Newar Caste of Nepal – What do Non-Newar Nepalese Think About Newars?

Cultural partnership:

Newari is the community who have to establish the new crops of cultural in the Kathmandu valley. As they are related to the Hindu but it’s something different from the Hindu celebration. They are the great number in Kathmandu but talking to the Nepalese population, they occupied very few percentage. The Nepalese have many religions and castes and celebration in Nepal lies in various parts. Newari can’t be forgotten for making the great celebration f Kumari Puja which is also known as the great festival of Kathmandu, the government announces the holiday on that auspicious occasion.

bel bibaha
bel bibaha ceremoney

This system is started by the Newar, in which the one beautiful nonmarried girl age of 6-7 years is worshiped as the Goddess and the girls visit full the valley and the places. A large number of the people came and supports the system followed and exerted by the Kathmandu. Kathmandu is not only the father places of Newar only but it has now diversified to all the common peoples. If we talk to the most and great Hindu festival that is Shivratri which is occurred in the Shivratri. The nearby people are neighbors most in portion supports and help many people in such fairs and presences of a large number of people. Person of Nepal and outside Nepal come and visit the Kathmandu.  Similarly, the Lakhe Naach which is one of the greatest festivals of Newari celebrated by the youth mostly. Where there is a Newari community, the boys of Newar organized it and celebrate it with realistic raptures and relaxation.  This Naach describe the youth coordination and cooperation which makes the bonds and them strong to fight with other phantom power.

The boys become the girls by wearing the girl’s costume and then acts and dances like the girls, there is a large number of presentation of people to see their such action and acting. The crowd get increased and increased in the spend up times. Moreover, the one festival is Swasthani Puja, it is also one of the festivals that foresees and for bright the future of their family and children by worshipping it. The person of different groups makes the good coordination if he or she is good and positive in nature. The  Swastahni Puja is done by the Newari women and in this festival, they take the fat and celebrate it with great joy. The Goddess Kali is worshiped, I guessed. And they serve the sweets and popcorn etc to the Goddess Kali.

Helping the earthquakes victims:

Newari is not the selfish as the people speaks about the Newari but they are also the helper of the victims. The great earthquake which has taken the life of many people has also not any management to give and fed the food and even the water to the panic passengers or the people due to the earthquake. Everybody of the Nepal and the worlds know that the earthquake is natural disasters which have not limit and definite of times to come and go.

after earthquake in Nepal
after an earthquake in Nepal

So in such risky times, the Newari youth have organized and managed the water for all the victims and food for them. the little food has also made the people more energetic. The fear is on every mind and eh land also s is shaking but the body of the person is shaking more than the land. The land has no any production which can serve the victims fast in such distinctive situation. The people who have some ability are busy in helping their own relatives and parents. Nobody is there to serve out of relatives. In such distinctive and destruction situation, the youth have done the appreciated works and got the good and bright wish by the victims.

Contribution in national games and sports and developmental works:

Newari youth are very much energetic and they are also responsible after getting the responsibility for doing and conducting any works related to games and national development. The man who thought and say the negative about Newar’s means that they do not behave with Newari and they have got some unnatural and nonbehavioral feedback and gifts by the Newari. Newari is the helping and contributing community who always thinks about the nations and Nepalese. There are Newari who is helping and contributing their property in social welfare and more religious works opening funds and welfare organization.

White Card Football in Game images


The helping minds make the nation and people to be active and conscious about the nationality. Newari youth have contributed their unlimited labors in the national games and sports. The Newari have the great heart and aggressive mind which lives the life fearlessly have no any frightening thought.  To end u, we can determine the real valuation about the Newari and their natures and also nature and thought of people of no Newar. Non-Newar are also very much seems positive toward the Newar and there is present of very least person who mostly dislikes and disgust the Newari words and action.

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Newar Caste of Nepal – What do Non-Newar Nepalese Think About Newars?
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  1. This is the most ridiculous article I have read. The article is not about newari people but against the newari people. The writer clearly seems to be misinformed or have had some bitter experience.

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