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14 Reasons Why Do We Celebrate New Year’s Day #Happy New Year 2078

{Happy New Year 2078} New year is itself new which bring new light to the face of people, birds, and plant. Everything looks new in the new year. The person gets new energy and whether as well as plant and animal.

A person has many dreams to fulfill and it’s the right time to celebrate a new year with full of happiness and taking the strong commitment to making the dream true. Inside and outside people of a country seems happy and celebrates the new year as a festival.

The views of the country are full of lightings and busy in the party. People of high grade celebrates the new year in five-star hotel whereas low-class people celebrates the new year by making different delicious dishes and the youngsters celebrate by  celebrating picnic. The picnic site seems full on the occasion of  new year.

Many people make plans to visit the new place in Diwali and travel to new site for making more fun and doing more entertainment. All the school children celebrate it by going picnic or organizing programs and share their wishes with their owners.

The main youngster waits for this opportunity to make the entertainment and do the party in the new year. The weather of the new year is also motivating the person for enjoying. The Past is forgotten and present is celebrated on the celebration day of new year.

The new year is also famous as the’’  celebration or party day ‘’among the youth. The new year is celebrated all over the world in first January. People of the world unite the happiness and spreads the love. They join the hands for consistency of peace and humanity on the earth.

There are different plants grew up in the garden if your plants or not in the garden, but also there grew up some wastes or planted tree. Similarly, there are different people living in the earth  having  violence in nature .


so also people prays to provide good things in their mind on the celebration of new year. There are many things to create and make the new  year live and fresh in the hard disk of our mind. the appearance of colorful lights and blasting of different crackers are adding the rose smell in the environment of  the celebration of new year.

making the journey and collecting the photographs of different locality helps you to celebrate new year  modernly in coming year. A lot of love and stadium of happiness makes you flavored and fantastic your life which also helps you to become renown man by increasing your personality.

The background of the new year is not bound by the border of any country. Everywhere and in the face of everyone , we can look the smiley face that determines and increase the value of the new year. The moment on the new year is no more mind by the people or anyone if there happens something or committed any mistakes.

Because everyone is wetted in the music and whiskey of new year party. The  different types of wine and whiskey are also increasing the intention towards the celebration. A person enjoys this party as much as they can . they have forgotten all the past tension and enjoying in the present. They feel relax and make the mind free from tension.

It is not the planned party  that can be again be done , it’s the time to celebrate as much as people can , because the new is celebrated only once in the year that is January first. Persons have many reasons to celebrate new year likes the follows:

1. Making planning chart for the year :

As the new year comes with lots of funs and entertainment, the person also thinks for the whole year in the new year. The 365 days is not minor things that can be spent without making planning. If without making planning , it is done then  there no guarantee of achievement.

If the game is played by making the strategy for winning , then the games on your hand, if not you will be the looser.  Setting new goals helps to reach you in your destiny.  A person wants to achieve great things but they  want it by without doing works and  changing behavior.

Behavior also marks the person identity and  person looking angle toward him. One single black spot makes off lighted in the white wall. A person is a very much light-hearted and become helps in nature.

Making planning chart picture for doing things

They may be changed after new year but their behavior is almost changed in new year. All the grace and wishes, bucket of love are spread all over. Strong and bodybuilders are not showing the power in front of thinner. Parents also excuse  the  mistakes committed by  their son.

They don’t say and abuse after doing mistakes too. It is the time of speaking good behaving good with other so that the person gives blessing. The life itself become brights and lightful if the man understand and started to behave. Doing good behavior is the steps of getting something big.

So it will be your big deal and right opportunity to make plans for the year according to the achieving goal or target. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

2. Doing more fun and entertainment :

New year will also be the boring day if there is not entertainment in first January. Every person wants and makes this day special. Because it’s the new year. The celebration of new   year can be looks in hotels , party palace and in dance bars.

Its also the doing the time of fun and making the new year memorable. Very soon we welcome 2078. And the planning have been started in the mind of youth. First year is the new and first day of year so also people want to start the first  day with happiness.

If the day is not started with happiness then there might be the black and bad starting of the new year. The pool and dance party are organized in many places in the town.

And youth makes the new year more lightful and bright which makes the man courageous to celebrate and take part in the celebration of new year. Days of the youth   can’t want to miss the opportunity and enjoys the time freely and endlessly. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

3. Forgetting the past :

As it is the day of celebration how can someone remembers the past. People take part in the celebration of new year by forgetting the past and making the present funny and enjoyable.

They forgets all the past bad memory and events that he or she have recurred and makes the new year more special day in the air of music and water of wine and whiskey.  The presentation of people with the new feeling and face also extends the sadness of feeling the new year celebration.

Groups and single  have differences and is also the major cause of organizing the programs. If the  celebrations starts the movement of persons parts also starts in the tone of music. And the celebration will be only more entertaining if the person have not carried the past tension. So this is also the occasion of forgetting the past to take and the day special and memorable. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.


4. New start of year and life :

The man starts their year with new planning and making the first day special. They have sets the full year planning  on the first day of new year. The love is only started from the starting day and the hate is buried under the land.

Personis  ownself  becomes motivated in the new year because it determines the life quality. The life of achievement can only be possible by the  commitment and if the first day is good  the last will be also good. As we know that first impression is the last impression, first starting in the process of walking and increases the hopes of getting the big deal. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

5. Committing only doing good:

This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day. Thinking and committing good is the start of doing good. The raw material can’t be directly converted into finished goods without processing.

As the same man can’t be directly becomes the good and successful person without struggling. Person have to know and make the life meaningful so that the name and fame will be keeps shinning after death too. If the persons want success , they have to fulfills their behaviours and habits with only good practice.

No one reach the peak without falling. Trying should never be quiet, it should always in continuing for. the process of continuity makes the hole even in stone that we can see in the spring falling from the above. daily process of doing works guarantee the success  because there  is no any war and obstacles which can’t be deleted after fighting continuously.

So I think its right time for taking commitment to be a successful person. and also take the commitment to not hurting the heart of the other wordlessly. hurting others become problems for achieving the oriented goal.

The grace helps us to ride and reach the peak of success faster. How faster you runs., you come near to your goal. And if you run slow in the race, then you will be the back. life is not the race of rabbit and tortoise, it’s the race of cheetah and lion, to becoming the king of forest.. you have to walk fast, runs fast and have to fly fast if you want to rule.

The right result can only be gained if the process is rights. So taking the commitment to doing good is the better decisions to makes the man special and priceless along with success.

6. Reasons for celebrations :

Present people of the world have more feeling and wants even they are poor in nature. They have not the good income but also they are fashionable. They walk according to the situation and changation of time. People who have more income, they are in the search for reasons for celebration.

So the new year is the big deal and reasons to celebrate and cheers their happiness with the people, friends, and relatives. They make a lot of fun and entertainment for the reasons of celebrations.

The rich people look the calendar much to makes the celebration or party, because the party helps to increase the relationship and maintains the strong relationship with others. Mostly these types of people are a businessman. They make the party great for increasement and extension of the business area. The larger the contacts makes the businessman more in profit.

A single person sees the crops in the farm may take a long time but if the same work is done by the groups of people, then absolutely the works processing is fast getting result fast. there is much more probability of doing mistakes but in together there is no more chance to do wrong and work is done fairly.

Though it’s a common practice amongst Indians to celebrate along with a friend for a party where we know no one, courtesy the free-flowing booze and lip-smacking kebabs on display, we suggest that the least you can do this new year festival is refrain from forcing yourself into a party.

The great reasons to celebrate the new year is also the cause to make the works and prestige greater. A Rich person gives the party in the big hotel and increases their weight of looking by other in the crowd. So this is also the one perfect reasons to celebrate the new year as the new day of happiness and love.


7. Sharing of wishes:

This is the good time to remember your friends and your own on the occasion of new year. Because it’s the great time to share your wishes with your friend and relatives.

The best wishes have the best result and bad results are not under the religion of humanity. It is said to do only good to others if you can, if you ca n’t, don’t do bad to others. Everyone is not living the life of dependent.  Hoping good to others is also happening well to ourselves.

There are very few persons who wished for enemy too. If there is enemy then it is is also beneficial to us, we will be always aware of doing mistakes. Even the negative things can be positively taken and it also gives the positive result. If you wish everyone then the benefit will be yours.

All the rest relatives, friends, neighbors etc should be wished heartily. So that their raises the plant of love among friends and relatives heart. this festival can also be express the wishing festival. the wonderful lighting and a decorative house are adding the smell of the gold looks.

The person is great and said great if he prays for the world .the man is worshiped as god if they do the works for human and humanity. Bringing laughter to the face and lighting the candles in dark homes also lights the future of your own .wishing for everyone shows your love and respect towards the humanity.

As we know that all the human are the same in creations but all have differences in natures. Some are in the race of destroying the nature while some are in saving the nature. People forget even their mothers and fathers at the time of sorrow and in the older age.

They think that now the mothers and fathers are useless. They don’t wish good to them but mother and fathers always wish good to their sons and daughter. To make the better understanding and better relationship with your own or with others, don’t forget to wish.

And it’s why the new year is celebrated with great happy all over the world. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

8. Love and respect all :

It’s also the festival showing the love and respect to others how much you love them. Only doing hi and hello does not permanents the job of beliefs. Everyone behaves until the works complete only .

if the person is full of love in their heart, then they get the right time to show their love publicly. Many people show their duplicate face to getting the benefits. if they get all the wanted thing, then they may break the relationship.

If you believe someone very most then tries to know him or her well. And if you have the habits of hate, then also changes your habits to become the perfect man with perfection.

The man is loved everywhere if there hurts is pure and full of love. The world is going the decrease meant of love in the heart of people. People don’t believe any ones if he or she is not their owners.

The difficulty arises in giving the identity of man due to bad habits of some people. Men have lacked the love. So this new year fills the hearts of person with bundles of love and gives the ideas to respect the elders and the peoples.

To leave the good stamps in others mind, we have must be the loving habits of bad characters that are committed by the people. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

9. Help and share everyone and everything :

This new year brings the package of wishes and all the loving gifts that are shared among the people.  Some things are secret and somethings have to open in public that increases your images value. Helping to others is also the greatest religion of human beings.

A man nowadays doesn’t want to good to others and they do n’t think good of others. They don’t know that by helping others makes the man great and loveable. If there is shared everyone with your own, there consist the relations of trust. And making trust is the great things that man do for you. To achieve big also yo have to be helping in nature.

The great spiritual leader Swami   Vivekananda have told, ‘’ wake up ,grew up the youth and keep continue walking without tiredness until you don’t achieve your goal.’’ This statement  focus on our dream what you will make your identification tomorrow.

And according to the rule of success, you have to keep continuity to the works .  the  trust of man helps to fight with struggle with the group helps. If you have your beloved and you have not trust on them then the relationship does not continue for a long time.

So this is also the major’s factors to celebrate the new year . at the time of celebrating the new year, it is seen that the great celebration is completed by one other help. After the party, people conducts the relationship that is helpable in nature and keeps the man on the position of respect. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

10. Hoping the best year :

People don’t stop trying even after not achieving the goal. They also know the path of being the success but they don’t want to walk  on the path. The short way is not simple but long and slowly reaches you in the destination.

People have lost many things in the past year, they have got lots of losses and does not achieve anything special, this is also the main causes to celebrate the new year that this year might bring the smile on the face , lights on the home and happiness in the family.

Every person is not the same in nature. Like the every field does not give good production every year. It’s the same that happens with the man some time.

Every time is not good for everyone. The same time some people are enjoying whereas some are weeping because of their conditions . So they celebrate new year as the festival and hopes the best for coming the new year.

They pray to god to make this year happy and all the wishes come true. People wishes the best tat this year will  release their darkness from the life and achieved their goals. A person becomes tired after walking a long time but their wish does not die. They are facing with wrong time and struggling with their conditions.

So it’s also the one chance and hoping the best will only happen this year. The sky of hope and grace of all the stars makes the  way of your achievement path flat of softness and comfortable.

After the celebration of this festival make their mind converted into positive direction because of the fulfillment of positive motivating lights, filling positive thoughts and make the life meaningful after the celebration of new year worshipping the god and goddess. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

11. Praying for peace in the world :

 As we can see the person are losing their humanity and identity, they vacant the man and the earth with violence. People become terrorist if they don’t get the better job and better facilities. The man of present wants happy and good facilities and luxurious life.

They want the stars without touching , they want the home in the moon without reaching there. They want the great achievement without doing and struggling. The crops do not come directly with fruits after seeding , it takes some time. The confident man never wants and takes rest in the way of walking in the destination.

All the country are facing the problems of terrorists and violence, violence against women, violence against children, violence against girl trafficking etc.  person have sold their humanity in price. They are only passionate on money not doing the works is good or bad.

They think themselves the great but they are   the criminals in the world eyes. People gives curse  but also the silencing is increasing. Weapons become like the top of the baby like this it is used.

The value of human and humanity is  decreasing day by day. Humanity is also facing the problems of deflation. People wishes and pray to god for keeping all people happy and stomach. Many of the persons of the world are facing the problems of poverty and starvation.

The half of the world don’t eat the food twice a day. They spend their life by eating soils and leaves of the tree. So people of the many countries donates the money for their happiness and also for peace of the world in the occasion of new year celebration. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

12. Making the year new :

As this is the time of new year, people makes the new year with new stagnation on the life. Like as people makes the plans to visit the new place on this occasion and also gifts someone the new and auspicious things.  People have lots of plans and wishes that have been planned from the past , wants to full fill this year because this year may bring them lots of chances to someone.

So they can change their living styles, new homes, and new jobs. They celebrate the new year as the golden chances of life. Every their wishes is coming true . the  boundary of happiness crosses all the walls.  So for them , this year is not only the new but also the life new. It’s also the one  major reasons to celebrate Diwali.

13. Away from bad works and bad activities :

As we see in the society , the most crimes are occurred by the young man. They have the fever of being youngness. But the man can be changed if they can. The man has many options   they can choose any of them if they want.

Lots of problems are created by the youth and the lots of problems are solved by the youth too. So this is also the festival of making the commitment with own self for doing and achieving the big balloons.

Many youths take promise for doing better in their life, they plan so in the first of the new year. Many things can be forgotten but there are still some things that can’t be forgotten as like the great mistakes, violent activities conducted by them, loot of large etc.

if the way is straight no one will confuse, but the road of life is somewhere missing the gap, there have to construct the bridges not only for yourself but also for back comers . they want to learn from the frontiers and led by the right person.

So if the youth become strong and honesty, the nation’s itself develop hurricane. It’s also the best reasons to celebrate the new year as the day of committing the goodness in life. This is one of the best reason that why do we celebrate new year’s day.

14. Saying no to drugs and alcohol :

I think it is not any party that lacks the wine and whiskey. Because the party means the celebration with nonveg and spraying of wine and whiskey. Everyone has touched the bottle of beer and whiskey.

I don’t think that party can be only the best with wine, it can be made best without wine too. The party can be much more entertaining and everyone is drugs free then the color of celebration flies more in the ground of party.

If persons stop smoking and drinking wine, people will be free from the half of the diseases. So it is my hard advice and appeals to you are don’t celebrate a new year with the mixing environment of wine and whiskey.

All the youth should raise the voice against alcohol drinkings and the youth who are away from alcohol and smoking is the best news for the people. Try to not to drink even in moderation and not going beyond your known capacity, for the last thing anyone wants out of you is you falling flat on your face and making a complete joke out of yourself in public.

The donkey is only used for carrying the loads.  Stops all the bad habits of hurting others as like smoking, drinking alcohol and doing bad activities that stop the way of your destiny.

This is also the time that many good youths take the commitment of not drinking after new year party. So this might be the reasons for celebrating the new year as the festival.

The world gets the time of taking rest and making celebration relaxed. Time does not wait for anyone so hurry up for making this new year memorable and the good start of your whole year with good doings.

Writer: Niraj Thapa Magar

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