40 Online Shopping Center in Nepal That Fulfill Your Daily Needs

Online shopping center in Nepal:- The operation of the business online or through media and the internet is mostly treated as online marketing and there are several shopping centers that are providing these types of services for the convenience of the customer to get more attraction toward their shops and shopping center.

The customer is mostly classified into three groups to make a better transaction on the basis of income mostly that is high, medium, and low income.

The customer is treated as the king of the market and the business is referred to as their kingdom. The customer is always with the intention of getting qualitative goods at a low price. And business is always in the motivated with the gaining high-profit from the business, There are the battle and war between the customer and the business organization.

Customers have many choices but the business organizer has no choice but it is also said that the land gives the crops if you make it fertile and the plants obviously give the fruit if you care it.

Similarly, the same things happen in the business and shopping center if there are many and substitute goods in the markets then the customer also become obligated to buy and the same condition is applied to the business aspects like if there is a large number of shops then the proprietor of business also become obligated to sell the products in competitive price and qualitative goods.

A customer of nowadays is going day by day advanced and due to the development of technology.

online shopping center sites websites in nepal
online shopping center sites websites in Nepal

The works and the transaction of business have become possible with the help of the internet and communication. C the busy world has no time to spend their money and time in the shops.


For their help and making the works and pressure helpful, the business network has adopted online shopping which makes the customer directly connected to the shops and product screening.

The customer also feels easy to recognize and know about the product’s life. The customer also takes the breath of relief from the overload of overhead and time spent.

The customer is always in the hurried nature because e the present people of the world have no time to take and rest and not can imagine the talk due to the scarcity of time. But there is available time to them who work and walk by the management of time.

The person can’t get any time to do work but some of the people finish their works responsibly. There are many shopping centers in context to online shopping in Nepal.

But as the capital city of Nepal, it is most preferred and conducted in Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the largest ground of any performance of business which produces a large number of products and services and generates business ideas and minds.

The customer is now a day have become lazy due to the available services and providing business networks and channels.

With the development of the Internet and Internet-based gadgets, a large portion of the general population is partial to things accessible over the web. Facebook and online media have developed their influence on people of Nepal especially nowadays.

Till 2018, individuals have changed their method for Shopping and now have begun to utilize innovation for Shopping in Nepal as well.

Nepal is advancing quickly in the field of Technology and due to that reason, the quantity of Online Shopping Sites has additionally expanded in Nepal. Individuals are utilizing their cell phones, cell phones, workstations, and work areas for Shopping. Is it true that it isn’t incredible?

All things considered, as the quantity of Online Shopping Sites in Nepal is expanding step by step, the opposition among the organizations is additionally expanding.

There are more than several Online Shopping Sites in Nepal in 2018. This prompts disarray among the Consumers and Customers on picking the best shopping locales for their everyday shopping background. Web-based shopping destinations or online stores are likewise one of the mainstream things in the web world at this point.

Here in this article, we have gathered the Best Top Online shopping website in Nepal for a web-based business, which is in rivalry available. Regardless of whether it be for garments or kitchenware, individuals will, in general, go online for shopping today. Internet shopping is broadly mainstream from youngsters to old.

In any case, until a couple of years, E-business was as yet juvenile in Nepal. Be that as it may, today, you can discover assortments of destinations when you go on the web.

Web-based shopping has turned out to be exceptionally well known among the general population living in the real urban areas of Nepal. It has turned out to be mainstream primarily on account of comfort and simplicity to shop from their home or office.

A standout amongst the most engaging elements about web-based shopping is that it reduces the need to hold up in long queues or scan from store to store for a specific thing.

They see numerous youngsters are pulled in to online stores, as they can see the value, look at between at least two destinations and purchase the item. Here are some dynamic and popular web-based shopping destinations we have gathered for you.

The customer gets easily transformation with the business and products if he or she likes much.

So there are also available of much online shopping centers of Nepal which are providing these types of services for convenient of the customer that are classified and described below:


40 Online Shopping Center in Nepal That Fulfill Your Needs

1. Daraz.com.np

Daraz Nepal is known to be the main ever online stage that offers to purchase and moving in Nepal. It is the quickest developing web-based business stage in Nepal offering an unparalleled shopping knowledge at the solace of your home.

It was begun in 2012 by Rocket Internet yet has now been procured by the Alibaba Group. You can appreciate advantageous and bother free web-based shopping without racing to the stores.

Daraz guarantees to take your style proclamation to an unheard-of level by having a comprehensive assortment of items, classes, and brands on board.

There is no uncertainty that Daraz is a standout amongst other web-based shopping locales in Nepal and they believe that Daraz may very well be the main Online Shopping Business in Nepal in 2018.

Daraz came in Nepal with the name of Kaymu and Kaymu hit the Nepali shopping market with a blast and all the Online Shopping knowledge was gotten Nepal by Kaymu. Later Kaymu was sold to Daraz and from that point forward Daraz is working incredibly extraordinary in Nepal today also.

Daraz is the best decision for the two Sellers and Buyers since it likewise gives Multivendor choices in which a dealer or a man who has a Shop can enlist with Daraz and work alongside Daraz to move the items in Daraz’s site. Recently, Daraz has joined with Alibaba, China’s Leading E-commerce Site to build its Online Presence and give the clients the best Online Shopping Experience in Nepal.

Some time ago Kaymu is quickest developing on the web commercial center working in South Asian nations Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Nepal. A wide assortment of items is accessible in Daraz. The items incorporate shopper hardware, mold, and magnificence items, close by quickly developing general items.

Daraz is positioned in any case due to the accessibility of items and their quality. As of late, they have refreshed their application to incorporate more items and highlights.

Daraz conveyance is additionally entirely solid. It ships items to a large portion of the urban areas of Nepal. There’s nearly everything recorded on the site that is required in the day by day life. Daraz has been most people first need while purchasing items on the web. They offer just money down choice for the installment to date.

Daraz.com.np (in the past known as Kaymu.com) is one of the best shopping destinations in Nepal. Daraz has a wide combination of purchaser gadgets, form, and magnificence items, nearby a quickly developing randomness of general stock.

In Mar 2018 – Alibaba gathering, the Chinese eCommerce mammoth has obtained the whole offer capital of Daraz, the Pakistan-based web-based business organization that has been running on the web commercial center administrations in various South Asian nations including Nepal. Average normal day by day sales count on Daraz Nepal is 2500+

2. Hamrobazar.com

Is it accurate to say that you are wanting to sell your items online in Nepal? All things considered, Hamrobazaar.com can be your first decision for Buying and Selling Products Online in Nepal. Hamrobazaar has taken the Buying and Selling of Second Hand Products to the next dimension in Nepal.

Hamrobazar.com is FREE online counted which empowers people and in addition, organizations to list a wide assortment of the new or utilized item on the web.

Hamrobazar.com trusts that the Internet is an incredibly limited time vehicle and in addition correspondence channel for interfacing purchasers and merchants. Hamrobazar.com is an impeccable site which records your items for nothing.

It is one of largest networks of selling the product servicing and targeting the Nepalese. This is I think the first internet solution which is currently busy with solving problems. The customer is getting full and satisfying service from this site. As it deals with many products and items refer to all class that is high and low income. The site originally compels the services to every class people as it consists the product of every type and termination.

The termination is never ended with the bargaining dealing because there is only the screening and displaying of the products with the price is written and changed below. If you are interested in buying then you can choose and make it in transactional forms.  

The greatest Nepalese site of Nepal which performs their services with verifying and satisfying the customer. The customer is also satisfied because it provides also home services but charges some additional for the reached.

So it is the best platform for buying or purchasing the goods at a cheaper rate. The customer has no much time to discuss and bargain with the customer for making better dealing in business and purchasing the qualitative goods by going to the shop.


These types of networking platforms have made the customer lazy and shopkeepers more active according to my views. So with these services some of the portions of the people are unsatisfied and the majority of the youth are satisfied.

It processed with difficulties to the uneducated man and makes the easier waves to the educated manpower. The customer is always active to buy the active and fancy goods so there also creates the suspension of the actuality of the products. But by saying and criticizing from every angle, it consists more merits than demerits.

Hamrobazaar is the main place in Nepal where you can move and purchase both Second Hand and First Hand Products Online. Call and contact straightforwardly to the vendor and purchase items.

Hamrobazar.com is an online characterized which empowers people and additionally organizations to list the wide assortment of the new or utilized item on the web.

It is a standout amongst the most utilized shopping locales in Nepal as it gives the stage to the person to move their very own items. Hamrobazar.com is an incredible channel for associating purchasers and dealers. Hamrobazar.com is an ideal content which records your items for nothing.

They additionally highlight new items yet the site isn’t that well known for purchasing new items. It is additionally a standout amongst the most visited destinations in Nepal.

Hamrobazar.com is a FREE online ordered website. Hamrobazar empowers people and in addition, organizations to list a wide assortment of the new or utilized item on the web. Shopping in Hamrobazar is a simple counting. You can do it in 3 straightforward ways is Find a promotion for the item, Contact the dealer, Finalize the content.

Aside from regular items like an array, frill, and so forth. Hamrobazar gives a stage to offers of vehicles and additionally occasions and happenings around as well. Average normal day by day sales count on hamrobazar is 2500+

3. Sastodeal.com

Sasto Deal is one of Nepal’s greatest web-based shopping site. Sastodeal conveyances are for the most part free inside Kathmandu valley and a little extra charge is included for requests outside the valley. They ensure the profits and trade of the items inside the predetermined timeframe.

Sastodeal conveys items to the greater part of the urban communities of the nation and offers money down for the installment. Some conveyance charges are brought about while the items are conveyed to your area.

Sastodeal is another Online Shopping Brand that has been working in the field of the web for quite a while and giving astounding web-based shopping knowledge to Nepali clients.

Sastodeal gives items in all classes like Men’s, Women’s and Kids attire, footwears, embellishments and that’s just the beginning. Sastodeal additionally serves for internet shopping of items from Electronics, Gadgets, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances, and some more.

Sasto Deal is one of Nepal’s greatest web-based shopping site. With web clients on the skyscraper, Nepal is moving towards a computerized upset. Customers never again need to hold up in rush hour gridlock, can foresee rebate and invest hours searching for the items and administrations that they need.

Everything necessary is a couple of snaps and a couple of moments to find the item and to put order(s) at Sasto Deal. Home conveyances are for the most part free inside Kathmandu valley and a little extra charge is included for requests outside the valley.

They think that it’s captivating to see customers from each alcove and corner of Nepal putting in their requests at Sasto Deal. In the interim, adroit entrepreneurs have discovered it exceedingly simple to highlight their items on their site.

At completely zero showcasing costs, organizations can achieve a large number of clients. That is the intensity of the internet business. Also, they think that it’s invigorating to come out on top. They have expanded their system for a book reader and travel lovers.

Sastodeal.com is one of the greatest online destinations for adornments, dress, hardware, array, and so on a sensible cost. Sastodeal is likewise one of the shopping locales with a great portable application.

Not at all like the vast majority of the shopping destinations, Sastodeal gives a component to follow your item. In the event that you need to get great shopping background through on the web, Sastodeal can likewise be one of your decisions.

Item following in Sastodeal is one of its exceptional attributes. All you must do is explore to your Track Order page in Sastodeal site, enter your request-id, telephone number and track the advancement of your request.

Average everyday normal requests on Sastodeal are 300+

4. Muncha.com

Muncha.com.np is the online adaptation of the departmental store “Muncha House”. They have an early history. Muncha began its administration in 2000.

Muncha.com.np is a computerized shopping center and blessing site where you can locate a wide assortment of items to address your issues. Their fundamental point is to furnish boundless assortments of items with the best quality administrations.

They acknowledge iPay, MasterCard, and VISA as an installment alternative. Money down is accessible in Muncha. They convey items inside 2-3 working days.

www.muncha.com is the online adaptation of the departmental store “Muncha House”.

In staying aware of present-day times, internet shopping was begun through Munchahouse.com in the year 2000. This was later changed to Muncha.com which stands right up ’til today.

Muncha.com.np is the online variant of Muncha House. Nonetheless, it very well may be named a shopping site as it is a computerized shopping center and the perfect site where you can locate a wide assortment of items to address your issues.

You can shop online at Muncha.com by simply remaining at home sparing time and vitality and getting your products conveyed to their doorstep in a sensible cost.

www.muncha.com is a computerized shopping center and blessing site where you can locate a wide assortment of items to address your issues. Their primary point is to furnish you boundless assortments of items with the best quality administrations.

You can shop online at Muncha.com by simply remaining at home sparing time and vitality and getting your products conveyed to their doorstep at a sensible cost. The average day by day normal requests on muncha is 200+.

5. Smartdoko

SmartDoko is a web-based shopping goal in Nepal offering an extensive variety of items whereby the clients can appreciate an issue free buy of items which is currently only a tick far from coming to their doorsteps. The mission of their organization is to be a single tick answer for their purchasers.

The Strategies picked by SmartDoko is to hold up under an unparalleled cost, provoke conveyance, an abnormal state of responsiveness and unwavering quality, a wide choice of items and administrations, give compensation focuses, coordinated advertising correspondence, and solid dissemination channels.

Smartdoko is another part of the internet business industry in Nepal. Smartdoko is in the condition of developing and its developing pleasantly. Incredible client reviews and decent items in its store make Smartdoko be one of the client’s decisions for internet shopping encounters in Nepal.

The site offers the absolute best costs and quality item in Nepal. They give the best incentive to cash on all items and administrations.

They likewise give quickest conveyance and secureness on the shopping. They give you the most extensive scope of item decisions. They are customer inviting also and permit trade and return benefits.

They empower their seller accomplices to contact the most extensive group of onlookers. You can pay after your products in the conveyance, i.e. money down. SmartDoko is an advanced shopping center and blessing site where you can locate a wide assortment of items to address your issues. Their primary point is to furnish boundless assortments of items with the best quality administrations.

The Strategies picked by SmartDoko is to tolerate top-notch costs, provoke conveyance, an abnormal state of responsiveness and unwavering quality, wide determination of items and administrations, give compensation focuses, coordinated showcasing correspondence, and solid circulation channels.

6. Nepbay (nepbay.com)

NepBay began in 2007 as an online index of items and shops in Kathmandu Valley, in the long run, changed itself into an online shopping center lastly into the general population’s commercial center of Nepal.

Nepbay began its administration in 2007 as an online index of shops in Kathmandu and Lalitpur.

At the point when NepBay began, Nepal’s polite war was simply finished with no business foundation set up, and with the great low entrance of the web. NepBay has incorporated itself with a web-based business powerhouse, an aftereffect of that now NepBay serves over 5000+ organizations and business people in Nepal through its eco-counting of contents and adjusted provided food through 5 distinct organizations under the parent association Thulo Group.

Nepbay is an Online Shopping Site in Nepal that has been working and serving for web-based shopping background of clients from quite a while. Nepbay permits boards for the two Buyers and Sellers to purchase and move items online through Nepbay.

Nepbay likewise moves items for Men, Women, Kids, Electronics, Home Appliances, Kitchen Appliances and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

As indicated by Nepbay “NepBay.com is your Ultimate Online Marketplace where you can purchase or Sell items. Aside from new items, NepBay Bazar is a stage of Nepbay.com for second-hand items.

NepBay.com isn’t simply constrained to Online Shopping and is likewise a stage for News, Events, Sales, Community Forum, Polls, Quizzes, Videos, and Contests. Investigate FAQs.”

In this way, Nepbay can likewise be a standout amongst other decisions of yours for Online Shopping, News, Events, and numerous new things to discover on the web.

They have developed to end up an online stage for Buyers, Sellers, and Advertisers to exhibit their items and brands. NepBay offers a choice of a wide assortment of stores and classes where the purchasers can choose from 1000s items. 100s of stores and 1000s of classifications make NepBay online stage for secure online exchanges.

NepBay acknowledges PayPal, VISA, MasterCard as worldwide installment choices. They likewise give installment shape Nepal Investment Bank and Laxmi Bank credit and check cards. NepBay is an insurgency with a mission to change the method for working together in Nepal. They have created devices and advances to enable you To begin, RUN and GROW your business in the web.

At the point when NepBay presented “Money down” benefit in 2013, it was the first run through clients in Nepal who could put orders on the web and get merchandise straightforwardly into their doorstep.

From that point forward, NepBay is developing step by step into a definitive commercial center by tackling issues of working together in Nepal; in a steady progression. With 100s of Shops moving 25,000+ items in 700+ classifications crosswise over Nepal. NepBay is genuinely an extreme commercial center for Nepali organizations and business people.

Following the achievement of “Money down” administrations that kept running in other creating countries in Asia and Africa, NepBay’s initiative just took the striking choice to present Cash On Delivery benefit in Nepal. The choice itself has now ended up being a trust-capable mechanism of working together over the web in Nepal.

After the gigantic achievement of “Money down” in the year 2014 and 2015, Nepal saw an astonishing uprising in a web-based business enterprise which brought about mushrooming of online shops and conveyance benefit the nation over.

Furthermore, even pulled in a couple of Foreign Direct Investments that has now turned out to be very aggressive with National online business specialist co-ops.

Nepbay is a shopping site where you can purchase or Sell items. For Buyers, NepBay discovers items, administrations, and shops offered by the dealers, no centerman. For Sellers, NepBay gives world-class apparatuses, innovations, stage, and framework to grandstand and move items and administrations all-inclusive.

No Commission, No Sales Fees. Nepbay.com isn’t simply restricted to internet shopping and is likewise a stage for News, Events, Sales, Community Forum, Polls, Quizzes, Videos, and Contests. Additionally, Nepbay gives Grocery shopping offices. Average day by day normal sales on nepbay is 200+.

7. Meroshopping.com

Internet Shopping in Nepal is winding up increasingly more prevalent as you can appreciate shopping from the solace of your home. Being open 24×7 the shopping conceivable outcomes are perpetual.

Meroshopping.com is the answer for any web-based shopping in Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur, and some other real city in Nepal.

Solid, reasonable, and offering Free home conveyance inside Nepal, at the end of the day Meroshopping.com. Shopping has never been so natural and fun, with their easy to use web-based shopping stage, clients can peruse and straightforwardly buy their ideal items utilizing a safe and safe online installment framework.

The significant urban areas in Kathmandu as well as giving web-based shopping in Pokhara, Butwal, Chitwan, Dharan, Surkhet, Birgunj, Biratnagar, Jhapa and Nepalgunj, Mero Shopping has achieved numerous customers in Nepal. With a quick and free conveyance inside 24 hours, Mero Shopping turns out to be dependable and reasonable.

Flawless to send endowments to Nepal, Mero Shopping clients can utilize web-based shopping in Nepal from Australia, the USA, Europe, and Asia. Buy endowments, items, extras, and garments, at that point let it be conveyed to companions or family inside Nepal.

Having not just an online nearness, Mero Shopping has additionally an online blessing shop in Kathmandu Nepal. Utilizing the online blessing shop in Kathmandu Nepal is simple and it grandstands all their uncommon and one of a kind items.

Mero Shopping in Nepal gives the ideal chance to those living abroad yet at the same time needs to send blessings to Nepal. Perfect amid the celebration seasons, clients can send birthday presents, wedding presents, mother’s day, father’s day presents, Valentine’s Day presents to Nepal.

The most up to date devices, items, extras, and beautifying agents are constantly accessible with Mero Shopping. Exhibiting and offering different promotion limits internet shopping in Nepal has never been less demanding and fascinating.

Offering acclaimed marks, as well as those remarkable items they can’t discover in some other shop, are accessible at Mero Shopping. Making your shopping knowledge increasingly fun and send endowments to Nepal.

8. Socheko (socheko.com)

Socheko.com is one of the main, brisk, and solid locales for Online Shopping in Nepal. Nepal’s #1 internet shopping commercial center, with the fastest combination of 10 Thousand or more items crosswise over 500 or more assorted classifications. Every one of the items and classifications from national, worldwide brands and retailers.

Shop online in Nepal at whatever point you need to get veritable items conveyed to your doorstep from your most loved brands with express send.

Their perfect, vivid plan takes into account simple route crosswise over classifications and brand stores so you can locate the best items from an extensive variety of cell phones, mobiles, workstations, people’s attire, kids’ wear, shoes, watches, and different frill on the web. You can check their extraordinary offers and content of the day area to get the best costs on different items crosswise over form, gadgets, way of life, and so on.

Socheko.Com has expected to give you a one-stop answer for everything need. Presently a day’s web has been mostly normal and part of their life. They are hunting down results of their need however they can not oversee time to go and get it.

At some point, they don’t find that in their market, getting the chance to showcase in now any numerous difficulties like congested road stopping, etc. Indeed, even they go to advertise its not certain that they’ll discover the store or the value they are paying is veritable or not.

You will get the right item on the right route precisely at your entryway step from socheko.com.

They at “Socheko” don’t submit they’ll deal their item on less expensive cost than others in light of the fact that they don’t accept on value war they are increasingly dedicated to quality. In another word they can state that they’ll take the right cost for the right item.

Socheko.Com is advanced by Nepal’s fame business bunch who has been in the Nepal business field for the most recent 20 years. They have comprehended estimation of the client and dependably accept on client starts things out.

Why not give an attempt with Socheko.com for Online Shopping Experience in Nepal?

9. Gajabko (gajabko.com)

Gajabko.com is likewise an Online Shopping Portal in Nepal. With the tremendous change in the ascent of web clients nowadays, Online shopping has risen in an incredible stream, and Gajabko wills to give astonishing Online Shopping Experience to every one of the clients.

Gajabko.com offers the extensive variety of items by which the clients can appreciate an issue free buy of items which is currently only a couple of snap away and one moment to find the item from coming to their doorsteps.

Gajabko is working pleasantly in the field of Online Shopping and might be it’s an ideal opportunity to have an involvement with shopping at Gajabko.com.

10. Bhatbhateni Online Shopping (bhatbhatenionline.com)

Bhatbhateni is Nepal’s Biggest Shopping Center in 2018 with its Super Market accessible at pretty much every city of Nepal. Since 1984 A.D, Bhat-Bhateni has developed from a ‘solitary shade’ 120 sq. ft. chilly store to end up the main market and departmental store chain in Nepal, and the most astounding citizen in the part since 2008 A.D. with in excess of 40,000 clients day by day.

There are as of now Fourteen stores strategically placed in focal Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Pokhara, Chitwan, Dharan, and Butwal.

Bhat-Bhateni offers a full scope of 120,000 items from 750 neighborhood and global providers, including an extensive variety of perishables, crisp products of the soil; an expansive scope of driving universal alcohol, toiletries, and beautifiers brands; and a broad decision of kitchenware, garments, sports, toys and electrical things.

Moreover, the two premises incorporate phenomenal esteem adornments stores that offer an extensive variety of gold and silver trimmings in both conventional and present-day styles.

Presently Bhatbhateni has likewise trusted that clients need some web-based shopping encounters and accordingly it has begun its web-based shopping entry as Bhatbhateni Online Shopping.

BhatBhateniOnline.com is an online element claimed and overseen by a group of experts enthusiastic about conveying quality web-based shopping administrations to Nepal. BhatBhateniOnline.com bends over backward to make your web-based shopping background quick, simple and secure and they are most worried about giving you the best after-sales benefit.

Bhatbhateni is Nepal’s quickest developing internet shopping site with more than 10,000 clients enlisted since their website went live in April 2011. Throughout the years, they have constantly looked for approaches to enhance their site and benefit and will keep on doing as such. Lets shop through Bhatbhateni Online !!

11. KTM Plaza (ktmplaza.com)

KTM Plaza additionally keeps running in the race of Online Shopping in Nepal and has been creating stunning results with its huge number of Customers and Huge Products Database.

KTM Plaza trusts “Web-based business makes all the individual life so natural, whatever they require only one call and the item go to their entryway.”

KTM Plaza is an outstanding and rising name in the internet business industry where individuals get all the stuff which incorporate things like shoes, cell phones, a diverse assortment of hardware, earphones, pen drive at a moderate cost on one call with a way to entryway expedited service administrations.

The site offers probably the best costs and quality item in Nepal. They give the best incentive to cash on all items and administrations. They additionally give quickest conveyance and secureness on the shopping.

They give you the most extensive scope of item decisions. They are customer neighborly also and permit trade and return benefits. They empower their merchant accomplices to contact the amplest group of onlookers.

You can pay after your merchandise in the conveyance, i.e. money down. It ensures that its items are sensibly evaluated and give ‘the instruments for design, so everyone can express their own style’. It is consistently creating results of outstanding quality and effortlessness to convey a broad line of form attire.

Treat yourself with particular styles from this mainstream accumulation including outerwear like Jackets, Trousers, and Hoodies for winter and T-shirts, Polos as well, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg! Why not give an attempt with one of the rising Online Shopping Sites of Nepal – KTM Plaza?

12. Okdam.com (ओके दाम)

Nepal’s most confided in best web-based shopping Portal. Purchase Electronics, Clothes, Furniture, Kitchen, Home Appliances, and More. They offer the best quality items at a reasonable cost at Okdam Online Store in Kathmandu, Nepal. Web-based Shopping in Nepal incorporates items with human opening every one of the entryways of likelihood.

They give you the entrance to everything running from Mobile, Electronic, CCTV Cameras Fashion garments, Home apparatuses and Kitchen machines to natural espresso, green tea items and considerably more. Our online shopping administrations are veritable and costs unsurpassable in Nepal.

Be it straightforward, smooth, or easygoing; prominent, one of a kind or standard, Ok Dam gives all of you. Regular daily existences, occasions, needs and necessities, celebrations, needs, and lists of things to get – Ok Dam affirms everything.

They trust life isn’t included days anyway consistently is a circle of life, where consistently is an alternate shading and each shade has a place with Ok Dam!

Driven by wise innovation, all that they do is proposed to put the power explicitly in your grip – allowing you the chance to shop whatever the manner in which you like. Your online shopping experience with them will be astounding and you will esteem each item you purchase through them.

They’re trusted by several thousand since they don’t just serve to your doorsteps, they have dependably had a place here inside Kathmandu valley. With OkDam.com you’ll, by and large, be getting a tolerable plan – with an awesome organization that makes your shopping as straightforward and smooth as conceivable inside Nepal.


Alright Dam.com (ओके दाम ) Online Shopping in Kathmandu, Nepal brings a fundamentally new thought of web-based shopping Nepal by displaying distinctive surely understood brands under one housetop. They offer you well known and dependable shopping with all your most loved brands. As shopping is faster, smooth, and fun, they empower you to settle on the right choice at the Ok dam.

They present a one-stop way of life, holding consequences of various neighborhood and all-inclusive brands together. The differing courses of action offered whole all year allow purchasers to get the best things at most insignificant expenses and dealers redesign and assemble their business.

On the opposite side, Ok Dam (ओके दाम ) offers you the most standard web security so as to ensure that your internet shopping learning is private, protected, and secure.

They are set out to ensure the security of your information. They keep up fitting physical, electronic and managerial methods to close and secure your information by maintaining a strategic distance from unapproved get to.

They believe that it’s energizing to see clients from each edge of Nepal putting in their requests at OK Dam. Meanwhile, vigilant business visionaries have found it exceedingly easy to highlight their things on their site.

At a thoroughly zero publicizing cost, organizations can accomplish countless. That is the vitality of the online business. That is the reason they trust it’s exciting to dominate the competition.

13. Logix Digital System (lds.com.np)

Here comes another name in Online Shopping in Nepal, Logix Digital System. This organization is giving web-based shopping encounters to those clients who need to purchase computerized items and contraptions. They manage authentic Laptops, Desktop, Printer, and Accessories in Nepal.

Logix Digital Systems is a multi-mark one-stop IT answer for Laptop, Desktop, Printer, and Accessories. On the off chance that you will purchase Laptops and other computerized items, Logix Digital System could be your first decision.

In this way, these were a portion of the Online Shopping Sites that they accept are doing incredibly great in their field. On the off chance that you have any more proposals, it would be ideal if you leave a remark in the remark area underneath.


Foodmandu.com is the primary internet shopping webpage in Nepal for sustenance. Foodmandu conveys nourishments from prominent eateries in Kathmandu to your doorsteps.

You can count your most loved nourishments and cooking styles through web-based requests from Foodmandu’s website or portable application. As a pioneer sustenance conveyance specialist organization, FoodMandu is making life simpler through web-based requests. Foodmandu is the principal organization in Nepal that conveys sustenance from several famous eateries.

As indicated by them, they trust that your time is important and in some cases each moment in the day checks. That is the reason they convey! You can get anything from Indian sustenance to high French cooking by putting in a straightforward request online through their site, portable application, or via telephone.

At that point simply sit back, unwind, and trust that your request will arrive. So for what reason don’t you visit this site and give your tongue a shivering sensation. Average everyday normal requests on foodmandu are 200+


Phuche.com is Nepal’s most youthful shopping goal. This site centers at first around the childcare section. Phuche.com is set to convey infant needs and things on your doorsteps. Phuche has a wide assortment of infant needs from diapers, infant garments, showering, and nursery to mother care things as well.

Phuche.com is Nepal’s sole web-based shopping entry which was just committed to tyke and children where one can investigate different infant needs and items comfortable PC or cell phone, yet now you can appreciate looking for each individual from your home.

It gives every one of the things required to youngsters from the very beginning. Phuche.com likewise gives free home conveyance administration to its clients. Every one of the things accessible is from the main brands after appropriate quality review by Phuche.com, included the announcement.

It gives things on the money down and furthermore, gives different plans and offers. Some extra highlights of the web-based shopping entryway are that clients can likewise follow their request and furthermore drop the request if fundamental.

Sharing bliss from another conceived youngster to all the relatives, Phuche.com now is the main web-based shopping goal in Nepal with all the essential things required for a newborn child to all the relatives.

Analyze, pick, and purchase all the best vital things for your family at their shopping site. Average everyday normal requests on phuche are 100+

16. Thulo.com

Thulo.com is a web-based business site where you can peruse through a large number of items and request/purchase on the web. You can likewise download the versatile application for android and ios and peruse through many brands to shop online in Nepal.

Thulo.com gives a choice to make your own web wallet (thulo wallet), which you can use to purchase items and administrations over the web.

Thulo wallet makes it simple for clients to get little assets into their record as a discount or through income openings offered by thulo.com. You may open your web program (eg is Mozilla, chrome, safari, and so on.)

And type www.thulo.com; you will come to their internet business site where you can peruse through a large number of items and request/purchase on the web. Or on the other hand, you can download their portable application for android and ios in your cell phones and peruse through many brands to shop online in Nepal.

At thulo.com, you can shop for a wide range of items making the most of their free home delivery. They have wealth of classifications, for example, personal care, electronics, apparel, sports and outdoors, office supplies, fashion, books, daily needs, and some more.

To date, thulo.com has served 1000s of fulfilled clients; thus guaranteeing the abnormal state of dedication from those esteemed clients. They, at thulo.com, guarantee convenient conveyance of items to your homes.

Their mission is to serve greatest no. Of clients, giving the most ideal client benefit according to industry practice, as far as value, quality, the decision of item classifications/items, purchasing procedure and conveyance.

The site offers the absolute best costs and quality items in Nepal. They give the best incentive to cash on all items and administrations. They likewise give quickest conveyance and secureness on the shopping.

They give you the largest scope of item decisions. They are costumer cordial too and permit trade and return benefits. They empower their seller accomplices to contact the broadest crowd. You can pay after your merchandise in the conveyance, i.e. Money down.

Vision is to make the client’s living simple, inside and out, all around the world. Average day by day normal requests on thulo is 100+

17. Bhakari.com

Bhakari.com is one of the shopping locales that give shopping choices to most recent contraptions and electronic devices like mobiles, laptops, and desktop and embellishments. Bhakari gives a more extensive choice of items, unrivaled purchasing knowledge, on-time conveyance of items, and in addition snappy goals of any worries.

Aside from money down, a large portion of these sites gives pre-installment through bank exchange, IME, and eSsewa, contingent on the web-based business locales.

Bhakari invites you to your most loved shopping goal! Your one-stop internet looking for Nepal. They make your shopping simple and help you get the best incentive for your shopping.

They move electronic devices from different brands. Assortments of mobile, laptops, and computers are accessible. They additionally offer money down all over Nepal.

Bhakari.com is a youthful and lively organization that plans to give great quality marked items. Bhakari.com takes into account the most recent contraptions requirements for all, crosswise over electronics like mobile, laptops, and desktop and extras.

At bhakari.com they endeavor to accomplish the most abnormal amount of “consumer loyalty” conceivable. Their forefront e-business stage, profoundly experienced purchasing group, nimble distribution center frameworks and best in class client care focus gives a client is

• More extensive determination of items

• Unrivaled purchasing knowledge

• On-time conveyance of items

• Brisk goals of any worries

You can tail them on their authority Facebook page and twitter to stay up with the latest with their occasional offers and new items. Average everyday normal requests on bhakari are 100+

18. Threadpaints.com

Thread painting is one of the main online shopping stores in Nepal with assortments of ladies and gents apparels, perfumes, and watches in Nepal. Thread paint additionally gives the support of custom print shirts, hoodies, pullovers, coats, etc. Thread painting began as an internet shopping, however today it will be it’s very own image.

19. Style97.com

Style97.com is a shopping site of Nepal claimed by nepfind Pvt. Ltd. That expects to give great quality items. The site has practical experience in the internet retailing of people’s pieces of clothing and embellishments. Style97 is an internet shopping site possessed by nepfind Pvt. Ltd. Head office in dharmapath, new road, 44600, Kathmandu.

Gone are the days when they had fewer thoughts regarding style that could upgrade their identity and lift their certainty. Presently, they care more about their looks than their pocket cash. With regard to design, the time has totally changed.

They are cognizant about their looks as well as mindful about what best suits them. In addition, there are delightful embellishments that come in economic value, keeping you loose about your costs. What’s more, style97 is here to guarantee you your full fulfillment from the item you purchase.

Under one umbrella, it serves you with a tremendous accumulation of everyday mold adornments, for example, shirt, kurta, windcheater, watches, sunglasses and numerous more from your pc screen, pick the things you want to have and call them.they will have your favored thing conveyed at your doorstep with no conveyance charge included.

Give them a chance to think about your day by day form adornment. You simply amaze in the style you adore. Let style97 serves you with the best item it has imported just for you.

Outstanding amongst other instances of web-based shopping knowledge is beyond question style97.com

20. e-sewa pasal

eSewa, the main online installment door, and eSewapasal.com, the main internet business entryway in Nepal held hands to shape eSewapasal.com. eSewapasal.com expects to be Nepal’s quickest developing internet shopping gateway with a guarantee to stay at the bleeding edge of innovation while giving clients an individual touch.

It is driven by a group of experts enthusiastic about conveying quality web-based shopping background to Nepal. eSewapasal.com bends over backward to make web-based shopping quick, simple, and secure and is most worried about giving the best client encounter.

It is resolved to make a wide assortment of items accessible for buy at the best rates and turn into a confided in name and the principal shopping goal for all Nepalese living in Nepal and also abroad.

F1 delicate universal dispatches its new pursuit eSewa Pasal authoritatively from Sunday (Bhadra 17, 2018). After the Acquisition of Bhatbhateni on the web, eSewa will advance the web-based shopping alongside the computerized installment.

With the official dispatch, eSewa pasal gives a money back offer extending from 5 % to 25 %. Discover a greater amount of the eSewa pasal offers and future administrations beneath.

Clients will get 5 % cashback for each buy of things from eSewa pasal utilizing eSewa wallet. Though utilizing the card on conveyance, clients will get 10 % cashback.

They are giving the cashback offer on the event of the official dispatch of the internet shopping site. Manish Shrestha, CEO of eSewa Pasal said that they will give great support of the clients at reasonable rates for the great eventual fate of web-based shopping in Nepal.

eSewa Pasal has likewise teamed up with Nabil Bank to give Cashback offer. Buying things from eSewa Pasal utilizing the Nabil banks Visa and Visa of Rs 3000 will give 20 % money back and an extra Rs 150 from eSewa.

For sum more prominent than Rs 3000, Nabil bank will give 25 % money-back dependent on the Rs 3000 sum. The recently acclaimed 24 hours conveyance will likewise stay with eSewa Pasal. Alongside esewa, all the real banks portable saving money, e-managing an account, and cards can use to pay in esewa pasal. Source

Contrast with previously, eSewa pasal has likewise included more things and best manages the official dispatch. The online business website incorporates things from devices to basic supplies.

eSewa pasal has asserted of their cost to be truly moderate. They likewise approach the clients to propose them at the cost of the things on the off chance that it is higher than others. In the event that they find such, they say they will cut down the cost to make it moderate than others.

They additionally reported getting the office to purchase things portion. It is essentially at the greater or surprising expense gadgets or supplies.

For the up and coming celebrations, eSewa pasal will dispatch offer to give prizes like Bangkok visit to fortunate champs among the buyers.

21. Sabaiko Mart

Sabaiko Mart Pvt. Ltd. is a recently settled shopping store. Their Corporate Office is situated at Boudha, Kathmandu and their client interaction and outlet is at Radhey Marg, Dilli bazzar, Kathmandu.

Their significant task is focused on internet shopping so as to give better administrations to their important clients and to give a worldwide reach.

Sabaiko Mart Pvt. Ltd. is built up with a dream to furnish better approaches for shopping with better open doors for Nepalese individuals. They see a future where individuals in their nation can likewise appreciate the benefits of world-changing specialized advances.

Henceforth they are submitted in giving fantastic items to better living with better administrations and present-day methods for correspondence, therefore giving better open instruments and coming to each Nepalese person’s home.

22. Mynepshop.com

Mynepshop.com was set up in 2008. Their principal objective is to enable their clients to remain associated with their friends and family in Nepal. In six years of adventure, it has conveyed more than 20 thousand presents and kept their clients upbeat. They keep on being the best and give you an outstanding web-based shopping background. They are committed to giving you is

• Conveying satisfaction

• 100% consumer loyalty

• Top quality items

• Network give back

23. Sajhadeal

Nepal’s Ultimate Online Shopping Site Sajhadeal’s vision is to make Nepal’s most dependable and frictionless business biological community that makes extraordinary encounters for purchasers and merchants.

With a great many clients and colossal number of dealers, Sajhadeal is the web-based shopping webpage for Internet clients the nation over, conveying real urban communities and towns in Nepal.

Web-based Shopping – A Boon The pattern of web-based shopping is turning into a commonly recognized name as is Sajhadeal. Sajhadeal is the favored selection of a huge number of online customers given its mammoth collection of items, brisk conveyance even to the remotest corners of the nation, and everyday bargains, limits, and offers to make items accessible at cutting down costs to their profitable clients.

Begin! Shop Online Today at Sajhadeal If you have been passing up all the enjoyment of web-based shopping supposing it expects one to be an innovation fan then they have uplifting news for you.

Shopping on the web especially at Sajhadeal is a no problem; all you require is a cell phone or workstation or tablet with an Internet association with begin. Just sign in to sajhadeal.com and peruse through the wide grouping of items crosswise over classifications.

24. iStore.com

Store Online Pvt Ltd. ( iStore.com.np) is the main goal for web-based shopping in Nepal.

Presently, you can not just download music, motion pictures online through iStore.com.np, likewise purchase and move any sorts Electronics merchandise and adornments, Fashion and Design thing and embellishments, Home and Garden merchandise, instruments and frill, Health and magnificence items, Sports and Outdoor products and extras, Books and Entertainment frill, Collectables merchandise, Automobiles and Vehicles frill And parts of Services.
The site offers the absolute best costs and quality items in Nepal.

They give best incentive to cash on all items and administrations. They additionally give quickest conveyance and secureness on the shopping. They give you the amplest scope of item decisions.

They are costumer cordial too and permit trade and return benefit. They empower their seller accomplices to contact the most stretched out group of onlookers. You can pay after your merchandise in conveyance, i.e. money down.


They are a developing Best Online Shopping Sites in Nepal. They are here to give an adorable climate among clients and dealers. They are here to interface them with the Best content.

They guaranteed to their sellers and clients to give them a helpful method to interface one another. Their significant client will get requested items inside 48 hours inside Kathmandu valley.

They do Cash on conveyance inside Kathmandu valley as it were. For out of valley clients, will get items simply after prepayment. After prepayment out of valley clients will get items with 3-5 days of the period as per the area.

They are here covering the approach identified with Return and Exchange. As they are an online commercial center. They are managing distinctive item classes. Every item classifications have diverse return and trade contents.

  • a) Beauty Products can’t be return and exchanged
  • b) Accessories ( watches, Bands and so on) can be traded and returned
  • c) Electronics can be traded and returned
  • d) Clothing stick be traded and returned
  • e) Home and machines can be returned and traded

To be qualified to return and trade the approach Customer need to advise them inside 24 hours of procurement if the item isn’t as indicated by the Description. Educate them inside 12 hours if the item is harmed or in garments if the size isn’t fit.

They can’t trade or restore the items if the labels of their organization or sellers are expelled. They will take additional conveyance on account of trade the item. In the event that it’s their blame, they will do it for nothing.

26. Kinuma

About Kinumna – Nepal’s young and dynamic extreme web-based shopping goal. Kinumna’s vision is to make Nepal’s most dependable and frictionless trade environment that makes extraordinary encounters for purchasers and merchants. Web-based Shopping – A Boon The pattern of web-based shopping is turning into an easily recognized name as is Kinumna.

Gone are the days, when you needed to continue debilitating shopping treks and trust that your turn will purchase something. Today, with internet shopping, all that you require is comfortable fingertips.

Kinumna is endeavoring 24×7 to be the favored decision of online customers given its mammoth countment of day by day developing items, speedy conveyance and nearby get even to the remotest corners of the nation, and day by day bargains, limits and offers to make items accessible at sliced down costs to their significant clients.

Begin! Shop Online Today at Kinumna If you have been passing up all the enjoyment of web-based shopping supposing it expects one to be an innovation enthusiast then they have uplifting news for you. Shopping on the web especially at Kinumna is an easy-breezy; all you require is a cell phone or PC or tablet with an Internet association with begin.

Essentially sign into Kinumna.com and peruse through the wide collection of items crosswise over classifications. When you have focused in on your most loved items, essentially put in the request by filling in the subtleties; the items will be conveyed comfortable doorstep or get locally at your closest area.

Satisfy Your Entrepreneurial Dreams! Move Today at Kinumna. On account of straightforward, adaptable approaches and SD Advisors to help vendors at each progression, anybody from a maker to distributer to retailer can move on Kinumna. Start your pioneering venture with Kinumna as a dealer by filling a basic enlistment frame here.

When the enrollment procedure is done, you can begin pitching your items to the whole nation by sitting at your home or office. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Obviously, it is and with each request you get, the energy will develop! Begin moving at Kinumna today and see your business achieve amazing statures.

27. Shop In Nepal

Nepal’s Ultimate Online Shopping Destination Shop In Nepal’s vision is to make Nepal’s most effective propelled business natural network that makes pivotal experiences for buyers Shop In Nepal is the shopping goal for web customers of the country over, passing on to huge urban networks and towns in Nepal.

Web Shopping – A Boon The example of web shopping is transforming into an effortlessly perceived name as is Shop In Nepal. Shop In Nepal is the favored choice of numerous online clients given the mammoth gathering of its wide combinations of things, the energetic movement even to the remotest corners of the country, and step by step sales, refunds and offers to make things open at chop down expenses to their beneficial customers.

Start! Shop Online Today at Shop In Nepal If you have been leaving behind an incredible open door for all the satisfaction in web shopping assuming it obliges one to be a development fan then they have inspiring news for you. Shopping on the web particularly at Shop In Nepal is a small detail; all you require is a cell phone or versatile PC or tablet with Internet relationships with a start.

Fundamentally sign into Shop In Nepal.com and scrutinize through the wide accumulation of things across over groupings. When you have concentrated on your most cherished things, essentially put in the demand by filling in the focal points; the things will be passed on the agreeable doorstep.

28. Dokoman.com

Dokoman.com which gov enlistment name is DOKOMAN TRADE LINK.

Dokoman is the internet strip mall that has its own retail location and in-stock items to furnish brisk home conveyance with the best offer cost. Their online client can purchase items by utilizing money down, esewa, Paypal, Mastercard, and so on.

With each buy, they give unconditional present, compensate point, and limited cost. Enlist today and get numerous advantages like day by day insane offer, streak bargain, fortunate draw, compensate point, and some more. Much thanks to you.

29. Nepkart

Nepkart is an Online Shopping Mall in Nepal giving office of purchasing n Selling items from your doorstep. Nepkart endeavors to facilitate the shopping knowledge by sparing individuals from the problem of activity, contamination and stopping alongside giving choice alternatives from a wide scope of items at the Best Price

30. Dealgara.com

DealGara is Nepal’s No. 1 Online Vehicle Research and Classifieds Service. DealGara was propelled on the grounds that they saw the requirement for individuals to have the capacity to look into vehicles without the problems of perpetual telephone calls and dealership visits just to discover costs and fundamental data.

It is where the nearby network inside a city could meet up, meet, and exchange all the more efficiently. Individuals can come here to research and purchase or move vehicles from the solace of their home/office.

On DealGara you can inquire about new vehicle costs and details, And easily plan rich advertisements with pictures. You can control your moving, purchasing, and network action in My DealGara. You can too Display your promotions on your long-range informal communication profile (Facebook, Twitter, …)

31. Tudoholic

Tudoholic is one of the developing on the web commercial center where purchasers can get magnificent content. Tudoholic brings the least expensive items on the web, for example, Gadgets, Clothing, Shoes, Jewelry, Clothing, and numerous different things.

It is an incredible stage for private ventures and business people to get more presentations and acquire clients. It is likewise an extraordinary mechanism for publicizing and offers sheltered and secure exchanges where the clients can decide on the technique, time and place of the conveyance.

Their Vision is to Create a Marketplace where purchasers from Nepal can get their items straightforwardly from providers crosswise over India, China, Dubai and the United States and also help little business people in Nepal to exhibit their MADE IN NEPAL items to buyers crosswise over Nepal and abroad.

What they offer you is an unparalleled individual and expert development as their more extended-term objective is to prepare the up and coming age of pioneers for their future Internet adventures.

It very well may be a one of a kind involvement in propelling and scaling new web ideas inside Nepal, turning into a piece of a profoundly expert and dynamic group working around the nation. A novel involvement with working with the best cerebrums and most honed psyches inside Nepal and on the worldwide scene.

You should be imaginative, adaptable, and have a start-up soul. You appreciate difficulties and are eager to have any kind of effect in Nepalese internet business.

Tudoholic gives various Internet-based administrations through the Platform. One such Service empowers Users to buy stock, for example, dress, footwear, and embellishments from different designs and way of life brands (altogether, “Items”). The Products can be obtained through the Platform through different strategies for installments advertised.

The deal/buy of Products will be moreover administered by explicit countments of the offer, similar to undoing approach, trade strategy, merchandise exchange, and so on (which are found on the FAQ tab on the Platform and which are all joined here by reference). Furthermore, these Terms of Use might be additionally enhanced side-effect explicit conditions, which might be shown with that Product.

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32. Civil Mall:

As it highlights the great platforms of the exhibition of the goods and services for the better conduction of the business by making the service channel of the shops and sales.

The customer is not interested in visiting the places where there are not the services of performing the task and resting are. People of the present have become passionate and they only seek the services of a luxurious class. The services are mostly not separated by the business corporation because the customer of all categories is equally treated in the eye of the business organization.

The business corporation also holds and folds the services according to the order and p preference. The customer gets all the ordered services as they want which types of services and products and if pay the charge of products then what types of customer are given the services in priority and for the observance.

The customer is satisfied with the services of a civil mall.  The customer is getting the services from the civil mall for 15 years or more than that. There are many shops which are organizing online shopping systems. Online shopping is going in high expansion touching every sector. The civil mall consists of the largest features and measurement kit of movies house.

There is high class and functioned cinema which attracts the many customers for entertainment and enjoys w by talking about the fun of popcorn’s high-class picture quality in high digital mode. The customer is very much concentrative in nature makes the like some great function is going to the civil mall which some film got a release.

By Bollywood and Kollywood, there is a release of many films almost every Friday but from the Kollywood industry is less quantity of releasement. The civil mall performs all the transactions of the movies and cinema-like as ticket booking and advanced ticketing and canceling are all done online.

So we can also consider the civil mall as one of the shopping centers of Nepal relating and dealing with various services to the customer which, non-cheat makes the non-cheat and nonfalse if they provide the true and better service by the online communication. The Civil mall is one of the fateful names on the subject of online marketing of shopping.

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33. City center:

It is also treated as the largest online market store of Kathmandu located at Kamalpokhari. This city center supermarket has also achieved a first-class position and customer from the country by supplying the best and ultimate services.

This complex has also made the vegetable and grocery store special targeting the housemaid women for the consumption and purchasing of all the grocery items under one roof.

The man and women of the present time don’t want to go to the market by carrying the bags. It is nowadays changed due to an increased in the standard.

A person is going and wants to be busy forgetting the cheerful scents of life and entertainment can be also held and addresses according to the choice.  There are several stores but they have not kept the services of online shopping but the city center marketing shops have launched the online services of delivering the ordered goods in your doors.

The city center has also given the facilities of the cinema of high picture quality. it deserves and makes the ticket placement through online communication.

There are many people who want to watch the new movies in the first show but and if they don’t get the ticket at the needy time then they may cancel their plan to watch the selected movies.

With this thought, the city center also deals and make the transaction through online medium and ways. The customer feels easiness and fast service makes a man more convince to and confused to buy the products in the order.

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34. New road mobile shops:

There are many mobile shops that are offering online sales with their displaying products and price. The organization also launches some tips and schemes for the attraction of the customer to get enlighted. The customer is the movement factor which makes the business anytime moved. The better product gets a better market and better response by the customer.

The customer is treated like the king and the choice is fully dependent upon them.  Thus, the business and corporate organization are in pressure and feels sometimes difficult in adopting or launching the schemes and offers.

The customer of the new road and the businessman of the new road are likely and interconnected with each other. The customer is getting an excellent service from the services of Providence by the new road-mobile shops.

They have created their website and the picture, price, and all the features of the specific mobiles or the laptops are installed on their website. The interested customer informs and contacts even through the internet, website or at last through phone calls.  

If the deal is ensuring then the further processing is upward to make the real and visible transaction. The next choice and services are to depend upon the customer desire whether they want the home delivery or take it by coming to the shops.

In reference to an online shopping center, it also deals with greater investment and higher hopes and interests. The new road is famous for supplying electronic items throughout the country.

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35. Kaymu.com.np

It is also the online one of Nepal’s largest store which deals with both purchase and buying of goods and services. The customer of Nepal mostly is in Kathmandu because it is one of the largest common ground of business moment and movement. The customer of all over the country of Nepal can take the services of benefit from the Kaymu.

Kaymu deals with the best and better services should be provided to the customer. There are different types of product pin to car and bike. And you can buy the choice of your product by choosing one of the best from the available.

Available products are currently get delivered if you ordered. The time is only spent about 20 to 30 minutes in the way. The people of Kathmandu are mostly connected with the online shopping center and network as it is mostly busy in providing and expanding the services to the people of Kathmandu only.

But it, not the time to become serious and sentimental because Kaymu is busy operating their services throughout the country by expanding the network and pitch to move and connect the customer with this website. The customer can get all the services and products like clothes and ornaments and diamonds etc.

We can also say and states that the markets are in our pocket and we can easily derive and select the product looking at the various products of the same brands. Sometimes we feel bored and hesitation to saw the products in the shop by ordering many times and I think the businessman also feels laziness to show all the products to the customer by changing.

It takes too much time to deal even with the single customer but through the Kaymu you can easily choose and buy the product according to your pocket weight that makes the formation of a good relationship and better security too without getting involved in any disturbing evidence.

36. InternetPasal.com

InternetPasal.com is a free classified marketplace which is the best place to buy and sell anything all over Nepal. Enjoy buying-selling! All classifieds InternetPasal is accessible from your phone, tablet, or website! Use all InternetPasal features to find the right thing at any convenient time.

On Internet Pasal, you can inquire about new/old goods costs and details with both messaging and calling the seller. This is one of the finest and excellent classified marketplace of Nepal. Both buyer and seller can interact easily with this marketplace. This classified marketplace is famous for buying and selling new and old mobile phones, gadgets, bikes, furniture, electronics, and many more.

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list of online shopping websites in Nepal

Some other online shopping sites in Nepal are as follows:

1. Nepal Online Shopping –

Address: Ring Road, Kathmandu 44600

website: http://rumaniya.com/

2. Mega Hub Online Shop – Best Online Shop in Nepal –

Address: Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Kathmandu 44600

3. Shop IN Nepal ONLINE shop

Address: Kathmandu 44600

4. NepBay, Inc.

Address: Patan 44600

5. Mero Shopping

Address: Kathmandu Mall, Sundhara, Nirmal Lama Marg Newroad, Kathmandu 44600

6. My Store Nepal

Address: Paknajol, Thamel Kathmandu, Thamel 44600

7. Oliz Store | Apple Store/Shop in Kathmandu, Nepal

Address: Ground Floor, OLIZ, 351, Basanta Marg, BabarMahal, Kathmandu 44601

8. The Toy Store

Address: सिटी सेन्टर, Pashupati Rd, Kathmandu 44600

9. Mridaya Nepal’s Best Online Shopping

Address: Dilli Bazaar NIC College Opposite Low office 2 floor, NIC अगाडी कानुनी भवन 2 तल्ला, Kathmandu 44605

10. Clothing in Nepal Pvt Ltd.

Address: Nayabazar 16, Kathmandu 21185

11. Threadpaints

Address: Jhamsikhel Marg, Patan 44700

12. Mobile Track Pvt. Ltd.

Address: CTC Mall 4th Floor, Shop No. 504, Kathmandu Nepal, Kathmandu 44600

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