Buying School Management Software? Top 30 Things to Consider Before Buying Offline School Management Software In Nepal

11. Human resources management:

Human resources are the most vital part of any organization who can be defined as the backbone of any organization. Human resources put their efforts, skills, and knowledge in order to promote and progress the organization. Human resources in school can be defined as the group all the academic and non academic staffs and employees who work in the school and for the school as a team. Without the proper utilisation, development and progression of the human resource, the school.amd it’s identity can diminish in a matter of time.

Since the human resources are the important as well as critical aspect of the school, the software developed to manage these resources should be proficient, effective and error free. The software should combine number of process and features to manage the human resources easily. It should be able to store the employee data and records, manage the payrolls, record and report the recruitment process and tracking the attendance records of each staff in the school. It should also record and generate the report in the statutory compliance and leave management of the staff.

The software should be an improvement in the traditional system and should have the enhanced strategy that helps in prompt decision making. The software which the school to purchase for it’s human resource management should have wide scope, multitasking such as processing payroll or tracking the workinghours of every staffs. The software should have the data of the existing employees such as his personal history, skills, reference, capabilities, accomplishment and remuneration.

The software should have the major features like retaining the records of the current employees, preparing the data for the newly hired staff, recording the performance level of the staffs, managing the leaves and absence of the staff, etc. Thesoftware is accurate only when it can automate the pay process by gathering data on employee time and attendance. When it can calculate the taxes and other deduction. The software should also be updated with the dataof theinsurance, compensation and retirement planning of the staff.

12. Examination records:

Keeping the examinations records is an important task for evaluating the abilities of the students and their performance. When purchasing the school management software, the criteria for managing the examinations and keeping the records should also be considered. The software should.have the features of examination set up, entering the marks of each student of various classesin various subjects. It should also maintain the details ofinternal and external exams, theory and practical tests, subject wise internal assessment.

It should automatically prepare the results and print the mark sheets. It should also allow the teachers to update the marks of the students. It able to generate the report with one click without any hassle and difficulties. Overall, the detailed track of progress of students in examination should be well maintained by the software. Thesoftware should show in details like during examination what subject to be included in a particular class, what type of grades and marks to be placed. Since the grading system has been introduced now in our educational system.

The software should prepare the results based on grading system. The grading system depends on the percentage achieved by the students. Such as if the studentattain 96%, he is granted A+. It should also generate the date sheet for every class test or the annual examination. It should clearly defined the dates alloted for each subject of each class. It should definitely clearly the maximum marks and the passing marks for different subjects.

It should define different subjects for different class, the compulsory and the optional subjects, theory and practical examination routine. The software should also be able to notify the parents via SMS the examinations reports of their children. It is very important for parents to know how their children are performing. This featureof the software also helps in promoting the brand of the school and building the reputation. Thesoftware to operate effective examination management.It should have predefined grading system, prepare and print the results, customise the marksheets with school logo. It should be easy to use,cost effective and time and effort saving.

13. Ease of use:

The appropriate software for schoolmanagement should be user friendly. It is one of the most important criteria for the right school management software. Any software which is installed can not be operated automatically. It has to be operated manually by the human resource. For the software to generate the report and maintain the records, the data has to be entered first. Input the data and generate the output you desire is the character of the software. Therefore, the software has to be easy, understandable and simple such that any person can easily operate the software. It should not be over complex and complicated.

It should not be difficult to adopt and complicated to work with. Similarly, the input of the datadepends onthe personusing the softwareunderstanding and his speed. But the output generation should not take more than two steps. The software should also have the search feature. And it should be easy and fast to improve the experience of the user. The features according to it’s usage is operated by teachers, management and administrative staffs, parents and students. Therefore, the software so designed should be usable without any hassle and with one click of the mouse.

14. Consistent upgrades and updates:

Before knowing why and how to upgrade and update the software for school management. One should know the difference between the upgrade and update. The two word sound the same but the importance and the meaning are different. Updating the software means to fix those features of the software which are not working properly. Updating means to add minor advancement to the software. The update process deals with the security issues, detects minor bugs that are interrupting the normal functioning of the software.

Updating the school management software is vital for protecting against new security risks, to add new features in the software.It is important to increase the performance speedand productivity of the computer or PC or laptops. An upgrading of the software means changing the old version of the software into the new version so that a significant change can be added. For the purpose the new software have to be purchased which is adding more to the expense of the school.

So before buying the software, the management of the school must inquire in detail. If the company from where the schoolis buyingthe software avails the upgrade free if the upgrade comes immediately after the purchase. For this reason, the software have to be registered properly before installing. Every day in the technology development, new requirement emerges, existing ones changes. Therefore, the school should adopt such solution with which the software can be evolved and be better in use.

The software should be constantly updated following the trends of development in the new technology. The school should inquire about the software with the company and the designers of the software. If the designers would be available for the timely updating and upgrading of the software. If not, what measures and compensation the company will give to the school. Be sure to purchase and install such software which have the long term use no matter how much the update and upgrades are available in the market.

15. Flexibility:

One of the important feature that the offline software for the management of the school should have is flexibility. Since the educational system is constantly changing in the nation, new rules and regulations are introduced. New curriculum and syllabus are formed. The new standardare set to improve the system.The grading system has been changed recently along with the curriculum. Therefore, such software has to be installed which can adopt to the changes that are made. The modification is not only brought in the system but in the school as well. The school may open up a hostel for boys one year. The next year it may add another block for the girls hostel.

The primary school.may be upgraded to the secondary and higher secondary levels. These are only the examples to show that the needs of the school also changes with the start of new session yearly. Therefore, before purchasing any software. It should be checked and tested for it’s flexibility. The changes that are introduced should.not be the cause for dumping the software.


Rather the software should be able to be flexible and adapt the changes that have been brought.Not only adaptation, but the software should also take along the existing data and old records fromthe day of the establishment of the school. No matter how much sophisticated the software is, but it useless if not suitable to the needs of the school.

16. Reliability:

Reliability is the trait that a software for school management must possess. The school before purchasing and installing software should.make sure that the software is guaranteed effective and proficient. It generates the required report with one click without any errors. The software should be able to calculatethe attendance, grades and fees accurately. The software therefore should be tested before use.

All the reviews regarding the software should be read thoroughly. The company and the designers from whom the software is bought should be well known and trusted. The related sector of the schoolshould inquire about the school that has been using the same software. What type of results they are getting, whether their aim is fulfilled or not, the purpose for which the software has been boughthasserved or not. The ideal software should be able to relief the school management from the pressure of the critical time.

The durability, flexibility and accuracy have to be taken into consideration. Such as the software which has been functioning for ten years is better than the software which has been developed just a year ago. No matter how much the marketing scheme of the software says. The software which has been fulfilling the needs of the school is much better option and choice than the one which is costly, fascinating, sophisticated and having many features.

17. Scalability:

The number of schools and institutions are mushrooming day by day. The school not only establish itself but soon after it opens it’s another branch. Initially, the number of students, staffs, teachers and equipments are less in number. But as the school grows, the number in the students, need of more human resources and equipments increase. The software which was installed before have to input lesser data and result in lesser output. But as the school grows, the input of the data entry also increases and the output results also increase.

Therefore, the software has to be either changed or upgraded. Theater is where the fundamental feature of stability comes in hand. Scalability is the ability of the software to grow as well with the growing needs and demands of the school. The capability of the software to keep pace with and adapt to the growing and changing needs of the school is the scalability of the software. Any chool.before investing in the software should test the software for it’s scale and adaptability. It is the critical and the vital need not only for the management of the school. buy also for the business need.

The software should have no difficulty in adding the new admitted students with one click. Increase in number of students means increase innumber of parents, staffs and teachers who have the access to the software as well. Therefore the software should be designed such that it can fulfill the growing needs of accessibility. The software should also easily ha dle the pressure that comes in company with the growing demands of the school.

It should be able to carry out the day to day operation and functions of the school without crashing and disrupting. Or else it may result in investing again for the whole new school management software. It means the increase expenditure, increase of time consumption and human resource consumption. As explained earlier, most schools start with one building and one branch. But as the passing of each milestone, the school also grows and openit’s own hostel, it’s new branch in other part of the nation.

Therefore it is vital for the software to be able to support this increase and growth of school without any technical errors.Along with modification in the educational system, the school will also bring out changes and add some complex task or introduce some new systemin the management. For example, the beginning of the grading system and changing the SLC into SEE is the new task that has been added by the the schools also adopt these modification. The scalable softwareis the one that can handle these pressures of new system and complex tasks letting the management and the administration of the school to carry out it’s day to day functions. Therefore before investing for any software, the track record of the software, the duration of the software in use and it’s usefulness properly researched so the core foundation of the school can be established without any disruption.

18. Accessibility:

Accessibility is the trait of the software to be easily available to implement and use by the parents, students and teachers anytime and anywhere. The usability if the software meet be through mobile or PC or laptops. The online software is easy to use any where there is internet connection. But the offline software is difficult to use. The school thus have to make the designer develop such software which can be used by all anywhere anytime if there is no internet connection. Most of the software today have the features to be mobile first motto.

All most all people today carry the smart, Android or the iPhone and prefer to use them instead of the computers or the laptops. Especially when the parents or the staffs travel to the remote places or out of the valley. Therefore, such software need to be developed which have the mobile application that can integrate with the software in the computer. Developing the mobile application means the parents, teachers, students and staff can check the operations of the school, progress of the students at the ease of their time. It gives the student the ability to check their class reading, schedule for the test and examination, their score and activities of the school. The accessibility of the software is taking a step to the 24/7 availability of the service.

19. Useful features:

The software when developed comes with many features that are vital for the smooth functioning of the school. The features included in the software may be useful ot it may be just to show the sophistication of the software. Most of the features either cannot be used or the features included are not necessary at all. The developer produce the software with many features to extract more money for the software. Thus, the school management before investing in the software should properly check and research for those features that can be used by the school andteammembers easily.

Plus the software should have only those features that are must for the functioning of the school. The software with less but 100% working working features are best rather the software with more features but more problems and lesser use. These features included in the software should be able to solve the problems of the school genuinely. The guidelines for the most important features to be included are database to easily access for the staffand teachers to the most recent information about the students.

Such as the address, contact number of the parents, scholarships provided if any, grades received in the last semester etc. The database should be linked to the students classes and their activities. The management of the school should have the information regarding the bills, insurance, provident fund etc.Of the staff. The parents should also benefit from this feature of the software by keeping track of their children, their scores, their attendance, homework etc. The next feature that the software should have is the communication feature. The parents and teachers need to communicate with each other regarding homework, tests, projects or to make any suggestions.

The parents sometime need to send some private message to the teacher directly to ensure the success of the student. Students also need to communicate with their teacher for any inquiries about their projects or activities. So the software should.have the open and rapid communication feature. Another feature that the software should have is the automatic schedulingof the class. Once entered the class, the software should automatically create new routine for the classes. It should not only create the schedule for the class but also for holidays, camps, exams, summer and winter schedule etc. The scheduling feature should be customizable and flexible for each new semester. Another feature that the software should have is the report making and record keeping features.

The features should enable the teachers to fill classroom reports and scores of the students. It should also have the records of the teacher like his name, classroom and subject details, his performance etc. Once the report is prepared it should be then maintained as the record which can then be accessed by parents, teacher and students. The other vital feature that the software should have is the transcript making feature.

The software should be able to make the professional customizable transcript with school logo, signature of the teacher and principal. These are some of the important features that every softwareshould have. The features may vary according to the need if the school. Therefore the school should see to the software that has features that are most reliable, usable and durable.

20. Transparency:

The ideal software for which the school should invest in the software should be able to produce the results that is transparent to all the users of the program. As the software prepare and maintain the records, these reports should be accessible to parents, teachers and staffs of the school through the open data system. The data system should have all the data regarding the enrollment of the students, funds, teacher qualification, student teacher numbers, the facilities available in the school, the scholarship provided to the students, the activities organised in the school, etc. These data then should be readable by all the parents specially to know the school whom they have given the responsibility of their children future is reliable.

The students should be able to see the exam schedule, reports and activities to take part in even if he is absent in the school. The software able to prioritize the information for parents, teachers and students. It should enable the reports and progression of the schools visible to the public. So the fair comparison between the schools can take place. The data entered however simple so everyone can understand.

21. Laboratory management:

The schools are becoming technology friendly with the introduction of modern educational system. The schools have now computer laboratory and labs for chemistry. The software should enable the teachers to monitor what the students are doing in the laboratory, how much time they are spending and what progress they are making by keeping track of their activities. The computer lab consist of computers, chairs, tables, mouse and different other assets. The records of the purchase of these items, the date when they are bought, the expense on the purchase of these items, the bills etc should be prepared and maintained.

The maintenance expense of these assets should also be kept. The software should.also eliminate the headache of managing multiple laboratories in the school. Since the software is offline, the laboratory should also be offline. Therefore limiting the distraction of the students in the laboratory. For the chemical labs, the stock of the chemicals and apparatus used recorded. The expenditure for the assets and the maintenance expense should also be recorded and reported. The insurance and medical expense given by the school in case of any accidents should aslo be recorded.

22. Profile management:

The software should be able to prepare the profile of the school. It should be flexible enough to bring the changes as with the growth of the schools. The Establishment year of the school, the motto with which the school is established, the number of students and staffs and teachers appointed initially are some of the data that the software should have while preparing the profile of the school. In the recent times, what type of changes have been brought in the school, how many students and staffs have been increased, how many students have passed in the SLC and SEE from theschool etc are the data which are to be updated with time.

The software should be able to prepare the brochure and print the quality and attractive brochure with the school logo. Creation, maintenance and update of the profile of the school is what the offline school management software should be able to do.

23. Student behavior tracking and Analysis:

The school software should enable the teachers and parents to analyse the progression of the students in the respective subjects and activities. How the student behaves in the classcan be monitored through the record of the students getting detention and punishment, the number of times they have been punished, the numberof hours they have been absent in the class and the number of times they have missed submitting the homework and class assignments.

Through these records the behavior ofthe students can be monitored and enable the teachers and parents to analyse the reason behind the behavior. Thus eliminating the reason and taking the measures to improve the behavior of the students.

24. Transport management:

Every school now a days have transportation facility provided to the students to save time of the students. The transportation management of the software should be able to manage the service regularly and efficiently by keeping the record of the vehicle name, route details, the fees for the transportation, the expenses for the maintenance of the vehicles, the expenses for the fuels etc.

The software should have the features that include bus routes, number of students that have applied for the bus service, their addresses, the pick up and drop off routes. Theinformation about the drivers, their name, address, their IDs and verification to maintain the security of the students. The software should also notify parents and students for any chance in the schedule of the transportationthrough sms. The salary of the drivers, data for pick up and drop off, timings for schedule, the type of vehicles, and trips by school and transport details with insurance charge all should be entered in the software.

25. Multi-language:

The schools opened in the school give preference to English language basically. But the time has changed and so is our constitution which gives all the language the identity and importance. The teachers, students and parents come from different parts of the nation. And it is not necessary that all will understand the English language. Therefore the software since has to be used by all should be developed such that all will understand and follow the instructions given properly and clearly.

Therefore the software should have the feature of changing the language according to the preference. Such as the software should include Nepali, English, newari, bhojpuri, Hindi etc so everybody can have the access to the software.

26. Income and expense report:

The software should be able to prepare and maintain the proper account reports of the school which should bevisible and accessible only to the accountant and the authority of the schools. It should beable to generate the complete report of all the incomes and expense, the assets and liability of the schools without any errors. So the management will know exactly the financial status of the school.

The financial position of the school is very important. This trait of the software will letthe school know what measures to take in order to promote the financial status of the school. It should also let the school know how much the hostel of the school is making the profit. Ifthe services given to the students are equal to the fees being charged. It will also give the school the idea to increase the fees by certain percent so it would not be the burden for the parents and the students.

27. User management:

Since the school software has to be multi iser allowing the parents, teachers, staff and students to is the software daily or according to their need. The software should be able to manage the users. It should allow the administration to manage the user,add,edit or delete the user data. And it should be visible to all the users.

28. Miscellaneous:

There aresome other considerations and conditions need to be researched and look for before investing in the school management software. Such as

• Well managed information about teachers, staffs, students and parents
• Notification about due fees, report cards, parent teacher meetings, events and examination
• Track attendance, fee submission and entry, cancelling of the bills, preparation of the invoices and more
• School branding promotion directly or indirectly
• Allowing the connection and communication between the parents and the authority of the school
• Cost reduction by eliminating the expenses ofstationary and human work
• Rendering the service in accordance to needs of the society and the changing time

• The long term support shouldcome with the software. At the time of crashing or any errors and problems, the developer should be called for solution. Sometimes the software have to be dumped due to the unavailability of the designer. Therefore the software bought from the reputable company that ensures that the London term support and maintenance comes with the purchase and installment of the software.

• The price is another important factor to be considered. The price as low as can be obtained with the most accountable software with usable features.
• The overallaim of the school is to make the students knowledgeable. Therefore the software so installed should be able to contribute positively.
• Preparing budget for the school in the yearly and monthly basis
• Interacting messages internally between the staffsand teachers
• Distribution and synchronisation of data for parents, teachers and students at higher speed

• Printing quality report cards, photo IDs without the need of any software expert
• Assist in the computerization and digitalization of the school and it’s management
• Convenience for the cafeteria workers to manage and form the schedule of the lunch, snacks, how many types of lunch to prepare, how many students have been given the lunch on the day and the expense on the ration, drinking water and utensils etc.
• Able to send the notification and alerts through bulk SMS features
• Update of records of students, staffs and teachers
• Help teachers to make lesson plans and edit according to the changes of the curriculum

• Run the whole school with one single software instead of bulking the too many softwares for different purposes
• Management of the school bus, it’s schedule, routine , routes and time
• Promote the paperless administration and management in the school
• Follow the guidelines as provided by the educational system and the boards
• Fast, simple, effective, economic and accurate

• Keeps the track of all other schools and their report
• Prevent duplication and elimination of the old data and the records
• Able to register the complaints and the feedback given by the parents to the management of the school, from students to teacher, from teacher to the management
• Dynamic and flexible to changes in administration and management of the school

• It transparent along with secured system with less or no scope for errors
• Evolvement of the software with the changing technology, time, needs and demands of the school, society and parents. Should be able to fulfill the expectation of the parents
• Development and promotion for the staffs and teachersto motivate for their bet performance.
• Automatic log out from the software in case of inactivation for a certain period of time


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