Facts About Planting Jamara in Nepali Dashain Festival With Pictures


Facts and Pictures of Plant Jamara Dashain

Facts and Pictures of Plant Jamara Dashain or Grow Jamara Dashain. Here is the some Facts and Pictures of Plant Jamara Dashain or Grow Jamara Dashain.

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There are more 100 festivals celebrated in Nepal. Bada Dashain is one of the topmost major festival in Nepal. Dashain festival is also called Bada Dashain.  Bada Dashain festival is the longest festival of Nepal.

It the national festival of Nepal. Nepali gets public holidays in this Dashain festival. Celebrating by Hindus and Buddhist, it is celebrated during long 15 days.  

A Woman Cutting Jamara For Vijayadashami Tika Dashain
A Woman is Cutting Jamara Plant For Vijayadashami Tika

Dashain festival is celebrating for honouring Hindu Goddess Durga. Hindu Goddess Maa Durga is the major goddess in Hindu religion, worshiped heavily in Dashain festival.

Dashain festival is celebrating for respecting elders people.Dashain festival is celebrating for uniting relation in family members. 


Plant Jamara Dashain are wheat greengrass which are planted in Dashian, first day of Dashain festival. Plant wheat greengrass in first day of Dashain, called Ghatasthapana.


10 Photos of Jamara With Rato Tika in Dashain Festival of Nepal

This is known as Ghatasthapana. On this day, a Dashain Ghar or a prayer room, where a jar filled with holy water and other items of puja are placed for worshipping throughout Dashain, is established. It marks the beginning of Dashain.

Jamara Images
Jamara Images

The sacred jar symbolizes Goddess Durga, who is worshipped for nine days. Some seeds of barley or rice or corn are also sown in a dark room as jamara in a container like an earthen pot or a  tapara.

Jamara, which is yellow in colour as it is grown in dark, and considered sacred, is worn on head as Durga Mata’s prasad on the tenth day, Vijaya Dashami.

jamara rato tika dashain
jamara rato tika

Nepali people plant wheat greengrass on this first day of Dashain and use it 10th day of Dashain, called Vijaya Dashami.

Buds of a yellowish plant that sprout from grains such as barley are used during Dashain Tika and it is planted on Ghatasthapana day. Some people also use corn if barley is not readily available.

Jamara Images
Jamara Images

Others use a mixture of several grains such as corn, barley, rice, wheat, etc., as jamara seed. The plant germinates and grows in the 9-day period ready to be used in Dashain Tika.

jamara dashain

Jamara is the herb. The color of wheat greengrass used in Dashain is yellowish but barley sprouts in the field are green. Field shoots get their color from a chemical called chlorophyll.

Jamara Dashain Festival Nepal Photos
Jamara Images

But why is jamara yellowish? Is it because wheat greengrass lacks chlorophyll? The answer is yes. It depends on how much light the plant receives. Chlorophyll is present in a compartment of plant cells known as plastid.

However, plastids need light to activate chlorophyll. Plastid containing chlorophyll is known as chloroplast, and these are green. As, Dashain jamara grows in the dark, these plastids have no chlorophyll.


Jamara, Dashain Festival Nepal Photos
Jamara Photos

Therefore, the jamara is yellowish instead of green which is taken as perfect wheat greengrass.

Red light, however, does not affect the germination of barley seeds. If it does not affect germination, should we grow jamara under red light instead of total darkness?

Jamara, Dashain Festival Nepal Photos
Jamara Photos

No, because red light decreases the length of young barley grass compared to plants that grow in total darkness. Therefore, to cultivate long and yellowish jamara for Dashain, continue cultivating it in the dark, as you have always been.

The jamara that received more sunlight become greener. It is not taken good if wheat greengrass is greenish. In addition to having an ornamental value, there are other benefits of Jamara in Ayurveda. It is believed that the plant’s bud has medicinal value in ancient medical science.

Jamara, Dashain Festival Nepal Photos
Jamara Photos

On the day of Ghatasthapana, clean soil is brought from clean place to plant wheat greengrass seeds. The soil is usually placed on a plate prepared from leaves. The plate is placed in a specially prepared room, or in an area that is mostly dark.

The lack of sunlight makes the outbreak yellowish. Literally, on this day, in some areas of country, a Kalash that symbolizes the scared and purity is cleaned and filled with the holy water that is collected from a pond or sacred river.

Jamara, Dashain Festival Nepal Photos
Jamara Photos

The devotees prepare a rectangular sandy area with the Kalash in the center. The priest begins the Puja inviting the goddess to rest in the Kalash for the next nine days. Barley seeds are sown around the Kalash in the soily area that is believed to be pure and blessed.

Then, on the tenth day, the seeds will grow up to five or six inches in a long yellow grass, which is a sacred herb and is called jamara. According to Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga likes Jamara.


Green Jamara Plant For Dashain
Jamara Plant

For that reason, people use Jamara with tika in Dashain. Starting in Ghatasthapana, Dashain is celebrated for 15 days. It is the tenth and most important day of the entire Dashain festival. On this day, the elders put tika (mixture of rice, yogurt and vermilion) and jamara to the youngest.

Jamara wheat Greengrass dashain festival Nepal

It is important to grow wheat greengrass in a short period. However, things were not always so optimistic at the beginning of agriculture. Wild relatives of modern barley remain inactive for months after the grains ripen in the plant.

Green Jamara Plant For Dashain
Jamara Plant

Because the seeds remain dormant, barley wild relatives may not germinate even when the temperature and conditions are perfect.

How to grow Jamara at home. Learn the ideas to grow wheat greengrass. You can watch this video on the youtube.

In contrast, modern barley seeds have low latency and may be subject to pre-harvest germination under certain conditions.

Bada Dashain ko Shubhakamana. Happy Dashain 2078. Happy Dashain 2021. Shubha Dashain 2078. Shubha Dashain 2021.

Happy Vijayadashami cards

Happy Vijayadashami GIFs Animated Greeting Cards Images
Happy Vijayadashami GIF Cards

Facts and Pictures of Plant Jamara Dashain

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