6 Best Places to Eat in Patan / Lalitpur (Kathmandu Valley, Nepal)

Get here some information where to eat in Patan, Nepal. We are here with 6 best restaurant to eat in Patan or Lalitpur, Nepal. Have read Patan Restaurant. Read the best 6 places to eat in Lalitpur or Patan, Nepal. My dear friends, this is our list. It may be difference from you.


6 Best Places to Eat in Patan (Kathmandu Nepal)

Once a sovereign and self governing and independent state, and ruled by the most fearsome of leaders, Patan is the third largest city in Nepal after Pokhara separated from Kathmandu only by the murky Bagmati River. It is best known for its rich cultural heritage and traditional architecture. It is known as the city of festival, fine ancient art, and metallic and stone carving statues. Besides the cultural diversity and captivating Newari architecture, Patan is also a place for adventurous foodies and family dinners, featuring traditional newari foods as well as authentic international cuisines.

1 Roadhouse cafe for Italian


is one of the famous places to eat in Patan, Nepal. The Roadhouse cafe is a must for all Italian food lovers but what it is most known for is their pizza. Located in Pulchowk, opposite of St. Mary’s parking, this place is also very different from their other branches like mezze located in Durbar Marg. The place presents a very unique design and architecture as well as very good service. Although the price may seem a bit too much for a few items on the menu, the price for their pizzas are well worth it.

2 Le Trio for French/multicuisine

is one of the famous places to eat in Patan, Nepal. Le Trio is located in Pulchowk behind Sing Ma food court. It is a multi cuisine restaurant that is famous for it’s Khol momo. This multi cuisine restaurant has a cozy indoor area with a separate spaces for smokers and nonsmokers. Other things besides the khol momo that are known as a trio delight are Crispy Potatoes, Buffalo Wings, and the palatable desserts.

3 Red Dingo for Australian

Red Dingo is one of the top places to eat in Patan, Nepal. Australian cuisine refers to the cuisine of Australia and its indigenous and colonial societies. Red Dingo is located in Jawalakhel and with if you are looking for authentic australian food as well as being nice and comfortable, it is the right place for you. The place presents a native environment with patches of reds and oranges along with aboriginal symbols inscribed all over the place. Some of their key dishes to try from the menu are their stuffed chicken breast, meat pie, veg cannelloni and their special smoothie and Australian carrot cake.

4 Cafe Amu for multi cuisine

Cafe Amu is another one of the best places to eat in Patan, Nepal. Located in Krishna galli Cafe Amu presents itself as a music and art friendly place. The cafe may be relatively small but is very alive. The whole cafe is filled with paintings and musical instruments that keep you transfixed on them while you wait for your food. The place radiates a very cozy and warm ambience, and also has very delicious food. Some of their foods worth trying are their cheese balls, chicken momo, pasta and cream sauce. It also has a bookshelf with a ton of interesting books.

5 Aalishan for Indian

Aalishan is one of the best places to eat in Patan, Nepal. Aalishan is the first cafeteria in patan area to sell a Mughal cuisine. Located near the Jawalakhel round about it is renowned for delicious indian foods. The environment this place presents itself with is evidence of it’s authenticity of  indian and Mughlai food. The main dishes to try at this place are their biryani and kebab. You can also find oriental and Chinese food there.

6  Cafe Cheeno for Continental/ French

Cafe Cheeno also located in Krishna Galli, only a few blocks away from cafe Amu is a wonderful place to kick back and relax. It is a very peace and quiet place with an artistic layout. The interiors are covered with beautiful ethnic thangka paintings and portraits. It is most famous for its lamb chop, pork chop, grilled chicken and salmon set.

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