10 New Years Plans for Boyfriend Girlfriend to Celebrate Nepali Happy New Year 2078

Happy New Years Plans for boyfriend girlfriend :- The New Year’s Day, or as it is commonly called, New Year’s Eve, is celebrated around the world as a festive celebration and people spend the whole night partying and having a blast.

A New Year is the only day or period at which the calendar year counts up, and a new year’s count comes. This is also known as the New Year’s Day in some places.

New Year’s Eve celebrations vary from city to city and from country to country. In many countries, the evening is a lot more raucous than on New Year’s Day. People dress up and party until the wee hours of the morning, drinking and having fun until late in the night.

This celebration is normally observed at midnight, although this might vary depending on the region. If it rains, this may cause the party to be stopped or to become a bit dull.

In some countries, this New Year’s Day is marked with a big feast, which usually includes food of all types such as pork, chicken, and beef. A good amount of alcohol can be consumed to celebrate this day. In other places, like in Japan and China, the party is marked by fireworks and firework shows.

In the United States, most cities hold fireworks displays during the night as well, to show off their beauty. Some countries also give away small chocolates, candies, or flowers to the public to celebrate the day. Some will even give out cards with messages on them about the New Year and what it symbolizes.

In other countries, a New Year’s Eve is marked by having a ball. Balloons, a type of fountain filled with water, are released into the air in a long line, and they fall at certain times. It is believed that by following the course of the water falling from the balloon, one can achieve success in all areas of life.


The people of the town gather around and watch these balls fall so that everyone can have a good time watching and enjoying them. After a while, the firework displays are turned off, and they dance together, as they light up the sky.

There are many customs and traditions associated with New Year’s Day. Some of them are as follows: Many people will wear white clothes, which are the colour of this day. Also, many people will buy small cakes for everyone. to eat and drink champagne. It is believed that if someone is good and faithful to his/her husband, then they can expect a large wedding gift in the New Year’s. Day.

Some believe that New Year’s Day is a day of relaxation, and there is no need to work throughout the year, to have fun. This is also a time to visit friends, enjoy themselves, and do things that make you feel good.

Many foods can be eaten to get rid of any hangovers. So when you are planning to go on a New Year’s Eve party, remember to bring along a few things with you – food, drinks, candles, and music.

New Years Plans for Boyfriend Girlfriend to Celebrate Happy New Year 2078

New Year is finally here. After writing a whole book of 365 days, you finally step into the 1st page of a new book. You obviously would want everything perfect for the 1st day of the year. You want to set a benchmark for your days to come.

You want your family, friends, and lover to be happy for what you do for them. You would also want to try something new and refreshing.There are so many things you want to do but there comes a problem. The problem can be of two types for you people.

Number one would be you have no idea what to do and number two would be you are always low on budget. So have no problem because we are here to help about getting your confusion into right tracks.

New Years Plans for Boyfriend Girlfriend to Celebrate Happy New Year 2078

1. Go places:

What would be more than exciting to go out with your loved ones? When I say places, it does not have to be a fancy one or out of the valley. It can be anywhere. If you staying in Kathmandu, you are probably fed up with the dust and pollution.

Who else isn’t? But thank god there are places at the corner of the valley where there are pure nature and no dust and pollution to cough the hell out of you. There are places like the Godavari where nature greets you.

When you enter the area, you breathe the pure air and not only you feel good, you feel rejuvenated. The summer hotness cools down when you are in Godawari.

Husband wife Couples at Visiting Nepal
a Couples Visiting Nepal

Kirtipur, who does not know about it? If you enter the TU area, you will find a large park where you can feel the chills from the trees and greenery over there. You can walk up to the park hand in hand and I don’t think you will even sweat because it has so cool environment up there.

I can give you list of where to go but I will save that for another theme. But my favorite choices would obviously be Godawari, Kirtipur, Lele, Bhaktapur and Dhulikhel. It won’t even cost you an expensive budget. So do some more research on where you exactly would want to go and you will surely have a great time.

2. Family time:

For most, this won’t be a really good idea because when it is the special day you would want to be alone in a place where you guys can talk and share a quality time. But, in my opinion, when you are sure about your partner, taking them to your family gathering would be the cherry on top.

Being with someone brings you hope that their family would someday be yours and this would be a right time to tell your family about your partner and bring them to the family gathering so that all of the people can know each other and understand each other.

And on the bright side, it won’t cost you more money. As a formality, you can certainly buy some fruits and gifts on your way to get that first impression right. Before you plan on buying anything expensive for a gift, do consult your partner on their family choices because you don’t want to waste money on something they will never like.

3. Movie date:


When it comes to a movie date, you do not have to do a late night show because of let’s face it you won’t get it accepted from the girl. Baisakh 1st is Friday, so there will be lots of movies releasing on that day. You can make a plan of it and book a pair of ticket for the show.


Ask her what kind of movies she is interested in and does she even like the actor of the movie you have chosen. You can always ask her opinion on what to do about because you will certainly get a right and easy way out of it. Do not be a desperate person to book the corner seats, but rather be formal and get a decent seat. Grab a big bucket of popcorn and drinks and enjoy the day with her.

4. Long drive:

When it comes to long drive, we basically think of a car and long romantic night light date. But you won’t get it here. It can also be on a bike as a long bike ride or even taxi if you don’t have any other options.

I basically don’t recommend long drive here in Kathmandu because of the road conditions. But if you are familiar with the road condition and think that it won’t be a big deal, then you have found yourself an option.

Before you leave, make sure to know the time you will take to reach and return from the place. Grab some food on your way so that you can treat each other on the way to your destination. You can also bring friends which are close to you guys and enjoy.

5. Gaming zone:

If you are not one of that romantic couple, you can always get yourself and your partner an option. There is various Gaming zone here in the town. Not only you get to coordinate with your partner but also have a memorable time.

If you are one of that couple, who sees each other every day and talk 24/7, then you won’t have any topic to talk about when you’re going out. And this could be a major problem. So if your girl is interested in the gaming zone, then you both can enjoy the moments.

You can find the gaming zone in City Centre, Civil Mall, Fun Park and many more places. But the disadvantage can be it can cost you a lot of money if you play it for a whole day.

So you have to keep that in mind. But it is not that only boys have to pay for that day, so Girls can be generous enough and a portion to help your partner.

6. Sports screening:

There are various couples and not everyone is romantic. They are people who met for the first time because of sports. And that is how they were connected. The similarities came when they talked about their favorite player or club.

You don’t always have to choose a peaceful date, go fun and crazy, and do what you love to do. You don’t have to be like other couples. Sure, the there picture on social media will lure you or even make you angry but you will never be happy when you compare yourself to them.

Football’s champion league is here and for all the cricket lover, Indian premier league has just begun. You can find a nice restaurant around the corner and see the live screening. There will be fun and lots of excitement. Here’s my suggestion, get your sport loving friends as well, in this way, and you all can have more fun. It is not necessary that only you two should be present on a special day. When you have friends as crazy as you, your fun just doubles.

7. Dinner date:

when it comes to a dinner date, it is always romantic and full of love. You bring out your hidden romantic side and come up with the idea. If you are new in the relationship, you might plan to make the date more than what it was expected to be. You would want her to take her to fancy restaurants and pick her up and eat her favorite food.

But things don’t go as we expect it to be. You won’t have the budget or things won’t go as you thought it to be. You guys will feel awkward and what more? But if you are in an older relationship, you would want to go new restaurants to try out new food together.

That is the exciting plan, well at least for me. But no matter how old your relation is, or how many times you have thought it over and over, you still need to understand what it takes to make a date perfect.

So here are some tips: you can cook yourself for her. For a girl, it is important that the guy she is dating is making efforts even in the smallest thing. Cooking for her would mean more than much to her. You can cook her favorite food and go to a park and eat it. It does not have to be a fancy restaurant.

And if you don’t know how to cook, call her in and take time and you both can cook together. Not only it will be fun, but you will get a chance to bond. Another idea can be you can grab a pizza on the park and eat it. Who does not love pizza? You guys can talk about everything then. Easy and simple eh? So go out and think about it.

8. Street food:

yummy!!! Street food is my best friends because I love spicy things than any other sweet things. Having fun does not mean you have to make it perfect. At the end of the day, it is about being happy with someone you are with. Sharing food is a gesture for telling your partner that you love him or her.

Well, it is for me. And I think it’s for most of the people because nobody loves to share food. Right? Kathmandu is a busy place. There are so many stalls opening for such busy people, who can grab a bite of such food and carry on. You can find so much tasty street food.

To be honest, I would always prefer street food over any restaurant. You can try numerous food like chat date, paani puri, papdi chaat, dahi puri, momos and so many things. I already have a watering mouth. You guys can roam around the city and eat food anywhere you like.

Make sure it is hygienic because you don’t want your partner to be vomiting the next day due to food poisoning. But these days, lots of stalls are concerned about hygiene so I don’t think that will be a problem.

9. Hiking:

Hiking would be a good option for all those couples who like to walk around. Well even though it is hot out there, you can start your hiking in the early morning and get the fresh start.

Hiking can be tiring and really frustrating. You can also lose your patience and even burst out with anger. And that is when you are tested. You have to be calm and handle the situation with calmness. Yes, your girl can be in a bad mood and you have to cheer her up too.

This can be challenging for both of you because you have to take care of each other. For me, hiking is a big No because the weather is really hot and I really do not like walking in so much heat. For if you can, give it a try.

10. Swimming:

A perfect weather for swimming and getting yourself that energy. Swimming is a great sport for couples. And do not worry if you don’t know how to swim because, that’s the fun part.

There are so many indoor swimming pool and even water parks where you can play all day. There is the new water park in Chobar with water slides and new games which you can play. The ticket will cost you probably from rupees 575 if you are a student. You can also visit Bhaktapur water valley which is bigger than that of Chobar.

You can enjoy different types of games there. It will be a great bonding session for both of you who are stressing over exams maybe. Forget stress for a day and enjoy with your partner. Have fun!!

There are many more tips and suggestion I could have written but here are the top 10 of my favorites. Hurry up and make some great memories this New Year. We wish you a happy new year and happy days to come. Feel free to give us feedbacks and like our page on Facebook.


New Years Plans for Boyfriend Girlfriend to Celebrate Happy New Year 2078