Offline Games On android For Youth of Nepal:- These days’ games have become the topmost fashion and basic need for most of the people. We can see the craze and its outcomes through the games, either that is offline or online.

With the changing time, people especially, the youth of a country like Nepal, become so much addicted to games. In other words, youth also get something to engage in where you can learn many positive aspects of daily life. Many offline and online games help your brain to boost at the top level.

Android games are more popular in Nepal than pc and youth used to play it all the time. Younger age people love to play games on their phones whenever they are free and also learn many more things from it.

Nepal is an underdeveloped country, but slowly youth are showing interest in the technological field. There are many opportunities as well in games, and these days people are creating their name and fame through it. Online games become one of the best platforms for youth all over the world from where they can earn a good amount of money. 

Best Offline Games On android For Youth Of Nepal That Don’t Need Internet

Some of the best offline games for youth in Nepal are down below:

  1. Subway surfs

People of young age took subway surfs as one of their best offline games till now, and most of the time, they are playing it. A game with the highest level of graphic and sound quality for youth so that they can enjoy their free time.

This game is endless so, you can play as much as you like but once you get caught, then it will over. Many youths found the sound of this game so fun and enjoy it. Kiloo and the sybo game company developed it back in 2012 A.D.  


Once you download it, then you don’t need to connect with the internet for playing, and it has many other feathers as well. Advance technology made this possible for youth to play games like subway surfs inside the home, and even more when you are alone.

Nepalese youth are attracting to this game because of its trend and quality of the game. You don’t need the best version of android to play it rather just a medium level will be ok.

Subway surfers
Subway surfers

Many missions will surely bring excitement in the youth and also get rewards after fulfilling those missions. It is a jumping and running game where you need to collect as many coins as you can and reach as further as you can. I can still remember this game from my childhood, and now we love to play it on our phones.

Nepal is like a developing country, so, the high quality of online games needs time to reach for youth, so, these entertaining offline games are more popular among the young generation. Usually, we can see that youth love to play it with skate because it will increase your speed and also help to control more effectively. 

  1. Hill climb racing

This game doesn’t even need any introduction because we most have played it once in our lifetime. Hill climb racing is developed by finger softly, and they have released it in 2012 A.D. its popularity is beyond our words to describe. Youth have most playing it till now.

It also gets a chance to win many awards from the gaming community as well as nominated in the list of one of the best games. We can consider it as one of the most amazing and addictive games for youth because of, its graphic design and sound effect.

Nepalese youth put this game on their favourite gaming list because of its quality and offline feathers. 

Many people may not know that Nepal is a developing country, and you cannot find the internet in every part of a country.


So, youth used to download and play the fascinating offline game which should have enjoyable factors. Hill climb racing has all the feathers and required gaming quality to top the chart of gaming society.

You can have different types of vehicles which will run in a different part of the world and even outside of it. Each place has its importance and feathers as if you want to play on the moon; then your vehicles will jump higher than earth. There are various ranges of vehicles too like tractor or bike or even train which excites youth even more than ordinary vehicles.

Well, some levels have a very challenging time for you to collect the coins, and that is also the reason for having fun to play. Controls are well adjusted but too much versatile like if you are playing on mars then due to the gravity difference, it may go wild. Controls are depending upon where players are playing, but basic is very easy to understand. 

  1. Red bull air race

This is an arcade game that is also considered as the world’s fastest android game in the world. It has a new level of stander and is based on the original game which was played in back 90s. Youth are loved with this game because of its graphic and realistic version to play.

It is free to download without any charges, and even you can play offline in the same way just like you play it online. One of the best things about the company which developed the red bull air race is that, feathering the world’s best pilots. It is not an ordinary competition between players, and it is based on precision, skill, and speed.

There are various levels like basic level to a top hard master level where players need to have high skills and focus on completing it. Events like 400m race and special events are also available to play to win bonus items and upgrade your ranking.

Nepalese youth enjoy these types of game, which is exciting and related to fighter plans. Players can upgrade their plans while racing in the game and you can make it whatever you like.  

  1. Traffic rider

 Well, traffic rider is one of the most fascinating and attractive games for the racing community where youth are mostly involved. It is the first-person gameplay where you will get a chance to take a nice race with other vehicles on the road.

There are traffics on the road, but you don’t need to be very specific about it. It is also considered as the best virtual gameplay in the world by the gaming society. Players will also get a chance to choose a motorcycle from 2o different types, but first, you need to unlock it.

Traffic rider is popular in Nepal as an offline racing game and youth admire it a lot as well. Its speed is unstoppable so, once you start to the race, then it’s better to control it in the rest of the game. 

It is such a cool game that even has different types of colour with an effective sound system and racing speed. I have seen lots of youth playing traffic rider in Nepal and they seem a lot satisfied with it. It’s rating on Google play is 4.5 out of 5, so; you can assume its craze around the globe. So, youth in Nepal certainly choose to play traffic rider as the best offline game these days.

  1. Asphalt 8

It is one of the fastest car racing games on the android phone till now, and I have seen people playing it for fun. Gameloft developed it in 2013 A.D. which was also part of asphalt series gameplay.

Any one of you may play it most of the time because it is really fun to play arcade game. You can find lots of awesome cars and wonderful roads which are adventures to explore.

It’s been a while that youth are involving more and more in racing games these days. Players can choose their vehicles and start to race with others and whenever you win then players will get rewards in return.

Nepal is a small and developing country where electricity is stable. Internet is hard to connect in the overall part of the country so; most of the youth prefer offline games till now. The Racing game gives us perfect virtual reality feelings so, and Asphalt 8 is the first choice of Nepalese youth.

It is also a light game to play on your low version phone too. It will not occupy too much space on your phone, but it will provide the best quality and sound effect. Players can access various feathers, and many of them are new as well.

Players can increase their ranking by showing some stunts as well as winning the race by racing against the opponent. You can also use some of the basic tricks and ideas to win faster on every racing track. Youth used to search for the best quality games in the offline mood so, Asphalt 8 is considered an enjoyable experience for them. Well, Nepal youth love to play this game. 

  1. Asphalt nitro

Asphalt is a series of gameplay based on a racing game which was developed by Gameloft. It is released as the third part of this series in 2015 A.D. with a high virtual ability to play. Players love it and enjoy a lot as a racing game even in Nepal, especially since youth are more attracted to it than others. It is offline and online both types of the game so, players can play it without any cost and data.

You will find some of the best model fast cars in this game and can play as your own by modifying it. This is so much interesting and adventurous game for offline in the racing track which even has lots of feathers to boost the player’s car while playing it.

Asphalt nitro has some really popular fame inside the mind of Nepalese youth because of its incredible and successful gameplay. Players need a medium version of an android phone to install it, but they can play without any cost. You can play on different tracks from various countries like Italy, Brazil, China, and many more.

They will find many speed boosters in the middle of the roads which help you to reach the destination even faster than normal speed. Each wins and based on the player’s collected coin, and they can unlock the new model car to play a new mission in this game.

Well, players can update their game after a certain time, and new feathers can be added at the same time as the update. Every new month players will get a new model of car, but for offline gamers, it may not support in their android.

  1. Shadow fight

Shadow fight is developed by Nekki game which was released in 2011 A.D., and most of the people show interest in this game. You can also consider it as one of the best fighting games in the world for the android version. Players find it’s graphic and sound more realistic than other fighting games and it well worth your time too.

Younger generations feel excited to play these types of modern fighting games, especially from the country like Nepal. Shadow fights fully based on the storyline of a warrior which will fight with a various evil boss to get back his body. 

The Whole gameplay is so different and unique than other fighting games so; players will get a chance to see many extra levels. Weapons are awesome, and players can upgrade them as well whenever they have enough coins.

They need to fight with the powerful and skilled fighter, but whenever they win each time; players can add more powerful armour and weapon. Game is based on offline and online, both mood but basic gameplay can be played offline too.

It is a little heavier than other games so; you must have a good condition android to play it. Shadow fight is an amazing fighting game that is loved and enjoyed by Nepalese youth a lot. I have a great experience with this game and it will surely worth your time than other games.

  1. Shadow fight 2

It is the sequel of the shadow fight game which was developed in 2011 A.D. and gives the biggest hit in the fighting game community. Shadow fight 2 was released after the 2 years of a successful game of shadow fight.

This game has a similar adventure and thriller as part 1 game so; Nepalese youth are waiting for it after the shadow fight. This game is more like a hero travelling all over the world to fight with a demon lord and save his existence.

Shadow fight was the big success game so, part 2 needs to release, which also top the hit chart. It is a singleplayer game where players can choose the character armor and weapon and can play offline anywhere they want.

There are various reasons that shadow fight 2 is so popular among the youth of Nepal, and one of them is its flexible controlling system. Players can easily control their moves and can play with minimum effort of controlling.

There are many skills you can update with coins which you will earn after winning the competition. Players are allowed to take part in the tournament which is also the source of your coin and practice match.

So, this may be the second part of the same game, but it also consists of new levels and other weapons to bring different tastes inside the game.

  1. Temple run

Temple run is the 3d running gameplay which is based on the singleplayer game and loved by youth more than any other age group people. It was developed by imangi studio in 2011 A.D. which becomes so successful hit in those days.

Nepali people, especially youth, used to play this game from its released date, and still, it occupies most of the gaming market in Nepal. Offline mode helps the temple run to increase the attraction for youth because players can play even without the internet on their mobile.

Temple run is not just an ordinary game, and it has a huge fan base as well so, people always love to play it. So, temple run always becomes the best game among Nepali youth, especially, offline games.

The whole game is based on 3d character, and players will surely get a chance to experience the virtual feeling of a racing game. It is also an endless game that will never finish its fun and entertaining part in a player’s life.

Players can also play its second part if they want which is released after a few successful years of temple run. Due to the lack of sustainable and expensive networks like wifi in Nepal even in all parts of the country so, an offline game like temple run would be a good option for youth to play games.

The Control system in gameplay is suitable and easy for players because of its swipe up facility. Among the racing games, it has an awesome visual effect and sound quality for players. Well, that is also the best reason to play temple run as an offline game in Nepal. 

  1. Spiderman

Spiderman is one of the best adventure and superhero action game adopted by marvel comic book and film. It has some of the skilled and amazing storylines in gameplay as well, which is free for players to play. Spiderman has many parts as we move forwards and it keeps advancing itself as per the player’s demand.

The First gameplay was released in back 2012 A.D. which is an offline game, and people from all over the world can play it as well. Spiderman is a singleplayer game where players need to play it alone and complete all the missions in a given time. 

Players will find various levels inside this game which may be thrilling and entertaining for them, and each mission will open new power for a hero. You will get a chance to play as a Spiderman, and the game will move every mission as per the real storyline.

There are lots of plot and twist you will find as a player in this game which is great for offline gamers. I have personal experience with this game from my childhood, and it is so memorable to play on android wherever I want.

You can also find a new version of Spiderman in the online version, but it is a little bit expensive and high quality. If you ever watched its original movie, then it will be easier for you to play the game.

  1. Soulcraft

Soulcraft is the best game action game you can find in Google as an offline game for your entertainment. It is an excellent RPG game mode for android mobile, and you can play it anytime and anywhere. Due to its lightweight for your phone to take space, players can enjoy it without any lag.

Each level and even updated version of soulcraft will support your android once the player downloads it. Its size is just 62 M.B., and its last update is 2019 A.D. so, players don’t need to worry about the update in this game.

Nepali youth may not be that much advance to play this game, but most of them used to play it in free time. I am not saying that it is a complicated game, but players need to have some skilled before play it.

They can even learn whenever they want because players will get enough information about this game inside the info. So, it won’t be difficult for the players to play it after learning through guidance. The small game studio develops it, and they keep updating it throughout the year.

Youth find it so advance gameplay as offline due to its visual effects and various amazing 3D characters. Players can choose from 12 different types of heroes for them and can become the number one soul craft player in the world as well. So, Nepali youth will surely recommend it to anyone who used to play various offline games on their android phone.  

  1. Mini militia 

The various quality and amazing ways to attract the youth either they are Nepali or from other countries. It has feathers like singleplayer and multiplayer which help players to connect with their friends. It has a very light space covering version which helps youth to save more space and data on their phone. 

It also has a survival mode where players can practise matches as much as they can with their friends as well. The Mini militia was developed by Appsomnics LLC, which is for android and IOS.

It is a shooting category game, and the players may feel like a real army inside the game. Players can make their squad or group attack another group which gives them even more fun and entertainment.

Nepali youth love to play action and adventure game which don’t need any internet connection. Players can choose and even make themselves a cool character to play and give that a name as well. So, the mini militia has lots of feathers for youth to learn and grow their skills about guns as well as focus.

  1. Callbreak

 Callbreak is the international level of card game which is played by all age people, but in Nepal, you can see youth used to play it most of the time. This game is based on the same rules and regulations in real-life games so; it will give the same types of feeling to the players.

In Nepal, most of the youth love to play card games in their free time with friends and family, but after this game is introduced as an offline game, youth starts to attract towards it.

Tasletech private limited company published it in the play store as a small game, but it takes a quick run after people start to like it. The whole game is based on a real concept with perfect visual and other A.I. teammate.

There are two modes as single and multiplayer which help the player to play either with friends or alone. It won’t cover-up the maximum space from your android, and it is such an easy game to play as well for youths. There will be a total of four players, and they need to bid with each other, and it continues like this till five rounds.

Nepali youth especially love to play those games which had multiplayer options so that, they can play with friends. It has a very good rating in Google store as 4 out of 5, and the reviews are positive all the way.

Owners of the game keep updating it which will help players to play a new version of this game in offline mode too. It is developed by the company of Nepal, which also promotes its popularity inside the country.

  1. Dr. Driving

We cannot call it just a game because it teaches you the right way to drive a car at some point and players can enjoy the whole new experience too. Dr. Driving is developed by one of the famous Korean company back in 2013 A.D., and most of the people download it in a few days.

It is an offline game so, players can play without any internet connection, and they can enjoy its update. In the category of car gaming, Nepali youth will never find another game like Dr. Driving.

Players can do various experiments with car stunning and fast or slow driving with easy control. But we cannot say directly easy for its controlling panel. It’s a little bit hard at first. Android version of this game is at a medium-range that can be run in the 4.1 version of any android phone.

It has one of the best visual graphics and accurate control over cars. Youth are very excited when they get a chance to play racing and stunning games in offline mode. Players can choose cars as per their like which has real parts of cars like horns, steering wheel, dashboard, gear level, accelerator, brake, handbrake, rearview mirror, etc. so, this is also the reason that youth were attracted towards this game as you can feel its reality while playing.

It’s amazing to play these games from where you can learn something valuable in your life too. There is lots of level in this game which goes up from easy to very difficult, but with the flow, players will learn it easily.

  1. Stickman Archer

Stickman Archer is one of the well-known archery games among the youth of Nepal and sure for other countries too. This game is released in 2018 A.D., but its recognition gets a little higher than anyone expected.

It is not an easy game to play even it is an offline game with simple visual gameplay. Players need to learn the basic skills and tricks to hit the opposite player and kill them before they hit you back.

Players need more focus and calculating speed to hit directly on the opponent’s head to win the match. The game will keep getting harder and harder after you win matches in a row. There are few feathers to help players to score more and fast like changing arrows and bow with more coins. 

It has a good rating in Google gameplay as well as great reviews from the public too. The New android version will surely support this game and even space covering is very low compare to other archery games.

Nepalese youth are very energetic and also enjoy a lot playing these types of archery games so, that is also the main reason for these games to have popularity in Nepal.

Stickman Archery is a fun game where you must have a great aiming capacity to win every match and players even can buy new Archer with better aiming. Well, youth prefer stickman archer as much as other game, but this is more profound and fun than others too.      


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