1. Old house Private limited

This is one of the perfect and soothing spots to celebrate a birthday. It is located in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Nepal. It opens from 9 Am to 11 pm and everything is so pleasant here surrounded by a beautiful garden area of this restaurant which attracts many people.

It is so relaxing away from the dust and noises of Kathmandu. Moreover, the staffs here are hard working gentle and friendly. Service is fast here with an excellent menu. For hosting a birthday event old house is perfect from ambiance to food everything is perfect here likewise there is an attached bar where one can enjoy good party vibes.

Old house Private limited Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal

Old house Private limited Restaurant

The food menu has many special things to offer which satisfy every birthday comers. Also, the old house has a lot of space with creative decorations which play a good role in attraction. This restaurant is also well known for special lamb around the city likewise both indoor and outdoor sections are attractive. Everything here is well managed and placed perfectly.

The overall old house is a flawless and ultimate restaurant and it is one of the supreme restaurants to host birthday events.

  1. Sarangi vegetarian restaurant

Sarangi is located in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is next to Kathmandu guest house near to the main street. The restaurant is quiet and relaxes with a lot of space from downstairs to the top floor. Sarangi has an extra cozy atmosphere with a fresh environment.

Birthday party away from home usually works better for children and sarangi is the best spot for it. Though it’s a vegetarian restaurant only vegan customers can enjoy more it’s for all type of people. Anyway, sarangi itself is beautiful and is in the center of Thamel so one can enjoy the beautiful and nightlife environment all around there.

Sarangi vegetarian restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal

Sarangi vegetarian restaurant

Likewise, sarangi provides satisfying service to every client supported by delicious dishes. You will feel a different kind of energy and positive vibes while entering into sarangi. It has also a lot of space for big birthday events and has a capacity of managing more than 100 people.

This restaurant is so clean and fresh that every people like to visit here again and again. You will get unexpectedly entertained by staffs and managers of this restaurant. Overall it’s a peaceful amusing and satisfying restaurant and the perfect place to host the birthday event.

  1. La Casita de Boudhanath

This restaurant is located in Boudhanath Kathmandu Nepal. Due to its well-known location, this restaurant is slowly creating a big amount of profit in their business. Likewise, la casita de is a Spanish name given by the manager of this restaurant. From food to ambiance everything is perfect.

Likewise, location is just amazing it is just beside of the Boudhanath. Because of its location near to Boudhanath, it is so peaceful and pleasant there. Every staff of this restaurant is quite friendly with a very good attitude and they serve all the customers as their family which gives a homey feeling.

La Casita de Boudhanath

La Casita de Boudhanath

From interior to exterior everything is just outstanding. Likewise, people get astonishing vibes and satisfying atmosphere while entering in la casita de. Moreover, La Casita de has lots of space for birthday events actually it is a place made to celebrate a birthday.

You will get breathtaking welcomed on your birthday by the owner and staffs of this restaurant which can be your memorable moments. Generally, this restaurant is a magnificent, masterful, flawless and excellent place to celebrate a birthday.

  1. Places restaurant and bar

It’s a vegetarian restaurant located in Saat Ghumti Marg, Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal. It’s a neat and clean place to celebrate a birthday. The atmosphere is so cozy here and everything is fantastic and placed carefully.

This restaurant is well known for serving unique dishes like pumpkin Momo, spicy chilly and popcorn. Likewise, the place has lots of capacity for a birthday with excellent service from the staffs. Food is incredible here it tastes so delicious with low price and also maintains the awful type of birthday parties which is adventurous and enjoyable.

Places restaurant and bar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Places restaurant and bar

They can arrange live music with some exciting surprise on birthday events likewise they provide and maintain an awful type of birthday parties which is adventurous and enjoyable. They can arrange live music with some exciting surprise going through like that.

You can even meet with celebrities on your birthday if you are lucky, to get them there on your birthday. Also, places serve vegan pancakes which is unique cheap and one of the lightest dish of the restaurant.

Also, you can get the mouth-watering desserts, at last, it’s so nice to celebrate birthday down in warm and quite restaurant away from the busy and noisy streets. In conclusion, Places is such a relaxing, calm and peaceful spot to enjoy grand birthday parties supported by a variety of dishes.

  1. Wellness organic restaurant

Wellness organic restaurant is located in 5th floor of the metro park, Kathmandu, Nepal. If you are willing to celebrate your birthday like a king then wellness welcomes you.

Wellness is well known for its outstanding service and management with satisfying entertainment and live performance of cultural and traditional music. Wellness has proved its name and gained outstanding and gained outstanding fame.

If you are the classic and cultural type of person then wellness becomes a heaven for you. You can invite your friends and family freely and make your birthday memorable and unforgettable for years. Wellness will conserve and support your plan for birthday events smoothly and peacefully by adding some advanced options in people’s choices so they get surprised.

This restaurant is for all vegan and non-vegan people. Organic grilled ostrich is the main dish of this restaurant which contains a high content of omega 3. These types of unique dishes make birthday go very well. Overall wellness is an excellent and worthy restaurant for birthday ceremonies.

  1. Forest and plate

This restaurant is located in mandala street, Thamel Kathmandu. This restaurant is heart winning and excellence. Everything is well maintained here with deserving food and service. For birthday celebration forest and plate will be a perfect choice.

Due to its uniqueness and awful service people are more likely to come here. While hosting birthday events every time the forest gets awesome and positive feedback. This restaurant is supposed to be one of the best inside Kathmandu valley.

Forest and plate, kathmandu, Nepal

Forest and plate

Every staff here are Nepalese having good knowledge of English and greetings likewise this restaurant is well known for serving unique and fresh salads and cheese serving unique and fresh salads and cheese balls.

While celebrating in this restaurant you will feel like you are at the home with your family and friends if anything goes wrong or awkward then staff makes you feel everything familiar and good. On your birthday you will find little heaven away from the hustle and bustle of the main street and that is Forest plate.

  1. Kathmandu steak house restaurant.

This restaurant is located in Chaksibarg marg, Thamel Kathmandu Nepal. It is the best spot for enjoying and partying also perfect for hosting birthday events.

Location of this restaurant is also in a worthy place. You can find a restful atmosphere with a pleasant and peaceful environment. This restaurant is well known for the dishes like pork chop and steaks probably not vegetarian. Moreover, the food is clean and delicious here.

Kathmandu steak house restaurant, Nepal

Kathmandu steak house restaurant

This restaurant is highly recommended by local people of Kathmandu which is the sign of its popularity. Also, birthday is birth anniversary of a person and it comes once a year so, to make this day memorable this restaurant and their staffs have always played a great role.

So every customer can get satisfied with it. This is the place that won’t disappoint the people. Likewise, for celebrating a birthday, this place is extremely elegant and pleasant even the location is convenient to have. Overall Kathmandu steak house is an optimal, ideal enjoyable restaurant around the Kathmandu valley.

  1. Cafe Mitra restaurant and bar

Café Mitra restaurant and bar is a great spot for a birthday celebration. It is located in Thamel Marg, Kathmandu Nepal. Well, this restaurant can make every moment memorable while spending time there. If we are willing to celebrate the grand birthday party then cafe Mitra will always be there to help you.

Though the location is quite unfavorable for this restaurant you will be fully satisfied while leaving the party. Likewise, cafe Mitra is famous for special Thai chicken curry which is one of the best dishes in this restaurant. This restaurant is a calm oasis inside the chaotic city. It has well-managed space and wonderful decorations.

Also, the salmon and trout from Himalaya are the special and unique dishes of this restaurant also you can get a local taste here. Service is extremely good here every staff is here to enjoy their duty and they take their responsibility in a good manner.

Overall cafe Mitra has lovely partying and atmosphere, Good ambiance and special management for parties and has every quality of the genuine restaurant.

  1. Chez Caroline

Every birthday calls for unique and memorable celebrations and it comes once a year. For celebrating this awful event, nothing supports you more than chez Caroline restaurant and it is located in Babar Mahal Kathmandu, Nepal.

Birthdays are the perfect excuse to break your budget but you don’t need to worry about that because everything is cheap in this restaurant to compare to others. What makes this place so cool and special is that every customer and people in the party can get exactly what they want or like that.

chez Caroline, Restaurant Kathmandu Nepal

Chez Caroline

Likewise, there is a nice ambiance with an outside courtyard and good French menu selection. Chez Caroline is a very upmarket restaurant. Not only its food is the delicious but also beautiful environment and space are perfect for facilitating celebration. It provides a very honest and kind service with entertaining staffs and smiley manager.

Everyone is courteous and friendly here overall chez is a beautifully peaceful and extraordinary restaurant for celebrating birthday set in an astonishing courtyard.

  1. Revolution cafe and restaurant

Revolution is located in Amrit Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is a perfect place for a birthday brunch. This place is hit for dumplings and healthy food. If you’re carnivore then revolution matches your choice.

This is an awesome restaurant with modern sensibility everything here is advanced and well managed here. Likewise, the service of revolution cafe is superior with the high quality of maintenance and ambiance. Revolution is the fresh and green place to spend time there are varieties of plants and flowers which makes the atmosphere feel so natural.

Revolution cafe and restaurant, kathmandu, Nepal

Revolution cafe and restaurant

You can find lots of salad, Italian, Asian or vegetarian food on the menu. Moreover, revolution provides live music from well-known bands of Nepal. Revolution cafe is always there to lift your birthday and take it to the next level, therefore, it is perfect for today’s generation people and kids.

Every portion you find here is very generous and satisfying. In conclusion, the revolution makes your birthday go incredible and fantastic.

  1. Third eye restaurant

The third eye is located in JP road Thamel, Kathmandu. Everything is simple here and placed perfectly. The third eye is the impressive spot to plan for a birthday party. It is opened from 10 Am to 10 pm as usual.

Likewise, food and drinks are Awesome here with excellent ambiance and satisfying service. It’s an unbelievable and exciting place to throw awesome birthday treats to your friends and families. The staffs of this restaurant are humble and attentive while working.

Third eye restaurant, thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal

Third eye restaurant

The food here is so tasty and enjoyable likewise the third eye is centrally located in the middle of Thamel which very nice spot for celebrating birthday ceremonies also this restaurant has also got rooftop terrace where you can enjoy the beautiful nightlife of Thamel.

You will get warmly welcomed by staffs whenever you enter into the third eye. This restaurant is well known for its delicious curry with varieties of ingredients. If you are willing to enjoy your birthday freely and awfully then the third eye always welcomes you.

  1. Maharaja

This restaurant is unique as its name. Mahaja provides a satisfying and memorable moment during birthday events. It is located in Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal. Mahaja is a particularly smart spot to celebrate a birthday. Mahaja is best for vegans as you can get whatever you like.

It has a lot of menu selection with unique varieties of dishes. Everything is amazing here it’s a lovely place with lovely vibes inside. Likewise, food is delicious and mouthwatering mixed with spicy and perfect ingredients. Mahaja is famous for best veggie burgers and cheeseburgers.

Maharaja Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal

Maharaja Restaurant

Moreover, the service of Mahaja is excellent and accurate that no one can imagine. Every staff of maharaja is friendly and helpful with charm in their face. It has a lot of space which is comfortable for hosting birthday parties. Mahaja also provides live music on birthday parties as you can enjoy traditional and cultural music with your friends and families. In general, Mahaaja is an excellent and perfect restaurant for celebrating a birthday.

  1. Mezze by Roadhouse

Mezze by roadhouse is located in the mercantile plaza, Durbar Marg, Kathmandu Nepal. If you are ready to celebrate your birthday here then you are lucky. Mezze will help to celebrate everyone’s birthday that is willing to celebrate there.

This restaurant is so convenient for good service and excellent mannered staffs. Likewise, food is so tasty and flavorful in this restaurant every dish on the menu is so pleasurable and delightful. Mezze is famous for tasty Mexican pizza which attracts many customers also you will be fascinated by the restaurant if you are familiar with western dishes because most of the food available here are mostly western.

Mezze by Roadhouse, Kathmandu, Nepal

Mezze by Roadhouse

For a birthday celebration Mezze is perfect everything is satisfying here supported by very nice vibe and cosmopolitan feel. Likewise, Mezze provides awesome cocktails wine and beer which is very enjoyable during the birthday ceremony.

Moreover, Mezze has attentive and cool staffs also they arrange and manage your planned birthday party look more adventurous and comfortable. Overall Mezze is an amazing restaurant for celebrating a birthday

  1. Pilgrims 24 Restaurant and bar

Pilgrims is located in Kwabahal, Kathmandu Nepal. This restaurant is perfect for the people who celebrate their birthday wildly and has a party mood always.

Everything is satisfying here with a good low price. Actually, Thamel is a trap for low budget people. As you know, Thamel is the most crowdies and expensive place but you don’t need to worry about it because pilgrims will always be there to make you happy.

Pilgrims 24 Restaurant and bar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Pilgrims 24 Restaurant and bar, Kathmandu, Nepal

It is a modest and unique place to celebrate birthday likewise pilgrims provides best delightful foods at a very low price. Most of the restaurants are overpriced in local terms but relatively cheap for westerns and local people.

Pilgrims is hit for cheese momos and special curry which is so tasty that you will be addicted to it. Moreover, staffs here are so cool they always work on chill mood and good knowledge of everything. Also, space is enough for hosting a birthday ceremony likewise you can plan your birthday with the professional owner of pilgrims and he will guide you through best and memorable birthday events.

  1. Utse Restaurant

This restaurant has a good ambiance with satisfying service and is located in Thamel Jyatha, Kathmandu, Nepal. the atmosphere is so cozy here it is well known for Tibetan dishes. According to its location, Utse has influence and attracted many people from all over the valley likewise service here is surprising and unbelievable.

Every staff of Utse are very attentive and competent supported by great ambiance which makes everyone feel comfortable. Service is good and efficient here moreover owners are very helpful and kind they are ever smiling aged couple and always be there to help staffs for serving food. Likewise, food is so unique here with Tibetan taste.

Utse Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal

Utse Restaurant

For a birthday celebration, you don’t need to worry about food and drinks they provide plentiful of a delicious meal at a very reasonable price also there is an awful balance between quantity and quality of food here. Use has nice decoration and lots of advance management which is very suitable for a birthday celebration.

Moreover, Utse has its own cookbook which and means a lot for them to make their own taste and serve to customers. Overall Utse is an excellent restaurant and one can enjoy their birthday ceremony there as their choice.

  1. Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is located in Durbar Marg, Kathmandu, Nepal. It is in the heart of Kathmandu at a decent area of the king’s way. Everything is perfect and well managed here.

For celebrating birthday events this restaurant is outstanding also food here is so tasty and has lots of vegetarian option supported by tasty paneer Pizza. It is an international restaurant and well known over the country.

Pizza Hut is famous for serving varieties of American pizzas which is fresh and clean and has a good menu of drinks. Likewise, everyone birthday here ends with awesome mouth-watering desserts like a hot cookie, ice cream, and special brownie.

Pizza Hut, Kathmandu, Nepal

Pizza Hut

Everything is tasty and freshly made here moreover service is extremely nice and efficient. Every employee of this restaurant is good in behavior also the seating arrangements are pretty and nicely done all over the restaurant.

Likewise, the ambiance here is outstanding and for celebrating a birthday this restaurant is fully satisfying, quite spacious and modern with awesome interior decorations. Overall pizza hut is quite a good spot to enjoying birthday ceremony.

  1. Western Tandoori

Western tandoori is located in Amrit Marg Kathmandu, Nepal. It has unique quality like its name western tandoori is one of the most astonishing and peaceful restaurants of Kathmandu. For the birthday celebration, western tandoori will be a great choice for people.

From food to service everything here is incredible with very low price. This restaurant is mainly known for its spicy and mouth-watering dishes like chilly chicken, Paneer masala with varieties of delicious Naan.

Also, the service here is outstanding supported by charming and sweet staffs also never hesitate to serve every customer in the restaurant likewise this restaurant has big space and clean environment.

Moreover, there is some extra decorations both in interior and Exterior and has parking space too. Overall western tandoori is a causal place supported by local vibes. It is relatively cheap here because of which customers appreciate the value of money.

  1. Gilingche

Gilingche is located in Thamel Kathmandu Nepal which is beside the kubyera mahal. This Restaurant has a very cozy and peaceful atmosphere supported by awful decoration.

Gilingche provides outstanding and satisfying service with attentive cool staffs that make every customer’s day go beautiful. For celebrating birthday Gilingche is perfect having all kind of options. Likewise, food is awesome here with a wide range of menu selection also it provides delicious Nepali and Tibetan Dishes.

This restaurant is well known for Momo and its varieties they provide mouth-watering dishes with very low price. Also, it is easier to maintain and host birthday events here because the owner never hesitates to help the customer as their choice.

To make someone’s birthday special and memorable Gilingche plays an awesome role in it. Moreover, this restaurant has a peaceful environment and cozy vibes which makes people feel awesome while celebrating their birthday. Overall Gilingche is an excellent clean and incredible restaurant for celebrating grand birthday parties.

  1. Mitho Restaurant

Mitho is an awesome restaurant located in JP road Thamel, Kathmandu. It is a casual place for celebrating a birthday. This is an incredible restaurant having all kind of satisfying service.

Likewise, Mitho never steps back to refuel you after stress and busy days. It is so relaxing and peaceful atmosphere here. One can find beautiful interior decoration and properly placed pieces of stuff all around the restaurant.

Mitho Restaurant, Kathmandu, Nepal

Mitho Restaurant

Mitho is a magical restaurant, whenever clients enter here they always leave smiling, also the food available here is delicious and unforgettable which satisfy your Taste buds. Moreover, Mitho has fantastic service from staff to owner everyone is helpful and friendly with a smile on their face while working.

It feels safe, clean, hospitable and welcoming to celebrate a birthday here. Mitho is away from hustle and bustle of traffic and city with a comfortable atmosphere. This restaurant has awful interior decoration too which attracts many clients.

Overall Mitho is an outstanding and stunning restaurant for hosting birthday events.

  1. Yala cafe

It is a beautiful and peaceful little birthday place located in Kwabahal, Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal. Yala is a little gem in between the chaotic streets of Thamel. It is located in the quiet little side of the main road through it does not occupy a lot of space for big events for small and medium birthday parties it is a heaven to celebrate.

Yala cafe, Kathmandu, Nepal

Yala cafe

Yala is attractive and clean with a very peaceful and informal atmosphere. Likewise, Yala provides decent service from polite and super friendly staffs also has fast network service and wifi too which makes customer enjoy their own time. Because of extremely good service, Yala has been attracting many people from Nepal.

Moreover, Yala is well known for fresh and tasty pancakes with special maple syrups Yala is small café with great food every dish here tasted delicious with affordable price. Also, it has a beautiful courtyard outside and outstanding decoration inside. For celebrating peaceful birthday events Yala will be a perfect one.

Everything is incredible here from food to service. Overall Yala is an extraordinary and unique restaurant and it continuously evolves to bring the customer the best.

  1. Bhojan Griha

This restaurant is located in Dilli Bazar, Kathmandu Nepal. Bhojan is old historic restaurant it has been serving people from more than 50 years and has its own fame and quality across the city. It is a wonderful and entertaining restaurant for a birthday celebration with a very low price in everything.

Bhojan Griha, Kathmandu, Nepal

Bhojan Griha

Customers get impressed by its beauty of food, Music and cultural dancing. Bhojan has a peaceful atmosphere and beautiful environment it was a palace and converted now into a restaurant because of this people get vintage and classic feelings whenever they enter into this restaurant.

Likewise, Food here is outstanding and delicious with the perfect mix of ingredients not too spicy.  Also, it has a wide range of food selection supported by desserts and drinks. Bhojan is a wonderful place to hire for your birthday it is quite big and spacious and has room for more than 150 people which will be enough for celebrating big birthday parties freely.

If you are familiar with Nepal culture and tradition then you will know the importance of this place whenever you reach there. Overall Bhojan is historic as well as advance and mind-blowing restaurant which can make your birthday go fantastic and memorable.

  1. La Dolce Vita

La dolce vita is located in Thamel Kathmandu. If you are willing to celebrate birthday party wildly then rally up the troops and head over to La dolce vita.

This is an incredible restaurant with awesome satisfying services. It is well known for Italian dishes and amazing pizzas which play a great role in birthday events. It is a little piece of Italy in the middle of Kathmandu if get enter here you won’t feel like you are in Nepal but somewhere else in Europe because of the outstanding environment and atmosphere.

Every member of this restaurant are friendly and humble they take your word seriously and serve you satisfyingly. You can order delicious pasta with salmon which is one of the tasty dishes of this restaurant, to make the birthday more enjoyable.

Owner of this restaurant himself added a great package for birthday events to make every birthday go memorable and awesome.

Moreover, it is quite spacious and has a parking service too which makes every client comfortable whenever they enter the restaurant.  Overall La Dolce Vita is a clean and beautiful restaurant Having Italian vibes.

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Author: Abhishek Ojha