20 Part Time Jobs For College Students In Nepal – You Can Choose One of The Best Job That Is Suitable For You

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Part time jobs for college students in Nepal: – Students and youths have often been defined as the future of the nation. For the nation to develop and advance, the youths need to be educated and skilled. Education may be obtained from the college and University but the skill and talent one require for the job can be gained by oneself only.

It’s better if the students keep themselves busy in some work they can do. Not only they learn skill and self confidence. But they will gain the experience and money for themselves. Likewise, they will not have time to divert their minds towards any harmful habits like drug or alcohol addiction or gang fighting etc.

Here are some jobs which students can do in their leisure time and can earn easily enough money.


20 Part Time Jobs For College Students In Nepal – You Can Choose One of The Best Job That Is Suitable For You

1. Content writing:

Content writing and editing is one of the best option for the students to involve. This can be one of the most effective part-time job for the students who are interested in the field of creativity. If you help your friends and family write e-mail or make good notes for them. If your writing is well appreciated. Then you can definitely try your hand at content writing. Along with money you can also have name and Fame in this job. Either was our new generation is always busy in writing something whether be in Facebook or Twitter or Instagram. The difference is wasting time writing nonsense in Facebook and other social medias won’t give you any advantage. So it’s better to try your hand in the content writing.

In such a way, content writing is also open as a career option. People are earning a lot while writing for established mediums like different brands, websites, television channels, magazines, and newspapers. At the same time, you should keep in mind that content writing is being demanded in every kind of languages and dialects. The only thing you need is that edge in your writing that every reader cannot leave the page without praising you. Some things that you need to keep in mind while trying for this job is that you should have the habit of reading as much as you can. It has often happened with us that we buy a novel from the stalls on the road or on a journey.

Obviously, a person who wrote a novel would have read so many books before writing it. We often only read a few lines and decide whether the book is readable or not. So if you wish to come to this profession, then get used to reading constantly. Try to get the idea and the way the content has been written by the great novelist. You will only sharpen your talent and your confidence will be grown. Now the other thing you need to keep in mind is that whether the reader is a fool or a scholar.

Everybody wants to read a clean and uncompromising copy. If you read a two-liner status in Facebook or what’s app that has some mistake you immediately will comment on that. So there is a need to be particularly alert and vigilant in this. Otherwise, even if writing good, the job prospects will be diminished. Now do not forget that we are living in the peak of the digital age. Whatever you are writing on social media or the Internet, it is in the eyes of people. Whatever you write, your right and wrong will be immediately quoted.


So instead of writing a long article, try to write in points and exact to the point. The other important thing is you have to be technology friendly. Its the ancient times when poets, writers, and novelist used to write their things on the paper. Now’s the Time when the younger to older generation kick off the night and day busying their fingers on the keyboard of the laptops, iPads or mobile. People are using the medium of all the technologies like Twitter, Blog, Facebook and Google Plus to reach their voice to millions of people.

Obviously technology-friendly is the first condition for this job to make your contents reachable maximum number of people. Now if you want to be content writer. You have to start writing. It may be that you initially wrote wrong but you will gradually become proficient in this art. It will keep you in the market continuously to keep writing. As well as your earnings will also increase gradually. As content writer you can work as resume writer, web content writer, host writer, science writer. Or you can make your own website and write the page. Or you can join the media house and work as the part-time content writer. You can easily make up to eight to ten thousand rupees per month.

We are hiring for this post. If you can do this content writing job for our blog imnepal.com, then do send an email to [email protected] For information Content writing Part Time Jobs For College Students in Nepal.

2. Content editor:

As the content writer is one of the best part-time jobs. Content editor is also the other best option as a part-time job for the students. After the content writing the job of content editor starts. First you need to understand what is content editor means. Editing means changing something, that is to correct something in the already done work or add some more features. Editing word is related to computer. In general, the work of editing can be done anytime in mobile, computer, internet etc. Content editing means to change or alter the already written contents such that the contents look edgy and beautiful to read.

Sometimes the writers write their articles and they do not check for the rest. They dispatch what they have written. The written articles can be raw in nature. There may be some spelling errors or some grammatical errors. Similarly before publishing the articles, they need to be made with some design and styles with some attractive fonts. Some place in the articles may needed to be highlighted while some topic and title needed to be in larger fonts. All these technicality may not be known by the writer. So the job of the content editor comes. If you want to be content editor, you should have the knowledge of the technology.

It’s better if you have some knowledge of some graphic designing. You should also have the knowledge of how to check spelling and grammar error and how to correct them. Overall, you should know how to make the team contents easy to the eye and attractive to the reader and edgy for the mind. The one and only responsibility of the content editor is to prepare the content writing for it’s for final publication. It’s easy if you have the adequate knowledge. It doesn’t require your too much time as well. You can easily earn ten to fifteen k per month. You can read the content first before anyone. Your knowledge will be extended because no matter what you have to read the article. So gain and only gain.

3. Data entry:

Another option as the part-time job for the students is the job o data entry. Many of us know what data entry is. Entry means to enter or to insert some thing inside. Data means in computer language, which we enter into the computer through input devices such as keyboard, mouse, scanner etc is called the data. That is, if we type something by the keyboard, the words we type are called data. Similarly, when uploading an image or video, that is also the data for the computer.

Apart from entering, you may have to type or translate some data too. If explicitly put in words, feeding any data into a computer is called data entry. For example, feeding customer names, addresses and phone numbers in a bank in a computer is data entry. Now if you want to become a data entry operator. You should have a good catch on language as you may have to translate as well while entering data. For example, some paper may say Milan tole gangabu. You have to type Milan Tole, Gangabu in the computer. You have to have the knowledge of spelling and grammar.

Because if you do a spelling mistake, it will not be suitable for your data entry career. Similarly, you may sometimes have to type only by listening. So first of all, hold on to your language. Apart from language, another important thing to note is that it is your typing speed. If you feel that your typing speed is fine, then you must read the rules of typing at once. Today, everyone has easy typing because of the QWERTY keyboard in mobile, tablet etc., but typing on mobile and typing on the computer is a huge difference.

Most of the data entry job has to be done with computer. So you have to learn to type in the keyboard of the laptop or computer without seeing the keys. It’s not too hard if you learn for a while. If you can type 35 words per minute then you can easily work as data entry operator. You obviously need to know how to operate computer. Since all the work relating to Data entry has to be done through computer. While entering data, you have to keep several shortcuts in mind so that your work becomes easier and you can use it on time. If you are a Data Entry Operator then you are also a computer operator.

So you need to have computer knowledge in which you need to scan, typing, sending email, and even information about it, along with MS Word and Knowledge of excel and power point is also important. You should know how to use internet, how to open a website and how to send emails. Minimum educational qualification is intermediate to become a Data Entry Operator, but graduation is also mandatory at some point. It depends on which department you are applying for the position of Data Entry Operator. Some department even ask for ten class pass data entry operator. You need to then make your resume very attractive and effective. Do not forget to include your typing speed in the biodata. You then increase your ability to talk without fear and with confidence. For this, you can practice in front of the glass. You can then search for this job through your Facebook page or newspaper vacancies. Even though you don’t have any experience, you can easily do this job. And can earn up to eight to ten thousand per month.

4. Freelance:

If there is a talent or skill or any type of art in any person. And if he use that art for another person and the other person give him money in return, this is called the freelancing. In general term, freelance means to work without abiding yourself in any rules and regulations. Freelance gives you the ability to work in your own time and convenience and in your own price. It frees you from the continuous nagging of the boss. It frees you from the 9-5 routine. Now freelancing can be of many kind. Freelancing can be of many types. It can be content writing, designing, SEO, link building, video making etc.

So if you have any such talents and skills in you then you can also earn a lot by freelancing. Already many people are engaged in this freelancing business. The freelancing business has expanded so much that it has set up huge multiple companies and freelancing websites to promote it. In freelancing, two things are important. One is you need to have skill. Second you need to know the ways to contact the people whom you can sell your skill and talent. So it comes to how to make contact between two people who come in the freelancing business. That is, the freelancer (the person who freelancing is called a freelancer) and the other person who wants to get his job done. So there are so many ways in it too.

The most easy way is to find networking sites on the Internet where you can find the freelance jobs. If you have a problem finding work at such sites then you can make direct contact with several companies or online organizations. It is written on many websites that they need freelancer to work for them. You can also search such sites. With freelancing you can earn a lot more money than any business. It will be good to get started with reading and inspiring oneself from the success stories of other freelancers. One of the challenge of the freelancing job is that one month you can have a very good income and the next month you may have no income at all. So you have to prepare yourself mentally to go through this continuous ups and downs.

Although if you have any special skills, you are an expert in your subject and you trust your talent, then you do not need to worry. One other thing that you have keep in mind and most of the freelancer does is to do many types of work. This is absolutely wrong. Because accepting to work in many fields does not make you an expert. You may have to face difficulties in getting clients. Thus prior to starting Freelancing job, you must recognize your Niche. For this, make a list of all your skills and make the skill that you can do the best in. Before you choose a Niche, you should also research about the possibility of getting work in this Niche.

Then you have to be specific about your services. You need to remain steadfast about what services you will provide in your Niche and what you will not. You should also determine the type of your clients you are going to work for in advance. You have to make up your mind if you want to work with big companies with long-term projects or with small companies with Short-Term Projects. When you are confirm one hundred percent about your services and Client-type. Then it will be very easy to find and choose a client. Now you have to set your pricing. You should set a Minimum Price for your work and never work less than your set price. This Minimum Price should be such that it can meet all your financial needs.

From time to time, keep increasing your Minimum Price according to your gaining skill level. But never start with such a low price that can not cover your expense. Do not start with a high price that a client does not give you the project at all. Determine your minimum wage according to your work, Experience and Market value. The other important thing is your degree or merit in Freelancing does not matter, the work you do does matter. Clients often select you and your work by reviewing your previously done work and samples. If you want yourself to have a big project, then you have to demonstrate and prove to the clients that you have done this kind of work before. For this you should create a Portfolio Website or a Blog for yourself.

In that Portfolio, you should include your work Samples, Previous Works experience, Client Testimonials, and Reviews. This will permit your clients to know that you can easily complete their project in time. The next step for you is to make your identity and recognition. Your identity is the key that makes the most important contribution in getting you new projects. Use your existing network to increase your identity. Before contacting a company for freelancing yourself, ask your colleagues, family members, friends, relatives or any other person to recommend you to that company.

After their recommendation when you contact the company yourself. Then you will be more likely to get the new project you want and desire. Its wise if you do research to find your contacts related to the company you want to work with. You can research in LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ etc. For the contacts you need. You should always strive to raise your skills. It is also necessary to get more income. The needs are changing daily. So you have to keep on advancing your skill to meet the advancing need of the client. To advance up skills, it is not necessary that you study with admission in any institute or college. Online Courses are available for every skill nowadays. You can easily raise your skills level with the help of those free of cost online Courses.

5. Teaching:

Teaching is another best option for the college student to take as a part-time job and earn their expenses. Many schools now a days ask for the part-time teachers to teach various faculties. Like science, gym, dance or music and aven sports. Students can apply for these jobs and can work for 3-4 hours per day. This way they can earn up to ten to fifteen thousands per day. Likewise giving tuitions in private to lower class students can also be the alternative option.

The first thing that you need for teaching the students is to have the adequate knowledge of the subject. So first, you need to determine which subject you can teach. Which subject you have the most knowledge and skills. Second you should have the adequate grasp on the language especially English. Almost all the schools are boarding and categorize themselves as the international school. The subjects they teach are in English medium except for the Nepali and Sanskrit. So you should have the proper knowledge of the language and grammar rules.

After identifying the knowledge, you can then form your resume and apply for the job. You can create your profile with the special skills you have. You should familiarize yourself with the current syllabus of the school. The important task in teaching and providing tuitions to the students is to help them pass the exams with good grade. So you should be well familiarize with the type of questions that are to be asked in the examination. The more good results the students bring, the more you will be recognized as the good teacher. The mot opportunity you will get in this job. Then you can post yourself and your resume online. So the parents and schools can easily search for your curriculum vitae.

The next thing you need to know is how to and how much fees you’re going to charge for the services you’re gonna provide. If you’re doing it for the first time, you need to lower your fees. But not too lower such that you can even afford your own expense. The charge should not be too high such that parents and schools hesitate to employ you. Once you’re established and you’re achieving good results, you can then gradually increase your fees. If you’re really interested, you can pursue the career in teaching. The part-time jobs you take can build up your self esteem and confidence.

The initial job can sharpen your ability in teaching. If you don’t want to teach in school but to teach in your own comfort and time. Then also lots of options are available. The only thing you need is the will. Like you can teach them by placing some bench in one small room in your home and can give home tuition. This makes good income. As a teacher side work, you can also check copies of classes and SEE students. You can also earn money by checking the copies of the board exams. The other alternative for you to earn is by organising summer or winter camp. These days the popularity of summer camps and winter camps is increasing. Many teachers organize summer camps on their responsibilities and take fees from the parents for children.

In this way, it also increases income and also works out for you as the best part-time job. You can also give the training on soft skills building. Under the Soft Skills, negotiating, the manner of answering correctly, the method of giving interview etc. are taught. There is a place for case study in Nepal education system. By publishing case studies, teachers can earn a lot of money. Knowledge is essential for this so that students do not get wrong information. Today, there is a lot of emphasis on online tuition in every work.

In this, children can be taught online tuition through Skype etc. There is also good salary for this. Children feel bore when reading any subject in class, but if you prepare a curriculum on a subject creative and put it on the internet through video, then you can have good income from youtube too.

6. Video editing:

As said earlier, editing is to bring out some changes in the previously done job so as to make the raw product beautiful and presentable. Video editing is the job to change or modify the video in such a way the originality remains the same but the video looks more attractive, and the sounds heard clear. Editing is done more in the works like film, video, song etc. If you make a video or movie from your camera or mobile and then edit it by inserting good music, light etc. It will look better than it was before.

There are quite a few different software available for video and music editing such as Wondershare Filmora, Pinnacle Studio 16 Ultimate, AVS Video Editor, Adobe Premiere Elements 11, Final Cut Pro X, iMovie 11, CyberLink PowerDirector, Magix Movie Edit Pro etc. Through editing today, movies and songs are made very interesting. You can do the editing work from computer and mobile. Better editing is done by a computer. But if you want to do basic editing you can do from your mobile.

Video editing has become a good career option for creative people in the media and entertainment industry. The scenes that we get so influenced and thrilled by are made not only by the director, but the credit goes to a video editor as well. In the post-production process, the video editor plays a significant role. Footage shot for video, news, telefilm, documentary or other programs under video editing is arranged sequentially and unnecessary views are removed or deleted. In addition, audio and visuals are also matched in it. The actual packaging occurs after special effects, voice overseas, and music.

The demand for non-linear editing is continuously increasing due to the latest editing technique. If courses related to video editing are done, then the possibility of a good job in the entertainment and media industry increases. To become a good video editor, you must have an imaginative and technical understanding. A successful video editor must have a quick look and critical thinking. The attribute of listening to others and working in the team plays an important role.

There are lots of opportunities for those who have mastered Editing software. After completing the course of video editing, you can work in news and entertainment channels, production houses, web designing companies, music companies, feature films etc. There is also a lot of options for working in this field as a freelance. If you have the knowledge of video editing software and computer information, then you can work as video editor. You can also get the part-time jobs in news channel, television serials, self-video editing studio, web design company, advertising agency, multi media company. After doing PhD you can also do lecturer job at the Media Institute. If you are good in your job, you can charge up to ten to fifteen thousands for five to ten minutes video editing.

7. Research:

Nowadays research has a lot of money. Research on new topics or old topics and try to find new things you are interested in. Then you can publish your findings after proper research. Any kind of discovery can be found in the market online. But it should be kept in mind that the findings reports should be in the children’s and reader’s interest. It requires both time and dedication which if you can would be the best option for you to earn name and money.

Your interest in doing this job is very important. Because most people consider this work to be boring. If research is your hobby then you can work as an assistant in Business Houses, Media Houses. The specialty of this field is that here your networking becomes good and the amount of your earnings will also get better. In this job, you should have the general knowledge of relevant business, research skills and quality content. You should be able to provide high quality answers to the related business questions and to explore them. You can earn up to thousand to fourteen hundred percent per hour in this job. Executives of many Business Houses do not have time to do their own research. In such a way, he employs people for this work. If you have a good grasp on general knowledge and are fond of doing research then you can do this.

8. Guest service coordinator:

Demand for this work is mostly in tourism and event management. This job is to deal with guests or clients and solve their problems. By doing this work, not only will you earn money but you will also get confidence in yourself. In it you have to deal with the client and solve their problems. Remember, during your work you have to present a good image of the company in front of the client. If you have this potential, you can connect with areas like tourism, hotels, events, through this work. The traits that you should have in this sector is the knowledge of more than two languages.

Knowledge of language is the biggest demand of this sector. Companies give the highest attention to employees who have more knowledge of foreign language. Apart from Hindi, English and regional languages, it is important for employees to be proficient in languages like French, Spanish, Japanese etc. Therefore, companies take a translation test during the selection process. If you want to work in a hotel, motel, theme park, travel agency or any government tourism department, you must be aware of corporate culture. Tourism companies organize corporate tour plans, conference meetings for corporate sector of different areas.

In such a situation, professionals who work in big companies daily have to contact. There is a good demand for those who have experience in the corporate sector. Many of us can have information about the most beautiful places and weather information in the world. But most of the people in tourism are in need, who are engaged in the search of new islands, beautiful places in the world map. Apart from this, people who have new ideas for the purpose of enhancing entertainment and attracting people towards tourism are liked by organizing tour programs.

Likewise, you should also have the knowledge of all the rules and regulations of different nation’s like Visa apply, ticketing, good hotels and package plans. So that you can easily deal with the problems that the clients may face during their visit. If you have the knowledge, will and patience you can easily do this job as part-time. You can also enhance your career in this field for your future. When the tourist arriving season is at the peak, you can earn enough money through this profession. When the tourist season is off, you can concentrate on your studies. It can also enhance and improve your personality.

It can give you the variety of experience as you have to deal with various people from various nation’s and places. It’s not compulsion for you to visit the places in person or meet the clients in person. You can easily help them and deal with their problems at the comfort of your home through the internet and Skype. The earnings you can have is more than enough for you to cover your expenses.

9. Social media assistant:

This is a new job in the field of New Media. Here you have to manage the social media accounts of companies and manage their content. This job requires you to use internet and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. Which is easy since every youngsters know how to use the internet and social medias now w days. In it, you should be able to communicate the content of any company, organization, website, news paper on different channels of the internet. You can earn up to Rs 1,400 per hour in this part-time job. In this job, you get money according to work you have done.

A lot of youths are very happy to spend time on social media. Many times they spend their entire day on the social media. If you also want to spend more time on social media, then you can make your hobby even more useful.by applying for this job. You need to keep track of the strategy so that the brand and the company you’re working for can benefit. If you expect Bright Future in this profession, you won’t be wrong. You have to keep Keen eye in all the communication that happens in Social Media.

You may also have to see the daily live social posts. You need to keep the record of the content of posts posted on social media in a systematic way. You need to have the good grasp of language especially English. You should have the knowledge of grammar and spelling. While managing the contents of the companies in social media, you may have to reply for their emails. You may have to promote the brand and the company. You may have to write about the company in Facebook and other medias. So you should be very careful not to make any mistakes and errors.

It not only have the adverse effect on the company you’re working for, but it will also not be good for your status and image. You should also have the knowledge of the effective communication skills. Since the major responsibility of the job is to communicate the contents of the companies in various media channels. You need to know how to effectively communicate these contents to the concerned clients. There’s no place for any errors. Since the content will.be on the media. It’s easier for the readers and people.active on social media to quickly point out the errors. So if you’re dedicated and interested you can make your social.media using habit into an income-generating job.

10. Graphic design:

Graphic design, also known as the Communication Design, is an Art that is an experience of planning and projecting, visual and textual content of Ideas. The demand for this job is highest online. Today many media houses, the film, and advertising agencies are hiring graphic designers. Here you can freelance work according to the project. You should have the creative skills and adequate knowledge of the best and latest graphic designing software.

The graphic designer’s job is to create creative ideas for their clients, who can differentiate their client’s institute. Creativity is the first requirement for this work. Apart from this, it is also important to have full knowledge of the trends of the industry, knowledge of new software in the area of graphic designing, professional approaches and the ability to complete work on time. If you want to talk about careers in the field of graphic designing, then this field has a better chance of employment in the current settling of globalization.

All small-scale institutions create visual brands for themselves. Graphic designers can find work on websites, advertising agencies, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, corporate communications, and corporate identities etc. The forms used can be either physical or virtual. It may include images, word, texts or graphics. Experiences can be in a moment or in a long period. If you want to be a good graphic designer, then you should be able to see your work from your consumers’ perspective.

You should be able to know how do they want to develop the design so that they are exactly what consumer want. Graphic Designer should be able to design those designs that are classic and interesting and are attractive for clients and consumers. You can make an illustration of Design Ideas either by hand using sketching or computer programs. You should communicate with clients, consumers and other designers to ensure that their design accurately reflects Desired Messaging and effectively communicates information.

You should be able to think about new ways of communicating ideas. Make sure you develop unique designs that deliver a definite message from your clients. Graphic Designers often work on many projects at the same time. Each job has different deadlines and you have to complete your work on time. So if you can then only engage oneself in two or more jobs else you can stick with one at a time. Punctuality is the key in the success in this job. As far as educational qualification is concerned, to get a job in it.

Usually a graphic design diploma or graduation is required in the relevant field. However, graduate students in any field can make a career by getting technical training in graphic design. Graphic designing is a combination of art and technique, so students who have received a degree diploma in art from some institutes are earning good money and names by doing a six-month course. However, this course can be done even after 12th standard. Graphic designing is taught through the projects based on the current needs of the industry. Thus choose this course as the one who has different ways of thinking. There should be technical and educational qualifications with the habit of reading and news Sense, because the field area and qualification of a graphic designer is very elaborate.

20 Part Time Jobs For College Students In Nepal – You Can Choose One of The Best Job That Is Suitable For You
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