Buying School Management Software? Top 30 Things to Consider Before Buying Offline School Management Software In Nepal

Things to consider before buying offline school management software in Nepal: –¬†Schools have been established in the capital like the mushrooms nowadays. The Establishment of the school is easier than to manage the day to day operation of the school. It’s difficult for the human resources to pay attention to the student’s improvement when their time is consumed on the management of the school.

Therefore the school management software has been developed. But almost all of them are online. But there is some proficient offline software too which can do the job as the online software. However, there are certain things to consider before investing in the software. Some of them are listed below.

Top 30 Things to Consider Before Buying Offline School Management Software In Nepal

1. Accuracy:

By accuracy, it means the school software should be able to generate the accurate, the right, the correct and exact report of each student enrolled in the school. The right report means the perfect understanding between the parents and the management team of the school. In case of producing the wrong report of the student when required. It means treating the patient of bronchitis with the medicine of tuberculosis. It’s just the metamorphosis but the result is as harmful and negative.

Offline Online School Management Software in Nepal

School Management Software

The wrong report means not able to take the precise measures with which the students can be helped and motivated to progress. It means adopting the wrong method of teaching and learning both by teacher and student. Therefore, any school offline software should be accurate in its functions. The software should be able to give all the information regarding each students registration process. It should easily add, modify and view the complete information of each student’s admission process. The software should really help in keeping the education structure right in the schools. Under this, not only the student’s knowledge would be able to be determined.

Rather it also should assist in how the teacher’s performance is in school. What teacher is teaching in what way? How much he is progressing in his work and whether he is coming to understand the student or not. In which subjects the school is giving better results and in which it is becoming weak. The offline software should be able to process and display all these data. So the complete information can be obtained without opening any websites or without the need of any internet connection.

2. Academic management:

The offline school management software can be effective only when it is able to keep the complete record of student academic history. Student academic history includes the activities performed by the students in his class, the marks and the scores obtained by each student in his examination. His participation in any extracurricular activities regarding the academic field such as the quiz or debate. Which student and how many students have participated in the annual functions. How he has performed in his previous class in all the subjects.

How is he performing now in the recent class? The accurate and the appropriate software is the one which not only keeps the record of the all the students in the school but which can show the data of a particular student when searched for him. The software should be able to prepare and evaluate the progression chart of the students. These data not only help the teachers to know how much his students are benefiting from his class. It also assists the teacher how effective his teaching methods are. How accurate his lesson plans are. The parents should also be able to keep the track of his children progress in education.


3. Inventory management:

Before knowing about the inventory management aspect of the offline software. One should.know what inventory management really is. Inventory is the assets of any institution or organization. In schools, inventory or assets means stationary, furniture like chairs, tables, desks, blackboard, teaching aids like projector, TV, DVD, books, and magazines etc. The overall management of supply, storage, and availability of commodities in such a way that there is no shortage of commodities and not excess storage. Lack of proper management means extra storage taking place. It means more capital is stuck. Goods can become old or bad or not usable at all. The extra cost for their maintenance etc.

Similarly, due to unavailability of the goods, the day to day functions of the school. may get interrupted. Such as lack of answer paper during an examination or lack of football during the game season and completion. This not only hamper the smooth functioning of the school functions but it also gives the bad reputation to the school in front of the parents. It means parents may change the school.of their children. Therefore when the school thinks of buying and managing its function through offline software.

It should consider whether the software is able to keep the records of all the purchased items in the school. Whether it can process the data when required on hand. The inventory management by the software includes the maintenance of the stock levels of critical items. The software should not only maintain the records but it also should be able to check the stock records on the monthly basis or as appropriate by the School’s rules and regulations. The purchase details of every stored item in the school, the stock recording and updating of the stationery items and when the stock has to be bought and renewed. All these data should be processed and displayed by the software without needing the help of the internet.

4. Fee management:

The fees are the charges that school obtains from the parents in every month for the education it provides to their children. Since it is related to the monetary aspect of the school. It is one of the critical fields that the software should be able to handle very carefully. The fees are very important for school. The fees are the ones with which any school can operate. The school can pay its bills and pay the remuneration to the teachers and non-academic staffs of the school. If to say freely without any restrictions, it is for accruing the fees that any school is opened in the first place.

It is for receiving the fees and earning that any school operates and compete to be the best amongst the thousands. Therefore the school software should have the precise track record of a number of fees paid off by the student. It should be able to present the exact data of the students who have cleared the fees and who have not. If not, how many months the fees are due to be paid. Then the job of the software is to produce the receipt of respective students so they can be given to the parents.

After the clearance of the fees, the software then should cancellation the receipt, keep the records that the fees have been cleared. So there’s no confusion at the time of receiving another fee from. the students. Nowadays, parents complain publicly in the media that the school is charging higher fees. So the school should manage through such software which not only generates the charges but also shows the amount charged for which area. Such as it should clearly show that RS 150 is charged for swimming lessons, RS 300 for the library and so on. The software should calculate the fees of every student without any mistakes.

It should calculate the fees at any time taking into account all the extra considerations from scholarships, hostel fees, sibling discounts, library fees, and any other student-specific charges and discounts. Since the fees management is the critical aspect of the school, the software needs to be secure, hassle-free and transparent to avoid any fraudulent transactions. The software should be developed such that it helps save power, makes fee collection proficient and decreases the staff workload so that they can use their time and resources to concentrate on the student’s development. The parents know that their hard earned money is not being wasted for some shits that is not provided to the students at all.

5. Library management:

Library and updated books have become an essential part of the educational system nowadays. The system, however, is good and beneficial to the students provided that the books in the library are knowledgeable, useful and referral books. Such books have to be placed in the library which can be used by the students for their education and for their examination. The library should not be only for the namesake to charge the extra money from the parents. In fact, the library should able the students to save money by providing such books that can be used by them in their respective subjects.

The software should precisely function like that. The software should have the data for each book, it’s detailed, it’s quantity in the library and in which state the book is. The software should have a record of a number of total books in the library. It should have the data of books issued to the students. The date in which the books were issued, the return date of the books and number of days elapsed after the crossing of the return date. How much fine should be charged from which student for not returning the book in time?

The software should also present the purchase requirements of the particular books so the library can be maintained and kept up to date. The software should not only keep the records of the books of the library. But it should also keep track of the items in the library such as furniture, seats and benches, computers etc. It should keep track of the books that have been borrowed by the teachers and other staffs. The software should be able to show what to order, what and when to receive, prepare and print the invoices.


It should. also, track the newspapers and magazines that are brought in the library in the day to day or weekly and monthly basis. The software should. assist the librarian to control the movements of the books and avoid loosing of the books especially the expensive and the rarest ones. It should also be able to search for any particular books present in the library. It should also have printing spinal labels feature. In short, the software should. have the daily transaction of the books in the library record. So that the maintenance of the library can be made easier.

6. Report management:

Private schools are growing in numbers like the mushrooms in the capital.nowadays. Every lane and alley has two or three boarding and international Schools now. The competition to be the best amongst the thousands is increasing and pressuring the management of every school. If the school has a good report. If the school is able to pass the more students with higher grades. The counted as the best education providing institutions. Such not have to spend a penny and advertising for new admissions every year. Parents will themselves seek and their doors for admitting their children.

In such case, the responsibility of the offline software is to generate the correct analytical reports for the school. So that the school can make better decisions. The school can supply to specific needs of the students and parents. The report so generated help the school to know it’s weakness and strong points. It helps them to analyze where the lacking its efficiency. It helps the management to know which teacher and staff are rendering his best care and job and which one is lacking.

So the school can make effective changes like hiring the new teacher, promoting the ones who have done their best. The teaching methods that the school should adopt. The addition or the elimination of the extracurricular activities. These reports assist the parents also to decide whether the school is doing their job or not. So they also can decide whether to continue with the same school or change the school. for the best of their children.

7. Notification and alerts:

The schools organize many events from time to time. It may be the annual parents day or the sports day or any award day. The schools also organize the PTA meetings which are the parents and teachers meetings. The meetings have the one purpose of learning the behavior of the child in the home and in the school. It is to know how much the child is progressing in his or her studies.

So as to determine what type of measures have to be taken in order to encourage the children to focus on their studies. It is a troublesome job if dependent on human resources. So the software needs to be developed such that the timely notifications and alerts can be sent to the parents, teachers, and students for important school events and activities. Similarly, the management and administrative section of the school should also be informed about the meetings and activities that take place between the students, teacher and academic staffs. The software should be developed such that it can send the alerts to the management and administrative staffs as well.

8. Payroll management:

Payroll is the salary and the wages that are paid by the employer to the employees for the service they have rendered. Payroll management is to see the work related to employees’ salary, wages, bonuses, net pay and financial records of deductions. The determination of a number of holidays taken by the staffs which are to be deducted. The school needs to pay monthly either at the beginning of the Nepali month or at the beginning of the western month. The payroll is the highest expense that any company is it school has to bear.

An effective offline software is the one which ensures that the teachers and nonacademic staffs have been paid accurately and consistently. So that they can be kept satisfied with this aspect of employment and allowing HR to focus on other areas for the development of the school. The offline school software should also maintain the payroll records for all the teaching and nonteaching staffs of the school. The offline school software performs every action needed by the payroll process. It should help in calculating the payable amounts and deductions very easily. It should also assist in generating the pay slips in lesser time.


The automated calculations by the software result in no errors. Data should be validated automatically by the software itself without any internet connection. The software should also process any medical claims if any, the insurance and the provident fund of the staff and teachers. The school may have its own salary structure. In particular to save paying more taxes and pay the full salary as much as possible with lesser deduction is the main aim of the management of the school. For the purpose, the management may separate the gross salary into little components such as basic salary, house rent allowance, the TADA for the staffs and teachers, medical allowances etc.

The software should be able to record all these data and calculate the net salary of the respective staffs. The different schools have different rules regarding leave and holiday pay. When an employee or the teacher takes a leave for which his pay has to be deducted. At the time, the software should have a separate page for keeping the attendance logs and records of each staff. It should also then calculate the number of days he has worked and pays him accordingly.

9. Timetable management:

The management of the timetable in school can be a tedious job for any human resources. The timetable management includes allocation of a certain period of time to the teacher of different subjects and different class so their periods do not clash with each other. The effective and appropriate software in the school should be able to generate the timetable within a day. It should be able to maintain the records of the timetable so created. It should form the whole week timetable for teachers regarding their class and free periods.

The software should totally relief the human resource from preparing the timetable manually. It should also, prevent the clashes between teachers and duplicate periods. The timetable management by the software should be able to check for the free substitution and allotment in case of any emergency leave by the teachers and other staff. This way the software should be keeping the track of the working hours of teachers. When needed and as the circumstances arise, the effective software should have the ability to find the free periods of the teachers by day, period and subject wise. It should also be able to generate the statistics of substitution allotment, detailed work allotment list of the respective teachers and the nonacademic staffs.

The management of the school by just viewing the software should be able to allow two or more teachers in the same class if required. The cost-effective and the efficient software is the one which can help the human resource department of the school to decide if the two or more classes should be handled by the single teacher. Without any mistakes, the software should allow the class teachers in the first period of their respective classes. It should not face any difficulties to divide the conditional periods amongst the principal, vice principal or the part-time teachers. It should also be able to restrict certain subjects to occur at certain periods like games, dance class or the art classes should not occur in the first or second periods.

The software should be able to generate the report of the timetable automatically in the specified schedule. The timetable so generated by the software should be flexible enough to allow for any manual adjustment when necessary. The software should then automatically send the timetable report to the teachers and students on their mobile.

10. Hostel management:

The offline management software for school should be formed such that it can assist in managing all the activities in and of the hostel of the school. The number of school hostels is also mushrooming like the schools in Kathmandu. Since more students are coming from outside the valley, the private schools are opening it’s in the hostel. Establishing the hostel Hy school is beneficial in a way that it provides the safe residence to the students. It is also beneficial for the school because it adds up more to their income.

Also, the management can supervise the children in person. The hostel establishment has also lightened the responsibility of the parents. It’s a win-win situation for all. However, managing the hostel and it’s functions is not an easy and comforting job. In that case, the software which is about to be purchased by the school should perform. some functions regarding the management of the hostel. Managing the hostel manually is a very tedious, tiresome and conflicting task. Therefore, the software should easily manage the details of the hostel.

It should easily manage the room details, the records of the students residing in the hostel, the expenses and bill calculation of the mess, the allocation of the vacant rooms to the new students. Generation of the attendance records of the students in the hostel, when required, is another function that the software should perform. The software should also generate the report of the vacant rooms, allocation of the rooms, transfer or the modification of the rooms by any students. It should also create information about building and the blocks if the school hostel has more than one building and blocks.

It should also maintain the records of various room types and it’s charging. Such as a single room and it’s cost on monthly basis. The charge of the rooms with attached bathroom and air-condition etc. The record of the respective students check in time and check out time and generate the payment slip accordingly is another function that the software should perform. Keeping of record of the visitors who came to visit particular students is also one of the jobs of the software. The software should. also, keep the records of the students thus admitted in the hospital and remove the records once the student vacates the room.

It should also print the invoice receipt at the evacuation of the room by the student. It should commit less error while generating the invoice bills thereby reducing the strain of the manual labor.

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