10 Major Occupation or Profession in Nepal That May Attract You

5. Financial audit and auditor

Financial management is one of the major areas of finance. For financial management, a working plan and its effective implementation are necessary. Its monitoring and evaluation should also be done. In organization finance plays a major role. For the above-mentioned work, financial sector is composed of an accountant to account all financial activity, auditor to check the account and a manager. Out of it, auditor and manager are discussed below:

Whether an organization is working in judiciously or not is examined by financial audit. A person who performs financial audit is known as auditor. Accountant keeps the record of day to day financial activity and auditor examines the work of accountant. Financial   audit   can   be   internal   and external. This check is done to correct the mistakes in account. The audit done’ by the internal auditor with the aim of correction of any mistake is known as internal audit. Complete examination of account is done by external auditor. On the basis of proofs and papers from this check adutior present the report to the management. These make the account judicious and prevent useless expenditures. It helps to uplift the morality and inspires to become honest.

Generally, one who completes their study in BBS or BBA can become an internal auditor. For external auditor, one should complete accounting technician or chartered accountant course. For this one must pass the intermediate or PCL level.

The main role of the auditor is obtaining reliable financial reporting on its operation, preventing fraud and misappropriation of its assets, and minimizing its cost of capital. On the basis of the reported effectiveness of the work of organization and transparency can be known. Thus, they are important to every organization.

6. Hotel manager

Tourism is the source of earning foreign currency in our country. More the no I of tourist more will be the earning which symbolizes the economic development of the country. The tourism and its human resources are one of the sources of I development. For tourism, hotel management is important. Hotel businesses, trekking, rafting are the occupation of this sector.

The hotel manager is people who welcome the simple customers to new guests, high standard customers and provide necessary services and facilities. He plays a leading role in accomplishing day to day administrative role in an effective way. His major role is to deliver excellent customer service, at all times, ensuring guests’ comfort and safety. Manager manages every department of the hotel.

To become a hotel manager a person should acquire some qualification. For this, they must pass the intermediate or PCL level with science or related faculty. After that he must complete B.H.M (bachelor in hotel management) and acquire some years of experience.

Hotel manager should consider the need of the customers and work according to it. Hotel manager should manage manpower in a hotel in an effective way to run the hotel. This makes the customers happy, respected and gives them a sense of safety. Thus in tourism hotel management and manager have a major role.

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