior as well. Once you reach this place you will find yourself in a lush of green trees. The courtyard is usually a happening and the best place for events. A place to give a try if you feel confused about above-written things.

Contact No. +97714259801

7. Ghar-e-kebab

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Ghar-e-kebab is situated at Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal. This restaurant is centrally located, one of the oldest fine dining restaurants in Kathmandu. The food is delicious, amazing service and attentive and they will surely help to craft a memorable memory. It serves excellent north Indian food in a refined environment with excellent service. A place for all age group people. Must try with a family.

Contact No. +97714221711

8. Kakori

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Kakori is located in Hotel Crown Plaza Soaltee, Kathmandu, Nepal. The quality of food is authentic. This is a wonderful restaurant with fantastic food and very attentive service. It is one of the best restaurants which serve Indian cuisine. High cleanliness and excellent service.Both veg and non-veg food are served here in good taste and reasonable price.

Contact No.+97714273999

9. Florida garden restaurant

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Florida Garden Restaurant is located at z street Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. We serve Nepali, Indian, Asian, Chinese and Italian cuisine. Here, they provide breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The food here is amazing with delicious taste. It’s an example of friendly service and best atmosphere. Enjoyment added with reasonable price. Lot’s of the pot with lots of lovely flowers and trees which light them. Clean place with a lovely garden and friendly staff. Everything prepared perfectly. Really nice and a quiet place with very fast Wifi connection everyone must visit.

Contact No. +97714701233

10. The Jardin restaurant

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The Jardin restaurant is located in Section Colony-6, Bouddha, Kathmandu, Nepal. It’s a perfect place with the finest environment which makes your food fresh. Everything prepared perfectly, staffs trained at their best and best service around this very place. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner served in fully satisfying manner. It’s a place must be visited once since explaining the place is never enough unless you feel and find yourself how great the place is.

Contact No. 9774479649