10 Major Occupation or Profession in Nepal That May Attract You

9. Lecturer

A person who teaches above intermediate level is known as a lecturer. They teach in a higher level. Lecturer helps students to obtain the higher level of knowledge, skill and information. To become a lecturer one should complete masters in a related subject.

Teachers and lectures understand the psychology of students. This help to inspire students to get quality learning. Teaching is an important profession. It is directly related to the future of students. Todays era is an era of competition. Teacher and lecturer have the major responsibility to produce skilled manpower that can compete with others.

10. Veterinarian (animal doctors)

A veterinarian is a professional who practices veterinary medicine by treating Animals are the source of milk and meat disease, disorder and injury in animals as a food product.  For the commercial livestock production, proper management suggestion to prevent the animals from diseases and its cure are needed which are provided by a veterinarian. Thus, they have a major role in livestock production. For obtaining bachelors degree in veterinary (B. V. Sc. & A.H.), ones should pass intermediate or PCL or 10+2 (HSEB) level from science faculty with a minimum of 50% marks. Four and half year course and half year internship are designed for this level. A person who has done diploma in animal science can also apply for a bachelor. After completion internship, one s should take registration exam conducted by Veterinary council. TU (IAAS), AFU, Purbaanchal University and their affiliated colleges enroll student every year. Furthermore M.Sc. and Ph. D. degree can be obtained to become a high level profession in veterinary.

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