21. Hamra Kura is one of the growing sites. The site is slowly making its way to popularity. You can also find wide varieties of news on this site. This site is not laggy and responds quickly. You can find the options menu at the top right-hand side of the site.

Like others, this site also provides all the latest news from all over the world. ( sports, politics, business, and economy, etc). But what caught my eyes is that there a red circle popping every time and wherever you go throughout the site. If we click on this red circle which says ’Naya’ then we instantly get to have a look at all the latest news. That’s the best part of this site.

22. Nepali Headlines For Nepal breaking news and headlines in English language is one of those Nepali sites that provide all the latest news about everything that has been happening inside and outside of the country. This site is among the English e-magazine sites of Nepal. We can find all the latest news related to sports, politics, economy, art, entertainment, etc.

The options menu is located at the top right side of the website. Besides, using the English language to describe all the news, the website has also provided the news in the Nepali language which you can choose it from the options menu at the last of the options. For those who find it hard to understand in English can select this option.

  • 23. Weekly Nepal
  • 24. Real Khabar

25. for For Nepal breaking news and headlines in English language

We are all familiar with The Himalayan Times magazine. Many of us might be a daily reader of this magazine. The Himalayan Times is one of the leading and most popular magazine in Nepal.

It is an English magazine that provides all the news about every latest thing happing in the world and so is this website as is their official site. This website has also provided the paper of their daily magazine so that we can read it here if we have missed it in the morning.

Irrespective of many other e-news Nepali websites, this site has the search option located just below the title at the top. So there is no hassle to find the news you want to read, you can just easily search it. Includes News, views, and articles from the largest selling English Daily in Nepal.


This website directs you on point to the news. This site has used the Nepali language while writing articles to any news. This site is very fast and responded quite quickly while going throughout the pages inside the website. Also, you can find the options menu at the top left-hand side of the page and on the right side, there is a search bar.

So this site has also provided us with a search media which has made us easy to find the news articles that we want to read. You can turn into English headlines from the options menu as well but you need to use the Nepali language while using the search box for many of the articles as this site has used Nepali language in articles officially while providing news. it is worldwide network working on Nepali art, culture, literature and daily New…More


This website looks more unique and modern than many of the Nepali e-news websites. This web page of this site is beautifully designed. The menu bar located at the top left side of the page varieties of options to choose from than many other related Nepali sites.

You can also find the search box, From where you can instantly get to read the news you want. This site has used large photos, it has given more emphasis on the photos with a little highlighted sentence along which is very eye-catching. Apart from.

The photos, we also get to see different videos on this site, this may be the reason the site is a little slower than the other sites, else it is one of the beautiful and unique webpages. News updates on mountaineering and tourism.


This site provides the news and information about travel, lifestyle and food and other similar news. This site is popular for its travel articles. This site does not drive its interest in the entertainment field, and politics related news except in some cases.

The main purpose of this site is to provide all the information about travel and lifestyle and foods. So this is not the site for someone who is keen on politics and similar news. From the menu bar, we can find options like travel, recipes, general info, etc.

This page mainly focuses on the news from inside the country. Features local news, photos, stock and weather updates, travel guide, classifieds, forums, etc

29. is also one of the popular e-news sites of Nepal. This site has preferred the Nepali language while writing articles for any news. This site is quick in posting every latest news than many others.

This site also has provided a search bar, which makes it easy to find the news that we wanted and below we can find the menu bar. Though it prefers the Nepali language to write the articles it has also provided an English section which can be chosen from the options menu.

Besides, this site has a small rectangle box popping everywhere we go throughout the page and it provides all the latest information when clicked. Features local and international news, photos,


This is another site that provides the latest news happening inside the country. It is popular for its articles related to the entertainment field.  The menu is located at the top left-hand side of the page just below the title.

Inside the menu, we get a search box from where we can find any news or articles posted on the page. Besides, we get other options like lifestyle, entertainment, science, and technology, etc. We also get to view the trending videos on this site.

The other entertaining tools like Nepali calendar, Nepali typing is provided on this side. Also, we can log into this site by making an account. Features local and international news, photos,