18 Best Offline Game For Android That Doesn’t Need Internet – Tips For Nepali Gamers

Best offline game for android that doesn’t need internet | Tips for Nepali :- Let’s talk about some of the most popular game which doesn’t need internet after you download and to play.

There are many android games these days which you can found in the play store, and they are very entertaining as well. People have a very close connection with the offline game rather than an online game because those offline games are from the very classic era.

When the internet starts to develop little more in Nepal, and there is wifi technology in each one house than only people begin to play online games as well. Games are beautiful, and you can enjoy a lot of it is offline because you can play it anywhere and anytime without the help of any other medium.

Internet is the medium of people and online games, but for offline games, you need an android phone and start to play after download. There are various types of offline games you may found in the play store, and other many games have broken the record and become number one as well.

Best Offline Game For Android Internet
Best Offline Game For Android

Now we are going to talk about some of the famous and delightful offline game which you can play without any internet.

18 Best Offline Game For Android That Doesn’t Need Internet – Tips For Nepali Gamers

1. Callbreak multiplayer

One of the best games for you is called a break or call break multiplayer game, and it is very enjoyable for all age people. This game is very famous among the youth of Nepali people because of its features and styles. Callbreak is a card game which needs almost four people to play if they want, and that is the perfect balance for this game.

Callbreak multiplayer
Callbreak multiplayer

But even you want to play single in the offline version then you can, and it’s very easy to play as well. There are some rules almost the same as a real life card game, and this game is developed by taking inspiration for real life call break card game.

video source

You have played it one time in your real life with your friends in some ceremony or casino as well. It is a famous classic game in that era, and people love to play card games with friends who give shapes to this offline android version of call break multiplayer.

It will soon bring online multiplayer features in it so; you can play it online with your friends. There are 52 cards inside the packet, and it will be equally divided to all four players in real and in the game as well.

It has 5 round of the game, and you will get the point if you win each round and that point is self scoring one. More you have hands than more points will come, and this game is a tricky one so, you need to play it with using your brain.

You must need to score the point which you keep in budding, and you will get a negative score if you cannot bring that point. You can play it in single player mode, and other many more features are available in this game. Now, they have fixed the bug as well so you won’t face any crash on your phone.

You only need more 3.0 versions android, and you can install this game, it only takes 9.44mb of your storage to download on your phone. Callbreak multiplayer has arrived in offline mode back in 2014 AD than it gets to keep updating and developer add more new features every year.  Yes, it is one of the best offline game for android that doesn’t need internet.

2. Quizoid

 This one is the best brainy game you may have ever played in offline mode in android. Other may need internet to play, but quizoid don’t need any internet until you play its multiplayer version of the game.

In a simple offline game, it is all about your IQ and challenge to yourself for more knowledge and information. These types of brain games also increase your level of knowledge and make you update about yourself.

There will be multiple answers with one question, and you need to give the right answer, which will show your capability and interest in education. You are playing the offline game so it will be against AI which shows random question to you which is already prefixed in this game.


There are other categories as well as you can choose any of them from the list which you are most interested like sports, history, entertainments and other many more.


But you need to pay for that because it is only available in pro version so, just offline mode is already enough for you to test your ability. It has 7000 above questions in its list so; you don’t need to worry about the end of this game sooner.

You must have 5.2.1 version on your android to play this game, and it will take 6.36mb of your storage to download on your phone. Quizoid is one of the classic and old games which release in 2011 AD and become famous in a short period of time.

They keep updating its features, and people also like it so much because of its exciting and right questions with information. You can test your wide range of knowledge through this game and at the same time enjoy the game. It is another best offline game for android that doesn’t need internet.

3. Ludo

Ludo is the best offline game for android that doesn’t need internet that Nepalese are playing of the time. Name of this game is so popular that we even don’t need to explain about it and no one hasn’t play ludo game in Nepal as well as other many countries. Most classic game and android version is inspired by real life ludo.

We all can assume that its popularity from child to old age people, and it is indeed so much entertaining. Now, we are talking on its offline version in android then you can have it on your phone. It is available on both offline and online version in the play store, and you can play with your friends with the same flavour and taste as original ludo.


There are different version of offline and online ludo like ludo king, ludo classic, ludo all star and other many more but ludo king or classic will be the best for you to play offline. Ludo has been popular for family friendly games, and it creates a positive environment among people.

You can also play it on your PC, but you need to play online so, for offline mode android is the best for ludo game. Everyone who plays ludo on android recalls their sweet childhood so; it will bring back your memory of those moments.

You just need to roll the dice and move your tokens according to the number you got. You will also get a snake and ladder game with it if you want to play in its update version.

It needs 5.1.0 version of android on your phone, and it will cover 41mb on your storage. Ludo game is always remembered as a classic and enjoyable one among Nepali people.

4. Candy crush saga

Candy crush saga is another best offline game for android that doesn’t need internet and that Nepalese can play. Candy crush saga is the most adorable and sweet puzzle game of the decade in Nepal and other countries. As an offline game, people admire it more than any other game in Nepal due to its sweet graphic and long lasting game.

There are millions of player of candy crush saga in Nepal and Asia and also considered it a legendry game of puzzle world. You can play it without any fear of completing its level because even it is an offline game, but its level is unlimited, and each new level come with a new trick.

You can enjoy your 100 level as like you have enjoyed your 1st level in candy crush saga. It is also the most famous game in the android version of all time and even supports in PC.

Candy crush saga
Candy crush saga

You need to match the same candies in one box, and each time at least your 3 candies meet together, it will go away. You need to decrease all your candies within a time limit which make it more adventurous and tricky. Each new level gives you sweet victory feeling and new skills for other coming levels.

Your moves must be smart and quick so that your thinking ability also grows with skills. You will also get rewards of various mixed colour candies which you can use one time to break the chain in a difficult time in games.

The main thing on this game is to blast your candies and chocolate as fast as possible, and it is addictive as well. You may not know but the carving to play more level is the main reason that people enjoy it most in Nepal. Nepali people accept candy crush saga as the best offline game for all age’s people.

It gives you a lot of fun and worthy of playing in free time for enjoyment and of course, there are other features which you need to pay to use them, and they will help you to cross your level fast. The developer of candy crush saga updates it within every week so, you get even more features and fun inside it.

Your android version must be 1.1, and it is the lowest version so, you can play on any phone. It will take 54mb of your mobile space to download so, be chill and play with so much fun.

5. Mazes and more

Mazes is the best offline game for android who like the traditional type of game. Well, people of Nepal love action and brainy games because one will give them enjoyment and another will increase their brain capacity. You need a lot of brainwork to solve this game because it may look simple, but sooner you will realize it’s hardcore.

Mazes and more is the classic offline game which can be found in the play store. It has a lot of twists and turns in the middle of the games, which give the player a unique experience and check their ability.

Like, if you are going to play in dark mode than at first, you will play with comfortable and in mazes. But suddenly, your screen gets dark, and you don’t see anyways expect a small light on your screen. So, from that point, you need to make your way back to your home or exist, which seems so challenging to every player.

Mazes and more
Mazes and more

You have different types of modes like ice mode, where you need to slide to reach to exist and other modes like traps mode and many more. It depends upon your choice that which you want to play and shows your ability by yourself. You don’t need to play always a modern level because you also get classic mode, a simple old way to solve the maze.

There are numerous levels with each type of mode, and you can play from easy to hard. You need to escape from the walls, and you need to swipe up that dot on your screen to win the maze. It has 2d graphic which is supportive in many android version for your benefit, and you don’t feel any complicated situation on downloading it.

It will support more than 2.3.1 version of android and use the 18mb storage of your phone to download. Overall, it is good and awesome game for maze lover in Nepal and better offline game than many other games.

6. Once upon a tower

This game is one of the good offline game for young age people because it is almost related to fairy tales story. It is a story relative with prince and princess, but it has some twist in this game which may shock you. Young people and teenagers especially give more interest in this game.

You will find that the price of this story will die while going to rescue the princess, and she needs to get out from that trap tower. She digs a hole instead of climbing the top of the tower which make it more difficult for her. So, story based on like this, which makes it unique and interesting for people to play.

Once upon a tower app
Once upon a tower

There are more obstacles like spider attack, gravity and many more underground traps which give thrilling and action to this game. It is a 24mb game which means you don’t need to have huge space to install it on your phone and play. 

7. Temple run

You need to understand that temple run is the biggest hit when it got released in android and youth from all over Nepal as well as the entire world show deep interest in it. You need to run and keep running to bet the high score of your own and your friend too.

The story goes like the character in this game has stolen the cursed idol from the temple and now you need to save your life from a monkey which is evil one. You need to run between the walls of the old temple, and you will encounter many obstacles on your way.

Temple run
Temple run

There is the complete story behind this game, and you have been very careful and more focus while playing because of one mistake than game over. You need to swipe to turn right or left, and same like to jump and slide from downwards. You can buy the various level of power up for your character by collecting more coins and running further.

Temple run is like the old and classic scene of those movies where the hero took a treasure from caves and temples and run to come out alive. There is no other thrilling and fun running than the temple in offline game history according to the interest shown by player.

Players become more addictive on this game which has classic graphic but fun to run with full focus. It has owned a lot of gaming title like bet game of the month and voted as touch arcade game of the week. We have seen that it is so much popular in Nepal as well when the topic games come in our mind a few years back.

Temple run can be installed within the 1.1.0 version, and it will take 36mb from your storage to install in your phone. There is also the reason why it hit so hard on the floor in the gaming community because you can play without any difficulty in the offline version.

Graphics are so damn good, and sound quality is wonderful with a various twist and turn. 

8. Tank hero laser war

Tank hero is one of the best action offline game, but I wonder why it’s not that much popular among players. You won’t get it often in the list of the good offline game, but you should play it one more time and see its fantastic fun.

In this game, you have laser power, and you need to use that power to take down all the tanks in the game with your canon. There will be a map for you which you need to follow and keep destroy all the tanks which come in your way.

Tank hero laser war
Tank hero laser war

It is easy to play, and you can tap wherever you like to shot laser canon, and you also use a joystick if you have to make it more enjoyable. It is also the most challenging game due to the power of the enemy, and each new move will bring more strong enemy and bigger tanks.

Among youth it also famous in Nepal but not like other offline games. It has excellent graphics like 3d so you will get a chance to enjoy more with such a quality of pictures. It can be downloading and installed in a shallow version like 1.1.1 so, this game is supportive for all android phones.

It even has a minimum of almost 20mb for download so, you don’t need too many spaces for it. You will get a lot of features within this game like the realistic game, you need to conquer different places, and they seem.

So much unique, you will also get boot up your weapon and ready for the battlefield, so many bosses on the top level which shows your skills and capacity to handle it, you have your data records of winning battleground, you can play with every features in offline mode too, the sound is also original in this game and other many more as well.

This game may not come into highlight like other offline game, but it has all the quality and factor to make it worthy in this list.

9. Subway surfers

There is no one till now who doesn’t play subway surfers on him or her phone because it has broken many records of the game industry. Till now it is as usual popular among kids and youth in Nepal as well.

You will find this game on every kid phone due to its graphics and endless running. It is an offline game so, after you download, you can play it with your style. This game was developed in Denmark by one of the private companies, and within a few weeks, it comes in top of the chart list in gaming society.

Everyone is familiar with subway surfers, and if you have never played it, then you need to experience its quality. Well, after you paint in a street, you need to run up and down on railway leak and need to escape from the police officer.

Subway surfers
Subway surfers

First, you need to save yourself from running trains and other obstacles and be careful with the officer, so they don’t catch you. Some of the cool and awesome features are it has colourful HD graphic, you can get a various gift in your way, the jetpack is the coolest gift by which you can fly in the air and other many like jumping shoe for your benefit.

You can change your character with the amount of keys and get even more cool stuffs. People love it more for its simple playing style and control on your game but also the endless running. These types of game are famous in Nepal, which has infinite level and journey so that they can keep playing with increasing skills.

Subway surfers support more than 2.3.1 version of android, and it needs 93mb of your phone to install. The developer keeps updating it so, new features keep increasing these days, but as we remember, subway surfers are only game in every kid phone at that time when it recently releases in Nepal. 

10. Sudoku

Sudoku is one of the best brain games on the internet, and you can also remember that it comes free on every new phone we brought. Sudoku is a very classic game which we used to play in keypad mobile too with so much interest.

In Nepal, we can see that Sudoku is not that much famous in people but still many play at free time. You can find many games which help you to increase your brain capacity, and Sudoku is one of them in android these days.

There are many Sudoku games which you can play offline, and one theme is fassors Sudoku which is a little bit attractive than others. It has four different sections and level in it, and it depends upon your level of quick response.


You can even write many rough numbers which may be wrong, but it will make the penalty for your over 30s time. After you have given your answer, you can’t check it every time but if you want to check then you can with again penalty.

Your friend also can see those score in Sudoku, and that is the reason you need to prepare for this game a little bit more. This game has an excellent and excellent review from the public with every positive comment. You can call it a perfect logical puzzle for your phone and which is free and offline version. It is unlimited, and you will get an endless level in Sudoku, which make your gameplay journey stable as well.

You will get three steps like easy, middle and hard from which you want to choose you can play. The best thing about Sudoku game is that you will never run out of it and can play endlessly. So, you can have Sudoku as an offline game for your android, and it will automatic save your score and records. It is just the 2.2.2 version with 4mb space needed for download and installs in your phone. 

11. Shooter smash hit

In 2014 AD, shooter smash keeps a record of the most addictive game in the gaming community for everyone. It will good because I have personally played it very well. You maybe find that name of the game is little unfit to the content, but it suits it.

Well, you will be the first person and need to throw stones and steel ball to the window so that it smashes into many pieces. You need to break all glasses by making the chain of your stones which will also give you a bonus point.

Each new level in this game will take you forward but slowly and increase your options as you reach new levels. You need to protect yourself before any smash glass pieces hit you directly, and if you do it than within few try, you will beat levels.

Shooter smash hit
Shooter smash hit

People think at first that it is easy just by listening and reading in articles but trust me, you will soon find how hard it is to protect from smash pieces of broken glass. You need a lot of focus and concentration to play because you are slowly moving towards more danger zone and timing is equally essential for it too.

You can experience the most excellent and beautiful destruction on mobile gaming which is even offline for android. Its music is so much smoother and relaxing by the way which you can enjoy a lot in your way to the upper level.

You will get more than 40 various rooms, and you can also change the styles because it has more than 11 types of styles in its option. You will find it more realistic and high graphic version which is best to play in your android. You can play it without any cost and free of ads so, you can create even more focus than other games.

Well, you want then there is the premium version of this game is also available for you. Its gameplay version is 1.4.3, and it only takes 55mb from your storage for download and installs in your phone. You can enjoy a lot and play offline anywhere you want with full of fun and smash hit to the top list on one of the best graphical games.

12. Hungry shark evolution

It is such a wonderful game of 2013 to 2020 AD in the category of water game in play store. You will find it in every Nepali kid phone because it’s graphic is cool, and you can control the realistic share in the water.

I have played it personally so; it feels so great when you eat any items comes near to shark. You can feel it when you are eating your food like birds, fish, and turtle, and sometimes human as well.

It will give you golden time as well where you need to eat everything near to you because at that time everything turns into gold. It will increase your survival time and point so that later you can upgrade your share into a bigger one.

Hungry shark evolution
Hungry shark evolution

It is just like a real sea life story because you know that small shark can’t eat anything more significant than them so, until you have a bigger shark to play, you will die trying to eat huge food. You can go rampage on the ocean and survive until nothing left near to you, each time you eat your meal than your life will increase.

You can unlock many new version of the big shark with gain coins and increase your life span in water. You can go to the open world like inside the water and on the beach to eat the human.

You will not need any internet connection to play this game and can enjoy solo gaming, and your android version should be above to 4.1 then only this game will install in your phone to play. It needs 96mb to download which may be a little bit more to your phone but it well worth your space and time for playing.

13. Archer 3D

Archery 3D is the best and number one archery game in the world which is both offline and online as you like. You can play in both way, but the main thing is that it will increase your level of focus and skills so; you can unlock more and more new level ahead.

You need to choose the range of bow and also need to look at the speed of wind before you shoot it. It is equal to the real life game so, it becomes number one in the world in a short period. You will earn cash by winning each round, and from that cash, you can buy strong bow and arrow as you like.

Your aim should be bull in the eye, which is the red zone, and it also depends upon your arrow and bow. Well, you move forward in the game than with every new level you get more complicated because your target starts to swing left and right.

Archer 3D
Archer 3D

You need to release your arrow from the boy only after analyzing the entire environment like wind flow direction and speed, bow and arrow direction, full focus on a round red part and other things as well. New level brings more challenging target to hit so, and you need to be more concerted before releasing your arrow.

You also become archery expert if you hit your target with ease every time and show your ability to be the best archer. There will be 4 different types of location on your option like forest, field, desert and another rain forest which you can choose according to your interest.

You will get 100 plus level in your game so that it will bring more excitement for your ability test. You can play with other people all over the world as the competition, but it will require the internet. Archer 3D is 3.1 version, and it will only take 22mb to download and install so, it is considered as best among best archery game. 

14. Chess

Chess is the world class supreme game which is more classic and old than any other game in play store. It is an exciting game for all age people because it will show your focus and mind power with tricky steps.

You can find it in the android version nowadays, and it will operate by AI of its system. It has almost 12 levels which easy from hard, and you can’t win that much easier as you think. AI is the strong features in a digital version which follow the pattern of developer install in it and play by itself as best as possible.

You may win it on easy level, but it is almost impossible to win on the hard level which needs extraordinary steps and mind. It is designed in the same way as the real board, and you will get a chance to play with AI in offline mode. You can save your records and data in this game in its scoreboard.

You also have a pro player mode which will be just like playing with a pro player of chess, and you need a high level of strategic mind to win it. You may be playing virtually with AI in the offline game of android, but it will teach you many skills and pattern to win the match in real life.


You cannot trick AI of the system that easily if you want to win against it. You need to get some fact about the developer of this game because he gets award in 2011, 12, 13 and 2015 AD continuously because of its fame and his other successful work. It is actually chess free, and it is the best one in android version till now.

There is 600 list of chess app, and chess free gets top rank regularly three times which is one of the histories it has created in the gaming world. It neither has any locked option nor is it a demo of real chess so, you can play without any distraction of ads and other internal obstacles.

Chess free has lots of features for the player who wants to learn and implement their skills in it. It is suitable for every beginner that he will get chance to learn from AI or top-level and other features as you can avoid some simple mistake through chess tutor, you can see the thinking plans of AI, you can also review the game as you like and other many more.

You also get a chance to sit and play online with your friend, but for that, it is necessary to have internet. It is the 3.2 version gameplay so it will support many androids and it is just 18mb to download which is almost easy to install as well for you.

Well, chess is always a popular game among many people and also has a vital role in the game society. 

15. Traffic riders

You must need to play this game once in your life because it may be an offline game and little low quality graphic, but our childhood memory is still there. This one is the best highway virtual game you can find on play store in offline mode, and it gives the feeling of the real one as well.

You don’t need any internet connection for traffic rider after once you download and install it on your phone. This game is based on the real city where you get highway of two and four lanes, and you need to reach finished line before time up.

You can break your speed limit and become a real rider in this game which give you most satisfied relax through the offline game. You need to increase your bike speed to the highest point and try to be first without crashing with any other road vehicle.

Traffic riders
Traffic riders

Actually, besides any mission, there is just endless racing which may be boring for you, but mission target is the best you can play. You can play with other AI rider who have strong racing skills so, and you need to give your focus and keep increase your speed until you win the match.

You still have other options like time trials and keep running with high speed, and you can get it all in offline mode too. At first, there will be mission mode for you which you need to pass then only you can continue your game ahead in other modes.

Likewise, when you collect many coins and raise your new level, then you can unlock other super cool bikes with high speed. You can then choose which one do you like the most for the ride and take that one for the match. There is another almost same game as traffic rider, and that is traffic racer, but it may not have all the features of traffic rider.

There are so many memories with this game because it is very popular among kids and young age people of Nepal. You can enjoy the experience of a classic bike rider and its simplicity at the same time in one game. You will get real life recording bike sound in your game which is awesome for bike lover and also brings other many features.

Some of the features like your camera view are from the first person, you can choose from all 29 bikes which you like the most, the environment details, and you also got night and day view, you have 70 plus more mission on this game, there are almost more than 16 languages and other many more which you will get to see while playing it.

There are many tips regarding traffic rider like when you ride your bike in full speed you will score more than average. It has an average level of version as 1.70, but you need little more space for this game to download as 92mb. 

16. Shadow fight

There are lots of thing like thrillers and action comes into our mind when we talk about the fighting games. Everybody loves fighting and action game which is more enjoyable to watch as well.

There are other numbers one fighting game like mortal kombat and another is a street fighter is placed as a top ranking one but after shadow fight release than it also become famous as them. It is about being a true warrior and good fighter against evil which come from the dark part of the world.

Shadow fight is almost a whole story of a warrior whose flash has been taken by some dark evil, and he tries to get it back from them. You will get the entire story when you start to play, and there is a lot instructor for you to teach fighting at first.

Shadow fight
Shadow fight

At an early stage, you will get only two buttons like kick and punch after slowly when you start to win evil than you will get more combine skills. More you fight with evil boss and win the match you get a chance to learn more fighting combat and weapon too.

There is almost 20plus weapon you can choose, but they will only unlock after you pay a coin for them. You will get two modes like mission and survival one, and both of them are important for you.

To upgrade your weapon and skills, you need to pay for it, and money only comes after you win the match against evil warrior. Its soundtrack is so much smoother and just like some Japanese flute, and after learning many skills and getting the strong weapon, you can be number one ninja.

It depends upon classic fighting techniques, and you will also get new armour as a shield for your protection and save you from enemy attacks. It is 2.6.1 version, but you need huge storage space to download and install it because it is almost like 142mb. Still, you will never found a classical fighting game like shadow fight in play store.

17. Plants vs zombie 2

This game launched in 2013 AD but guess what, it was a big hit back that year and become the top in the game list for a few years. It is taken as the best strategy game of android mobile till now because you will get a lot of fun and to win the battle you need the best planning as well.

It is such a simple game for you because it is also the story plot game like some zombies want to kill you and you need to plant various kinds of trees so that they can’t reach to you.

Plants vs zombie 2
Plants vs zombie 2

You just need to plot multiple plants on their way and let plants destroy zombies, and you need a better strategy to win the match. It may seem that you need to buy for more level in this game, but that is false because you can enjoy it through offline equally as online.

This game has won many awards and developer too, but you need more space for this game because you need almost 610mb to download and install it on your phone. It also required a high version of your android like 8.1, which may be a little difficult for you; otherwise, the game is awesome to play offline.

18. Hill climb racing

It is the most entertain and physics based racing game you have ever seen in your life, and it is free. Hill climb racing game is famous for its fun riding in a different place like a desert, mountains, hills, cave, moon, Mars and other many more places which is awesome.

Hill climb racing
Hill climb racing

You also have a lot of option for vehicles like bus, car, bike, and tractor like this other as well, which give you the best feeling to ride. It is a favourite game for us in our childhood, and you can play it anytime and anywhere without any internet.

You need to face all the problems come in your way in this game till the highest hill doesn’t come and every certain distance you will get fuel as well. You must ride it little fast otherwise if you fuel gets finished then you need to start again. 

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