10 Best Ways on How to Have the Perfect Dashain Festival?

How to Have the Perfect Dashain Festival :- Dashain festival of Nepal, being a highly religious country in the world, has managed to be marked as Hindu roots. Dashain festival is a very popular Hindu festival throughout the country. It is, of course, the biggest festival in Nepal.

Dashain festival of Nepal, it’s the biggest festival in Nepal. It’s also known as Bijayadashain, Dashami, Dashara, Bada Dashain, Vijayadashami, and Bada Dashami.

Dashain most of the time referred to as Bijayadashami, is celebrated by many Hindu, Buddhist, and followers of Hinduism’s various sects. Dashain holds a special position in Nepal’s hearts. It is believed that this day is important because it marks the beginning of Goddess Durga, the mother Goddess.

The Dashain festival of Nepal is celebrated on the month of Ashoj or Kartik. In Nepal, this is one of the most important festivals of the year. This is observed 15 days and draws a lot of tourists from all over the world. The festival starts with the Ghatasthapana day’s Jamara planting.

The devotees plant Jamara on thier home at the very first day of Dashain festival.

Dashain festival of Nepal is known for its Jamara and Rato Tika, but more importantly, it’s celebrated as a festival of love. The family members dress up in new clothes and enjoy with Dashain Tika. The people sing praises to the goddesses for providing them with protection from the evil spirits. The people also bless the bride, groom, and family members with offerings.

Happy Vijayadashami Cards Perfect Dashain Festival
Happy Vijayadashami Card

The first part of the day is dedicated to the Goddess Durga, associated with fertility, devotion and abundance. The second part is a day of worship for Lord Rama. People perform various traditions, rituals, dance, and eat. It’s a very auspicious occasion.


According to historians, the Dashain festival of Nepal was started since several centuries by people.

This is believed to have helped the people’s prosperity. They were allowed to leave the land they were living in.

When you go to the Dashain festival in Nepal, you should always remember to carry some fresh rice with meat for your guests. Even though it is not that big, you still need some. Rice with meat will keep you filled during the celebrations.

While you are at the Dashain festival of Nepal, you should also remember to make lots of Masu Bhat, as these are one of the main staple foods of the festival. You can also prepare other food dishes, such as meat and butter.

You can also buy food for the children. While doing this, ensure that the children do not eat too much because they will become fat, but there is nothing to worry about if you do not buy enough food.

On the 10th day of Dashain, you’ll be engaged with Dashain Tika. Dashami Tika is one of the main stuff of this festival.

Popular Hindu festival

Dashain festival of Nepal is a highly popular Hindu festival. It is also widely celebrated by Nepali, Indians, Buddhists, and followers of other religions. Dashain, also known as Bijaya Dashami, is mostly celebrated in Nepal by Hindu devotees, Buddhists. It holds a special place in the hearts of Nepalis.

Many Hindus and Buddhists celebrate this festival of Nepal with great joy. Some common offerings are offerings of sweets and other offerings of fruits and flowers and dancing, singing, and chanting. One important thing that is generally done during Dashain is to get blessings from elders and give blessings to youngers as it marks the start of the festivities.

The festival of Dashain has many symbols and meanings. It symbolizes the ending of the evil and cruel years of a boy. In ancient times, this festival was observed as a day of Goddess Durga killed evil Mahisasur. This day also marks the beginning of the coming of a new age.

The Dashain festival of Nepal is celebrated with great enthusiasm in many parts of Nepal. Many Hindu temples have their version of this festival. It may last for one day or one week, depending on where you are from. In some parts, this festival lasts for ten days and is marked with a variety of rituals.


The festival of Dashain is also celebrated in different parts of Nepal, like Chitwan, Sindhupalchok, Kailali, Kathmandu Valley, and Bhaktapur. The festivals are also celebrated differently in different places.

Some people do not eat Masu Bhat (meat) or eat only certain kinds of fruits, and then others love to eat meat all the time. A few people who follow Buddhism’s religion also observe that Dashain should be observed.

The festival of Dashain has a lot of customs and traditions attached to it. If you plan to participate in Dashain’s festival in Nepal, you can get information about it through the grapevine. Or through the Internet. All you need to do is look up the Internet, and you will get ample information about the festival.

10 WAYS TO HAVE A Perfect Dashain Festival

Dashain is the biggest festival for Hindus and it is the longest celebrated festival too. It is of 15 days starting from Ghatasthapana and ending on Kojagrat Purnima. Since it a myth on why this is celebrated is because of the victory over the evil to which the Goddess Durga killed the demon Mahissashur who bought terror in the universe.

Thus the 15 days imply the battle days and on the very 15th day, Goddess Durga killed the demon. Dashain is at last, a festival of love, joy and enjoyment. It is that time of the year where no matter where you are, always good wins.

Now, there are different ways to make your dashain more enjoyable and fun-loving. The following ways might help you to have a wonderful dashain with your families and friends.

  1. Visiting Families : Yes, families are everything. Since you work abroad or away from your loved ones, Dashain is the best way to go visit them. Dashain is all about giving love and receiving love in return. This family time will give you immense joy and will even bring you closer to your family. The distanced ones come together at this time and they share blessings and happiness with each other. Thus, visiting families at this time will help you bring closer with them. So visit your families even if you are distanced.
  2. Playing Cards : Since all the Men of the home like to drink and have the times of their lives, playing cards will help it make more enjoyable. You can play it with your family members or friends. You can even bet with money on whosoever wins the game. Thus, playing this game has increased a lot of leisure time to be enjoyed upon.
  3. Flying Kites : Dashain has clear bright skies with clouds and wind blowing weather-like days. So the best thing to take advantage of the weather is by flying kites at your home. The terrace is a good place to fly them. You can buy kites from the stationeries and bring them home and join it with the Latai (a material to fly the kite on which the strings of thread is attached to it) Thus, everybody flies kites and the sky is filled with colorful kites and you can enjoy the view and yourself too.
  4. Playing Swing : There are a lot of open areas like grounds and the gardens in your home. There has always been a tradition to make a bamboo swing and play. The huge swings are made up of bamboo, tied very strongly so that no matter how high you go, it will still be stable. So yes you can make swings by the help of your neighbours and play it with everyone turnwise.
  5. Preparation to clean the house : Yes, the house should be cleaned everyday even though it is supposed to be a festival , the works are a lot. The house should be cleaned everyday so that the Goddess could enter the house with good fortune for the family. Also keeping yourself busy with the household works even at the festive times like this, people intend to just play, eat and have fun but the main purpose of keeping the house clean is because the fortune of the family will be good.
  6. Making feasts : The sacrifices made in the pray for the blessings of the gods and goddesses, the sacrificed meat is later eaten as a Prasad. The females cook huge feasts for the family so helping your mother or sister out during times like these will truly help everyone and the families can get even closer.
  7. Decorating homes : The houses can be decorated with full inscents, small candles, lights and  diyos to welcome the gods and goddesses. There should be tikas, puja ceremony materials and other various worship materials in order to pray and gather blessings from the elders.
  8. Making mandalas : Mandalas are beautifully painted art drawn on the ground to welcome the goddess at home. It is made in front of the door of the beginning of the home. So you can make mandalas with your family, design them and decorate beautifully.
  9. Drink responsibly : yes, a lot of people are waiting dashain to only drink. You can drink but responsibly without harming yourself or others. Most men sit idle, play cards, eat and drink only. Later in rural areas the burden upon women or the females of the house gets bigger resulting chaos.
  10. Partying : You can visit the pubs or clubs with your friends if you really want to have fun by dancing and singing and having fun. The pubs and clubs are open so you can visit them and have the times of your lives. You can play songs, sing and dance with all your family members at home too and get a chance to express your joy and happiness towards them.