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Phewa Lake (Fewa lake): – Nepal, the country of Himalayas has a varied number of rivers, lakes, and ponds. There are different numbers of streams and waterfalls which makes Nepal the world’s second richest country in natural resources mainly water.

There are many lakes in which the Phewa Lake is the second largest lake in Nepal. The Phewa lake is situated at an altitude of 742 m with a maximum depth of 24 m in Pokhara. The Pokhara is the city filled with natural beauty and it is one of the major tourist attraction destinations.

The Phewa Tal is formally known as Baidam Tal which has fresh water in the lake straight from the Fishtail Mountain with a wide range of the Himalayas. Phewa Tal is located exactly in Kaski region of the Pokhara valley or city.

Phewa Tal Attractions

Phewa Tal is a focal point of travelers in Pokhara. It is surrounded with dense forest and the forest has an extremely wide range of birdlife. Many people go to Phewa lake for boating.

Most of the people do boating in the lake and they embrace the chirping sound of the birds that are around the dense forest. The Phewa lake is still alive with birds and while boating, we can hear the birds chirping. Also, Phewa Lake is the only lake with a temple at its center.

So many people go to worship in the temple through boating. Boating is the only way to reach the temple. The central part of the lake is the temple known as Tal Barahi. The lake is famous for the reflection of Annapurna mountain and Fishtail Mountain.

The Tal Barahi is situated on an island in the lake. The lakeside of Pokhara is also one of the major attractions of Pokhara and a lot of tourists visit Pokhara for the view of the Himalayas and boating in the lakes along with water sports. The sunset view in the Phewa lake is one of the most breath-taking views for the people. Most of the people go boating in the evening for the view of the sunset.


Phewa (Fewa) Lake in Pokhara Nepal
Phewa (Fewa) Lake in Pokhara Nepal

Many people go to Sarangkot for paragliding that is done over the Phewa lake which also gives a beautiful view of the lake with the mountains. The sunrise in Sarangkot is also one of the never miss travel if we ever visit Pokhara.

Phewa lake is the most visited and most popular lake in Nepal. After reaching the temple by boating, we can see the Peace Pagoda situated at the top only through which we can go by walking. Many people trek to World Peace Pagoda which affords a breath-taking view of the lake and the Pokhara city as well.

The Phewa lake’s main attraction is in its sheer volume along with the crystal clear water. The Annapurna mountain reflects in the lake with vivid pictures of other Himalayas. Boating in the lake is simply the loveliest thing to do in Pokhara.

The lakeside is a scenic place to brush off stress. The little boats and the surrounding hills make the lake even more beautiful. The lakeshore time in the evening with the breath-taking view of the sunset is a must in the lakeside area. This lake in Pokhara is amazing for its natural beauty and serenity.

It is very huge and surrounded by hills and birdlife. The atmosphere, while taking a boat ride or walking down the pathways, is tremendous. Many people spend their quality time here at the lakeside. The cool breeze and natural beauty make it even more beautiful.

There are nice restaurants and bars alongside the lake which helps you sit there at the restaurant and enjoy the view by raking a sip of coffee. The lakeside is a calm and quiet place for relaxation. Many people do cycling around the lakeside and enjoy the view and also some part of the lake is kept for fishery purpose so people also enjoy doing fishery.

Also, a must thing to try is the fish from the lake. Many people meditate around the lakeside by enjoying the cool and calm breeze with the outstanding scenic view of the Himalayas and natural beauty.

Hence, Nepal is one of the famous kayaking tourist destination places so many people come to this lake for different various water sports. The canoeing and rowing in the Phewa lake is a must thing to do as well. Likely the Phewa lake is a beautiful place and you guys must visit it once in your lifetime.

30 facts of Fewa Lake (Phewa Lake), Pokhara Nepal

Settled in the lap of Himalaya and unaffected by the calamity, Pokhara ticks all the privilege boxes. With experience exercises, stupendous view, and extraordinary foods, Pokhara is a prime goal for the nature sweethearts. Encompassed by mountain runs this city is most loved among trekkers.

Despite the fact that Pokhara was very close to the focal point of the 2015 Earthquake yet, it had supported less harm when contrasted with the capital city, Kathmandu. has the pleasant lakes arranged among the snow-clad mountains, encompassed by rich greenery.

9 lakes encompassed by in excess of 20 wonderful mountains make Pokhara a definitive vacationer goal. It had dependably been the best spot for travelers who need to distress. A city encompassed by snow clad slope top will undoubtedly give astounding dawn to the guests.


On the off chance that you are visiting Pokhara, at that point for one-morning express Bye to your rest sooner than expected and visit slopes like Sarangkot slope, Annapurna Range, Dhaulagiri Range, Manaslu Range or some other to savor the normal miracle when the main beam of sun hits the mountains. It’s an encounter which can never be depicted in words!

From this post, you can know about the very famous Phewa Lake which is a must go place for all the tourist because Phewa Lake is the heart of Pokhara.

Facts About Phewa Lake (Fewa Tal)

1.            Phewa Tal (Phewa Lake or Fewa Lake) is a lake in Nepal and is the greatest lake in the Pokhara.

2.            It spreads a zone of about 4.43 sq. km and has a normal profundity of around 8.6 m.

3.            It is popular for having a great deal of residential and worldwide sightseers who visit and sail, swim and fish on the Phewa lake.

4.            The shadow of an adjacent white mountain can be seen on the outside of the lake.

5.            There might be numerous lakes in Pokhara, yet the focal point of fascination is the Phewa Lake which is privately known as Phewa Tal.


6.            The old Bazaar, 4 km far from Phewa Lake is home to, the Bindhyabasini Mandir, a significant place of worship with a white vault like structure on a slope.

Facts About Phewa Lake (Fewa Tal)

7.            The excellence of Phewa is staggering to the point that just strolling around it gives you the genuine feelings of serenity.

8.            Situated on a slope top on the south of Phewa Lake is the World Peace Pagoda. Much the same as the name the harmony pagoda is totally white in shading and embellished with four pictures of tranquil Buddha confronting every one of the four bearings.

9.            A sanctuary worked amidst a lake can be any painter’s fantasy scene. All things considered, you can see this excellent set up on the off chance that you visit the Barahi sanctuary arranged amidst Phewa Lake.

10.         Durga takes as a pig called Barahi to penetrate her insidious adversaries with her pointed tusks.

Watch a Video. How a Crazy Guy In The Water Ball Walking At Lake Phewa.

11.         The pagoda-style sanctuary is one of a kind in its structure and setting. It is committed to Lord Vishnu and can become to by pontoon.

12.         Boating is one of the principle vacation spots here. The lakeside is ideal for a pontoon ride in a tranquil evening with the Himalayan ranges as a scenery.

13.         600 rupees for a 1 route adventure with a boatman to the Peace Stupa. It’ll be less expensive in the event that you row the boat all alone.

14.         The Annapurna Range and the Dhaulagiri Range loom in a distance and gives you a chill

Facts About Fewa Lake, Pokhara Nepal

15. There are more than 50 hotels near Fewa Lake.

15.         Away from the shore, the water is spotless and profound and the thick woodland along the south side of the lake is wealthy in untamed life.

16. This lake should boost neighborhood business and exchange generally in the Baidam or Fewa Lake side territory.

17. Fewa Lake is likewise the wellspring of Fewa lake lrrigation System for 232 hectares of land and creation of 1,000 KW of power at Pardi Dam which is the outlet of Fewa Lake

18. Fewa Lake has given solaces and lives to the various water animals and creatures since days of yore.

19. It has been the wellspring of work, pay, employment, outside cash income, flourishing, harmony, and the excellence to human life.

20. How was it named? For all, it is the matter of interest how the lake was named as Fewa Lake. To suggest a conversation starter how it was named is such a simple issue, however it is similarly hard to get the genuine subtleties and data about its naming in light of the fact that till the date no chronicled proof and no logical confirmations have been found.

21. Individuals of Baidam and Malepatan drank the natural water of the Lake and furthermore used to convey water from Fewa Lake to their kitchen somewhere in the range of three decades prior when there was no appropriate administration of taps around there of Pokhara city.

22. Lake king Mahendra had made the principal official visit to Fewa Lake in 2011 B.S. (1954 A.D).

23. The Fewa lakeside is likewise notable for holding yearly calendar traveler occasions like English New Year Street Festival and Nepali New Year Food Festival which are composed by Restaurant and Bar Association of Nepal Pokhara and Paschimanchal Hotel Association Pokhara, individually.

Facts About Fewa Lake

24. Fewa Lake side is likewise a famous vacationer goal for different dishes of fishes accessible in the Lake. The residential travelers and the outsiders are drawn here for likewise testing the assortments of new fish things”.

25. The vivid vessels at Fewa Lake and the Raniban on the bank of Fewa Lake are included attractions.

26. The following fascination of Fewa Lake is seeing fowls and “Paragliding”.

27. With common, social, gutsy, and recreational attractions for visitors, Fewa Lake has turned into the core of exchanges from monetary perspective.

28. The Lake has given job to the Podes and Jalari (angler) network who have supported their lives by angling since the old time.

29. It is one of the dearest goals for the legislators, sages, religious zealots, rulers, artists, journalists, painters, and specialists

30. The state of the Lake has been broadened for the water system and power creation. Harpan stream is the principal wellspring of water for Fewa Lake. Andheri and Sidhane are the two primary wellsprings of Harpan.

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