10 Major Occupation or Profession in Nepal That May Attract You

7. Principal and campus chief

Education and occupation are indispensable to each other. For the social and economic development, occupation and education are interrelated. Education fulfills these demands by providing skilled manpower. School, college and training centers are opened to produce the skilled manpower. Thus, every aspect of occupation is controlled, directed and operated by education. Educations have a major role in protection and preservation of occupation.

Head of the school is known as principal and head of the college is known as campus chief. To become a principal or chief they should have obtained a necessary qualification. They are appointed to accomplish the day to day activity of school or college in an organized way. They help the teaching-learning process in an effective manner. Proper management of teacher, students and staff are conducted under the supervision of them.

8. Branch manager or head

The opportunities and services that are provided from government level for public welfare are known as Government services. It is also known as public services. Government services are a very vague sector. Education, health, protection, law etc. are the sectors of government services. To provide the government services professionals having different level qualification and status.

Professional’s work is based on government, semi-governmental and non­governmental office or organizations. They perform their duties according to their post such as branch manager, office head etc.

Telecom, drinking water, electricity office provide services on the leadership of director or manager. In this chapter, we will discuss branch manager, office head, director or manager.

Government service offices have many departments and branches. This makes the easy flow of services. Branch manager is appointed to work in these offices. The major duty of branch manager is to provide the services effectively from their branch.

Bachelor degree is the minimum required for the branch manager. For this post, the eligible person should pass the exam of branch manager or head conducted by public service commission.

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