20 Part Time Jobs For College Students In Nepal – You Can Choose One of The Best Job That Is Suitable For You


11. More leisure time. One thing is clear:

not everything in life has to do with work. And if we do not disconnect, we will pay less during our working hours. Take advantage of your free time to enjoy the activities that you like. You will see how you get to work with more motivation!

If you calculate the hours you spend sleeping, those you spend washing and caring for your body and meals, find out right away that you don’t have much left to devote to what you enjoy doing. Also, add the – very important – hours spent treating relationships with friends and family. In short, how much do you have left to read a book?

And to take a bike ride to the park or visit an exhibition? Exactly, almost nothing, if you are engaged in a full-time job. Moreover, it is not a question of time, but also of energy management. Much of our concentration is absorbed by our work and this affects the physical effort we make to carry out our activity.

The result is that inevitable sense of tiredness that comes at the end of the working day, which makes us want to put our shoes on and leave the house. That’s why they invented the sofas! In this sense, part-time work could prove to be a real-life choice: more time to dedicate to yourself. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking it’s a self-centered choice.

Because it could also lead to a higher return on your work. With a consequent improvement in your career. Greater personal balance and better energy management will also contribute positively to your performance. A fact that is even more important if you work for a non-profit cause.

In this sector, in fact, your work will not be a simple career, but a way to support a cause and share values. Working part-time will teach you to have more experience in entering the world of work before, maybe you just tend to go to school and study.

By having part-time work, you will certainly know the ins and outs of the world of work so that one day when you are about to enter the real world of work you will not feel surprised and actually like it. Even though it is entirely your responsibility to deal with school fees but it is not wrong for you to try to have part-time work as long as it does not interfere with your learning.

12. More free time to continue other projects and events:

The most obvious main advantage of part-time work is free time for other tasks. For some people, this may be the most vital consideration. A person who cannot find a job in the field of his choice.

Because he does not have the necessary academic credentials, can only choose part-time work, thereby freeing up time for the classes needed to obtain the professional certification he needs to get a job, the desired direction. Some people just want to continue promoting their education and improve their training and skills in their chosen career.

For example, for individuals, a bachelor’s degree in counseling, psychology, or social work is sufficient. And then after completing part-time work, continue studying to receive graduate diplomas that open more and more profitable jobs.

Another possible situation that makes attracting the attention of working time is that a person wants to engage in a special project, such as writing a novel or working on a volunteer project. Working time, at least long enough to complete a project, can be seen as a way to ultimately achieve more in life. Spending 40 hours a week at work, for example, will greatly reduce the time you can devote to your training, learning new skills and developing your skills.

Of course, there are training courses designed specifically for full-time workers, often on weekends or in e-learning. But inevitably you will have to sacrifice other aspects of your life for a certain period: affections, relationships, interests.

Maybe we have a hobby that takes a long time. We have to dedicate many hours a day and a normal job would force us to abandon it. For example, if we play an instrument or practice a sport, in fact, we need daily practice. Here is another reason to prefer a part-time job.

To do a second job. We are starting our own business which still does not allow us to maintain ourselves. We, therefore, need economic help. A full-time job, however, would rob us all day and force us to abandon our business (which may be our dream). With a full time, we have both a secure entry and enough time for our project.

13. Opening doors to new job opportunities:

Accepting part-time work can sometimes provide a person with the opportunity to get a foot in the door, so to speak, when there is no opportunity to work full-time. The desire to take part-time work can sometimes offer the opportunity to get a job in the desired when full-time positions are available only outside your chosen career path.

Then the question for the individual is the importance of working in his desired field, and not the importance of earning a full-time income. Even though you might not think that the skills you develop in part-time work will benefit your career, that can happen!

Part-time work teaches the skills each boss looks for: commitment, time management, teamwork, leadership, organization, customer service, and the list continues. Being an employee or worker is attached to an office. This is one of the differences between part-time workers and those who are full time.

Indeed there are also companies that require you to go to the office, for example, you work as a shop or restaurant waiter. However, regardless of your necessity to replace, being a part-timer will deliver you to recognize the world of work.

Even though sometimes being a part-time worker never comes face to face with a boss, but you will feel how to have a boss, communicate with your boss and other friends who are also professions. This experience will make you understand how the world of work really is, how you should behave.

Provision of this experience also makes you able to be more ready to really work facing the job in full time. Not only adding networking, being a part-time worker when you are young will also open up career opportunities in the future. Of course, this adjusts how you take advantage of the opportunities you get.

To be maximum, you can achieve these benefits by actively communicating both to your boss and colleagues. Later, when they have got a full-time job, you can just get job information in their place. In addition, you also have the possibility of meeting new people such as corporate clients. It’s not impossible, the meeting will take you to a new career that you haven’t even imagined before.

14. Longer weekend:

Another importance of the part-time job is the ability to vary the workload. For example, one week you can work only in the first half of the day, and the next week – only in the afternoon. Or work a few weeks without days off in order to win immediately 5-6 days off in a row. In this case, you are the owner and distributor of your work and free time.

Working fewer hours a day, maybe not every day, we can rest better. Maybe we can even be more productive at work because, unlike colleagues who work 8 hours a day, we are less tired and have a fresher mind.

15. Improve Your Time Management Skills:

Going to class, studying and working is sure to make a busy daily schedule. Or even for housewives, managing between the household work and other works may be difficult. Many part-time jobs are flexible, but you must be able to set your time and priorities well.

You must be committed and responsible for your work, but also you cannot forget the tasks and education that you are taking. Time management can be helped by skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time in completing tasks in work, projects, and objectives according to the due date.

With you working part-time, you will increase your ability to manage your time as well as possible. Working part-time requires you to divide the time for main activities and work. These demands will indirectly make you learn how to manage time well. This is actually worth understanding by part-timers from the beginning.

The reason is, if you are not able to control it, you might be nervous. As a result, your main activity can also be disrupted. The more hours you fly, the more you will get used to and be able to manage your time well. This is the benefit of part-time work that will also lead you to maturity.

For part-timers, good time management is a necessity so that work can be completed according to a predetermined deadline. For that, make a schedule and timeline in detail and realistically so that the work can be monitored. Also, make sure that you always stick to the timeline so that the work is not neglected.

If it turns out the work backs up from the schedule, take action as soon as possible to catch up. It helps you to become an independent and experienced person. Working part-time will provide important lessons for those of you who, among others, can learn to live independently and have more experience. You will know how to appreciate hard work because you know that making money is a difficult thing

16. Networking opportunities:

Like the previous point, being a part-time worker will bring you to the world of work where there are superiors or colleagues. Some of them you might never have known before.

No need to be awkward and closed to them because having new friends opens up networking opportunities for the future. The more new people, the more networks you have. Even when doing work assignments, it’s not impossible for you to meet new people again.

This will make your network more extensive so that the opportunity to get information or when you need help will be easier. Contacts or relationships are valuable assets that can support your career in the future. It may sound opportunistic, but it’s a natural thing as long as you can maintain trust and show professionalism.

People who are satisfied with the results of your work can be a way to perpetuate your career. Do not forget to also ask for contacts such as cellphone numbers so you can reconnect with the relations. Who knows, the relationship will contact you to offer a new job. For this reason, maintain good relations with anyone, be it friends, acquaintances, or relatives.

17. Develop skills:

Wrapping part-time jobs are sometimes driven by the need for living costs. But not infrequently also those who work part-time depart from their interests and skills. Photographers, for example, are one profession that can be done part-time.

Many of them are able to work part-time because photography is a hobby. The more often done, photography skills or other skills will be more honed. On the other hand, part-timers also often get other jobs that are still related to their interests.

It could be that when photography becomes the focus of your field, you are asked to record a video or become a videographer. This will directly make your skills more developed, not only in one field. That way, other benefits that you can get later will be useful for your next career.

For students or new looking for jobs, just relying on a diploma obtained during graduation will not be enough. Today, competition for seats in the company is very difficult. This means that something more is needed so that you can be accepted to work in a dream company.

One of them, namely doing a profession that can be done part-time. By working part-time, you gain work experience and skills that are not obtained while on the bench. These experiences and skills can improve your competence and become a provision to find a better company.

In order to be able to compete in the world of work, one thing you must have is skills both hard skills and soft skills. Hard skills are related to the skills needed to get the job done quickly. For example, you work as an Administrative Staff, so mastering office computers such as Microsoft Office is a must.

In addition to hard skills, mastery of soft skills should not be ignored. Even a good soft skill ability can determine your bright career later. For example the ability in terms of cooperation with clients, patience, the ability to listen and understand the client’s needs and the responsibility to complete the work to completion.

When working part-time, you will meet or face people who have their personalities and characters. Whether it’s relations, friends or even family. Often, there is a mismatch that leads to debate or disappointment of one or both parties. However, you are not easily provoked by emotion and remain focused on the subsequent achievements.

Besides that, you begin to realize that not everyone always supports you. But that is no reason to be discouraged and stop your steps to move forward. You keep your commitment and show high dedication to the profession.

18. Management of finance:

As explained before, that pay for working part-time is not certain. In one case, you can order the order and it is difficult to adjust the time. At other times, you can get no job at all in a month.

You also realize that looking for money is not easy because of the narrower employment opportunities. For that, you have to be smart in managing finances so you don’t run out quickly If you have a lot of money, do not immediately squander away for spree or activities that have no benefit.

Set aside some money as a supply of just in case you are empty of orders.Studying while working can provide an opportunity for you to manage your financial management system or the time you have. By working part time you will be taught how to divide your time between work and college and you will become a responsible and independent person for yourself.

19. Benefit for the hiring company:

For companies, recruiting part-time employees can save money because they have no obligation to pay benefits, insurance, or pension contributions. In addition, companies also do not have to mess around with various complexities such as managing contracts, guarantee obligations, and so on.

Because companies only need to pay pocket money and/or transport money, part-time workers can also help companies save money. In addition, part-time employees can also be a means of corporate branding to prospective employees from among young people. Remember, most part-time workers are young or in the final year of their degree.

After completing the part-time work, they will surely tell about their experiences with their friends. Therefore, make sure you treat part-time employees well so that your company image is also positive. This is the main advantage in the eyes of the company.

The flexibility of part-time workers allows you to ask for help whenever you need it. Because you don’t have deep ties with the company, a part-time worker also usually has more fresh ideas so it’s good for your company’s progress.

20. Cultivate parallel careers:

For those who do not want to concentrate on the development of single professionalism. Or if you want to collaborate with multiple organizations simultaneously. In fact, it often happens that a professional in a particular sector, to take different paths, without abandoning what he usually does.

For example, if you are a fundraiser, but you are also involved in training. Or if you are a health worker and participate in international cooperation projects. Or maybe you are developing a project of your own that requires time and resources. In these cases, choosing a part-time job can be the right solution.

It will allow you to better manage your time and to work as a freelancer. All without risking too much work and without affecting your income. But above all, it will give you the possibility of not totally abandoning yourself to routine.

21. It is an entrance door:

We are living in a historical period where the labor market can be ruthless. Non-profit organizations often have to deal with the budget and carefully manage resources. This is why it can be difficult for a professional, even a very competent one, to enter the permanent staff of an association.

At least at the beginning. Indeed, it is very likely that you will work in a team with a reduced number of hours. The salary will be lower, of course, but don’t break down: take the opportunity to show off and introduce yourself. It could just be the beginning and over time the hours of your contract will increase. As long as you are interested!

22. To devote time to your children:

We often make children but we can’t enjoy them, spend enough time with them. We lose their races, we can’t help them with homework, we never eat together.

With a part-time job, we can spend much more time with our children. Maybe we’ll earn less, but we’ll save on babysitting and homework help. In addition to enjoying the company of our children.

23. To anticipate retirement relaxation:

Maybe we still need a few more years to reach the pension. But we just can’t do it to continue working. Sacking would be so you can opt for a reduction in the time. With a part-time job, we can continue for a few more until we meet the requirements to finally retire.

24. To safeguard your health:

We all know it, working too much hurts. Now the studies also say so. Preferring a part-time, even gaining something less, is good for your health. Less stress, more rest, more time for hobbies. Maybe we’ll save something in medicine and medical visits as well.

To take care of a sick person. Unfortunately, there are also situations in which we must take care of a sick person. A parent, a brother, a child. In this case, we have two alternatives: take care of him or pay someone to take care of them.

Everyone chooses according to their own predispositions. Surely having more time in these situations is very useful. To treat yourself in case of illness. Unfortunately, there are also cases in which we must face a disease. Maybe we don’t want to leave the job at all, for various reasons.

Both because of an economic issue and because continuing to work allows us to be distracted by the disease. Some treatments, however, need time, so a part-time allows you not to leave the workplace too much.

This type of work is usually perfect for both students and couples with children at home. If one of the two works full time, the other can look for a part-time job in order to have more time to take care of the children, organize housework, etc.

It is essential to review all the elements and clauses of any part-time contract very well. Keep in mind that it is a type of contract in which the employer can include a series of details that should be previously agreed. Hours of work, salary, work to be done, etc. are some of the concepts that should be very clear before signing the signature on the contract.

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