“We are Not Afraid to Die” – A Secret Key of Success of All Successful People


“We are Not Afraid to Die” – A Secret Key of Success of All Successful People

We are getting to the end of our lives just to realize that we have not lived it through. A research was done among 100 elderly people who were on their death bed. When asked what were the things they regretted the most , they replied that they regretted things they did not do rather than the things they did. The risks they never took and dreams they did not pursue. Why do we exist? Life is not only about waiting for the weekends  and working all day or paying rent. It is beyond that.

Martin Luther King never had a dream . Sounds surreal? The dream had him. You don’t choose the dream , the dream chooses you. So the question I am relating to is do you have the courage to pursue the dream that choose you , that fits you? Or will you let it slip away? I learnt a fact about aero planes I saw an interview on a channel where a pilot told planes were more dangerous on lands than that on air. Many people fears to get on a plane and from the fact I heard I was shocked. I thought to myself how is that possible? The pilot continued  that on lands the plane would not function and wear. And I related that to us – we people.

"We are Not Afraid to Die" - A Secret Key of Success of All Successful People
Not Afraid to Die

How would we do good we are not meant to be in place where we don’t belong. The people are built to live the dream outside their mind. Most of us are afraid of the thief that comes in the night light. But there are thieves on our mind that does not allow to go for our dreams – doubt.  Doubt and fears like crime in partners , you wont know when they will come. You will never know how they will arrive because they are good in disguise. They have killed more dreams than any homicides.  They leave you average , ‘kind of’ labeled. You know what ‘kind of’ is? Kind of is lethal. We are ‘kind of’ happy . We are  ‘kind of’ struggling for finding love. We are  ‘kind of’ competing to get an A. We are  ‘kind of’ just here for no reason. If you want something you ‘kind of’ get the result you want. But don’t settle for any average. There are going to be having lots and ups and downs. There are going to edges and sharp points but you should not give up because there wont be any smooth mountains.


Do you the famous Oprah? She was told she was not fit for the TV. Do you know the great Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachachan? He was rejected as radio jockey because of his voice. Do you know Beyoncé? She was told she could not sing properly. But we all know where they stand today. Keep going. Don’t give up because you were rejected for the job that was never yours. Struggle and criticism are mandatory for success that is the law of the universe. Universe where uni means one and verse means song. We are one song and we need to sing for it. There will be phases of depressions and pain , a lot of them. But you get choose what pain you want – the pain to get to the top or pain of regret.

And yes we are also working day and night , loaded with paper works for what? I know salary and incentives are much needed but isn’t that aimless? Working 9 to 5 monotonous works to be done always , that’s not how every one of us dreamt about.  We need get out of this mental stress and be with our families and friends and to get out of this mental trauma. We need  to reconnect instead of report to the offices. Life is all about moments and when you are on your death bed you wont remember how big your office was. You will remember the moments you spent and smile about it. There will be no talking about you being the employee of the month , or talk about the assignments you submitted.

Life has taught me that what you have is now. I am not telling you to quit your jobs and start searching on the purpose of life. Take a small step , short trips and family dinners without distractions. The most precious thing in life is moments. Change wrath with peace , screen savers with real sun sets and sun rise, skype with live interactions.

I don’t care what gender you are and what race you belong to. You have a dream that has been hidden from the world and show cased as tears on empty dark night. You listened to people telling you that dreams should be realistic and deep down you know you are not living it your full potentials.  Do you know where is the wealthiest place on earth? It is not China , not Japan but the graveyard. The graveyard you will find innovations that never became real , songs that were never sung , business ideas that were never erected because they were scared like you. But you are not graveyard not yet. You are still capable of doing things that they weren’t . If you look back there are inventions that were never imagined to happen.  There are accomplishment that are waiting to be discovered by you. Hellen Keller was once asked what could be more bad than coming to the world as blind. She smiled and said it would be worse if you came to the world with sight but no vision. Don’t be one . Don’t go in the paths lf the celebrities .


It is believed that people die at 25 and buried at 75. So much meaning to this one statement. Don’t be the one who give up without trying . Pursue your dreams and keep going. There is going to be problems and steep roads but you should not forget that life wont be easy as you thought it to be. Live your life before you die and get buried or burnt.

This article is emailed by the Writer: Susaan Basel.


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