Top 5 Best Places to Eat in Kathmandu, Nepal


We all know that Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal where the lights of life are colorful. The headquarters of all the districts have many more services to welcome their guest. The person who comes either from the country any place or from the foreign, the Kathmandu valley is always welcoming their guest with their moderate climate. The Kathmandu is also one of the valleys of tourism sector as it includes many more historical and modern values and places. Mostly national people visit the Kathmandu because of their official works and other too. Especially the foreigners visit here. Anyways Kathmandu valley is one of the great and heart of the Nepal which describes the Nepal and Nepalese.

So the tourist or the comers of the Kathmandu valley may face many problems of having the eating places while landing here. The person mostly seeks the hotel or the café to get the good food in the low and budgeting capital. If you want to spend some days or some month in the Kathmandu then it will be your right choice and decisions to spend your money here. Let’s see the following name and the values of the hotels and the café to spend time and money that will be better:

5 Best Places to Eat in Kathmandu, Nepal

1. Fire and ice :

It will be one your best choice to stay and spend your money which is situated on a luxury shopping street. This Fire and Ice pizzeria offer the best of traditional Italian cuisine that will make you fall in love with that item. This fire and ice café have been opened in 1995 with the great thinking of welcoming and serving the customers well. This restaurant often used to provide the facilities of the internet and pure drinking water. These are often used to create traditional Italian flavors, like home-made mozzarella cheese.

Fire and ice - Places to eat in kathmandu Nepal

Fire and ice Restaurant in Kathmandu Nepal

The menu included the varieties of dishes which will raise your interest to taste once. Because the menu features a variety of traditional Italian dishes, including pasta and risotto. And other sweet items like the creamy and chocolaty ice cream ,creamy and delicious gelato. If you are not familiar with the menu varieties then other good options are the freshly baked pizzas with varied toppings.

ThIS PIZZERIA IS FAMOUS FOR SERVING THE LOCAL PEOPLE BUT NOT AVOIDING THE FOREIGNER AND THE EXTERNAL GUESTS. Pizzeria has become a dining staple in Kathmandu, especially for the small expatriate community and well-off Nepali families and foreigners too.

2. Bhojan Griha

The hotels pride itself on offering a good mix of authentic, yet imported ingredients and the best of local produce making it in their own way and providing the artificial taste. This Bhojan Griha was established more than 150 years ago which is located in Dilli Bazar, the restaurant serves traditional Nepali food in charming surroundings, similar to Rana palaces all over Kathmandu. This bhojan griha includes the facilities of dining 100 to 250 person at a time.

Bhojan Griha - Places to eat in kathmandu Nepal

This Bhojan Griha also shows the cultural effect of the country and it represents the cultural identity of Nepal. As we know that lots of the people are busiest in the present of life. They can’t have time to have dinner with their family. So this Bhojan Griha will be also your right choice for selection. The members of peoples who make the hotels as the family having the dinner of 200 people at a time will increase your encourage to eat something more with the same step of nearer people. The spendings of time in it will make your memory unforgettable. It has been built as a residence for a royal priest more than 150 years ago, the impressive four-story building of Bhojan Griha can nowadays host more than 250 people at once.

When the person sits in the traditional manner it will increase the feeling of their country ‘s culture and traditions’ value. These showcase traditional Nepali folk music and dance from the different regions, providing visitors a chance to truly immerse themselves in Nepali culture. This Bhojan Griha also has a Kamasutra bar, appropriately decorated with traditional erotic wood carvings, commonly seen on the walls of temples all around Nepal.

3. Yangling Tibetan restaurant

Nepal is poor but the Nepalese are not poor and behind in tasting the foods and the dishes which comes in a new taste. This restaurant is quite good which serves the customer according to their choice and demand. Actually, this customer is famous for the MOMO. MOMO is one of the salty taste breakfast items which is famous Nepalese for the Nepalese taste. As there are different types of MOMO , that can be of vegetarian and nonvegetarian anything.

Yangling Tibetan restaurant - Places to eat in kathmandu Nepal

Yangling Tibetan restaurant

This restaurant also serves the dishes of MOMO, traditional Nepalese dumplings, stuffed with meat, cheese or vegetables and served steamed or fried, this small and unpretentious family-run restaurant also features some other traditional dishes. Along with other items include hefty Thukpa, a traditional Nepali hot noodle soup, with pieces of meat and vegetables, and a tasty and rich Tibetan butter tea.

If you want to contact then go through it, Saat Ghumtu Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal,
+977 1 4701 225

4. Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop

Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop features an exciting mix of European and Asian cuisine, using only organic produce from the local farms. It has a lovely open courtyard seating area, perfect for a coffee break or a glass of wine from national and international collection .many tastes of many items are waiting for their customers, with dishes such as the adventurous Mexican breakfast, the fresh and simple Italian bruschetta, spicy Thai curry and traditional Nepali thali etc.

Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop - Places to eat in kathmandu Nepal

Rosemary Kitchen and Coffee Shop

If you want to spend your time here then go through it, Thamel Marg, Kathmandu 44600, Nepal, +977 1 4267 554

5. OR2K

OR2K offers its guests an easy-going and cozy atmosphere that can the guest entertain and relax. The restaurant has a small rooftop terrace bit inside it has great decorations of candles and UV lighting during the evenings, walls covered in large, colorful paintings, and the seating arranged on the floor cushions . The terrace is a perfect spot for sipping cocktails or trying some of the highlights of the menu, including hummus and the OR2K specialty platter.

OR2K - Places to eat in kathmandu Nepal

OR2K in Kathmandu Nepal

The restaurant of everyone which is welcoming everyone national and international tourist as it is opened in the tourist area that the Thamel the most visited place of tourist is Thamel as the colorful lights of Thamel attaches the man and money in the Thamel hotels and Disco. The restaurant serves only vegetarian and vegan dishes, with a particular focus on Middle Eastern cuisine that saves your money and forbids from the useless expenditures. It is located in Mandala Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal, +977 1 4422 097

Writer: Dipak Kumar Sah