An Open Letter To Everybody “I’m Sorry” – Apology Letter


An Open Letter To Everybody “I’m Sorry” – Apology Letter

We live in today’s generation,

Mind you we never wanted an alteration.

Well I am sorry for the generations to come

Because we ruined the resources, the trees we cut and the good things we dumped.

We did not think about how you guys would have been fascinated by the animals

But we did leave you horrors and tragic of their skulls.


Well I am sorry on behalf of every individual human being

We never realized how special the earth was until we looked back and saw it was never the same.

Like a broken marriage, we never thought how special it was until it was gone.

We cut down all those trees and made money out of it – the things we wanted.

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I’m Sorry

We have been spending it all along and forgot what we really needed.

Well I am sorry we left you with our mess while trying to do something

We left you Amazon dessert where there were trees millions and billions of them

Oh! You don’t know much about trees

Well they are great, they give us oxygen to breathe, purifies water, gives us food to eat and place to live

But we burnt them all one by one to make a football stadium and eventually make money

When I was a child I read that all the people are responsible for the land they live in

Saving resources for 7 generations

Well, I am sorry because today’s generation does not know how to live for tomorrow.

I am really sorry because we kept profit above people, greed above need, the rule of gold above golden rule

We never knew that this destruction we made was named as progress

We poisoned the sea, we polluted the environment and created a bigger mess

And if we still think that global warming is not an issue

Then ask those people who are living on the street because their houses have been washed away by increasing sea levels


And if we still think that climate change is not issue

Then ask those Africans kids who have to live under the sky and suffering from diseases.

If you say you love the smell of the fossils and decays

Then ask those kids who have been forced to wear a pollution mask when going to school.

You can certainly ignore this but the thing about truth is you can deny but you can not avoid.


We can not call this  a mistake and error because this can be corrected

A simple step is all we need and stand for the trees and the environment.

When the trees get infected, scientists don’t look at the branches, they look at the roots

So that’s all we need to do is focus on the roots.

And I do not talk about the branches of the corrupt politicians

We are the roots and we are the foundations

This earth is our only home and hopes to stay

Because I am sorry we did not find out another planet to live

We are not  apart from nature

We are a part of nature and we should not take this place for granted.

To betray nature is to betray us and to save the earth is saving humanity.

Whatever you are fighting for whether it’s racism, feminism or any ‘ism’

It won’t matter in the future because

If we do not save this earth nothing will matter

The equality you are looking for won’t matter

Because if we do not unite ourselves to save this earth

We will be equally extinct.

The earth is 4.5 billion years old and if you condense the life of earth

Into 24 hours then we have been here for just 3 seconds.

3 seconds to destroy everything that was made for us.

We have humbly named us homo sapiens meaning wise man

But are we really wise?

It is good to be smart but not too smart for your own good.

Yes we did make machines, found about the universe to search for new homes

But at the same time, the machines we built has caused a massive destruction.

In the quest of searching homes, we neglected the home we are living in.

This cannot be wisdom.

While wisdom listens when intelligence speaks

But brutally covered the scream of the mother nature and closed our eyes to all her help wanted signs.

We have created the extinction of animal by 1000 times and increased crime.

Elephants went, tigers are gone, polar bears gone in just 3 seconds.

Species who have been here more than we are gone because of us.

The only planet in the solar system has been disgraced.

We are a miracle because we are perfectly distant from the sun so that

We do not get burnt and not too far from the sun to turn into ice.

We are perfect in this paradise and the trees just don’t give us medicines

Coincidentally, but because we are family.

The problems are not climate change or global warming

It is the symptoms and problems of us

The result of doing and the consequences of us.

It is up to you to make an effort and use the time as essence.

Why don’t we take a step forward and afforest

Because that’s how our mistake can be corrected.

Let’s think about the generations to come

And not leave them with the messy planet.

Make a synergetic effort and use our wisdom as we are named

And then only we can move to the 4th second.

I am not sorry because I know we can redirect this mess.

This letter is emailed by the Writer: Susaan Basel


Jitendra Sahayogee

I am Jitendra Sahayogee, a writer of 12 Nepali literature books, film director of Maithili film & Nepali short movies, photographer, founder of the media house, designer of some websites and writer & editor of some blogs, has expert knowledge & experiences of Nepalese society, culture, tourist places, travels, business, literature, movies, festivals, celebrations.

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