List of Nursing Colleges in Nepal Regarding CTEVT, KU, TU, BSC & PCL Nursing


Nursing Colleges in Nepal: – Established as a secure career, the attraction towards nursing education has increased. With the goal of becoming a nurse, tens of thousands of students compete in entrance exams so hard work is a necessity.

Students who have good knowledge of schooling will take nursing first priority after passing SLC. The demand for medically trained manpower in Nepal is increasing in developed countries, with the highest demand being nurses. It has opened the way for Nepali nurses to pursue careers in countries such as Europe, America, Australia, New Zealand.

Nursing colleges having their own hospitals are only eligible for providing nursing education. Prior to CTEVT, colleges under Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu University taught in this educational program.

In some colleges run by CTEVT, quality-related weakness is seen.  According to them, they need proper management and monitoring.

Under Tribhuvan University, there are  Maharajganj Nursing Campus, Lalitpur Nursing Campus, Pokhara Nursing Campus, Birgunj Nursing Campus, Nepalgunj Nursing campus, and  Biratnagar Nursing Campus. Bir Hospital and Kathmandu University have autonomously operated PCL Nursing Program.

However, the Nursing colleges under TU have been proposing to remove the PCL nursing program from their college. Maharajgunj Nursing Campus and Pokhara Nursing Campus have already removed the PCL nursing program from their college.

And soon other colleges under TU will also be removing the program. So that better quality education can be provided to the higher level of Nursing education. There are colleges under CTEVT that will be providing the staff nursing education. Let’s see which colleges are providing staff nurse education.


list of 20 Nursing Colleges in Nepal

  1. Kathmandu University School of medical science:

Kathmandu University ( KU ) is a public higher education institution in Nepal. KU was established in 1991. The university complex is located outside the city of Kathmandu. Kathmandu University ranks second in the national ranking of Nepal. The selection committee decides on enrollment based on previous performance and exam results.

After providing all the documents required by the university. More than half (70 percent) of applicants successfully enter the university. But it is worth considering that when entering KU, the percentage of applicants can vary significantly depending on the popularity of the course chosen for the study.

The university also provides an opportunity for distinguished students to participate in scholarship programs. The certificate of Nursing education consists of three years of education with 40 seats available for enrollment. Students have at their disposal a library of the institution.

Students of the educational institution have the opportunity to live in a dormitory on campus. The college provides all the required facilities to the students like wifi, library, counseling, conference, health care, scholarship, internship.

  1. B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences:

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (abbreviated as BPKIHS ) is a higher education institution in Nepal. BPKIHS was established in 1993. The main building of the university is located in Dharan Bazar.

BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences is one of the leading educational institutions in Nepal, one of the five best universities in the national ranking. The PCL nursing program is conducted for three years which may cost approximately Rs. 4 lakh. The total seats that are available on the college for this program are 40.

BP Koirala Institute of health science
BP Koirala Institute of health science

The college is accredited by Nepal Nursing Council. The college has all the infrastructure as required by the students for their better education. Like they have wifi, E-Library, library, dormitory, transport, cafeteria, banking services, health care for students and auditorium. They also provide the scholarship and internship to the deserving candidates.

  1. National Academy Of Medical Sciences (NAMS), Bir Hospital:

Established in 2003, this college has been providing the best medical education to the students of various levels. The institution has its own hospital, the renowned hospital of Nepal named Bir Hospital in Kathmandu. It is the autonomous body operating in the field of medical sciences.

The infrastructure of this institution as per the need of the students for modern education. The college has the PCL nursing program that accepts only 40 best students who are able to pass the entrance examination. The course like in others is three years course provided in the English medium.

The college is recognized by Nepal Nursing Council as well. Apart from PCL nursing, it also provides a Bachelor in Midwifery Sciences, Bachelor in Nursing, Post Basic Bachelor In Nursing, and Master in Nursing.

The facilities that the enrolled students can enjoy in this college are their own dormitory, cafeteria, wifi, library, and E-Library. Along with transport, scholarship, banking services, multimedia rooms, and auditorium.

  1. Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS):

Karnali Academy of Health Sciences (KAHS) was formed in 2011 AD as an autonomous body. It is located in Military Sadak, Chandannath, Jumla, Karnali Pradesh of  Nepal. It is accredited by Nepal Medical Council, Nepal Nursing Council, and the Nepal Health Professional Council.

It was established with the objective of providing health services in remote areas in an easy way. It conducts a high standard learning and research activities.

So that it can contribute to producing skilled human resources in the Health Sciences sector. The three years diploma or PCL nursing education is provided by this institution with 40 seats available.

Like in other colleges, it also conducts entrance examination for the students. Only the top 40 are selected for enrollment. Though located in a remote place like Jumla, the infrastructure it built is modernize. And the facilities that it provides to its students are not less than any urban colleges.

The college has its own hostel, cafeteria, wifi services, library. It also provides the scholarship to the deserving students. It also gives the health care and internship to the students and staff. Time to time counseling is also given to the students and it has its own auditorium and conference Hall.

  1. Alka Institute of Medical Sciences:

Alka Institute of Medical Sciences was built in the year 2010 A. D. Its aim is to provide qualitative health workers to the national health system. Its location is at the central part of Lalitpur at Jawalakhel.

It is affiliated to the Council of technical education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) and Purbanchal University (PU). Since it’s the establishment, it is conducting Proficiency Certificate Level (PCL) in Nursing Education, CMLT and Health Assistant (HA) with Post Basic Bachelor in Nursing (PBBN).


As per the rules and laws for the eligible nursing college, this institute has its own hospital named Alka Hospital. It is a private nursing college that enrolls 40 students every year. It also short list the students on the basis of merit and entrance exam results.

Approximately Rs. 4 lakh is needed for the education of staff nurses in this institute. The college is better with the view that focuses on equipping students with the necessary practical skills. As well as the strong theoretical background necessary for an efficient nurse.

The training and education provided by this institute fulfill the need of the nurse as per criteria inside and outside the country. It is also involved in different educational and research activities in different subjects in a joint venture with other national and international organizations.

Considering to produce the skilled manpower for the nation, the college has its own library, lab, wifi, E-Library, auditorium, hostel, transport, and cafeteria. It also provides scholarships to the students on the basis of their merits and needs.

  1. B and B medical Institute:

B and B Medical Institute is established with the goal to provide quality Nursing education at an affordable cost. It assists in producing competent human resources for the country capable to face new challenges in the field of nursing personnel.

It conducts research in services as well as in education to ensure healthy individual, family, manpower, and community on national and global perspectives. It is located in Gwarko, Lalitpur.  It is affiliated to CTEVT to provide three years of staff nurse program.

Apart from certificate nursing, it gives a Bachelor of Nursing and Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing with affiliation under Purbanchal University. The college has its own hospital named B and B hospital. The PCL nursing program in this institute costs you about Rs. 4 lakh where 40 students are selected every year for the program.

Based on the merits and the entrance exam results. The facilities provided by the college for the convenience of the students are its own hostel and Transport. Its own cafeteria for the hygienic nutrition of the students, wifi, library, parking, auditorium and conference room.

It also provides the health care and scholarship facility to the students. Timely counseling is also given to the students to motivate towards qualitative education.

  1. Birat Health College and Research Centre, Morang:

Birat Health College abbreviated as BHC was found in 2004 AD. It is situated in Biratnagar – 4, Morang district of Nepal. It is affiliated under Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT) for PCL nursing. And Purbanchal University for other health and medical education.

It is accredited by Nepal Nursing Council, Nepal Pharmacy Council and Nepal Health Professional Council as well. It was founded by a group of intellectuals, academicians and highly devoted professionals. It focuses on making its students capable of medical science and Health Technology. It thus imparts qualitative education to the nursing students making them ready for inside and outside of the nation.

Located in a peaceful environment at an accessible distance away from the noise and crowd of Biratnagar. It completely concentrates on the betterment of the students.  What makes this college different from other nursing colleges are the features of this college.

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Like it is permanently accredited by the concerned council in the entire Eastern Region. It has its own Birat Hospital with the most modern infrastructures. Apart from this hospital, Koshi Zonal Hospital & District Hospital, Sunsari are also used for the clinical field of the students. And facilities to comfort the teaching-learning activities for the students.

It owns the most modernized, well equipped Laboratory in the entire eastern region. Apart from PCL nursing, it also operates Bachelors Programs like BN, B.Sc. Nursing and BPH. It is also planning for medical college. 40 seats are available for the three years of staff nurse course.

And approximately Rs 4 lakhs is needed to be invited for the nursing education. Other facilities that it provides to its students are a hostel, cafeteria, wifi, transport, scholarship, auditorium, conference Hall, etc. For the admission in the PCL nursing, students must pass their SEE, and entrance exam.

  1. Devdaha Medical College:

Devdaha Medical College established in 2009 A. D. And located in the Western Region of Nepal at Butwal, Nepal. The goal of the college is to assist in producing skilled medical manpower who can work in any environment and any corner of the world.

The college is determined to provide the health services and education in any type of. Abbreviated as DMCRI, it is affiliated under Kathmandu University (KU), Purbanchal University (PU) and Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT).

PCL nursing comes under CTEVT and has to go through a tough entrance examination for enrollment in the college. The three-year nursing diploma course may cost you around 4 lakh rupees. The infrastructure and amenities provided by the college are its own hostel, wifi, cafeteria, health care services, counseling, transportation, scholarship.

It provides a homely environment to it’s all enrolled students via most loving and outstanding academic staff. It is an internationally recognized institution concentrated on excellent academic achievements and research work. It also conducts recent medical research in collaboration with other organizations.

It is the only institution working for medical tourism in the nation. It currently is working to make this institution the best of the South Asian region. The certificates of this college are nationally and internationally recognized so a job guarantee is given to the graduate students of this college. It also accepts students and employees from abroad.

The dormitory of this college is located in the premises of this college with a safe, secure, cost-effective and comfortable environment. The cafeteria provides the most sanitary and hygienic food both vegetarian and non-vegetarian to students and. As much as possible it also provides financial assistance to the students who cannot afford it.

But has enough talent to enroll for higher education. It also focuses on motivating the deserving students by providing the scholarship on the basis of their merits and achievements. Therefore the college has been funded and supported by the intellectual and professionals of Management, medical and various other academic professions.

  1. Green Tara College of Health Science:

Abbreviated as GTCHS and established in 2003 A. D. The college is located at Sainbu, Bhaisepati, Lalitpur, Nepal. It is founded by the joint collaboration of Council for Technical Educational and Vocational Training (CTEVT) and Green Tara Education group.

The goal of this college is to bring social awareness and provide the best medical and technical education. Apart from nursing, it also offers a Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT), PCL in General Medicine-Health Assistant (HA) and PCL in Radiography.

The college assists and motivates the students to advance their careers and reach their desired level of personal success. The PCL nursing education of this college gives the opportunity to 40 students to study nursing. But the selection criteria being tough, the students among thousands have to go through entrance examination.

The PCL nursing program may cost you around 475000 rupees. The college provides a safe, secure and homely environment for their students especially being the girl students. And rolling in the nursing faculty the hostel is located in the nearby locality.

With their own cafeteria where they provide clean and hygienic nutrition to their students and. The college has its own transportation facilities, Wi-Fi, auditorium, conference hall. The college frequently organizes the motivation program and counseling.

It also provides healthcare services as per necessity. Like in other colleges, it also provides the scholarship to the deserving candidates on the basis of their merits and achievements

  1. Iwamura College of Health Science:

Founded by Dr. Iwamura memorial hospital and research Centre in the year 2008 A. D. It has been working and providing the qualitative health technician and manpower to the nation since then.

Located in the homely and peaceful environment of Sallaghari Bhaktapur. It is affiliated under the Council of Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT)for providing the PCL nursing education of 3 years. It is also recognized by the National Health Professional Council (NHPC), Nepal Nursing Council and Nepal Pharmacy Council.

It also operates other technical programs like Certificate in Diagnostic Radiography, Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT).It adapts the inventive teaching practices to meet the academic and professional to the students. It offers various opportunities to all students even after their graduation in their chosen faculty.

The amenities that this college offer to its students are Cafeteria, Library, Sports, Wi-Fi, Transport, Auditorium. Science Lab, Medical Facilities, Health Care, Multimedia, Parking, Online Journal, Counselling. Scholarship and Internship to the deserving students.

Like other private colleges, it also has limited seats of only 40. For which students have to go through a competitive entrance examination. The cost of nursing education is affordable of approximately Rs. 4 lakh.

  1. Nepal Institute of Health Science (Stupa College):

Better known by Stupa Nursing College, Nepal Institute of Health Science was established in the year 2001 A. D. It is located in the peaceful environment of Boudha Kathmandu.


It is affiliated under CTEVT for running proficiency certificate labels in nursing faculty, general medicine (HA), Diploma in Pharmacy and Lab Technician program. Likewise, it is also affiliated with Purbanchal University to run B. Sc. Nursing, PBBN, BPH.

The main focus of this college is to produce the medium label and the higher level of nursing professionals who have adequate knowledge in the theoretical and practical background.

So they can adapt to any environment and any obstacles to carry out their profession efficiently in any corner of the world. The college also produces other health faculty members as mentioned above to meet the qualitative health manpower necessity of the nation.

The main objective of this college since its establishment has been to produce a competent, self-reliant, responsible citizen. So that they can contribute to society with quality health care services as per the need of the country. The resources that the college provides for the higher education of their students is unlimited.

The proficiency certificate level nursing is a 3-year program whose main focus is to produce the middle level, technical nursing staff. The criteria for enrolling in the PCL nursing program of this college is that the students must obtain 50% in SLC or SEE with 50% marks to be eligible. The students also have to go through the selective entrance examination.

For which they are shortlisted on the basis of the merits and their results that they obtain. The price for the PCL nursing in this college is approximately rupees 4 lakhs and only 40 seats are available. The college also has modern amenities for the better education of students.

Such as the college has its own library, Wi-Fi facilities, cafeteria, transportation, counseling, health care services, and auditorium. The teaching faculties and staff are highly dedicated and educated who are committed to their profession. The institute has well-equipped modern laboratories for the students to get practical knowledge.

The college not only focuses on the curriculum set by CTEVT. But it also focuses on developing their leadership and personality. Other activities that the college make their students follow are educational tours, excursion, and sports activities. Extra classes are provided to those students who are in need for their better performance.

  1. Nepalese Army Institute of Health Sciences College of Nursing:

More commonly known as NAIHS college of nursing was built in 2010 A. D. It is located in a peaceful and calm environment of Bhandarkhal of Sanobharyang Swayambhu.

The college has separate four floored building for nursing faculty. The building consists of an academic and management department regarding nursing. The college has its own hospital named Shree Birendra Teaching Hospital which is about two and a half km away.

The three-year nursing program consists of only 40 seats for which thousand if students compete. The students like in any other colleges are shortlisted on the basis of their merits in SEE. And the results they obtain in the entrance examination.

The college provides it’s own accommodation for the students coming from remote places. It is located in the serene environment with a beautiful view of Swayambhunath Stupa. And lust green vegetation of Halchowk, Ichangu Narayan and Nagarjun Hill. The amenities provided for the students are very modernized according to the needs of the students.

So no obstacles can have an adverse effect on the quality education of its students. Such as the nursing building is connected with three-phase electricity, power back up with a generator. 24 hr water supply with its own water purification system and the best hygienic food in its own cafeteria.

The college also has other facilities such as Library, Sports, WiFi, Transportation. Auditorium, Science Lab and Medical Facilities, Health Care, Conference, Banking Services. Multimedia, Parking, Counselling, and Scholarship for the deserving students.

  1. Om Health Campus, Kathmandu:

Om Hospital and Research Center is the popular hospital located in Chabhil of Kathmandu. The hospital opened its sister organization in the form of Om health campus in 1998. Initially, it ran an ANM training program of 18 months under CTEVT and Purbanchal University.

Now it is running a Certificate Nursing program, Auxiliary Nurse Midwife (ANM) and Bachelor level program in Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBBN). B.Sc. nursing, and BPH (Bachelor of Public Health).

That is from the beginning of its formation, the college is focusing on satisfying the need for productive health manpower of the country. It has been producing a lower, mid and higher level of intellect and qualitative nursing products for the nation.

The college is established in a  multi-storied building with a fine-looking garden, and playground. The institution has its own canteen for providing the students with a nutritious diet.

They have their own well-equipped science laboratory, transportation, multimedia, high-speed internet, scholarship facilities for deserving students. The three-year diploma course in nursing costs you about 4 lakhs rupees. 40 seats are opened for the competition amongst the students for studying nursing.

  1. Sushma Koirala Memorial Nursing Campus:

Established in 2000 A. D., This college of Nursing education has begun its academic operations since 2057/58. Better known as SKMNC, this college is operated under the supervision and monitoring of Sushma Koirala Memorial Trust.

And it is affiliated under Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). The academic achievements of this college have been recognized by several government and non-government bodies. The new building is constructed in the Sankhu area with aid from the Indian Embassy.

The three-year nursing program is highly recognized nationally. It avails 40 seats for the enrollment every year. Students have to have SEE merit along with entrance results to gain admission in this college. The college is also under the affiliation of Purbanchal University for the B. Sc. Nursing program.

It has been accredited by Nepal Nursing Council as well. Since it’s the establishment, the college has been focusing on developing the college as the first resource for health care services and education. It has been producing skilled health workers of mid and high levels for society by providing quality nursing education.

The modern medically equipped facilities available in the college has been assisting the college in achieving its goal. Such as it’s own accommodation, cafeteria, library, transportation, auditorium. Highly equipped science lab, healthcare conference room, parking facilities.

Counseling for the needy students and scholarship for the deserving candidates. It not only focuses on hospital-based care but also make the students learn for and in the community.

  1. Tsho Rolpa Nursing College:

One of the remotest but reputed nursing colleges located in Charikot Bazar of Dolakha is Tsho Rolpa Nursing College. It was established in the year 2008 A. D.

With the one major objective of providing local girls of this district with the opportunity of obtaining recognized degrees in Nursing. It has its own hospital Tsho Rolpa General Hospital which is the parent organization of this college. It has not only been producing competent and skilled professional nurses.

But it also has been serving the society with the best healthcare services. It is also providing the opportunity to the girls of this remote village to earn their living by themselves. Not only in the district but also in any part of Nepal as well as outside the nation.

Also, students from any part of the country can enroll for nursing education in this college. It is also a private institution affiliated under CTEVT for providing the three year PCL nursing course.

Like any other private colleges, it also avails 40 seats for the PCL nursing course and may cost approximately rupees 4 lakhs. Since the general hospital is located in the remote area.

So the students may not get the adequate opportunity to expose themselves in the practical skills. So they sent the second year to Madhyapur Hospital Thimi, baby-friendly hospital of Panipokhari and Bhaktapur Hospital. The third-year nursing students are sent to Bhaktapur Hospital, Dhading District hospital, Dolakha PHC hospital to gain practical knowledge.

Though the college is in the remotest village of Nepal. But it doesn’t mean that the college is not well equipped with modernized amenities. Like several other urban nursing colleges, this nursing college also has its own hostel with efficient hostel warden. It also consists of well-equipped science labs which different demonstration classes for the students.

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There is also a modern library well stocked with books and lectures. The college has its own Cafeteria, Sports, Health Care, Conference, and Multimedia room. The college also provides the scholarship on the basis of the merits and achievements of the deserving students. Frequent counseling is also conducted in the college.

  1. AMDA Institute of Health Science:

Popularly known as AIHS, this institute was established in 1996. It is located in Saman of Jhapa, Nepal. Since it’s the establishment, it has been providing the three-year course of PCL nursing program under the affiliation of CTEVT.

Apart from diploma in Nursing, it also offers other courses such as ANM, CMA, Lab Assistant and Health Assistant. 40 students are given the opportunity every year to study nursing in this renowned institute. For which they have to pass SEE with good grades and also have to secure a good score in the entrance examination.

Then only 40 students are shortlisted among the thousands for the enrollment. Around 4 lakh rupees are needed to study nursing in this college.

Apart from nursing, every year it also provides admission for 40 students for Community Medical Assistant (CMA), 40 students for Laboratory Assistant, and 40 students for Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANM) training program.

It also has started general medicine from the year 2018 A. D. The institute from its formation has the goal to produce such health manpower in the country who can have the leadership skills. One who can adapt to any environment and work efficiently.

One who should not only have theoretical knowledge but also practical. Therefore the institute provides the On The Job training by exposing the students to AMDA Primary Health Center inside the Bhutanese refugee camps.

The institute also conducts public health activities via its students. It also seeks collaboration with national and international ventures to conduct health and medical programs inside the country. Unlike other health institutes, AMDA institute is determined to produce competent paramedical manpower.

Those who are able to work in NGO, INGO, hospital and private sectors. It has its own academic building with a well-equipped library and laboratory set-up. Infrastructure has been built with modern amenities to meet the international standard.

Another block was added in the year 2005 with the help of the Japanese embassy. It also offers Scholarships to those who are socially and economically underprivileged.

  1. Sailaja Acharya Memorial Polytechnic:

The SAMP institute was established in the year 1997 A. D. In Siswani Jahada -3 Morang district of Nepal. It has been affiliated under CTEVT for offering the program of PCL nursing to the students. 40 seats are opened every year for admission in the staff nurse course for which students have to invest around 4 lakhs rupees.

Students are selected on the basis of their grades in SEE and entrance examination results. Apart from the staff nurse program, it also offers VJTA, TSLC Ayurved, P JTA, and ANM program. It has been accredited by the Nepal Nursing council and Nepal Health professional council.

Since it’s the formation, the institute has been working non-stop toward employing the semi-educated and uneducated people. By providing them with different technical education.

It has been producing both mid and higher level of technically efficient personnel so that they can earn their living and work for society. It has set the goal to provide efficient health care services to remote villages where others hesitate to go.

It has been motivating the community to participate in community health programs. It has been encouraging the girls to be self-efficient and acquire the leadership skills in the health faculty.

Till now it has been providing Academic Technical Education, Skill Based Vocational Trainings. It has been conducting research, surveys, monitoring & evaluations. It has been working towards Gender advocacy & women empowerment. It has been stirring the society to participate for rural development and Livelihood improvement.

The facilities that it has been providing its students are as per the international criteria and the necessity of the students. Such as the institution has its own Hostel, Cafeteria, Library, Science Lab, Conference, and Multimedia. It also provides the scholarship to the needy and deserving students.

  1. Chhinnamasta Educational Academy:

Accredited by Nepal Nursing Council, Nepal Pharmacy Council and Nepal and Nepal Professional Health Council, the institute were established in the year 1997 A. D. It is built at Rajbiraj of Saptari.

It’s a private college that has been founded by groups by intellectual, professionals, and experts of related fields. The one important goal being to help the nation to meet the demand for efficient and skilled manpower. The college has definitely known that education is incomplete with just the theoretical knowledge given inside the classroom.

Therefore, the institute has been providing training programs, workshops, seminars, field works, and practice. It is affiliated under CTEVT for providing the technical and vocational education to the students. Every year, it opens admission for a three-year course of PCL nursing with 40 seats.

Apart from nursing, it also runs a Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology (CMLT), Diploma in Pharmacy, PCL in General Medicine-Health Assistant (HA). TSLC in Civil Engineering (Civil Sub-Overseer), TSLC in Electrical Engineering (Electrical Sub-overseer), and TSLC in Survey Engineering (AMIN).

The criteria it has set for the enrollment of the students in the college are that the students must pass the SEE or equivalent education with good grades. And they must pass the entrance examination with the highest marks.

The procedure that the students must follow for admission is they should collect the application form and fill it properly. They have to attach it with photocopies of the latest certificate needed for the respective program. They should then have to submit the form within the date of admission.

  1. Farwest Technical College:

Located at Nainadevi Road of Dhangadi, FT College was established in the year 2010 A. D. Under the affiliation of CTEVT, it has been offering three-year diploma nursing and 15 months of full-time Civil Sub-overseer program. 40 seats are availed for the nursing program and 48 seats are availed for the Civil sub overseer program.

Around 4 lakhs of investment is required for the nursing course. The nursing department of this college since it’s formation has been focused on producing skilled and trained nursing professionals. It takes active participation in the community to refer the efficient health care services.

It has been making efforts to modernize nursing education on the basis of national and international criteria. The main objective of the college has been to make the students competent enough who can contribute to the health and medical prospects of the community.

It has been utilizing modern and scientific methods to enable their students to make critical decisions about the health of people. The college has built an adequate and comfortable infrastructure with modern amenities. Such as Hostel, Cafeteria, library, Sports, Science Lab, Counselling and Scholarship.

  1. Deurali Janata Prabidhik Shikshyalaya:

Affiliated under CTEVT, the college was established in the year 2064 B. S located in Butwal. It is considered one of the best educational institutions of province number 5. It is accredited by Nepal Nursing Council and therefore has been offering a three-year course of PCL nursing.

With 40 seats available for open competition. Those who have attained good grades on their SEE and a good score in the entrance examination are able to gain admission to the college. Apart from the Nursing program, it also runs JTA-Agriculture and Veterinary JTA programs.

It not only focuses on producing the manpower who can work on their respective fields with competent leadership skills. But it also makes the students capable of being the job creators. The teachers of the college are also qualified, experienced and highly dedicated. 90% production of this college has been getting the job in their respective fields.

While the rest are creating employment for others. The nursing graduates also have to get the opportunity to work in various sectors of health in the nation. The infrastructure of the college is saw, secured and comfortable with well-furnished classrooms and science labs.

The college has its own accommodation for the students with the hygienic cafeteria. The scholarship is also given to the underprivileged and deserving students for better opportunities.


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