20 Part Time Jobs For College Students In Nepal – You Can Choose One of The Best Job That Is Suitable For You

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11. Software developer:

You must have the necessary programming in the software field for this job. Nowadays there is a lot of demand for part-time and project-based work in the software developer’s market. So there are more opportunities in this. In this job, you will have to work on developing software, developing new apps and developing new websites.

New phones, computers, laptops, tabs of new features are constantly launching. In this case, the demand for new apps and software is also very high. Software development jobs for this job can be applied online according to the project developers.

Many IT companies update the vacancy every day, which can be done from home. This job requires a new Software Developing Idea, New Application Design and Programs, and Features.

If you want to develop any software, then before that it is very important for you to have knowledge of computer language. Without this knowledge, you can not create software.

Basically, you should have the knowledge of some languages of computer, such as C language, C ++, Java, Python, C-word, etc. If you want to become a successful professional software developer, you will need to improve your logic. It is important to apply logic in the software to be created on the computer, then only you can create better software.

Once you have got the knowledge of computer language then you should try to make the software. It will improve your coding skills and gradually you will understand how to build software and update existing software.


This way you can have the practical skills other than the book knowledge you have received. After developing the required skills, you can then work at your own home comfort as a software developer. Build new applications and software.

You can sell them on websites or colleges or any other companies at a higher price. You can also continue to earn the income by a frequent field visit to update and maintain the programs you have developed.

12. Digital marketing:

Digital marketing is marketing through the internet, computer and electronic media. It can also be called online marketing. Social media, mobile, email, search engine optimization (SEO), etc. in digital marketing is used as a tool. Today, digital marketing is a big deal in a big company.

These are important members of the digital marketing team. The personnel in digital marketing involve in preparing and maintaining digital marketing materials. They make their branding by creating web banner ads, emails, and websites for the company.

They also prepare a marketing campaign for internet and digital technology, which is delivered to people through mobile phones and social media. The scope of digital marketing is huge.

You can find jobs in the positions like Digital Marketing Manager, Content Marketing Manager, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Web Designer, App Developer, Content Writer, Search Engineer Marketer, Inbound Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, Conversion Rate Optimizer, etc.

The graduate is required to work in this field. Students who are graduates of marketing, communication or graphic design, can make a career in digital marketing. The best thing about digital marketing is that it is an emerging business. You can move forward by identifying your interests and earn big money. You have to keep updating yourself regularly.

13. Photographer:

In this job you have to use Skilled and Internet tools in photography, photoshop, and graphic designing. The more advanced technology and software you have to work on, the more companies you can get the options. In this, you have to do photography for companies, organizations, newspapers, magazines, websites or any particular person.

Apart from this, you have to create photo-video. You are gait paid on the basis of the work done by you. So if photography is your hobbies and you have learned the nuances of photography then it can make you rich soon. Along with photography, if you have the knowledge of graphic design and photo shows.

Then with your hobbies, you can earn a lot of money. You can easily become a freelance or a part-time photographer for any media companies and earn your living. But you need to have some basic knowledge. Like how the camera works. When you press the camera button to take a picture, it opens like a curtain, so that the light falls on the sensor through the lens.

During the daytime, the shutter opens for 1/200 seconds. While at the night time the shutter is open for a long time while taking photographs. It often happens with all of us that our handshakes while photographing and a good picture gets spoiled.

In this case, you can use a tripod. Sometimes it becomes blurred due to the movement in the object you are taking pictures of. There is also a large role of shutter speed in it. For that, you have to coordinate with the movement of the object. While taking a picture, we usually focus on the object. It can be any living person, animal or any other thing.

For the best picture, you have to move the lens forward or backward. Many times you can follow the object too. Despite the ease of digital photography, there are still many photographers who find themselves comfortable using the film.

First pictures are recorded in it and later they are developed. In general, those who do ordinary photography do not need an additional lens, but professional photographers have the focal length to the small physical length lenses. They use them to focus the object and reduce the distance. Thus if you have the passion and skill you can do the photography as your part-time job.

14. Modeling:

Modeling is a profession that many girls and boys around the world have loved and dreamed of becoming models. In Nepal, the prospect of modeling is increasing and expanding gradually. The scope in modeling for the youngsters has increased.

Youths both boys and girls can take the modeling as a full-time career or they can even make this as an alternative career for part-time jobs. Since the digitalization, the marketing world has been widely extended. Every websites, companies, office, institute, schools, consultancy, shops, media, etc almost all the sector require the models and the beautiful face to represent them.in the market.

So as to attract customers to use their products. You can earn good money in modeling. If you want to set it as your part-time or full-time job. You should have certain qualities. First, you need to research the correct market and type of model. you want to be.

Research for the correct agency and fashion industry. Sometimes youngsters hook themselves with frauds because of their negligence. Remember they can take advantage of you. Determine you’re joining the correct agency. Then choose what type of model you want to be. There are runway models, fashion shows models or showroom models, etc.

You need to have the self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-realization in yourself. You have to have the faith that you’re beautiful in your own way no matter what others say. Do not let anybody shatter your dream and confidence.

Then you should be comfortable in front of the camera. Engage efficient photographer to make your portfolio containing a professional photograph of yours. You can then forward your portfolio to various agencies or directly to the companies for which you want to model.

You need to prepare yourself mentally that you’re gonna have to change your appearance, your hair color, style, the way you walk and talk and you may have to wear clothes that you don’t like. You need to be yourself.

If the agencies and the companies find you capable, they will come after you. You don’t have to run behind them for the job. Neither you have to compromise or modify yourself and your personality.

Follow the correct dietary regime. Take care of yourself. Start doing yoga and exercise to keep yourself fit. Sometimes you may have to post in a weird position or you may have to post with dangerous animals like a snake. You have to overcome your fear and do what the client is seeking and asking for. So that you can properly represent the brand or the company you’re modeling for.

After considering all these points, you think that you can take this job. Then pursue your career in modeling. But do not forget to make a backup career for yourself. You may be successful or you may fail.

Plus the glamour world is not that easy to survive. And you may have a short career in the modeling. But however, if you seeking a career in modeling, even after you age. You can work as a fashion designer or tutor for new upcoming models.

15. Waiter/waitress/cashier in restaurants:

Before joining for waiter or waitress, you need to set in your mind that no job is small. The bigger thing is to earn your own living and be independent of your parents as soon as you can. No job is bad or abashed in itself. It all depends on your attitude, your integrity, and your behavior.

Many youngsters in Nepal still think that waitressing is small.job and feel ashamed to do the job. But they forget that this is the field where you can have the opportunity to earn more. You have the salary, you have the tips that you can get from your customer and you can take this job as part-time. So you can be paid on an hourly basis as well.

You don’t have to pursue the job for a long time. It can be a temporary solution for your financial problem in your student life. Many youths in foreign like U. S. A or any other Western and European nation’s take the job of waiter without any shame.

Even Nepalese students abroad do not hesitate to take this job. There is also another alternative for you. If you want to work as the waiter, you have to be presentable amf you should be neat and clean. Second, you have to speak very clearly such that everyone can understand you easily while reading out the menus or the special of the day.

You have to be efficient, quick, and proficient. You have to be patient at any cost. You have to be polite and should be able to deal with varieties of personalities. Since you have to interact with total strangers, you should know how to communicate and deal with awkward situations.

Especially if you’re a commerce student, you can easily work as the cashier at any well-operated restaurant. If you have the accounting knowledge, you know how to operate accounting software and how to do data entry. And you know how to prepare an invoice and simple knowledge of vat and tax.

Then you can easily work as a cashier for 3- 4 hours in any restaurant or in any shop. You have to be quick while calculating the amount to be collected from the customer and while.giving the change.

Many people.do not like to wait for long to get their change. Also, you cannot make any mistake while dealing with cash. Else you may have to pay from your own pocket in the car of any loss. These jobs don’t demand higher education.

You should be at least 12 standard passes and you should be able to speak, understand and write the English language. You don’t need to be a fluent speaker of the language. So if you can do all the above mentioned points then you can take any job you like.

16. Radio jockey and anchor:

The work of a radio jockey is not just about presenting the radio show, but also in the field of music programming, screenwriting, radio advertising, to present audio magazines and documentaries.

First of all, you have to understand that the job of radio jockeys is not a regular job from 9 to 5. In the radio, you have to host the show anytime day or night. Besides, radio jockey should not only be aware of the activities happening in the country and abroad but also should know about the cultural activities of its city. So that you could make your show even better and informative.

Well, RJ writes the script before its show, but still, you need to come to change during the show. You need to be spontaneous for this. There are many radio channels present in the country, which are being highly appreciated by the people.

Due to which radio jockeys are also very dear to the people. Radio has now moved out of the houses and reached the hands of people. People like to travel in buses, drive cars and even listen to the radio while walking. If you want to be RJ, you must be not only a better speaker, but you should also be able to handle every situation well.

Also, the presentation skill should also be better for you. It is also very necessary for you to be self-confident. While your voice is influential, your pronunciation should be very clear and sound control too. It is within you that you can attract people through the ups and downs of your voice.

At the same time, an RJ should entertain people of all ages. So you should be able to talk in a way that affects people of all ages. If you want people to like you, then you should have your own style and it must be original. You should also be able to do mimicry.

You should know the regional language and comedy so that you can make your show even more fun. An RJ should also be music. You should not only have enough information about Bollywood but also international music.

However, it is not necessary to do any professional course to become RJ. But to refine your qualities, you can do a degree or diploma course from any institute after the 12th standard Whether you are a student of any stream.

Today there are many organizations in the field of professional jurisdiction and diploma courses for becoming a radio jockey. There is no shortage of work for radio jockey in the media industry. You can apply for Kantipur FM, hits FM, etc and radio Nepal too.

After a little experience, you can also try for voice over commercial, live show host, television shows and movies. In this field, your income depends on the way you perform and the response you get from people. However, for the first three months, you may have to work as an intern. Then you can earn up to eight to fifteen thousand per month by only found the job for three days a week.

17. Bilingual legal assistant:

If you have knowledge of more than one language and understanding the law, then do not waste time looking for a full-time job. Gain a project and start working. The earnings can be quite good at this. First, understand what bilingual legal assistant is and his or her responsibility.

A bilingual legal assistant is the one who works in a secretarial and administrative capacity for a legal firm or office or even an individual lawyer. The must requirement skill is obviously you need to know more than one languages. It can be either English, French, Spanish or any other languages according to the need of the company.

This additional languages skill helps the assistant to have additional communicative skill. You have to translate the languages. You have to communicate and converse in the effective way that the front person or the client can easily understand you.

Along with translation, you have to perform all the other secretarial duties like typing, dictating, answering the phone, maintaining the calendar, dates, and schedule. Since you are not the ordinary assistant but the legal assistant, you may have to perform the research on the internet, you may have to search and look into documents for the evidence.

You may have to prepare the memos and coordinate the law office activity. You have to have the creative skills and able to handle any situation. You should look good and must possess an attractive personality. You should have the confidence and faith in yourself.

You cannot let your emotion color your vision and communication. You should always have the up to date knowledge of the rules and regulations of the nation and the city. You should be aware of the general laws of the Constitution of Nepal.

You should be able.to make the contacts and spread the mutual relation with as many people and media as you can. You may have to deal with the media and reporters too. You should know what to tell, how much to tell and when to tell.

You can pursue this career as a full-time job or you can even work as the freelance legal assistant for any client or lawyer. You have to prepare yourself physically and mentally that this job requires your dedication, your patience, and your diligence.

You should have the IT skills, good typing speed, and fluency in the required language. You should know how to organize the company and the time and should be able to multitask at the same time. You should know how to give attention to the details of the situation.

You should be the part of the team and should know at the same time to be fully discreet according to it the situation required. Some other functions that you may have to carry as the assistant is to organize the meetings, and managing the diaries.

You may have to book transport and handle foreign correspondence. You may have to manage the database and recruit the new staff. You also need to supervise and train the junior staffs of the company.

You can be hired by any governmental firms, banks, private companies, commercial and financial firms, and legal forms, etc. If you are fully prepared, you can choose this field as your part-time job. There’s a full chance of you getting a promotion if you seriously pursue this career.

For this job, the must compulsory skill or qualification that is required is the fluency in the languages required. Formal education may not be required for this job but some clients and companies may ask for at least 12 standard pass students.

Some firms may even ask for your typing speed so do not forget to mention your typing speed in your resume. If you have obtained any kind of secretarial training that will be the added bonus points for you. Knowledge of shorthand typing is another added advantage for this job.

18. Sign language interpreter:

A sign language interpreter has the job of communicating with gestures, understanding the feelings, ideas, and words of people who are unable to hear or speak. The interpreter can speak to them without the movement from the lips. You can learn this art from the internet or you can even do the course.

The film ‘Barfi’ has forwarded the point of views and thinking of the people in need of hearing and speaking in front of society. By becoming a sign language interpreter, you can bring these people a new ray of hope in life.

Assign language interpreter, you can get a job in education, government sector, Nepal news channels, performing art, Mental health, medical field, etc. You can even open your own school if you want to pursue this career as your full-time job. You will not be convinced but the number of people in silent deaf people in the world is the highest.

This sign language is their natural language. That is why in the last few years this sign language and the demand for those who know it are increasing. In order to become a professional in this field, information about different symbols is given to the disabled and handicapped students. The method of use is also taught.

All courses are given in the two to four-month period, including basic and advanced levels of information at different stages. At the same time, they are also given intensive study through signals to connect with the world of knowledge.

Not only this, but communicable English has also been given place in this language course. With the help of which students with disabilities can be taught English speaking and the necessary qualities of many types of art.

Along with the information and communications technology, students with disabilities are taught in how to use their software in their computer. This training is given to them in the lab.

Human Rights for Disabilities in which students with disabilities are exposed to their rights in today’s times. Information about what are their social, legal and political rights, through this course is given. Mass Media in which students with disabilities are taught news readings and anchoring.

Braille Reading and Writing for those who are interested in braille reading and writing. Along with disabled students, normal students can also get this training.

And many other courses are taught as symbolic symbols. Those who make a career in this field also have a chance to have good income. Especially if you join the foreign NGO or medical field, then you can easily earn from twenty to 25 thousand rupees at the initial level. Salary increases after some years of experience.

19. Advertisement posting/ SMS sending/copy paste job/form filling:

You can work offline data entry in part-time. In this, companies offer online data to you. This data has to be typed in MS Word and sent back to the companies.

To make this work you should have the knowledge of both English typing and Nepali typing. Besides, you should also have the basic knowledge of computer, Ms word, Excel, powerpoint and how to use the internet, open emails, send the emails, check the social media, etc. Now for the job of form filling which you can do in the comfort of your home. In this job, you have to fill the details in the form. These details and forms are sent online.

The clients will send you the blank form along with the required information and instructions. You then have to fill the form according to the information received and sent it online.

The job is very simple. It doesn’t require any special knowledge it training or qualifications. You only have to know how to open and use your computer, how to surf the internet and how to browse the different websites.

For the job of advertisement posting, you have to post the companies’ ad in different classifieds on different websites. The more ads you post, the more payment you get. It can be done anytime from anywhere.

For this, you should have a computer or laptop with an internet connection. You can do this work by going to the cyber cafe for a few hours. Companies also make their advertising through the message.

Mobile users are given messages of related product in order to reach their product to as many people as possible. This requires people who send messages to users. You can also do this work in free time for part-time income.

A simple knowledge of sending the SMS to the bulk users is required. For the job of copy and paste, you will have to paste an ad for companies. The more ad you paste in different classified, the more income you will have. No qualifications are needed for this job. You should only know how to do internet surfing.

It is also important to have an internet connection on your computer or laptop. The above-mentioned jobs are simple, easy to perform, no requirement of special skills or training, no requirement of educational qualification.

The only thing required is a laptop or an Android mobile with an internet connection. Make use of your habit of internet surfing. Make the useless habit into a useful earning part-time job.

20. PR Specialist:

There is a lot of demand for this job in the corporate sector. PR stands for public relation. This work is like a bridge that connects the client to the public.

This work is completely dependent on your professional skills and you can be able to apply for this in the online Correspondence Sector job. This job requires good or uprooting communication skills and Frank nature. This job is a very high profile job which you can do as a freelance for any independent clients.

Usually, the students who are in or completed the graduation can simply apply for this job. The P R Specialist main responsibility is to create a guide positive and friendly image of the company or client you’re working for in front of media, local community, consumers and other associated clients.

The maintenance of a good image helps the company to profit in their trade and win over the test of millions of its consumers and customers. The P R Specialist has to develop a press release, draft speech, promote events, held conventions, etc.

The P R Specialist simply acts as a representative of a company. To be a PR Specialists, you need to have certain basic skills like the skill of communication. You should be able to clearly say your thoughts to the other parties and people. You should also be an excellent Listener at the same time and listen to your client what he needs and what he actually has visioned for his company to be.

You should also be socially aware and Keen observer at the same time. You should know even the slightest change in the voice or tones of your client and customers. And never ever let your emotion cloud your communication or conversation.

Your emotion has no role while you’re working for the benefit of the company and the client. The other skill you require is the ability to write the captivating contents in the websites or in the media. You should completely hold the Concentration of your client and customers.

You should have the total grasp of knowledge in your grammar and spelling of the language so that the less mistake you make the more effective you can be. Now you have to have the knowledge of the media and understand them and their roles clearly.

Understanding social media doesn’t mean to like or tag or Pike on your Facebook. But it is the knowledge about how to use which media, when and for what purpose. You are using the media from the benefit of the company you’re working for.

You have to use the media to promote your company brand and name and communicate effectively with the public. You should also have the basic skills to manipulate the various types of media. You should also have the basic idea of Photoshop, youtube, search engine optimization, coding, etc so that your resume will be much more attractive to your prospective clients.

The good P R Specialist should always be creative and original in his skills, writing, communication, promoting. You should be able to come up with new ideas and ways to attract new customer and maintain the old ones.

You should know how to think differently from outside of the box. If you have the capability of being a good P R Specialist, then definitely you can earn a lot more as your income.

Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of the media house, designer of some websites and writer & editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations.

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