Newar Caste of Nepal – What do Non-Newar Nepalese Think About Newars?

Newar Caste of Nepal – What do Non-Newar Nepalese Think About Newars?

Nepal is the country of equilateral diversification of all castes and religions. The most things which are seen in all the Nepalese heart is about the thought of patriotic. Nepalese are all the same mind but they are very clueless in the subject of castes and religion discrimination. Nepalese mostly constructs and confirms the man only by showing their faces as the harmonious relationship not buy knowing whatever their religion is or which castes does they belongs. Nepal is not only the country of natural and artificial tourism but also the several cultural tourism among many religions and castes, Newari is also one of them which mostly have their sitting lands and home in the capital city that is Kathmandu.

bel bibah in newari culture of Nepal
bel bibah in newari culture of Nepal

Kathmandu is known as the rooted Newar because Newar were the first living people who have made the Kathmandu the capital and the great and populated town. The Kathmandu were pit and ponds in the earlier age where there is a large level of water filled in the ponds on Kathmandu. Later on, the Manju Shree sweep out all the water from the Kathmandu and call the nation and people for the shelter. People from many Terai and Pahad come to Kathmandu and also many Indian came to Kathmandu, now they all has become the pure and granted Nepalese citizenship. But the government of present is checking and filtering the people who had made the citizenship of the country in dark moment. The Newar are known as the people or man of aggressive nature. They are very much aggressive by born and their cultural is also little beat different from the Hindu but they follow the Hindu religions. They are the people who have made the Kathmandu popular and world famous.


newari ornaments
newari ornaments

As the earlier age, they had constructed and established the many homes which help the tourist for residence.  In the present condition, if we see the Kathmandu with our naked eyes, it looks like the garbage in one great dustbin. With the increment in the population, target the capital city and now it has created the problem of dusty environment, nonmatching people and silly behavior with people, feeling of domination and difficult to takes the pure breath. The density of Kathmandu is very much high as it has made the living places of more that 75% of Nepalese. More than 75%m of Nepalese are living in Kathmandu and spending their and sending the money to the family living outside of the valley.

Nepalese traditional culture
Newari culture

These are some of the convention and unconventional right which has spun the people of all the parts. Nepalese are mostly concentrated and connected with capital for getting the job due to the holding of large markets and a large number of people and a large number of industries operating inside the valley. Person of Nepal and India have also doing and processing their business cycle with motion and speeding up to climb the glimpse of success in their own specific related sector. Touching the life styles of Newar, they high-class people treated in the Kathmandu. The earlier living community of capital usually and already have conquered the great valuated property. So I think and according to my seeing, one Newar has more than five homes in the Kathmandu. So we can see that it;;s very few in number t  that the business is operated by the Newar.

Nepalese model with newari traditional dress
Nepalese model with newari traditional dress

Newar is surviving high-class life with the rent of their home which comes more than Lakh that mean about the salary of Nepal’s president and prime minister.  They are mostly considered as the rich groups and their son also not study in Kathmandu, they are mostly focused on sending and studying them in America. The thought of looking the sea and desert can be gap very much in subjective to differences. It depends upon the person thought and the environment and so the behavior they have treated with them the person things also changes if they are badly treated and disrespected.  The people living inside the geographical boundary of Nepal is purely the Nepalese and they all should be treated as the Nepalese. So the person who doesn’t have the thought and minds of humanity and positiveness may do the unusual and disgusting behavior with people.

Living Goddess Kumari
Living Goddess Kumari

Newar also has contributed their sons and their efforts for the country freedom and country development even they are of small in groups. The Newar have large hearts and attacking thought which has made the country also empower and strong providing the strengthing the nation and youth with this thought and views. The thought may differ from person to person, community to community and religions to religions. But taking the view and mentality, it can be easily evaluated and we can suspect all the view as positive and good remarks in on the mind of people about the Newar. Those who have illustrated badly with Newar people is usual to s cold and abuse them. The hurt heart has many pain and regret which cannot be illustrated in the diagram and paper. But as seeing the people and person though we can convey the majority of people thinks positive to Newar. So the thought is also seeded below:

Positive mind positive thought:

There are many people who speak against the Newar because they hate Newar and don’t even listen to the comments and speaks of the Newar. Newar as the community who scrap the rent in high charges from the rent holders. The people from the outside valley are mostly living in Kathmandu. A large number of the home is of Newar because they are rooter of the Kathmandu.  Person and the rent holder are dominated by the landlord if the home lord is Newar, then you have to think that there are high charges of rent of their homes. Newar is mostly the castes of eating the buffalo and other animals which are very bad and treated the against the rule of Hindu religions.

haku patashi in newari traditional dresses of Nepal
Newari Girls in haku patashi – traditional dress

The Newari community is also of helping nature if you become close to them. The Newari have their own kingdom a that is Kathmandu, thought by the Newari. Newari are the large number living in Kathmandu so they have some extra strength and thinks that we are the king and the behavior is also done accordingly. A person who is close to them are well treated and respected and those who are their enemy then even they don’t want to see their face. As it has told firstly that they are of aggressive nature and they become angry very quick if you tease o two or more times. They are the people who have made the country strong.

There are few who are interested and connected in the Nepalese politicians, in conclusion, we can demonstrate that the Newari are the people who deal with people according to the opponent behaviors, if you behave positively, positive response will be return and if you behave badly then you may have to fight the war. They don’t have capacity and static to digest their angry.  The man who is known for their aggressive nature is all were respected positives if there exist the positive relations.

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Newar Caste of Nepal – What do Non-Newar Nepalese Think About Newars?

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