40 Best Place For Birthday Party in Kathmandu, Nepal

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  1. Gokarna forest resort

Gokarna forest resort is an awesome spot to celebrate birthday ceremony. It is located in Rajnikunj, Gokarna Kathmandu, Nepal. It is far away from noises, crowd, and pollution of Kathmandu.

This resort has awful amenities supported by free internet, free parking and a pool too. Gokarna provides satisfying service with mouth-watering foods and desserts. Gokarna hosts many birthday events.


One can find this place very attractive and beautiful with greenery scenes everywhere inside it. If you are lucky then you can see some special animals and birds hanging out there and it’s a peaceful place away from the chaotic city.

Likewise, Gokarna provides very good food which is well cooked and presented respectfully with outstanding manner. The prices for the foods and drinks are very low and reasonable with mind-blowing quality and services. Gokarna throws satisfying birthday parties for every client who is willing to be celebrating their birthday here and they do more than customer expectation.

Therefore it is loved nationally and internationally. Every staff of this restaurant is wonderful hard working and very attentive. It also has a beautiful and well-maintained swimming pool where one can enjoy freely during their birthday also the beautiful view of Kathmandu valley.

  1. Hotel Encounter Nepal

Hotel Encounter Nepal is located near Samakhusi marg, Thamel Kathmandu Nepal. This hotel has created a different and outstanding scenario for people around the city. The encounter has been making the customer happy and satisfying for a long time.

Likewise, this hotel includes free non-smoking rooms too. For celebrating birthday hotel encounter Nepal is an awesome spot. Kindness and hospitality of this hotel are well known everywhere. You don’t need to be worry and staffs and managers because everyone here is professional and experienced with their own kind of talent and skills.

There is advance management for birthday events to make it memorable for every client who wishes to celebrate his/her birthday here. Moreover, the food here is very delicious at a very low price.

Hari Maharjan is the manager of this hotel and he is very friendly and humble with every customer’s Overall hotel encounter is an excellent spot to celebrate the advance and luxurious birthday party.

  1. Thamel Eco resort

Thamel eco-resort is an outstanding spot to celebrate birthday events located in Chibahal, Thamel, Kathmandu Nepal. This resort is the gateway through evergreen and peaceful environment with best facilities.

To make someone’s birthday special and adventurous this resort is an awesome choice for it. Moreover Thamel eco provides good service having friendly and honest staffs with the humble manager.

The location of this hotel is in the heart of Thamel where one can enjoy the beautiful tourist destination and nightlife of Kathmandu. Moreover, this resort has a beautiful big garden where you can enjoy your birthday event in your own way and freely.

You will be fascinated and impressed by its awesome amenities with a good combination of food and environment. This resort is well known for hosting many birthday parties. If any customer visits here then definitely they will visit again because of its extraordinary atmosphere which attracts many clients and customers.

Every demand of customer gets fulfilled within a short period of time by attentive staffs and chefs. Overall Thamel eco-resort is the outstanding, clean, convenient and well satisfying spot to celebrate a birthday.

  1. Fusion Himalaya Restaurant

It is a peaceful restaurant having varieties cuisines that is Indian, Asian and local located in Pakanjol marg, Kathmandu, Nepal. This restaurant is perfect for hosting birthday party events as well as other big events.

Talking about the service and staffs here you can get unexpected delightful service and delicious foods made by the professional chef and they are very friendly. Every staff out here are attentive, disciplined, humble and genuine and have a good sense of humor creating a better environment for the customer.

Moreover, for hosting the birthday event, the manager creates awesome and unexpected choices for clients so they can choose whatever they like on their birthday. One can enjoy varieties of Asian dishes here. Fusion is well known for their tasty vegetable pakora and C Momo with a very low price with satisfies customer totally.

Though this restaurant has not enough space it doesn’t make any customer feel cramped or disappoint. Also, the location of the fusion is at the great spot having the very homey and authentic feel. This restaurant is also well known for its best food and ambiance around the Kathmandu city.

Birthday boy or girl will be lucky to celebrate here if they are hardcore Momo lovers. Likewise, fusion has a great atmosphere for celebrating a birthday. Everything here is comfortable and relaxing and it’s an amazing place to enjoy the birthday ceremony.

  1. Hello kitty restaurant

Hello, kitty is one of the cheapest restaurants to host small and peaceful birthday parties. It is located in Thamel road Kathmandu. Location is pretty good around the tourist destination where one can meet the people from all over the world. Hello, kitty has hosted many small birthday parties and events.

Though space is not good enough to celebrate big events it provides you best memorable birthday’s event ever and it is one of the modest spots to celebrate the birthday. The main attraction of this place is the smallest shrubs and bushes around the restaurant with great refreshment one can enjoy many Asian tastes.

Likewise, this restaurant has many advanced options and choices for birthday parties. Every member including managers here is very friendly and good at working and cracking funny jokes to make every customer smile. They always take their responsibility in the proper manner.

Moreover, the service of this restaurant is outstanding therefore hello kitty attracts many people. In conclusion hello kitty is a peaceful, small and outstanding restaurant to host birthday parties with satisfying service from attentive owner and staffs.

  1. Or2k

This is an awesome vegetarian restaurant located in mandala street Thamel, Kathmandu and it is the best place to celebrate a birthday for vegetarian people. It’s a heaven for vegetarian people to host their birthday here.

Or2k provides satisfying food with warm hospitality supported by a peaceful environment. Likewise, this restaurant has enough space to host big birthdays. There is a big sitting area with awful interior supported by relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

Moreover, staffs here are very friendly. They are hardworking and well mannered always having a smile on their face. Also, this restaurant provides delicious food cooked by Israeli chef and one can get amazed by seeing the wide ranges of dishes in the Menu.

  1. Grill oregano and restaurant

This is an extraordinary birthday place located in 2nd street near to the hotel gallery, Kathmandu Nepal. The service of this restaurant is outstanding and so memorable that you can remember it for long due to its neatness.

There are many big tasty portions with authentic taste. Every variety available here are outstanding and enjoyable. Momo is one of the well-known dishes in this restaurant. Customers can order many delicious foods at a very cheap price.

Likewise for celebrating a birthday this restaurant is outstanding and also has satisfying service, space and other lots of stuff that makes people feel happy. Everything is lovely here even the managers and funny and active which makes the customer feels comfortable and excited.

This restaurant is hit in the Thamel area its famous chicken burger attracts a lot of domestic and international people. For birthday celebration they themselves arrange all the stuff according to the wish of clients. Overall it’s a peaceful clean and mind-blowing spot to celebrate a birthday.

  1. Bakery’s cafe

This is one of the small and peaceful birthday place located in old Baneshwor Kathmandu, Nepal. This restaurant is specially opened for hosting birthday ceremonies.

Service is awesome here with careful and attentive staffs. Everything goes simple here from waiter to manager everyone keeps the smile on their face while working. This restaurant is small and occupies two floors but it has the capacity of hosting birthday parties and another ceremony with more than fifty people.

It is clean and fresh so the customer can host standard birthday parties here. Even this restaurant itself makes birthday cakes which is special around Baneshwor area. With every facility and good service this restaurant has never failed to impress any customers.

Overall bakery’s cafe is a comfortable and neat place to enjoy supported by extra large space with a fresh environment. Bakery’s had always made customers birthday memorable. It’s an only birthday place around Baneshwor to enjoy freely and peacefully.

Chicken Momo is one of the best dishes of this restaurant also one can see the decorations of delicious cakes while entering inside the restaurant. Likewise, the service is very fast here. Within a few minutes, you can get what you have ordered. Moreover, this restaurant is just beside the highway and it is easily can be seen. This restaurant has been serving customers for several years.

  1. Blueberry Restaurant kitchen and coffee shop

This restaurant is located in Chhetrapati, Thamel Kathmandu Nepal. This is a cool restaurant with a coffee shop for celebrating a grand birthday. You can hear about this restaurant in every center of Thamel it’s a nice place with many attractive decorations.

Blueberry provides excellent service from attentive and active staffs around there. Moreover, food is outstanding with varieties of dishes. You will be welcomed here like a special guest of this restaurant. You don’t need to be a worry here because the owner and staffs take good care of every customer.

Every staff here are polite with a good and genuine type of behavior. Likewise, this restaurant is well known for homemade cheesecakes which are wonderful, unique and delicious. You will find one of the best foods in this restaurant inside the Kathmandu valley.

Blueberry is also well known for serving the valley’s outstanding and unique coffee. There is a good and peaceful environment inside this restaurant which is very suitable for a birthday ceremony.

  1. Nirvana cafe and restaurant

Nirvana is located near Bijeshwori way to Swaymbhunath Kathmandu Nepal. It is a really cool place to celebrate a birthday. Every staff in this restaurant are so delightful and friendly.

Customers get satisfied with every service provided by this restaurant supported by outstanding menu selection. Also, this restaurant has satisfied many people from past years. For celebrating a birthday, this restaurant will be fruitful and experience will be amazing.

Nirvana makes birthday go peaceful and memorable they arrange everything and they mix their choices with exactly of that customer to make it so fantastic and enjoyable. Every chef here is experienced and has a good knowledge of cuisines.

They put all their love on the food so can make customers feel good and realistic. Nirvana is famous for its delicious curry which is one of the main dishes of this restaurant. There is enough space to celebrate birthdays with a suitable location.

Likewise, the surroundings are clean and fresh as well as nicely decorated. Overall Nirvana is the perfect place to host birthday events.

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