Top 500 Nepali Happy New Year Wishes for Facebook Friends’ Timeline

Top 500 Happy New Year Wishes For Facebook Friends’ Timeline Post

Get here happy new year 2021 wishing messages for your facebook friends on the celebration Vikram Samvat Nepali new year. You can copy these wishes and share with your facebook closed friends on his/her timeline. So, my dear friends, Happy NeW YeAr 2021 and ahead…..

Top 500 New Year Short SMS for Facebook Friends’ Timeline

Everybody makes new goals when the New Year starts. Commend satisfaction with Facebook’s New Year status. Give him the desire by posting New Year status. Continue visiting our site, we include writings of new year welcome on Facebook consistently here. Get welcome for New Year and New Year arrangements.

The Happy New Year is a period of fresh starts that accompanies an extraordinary open door for good beginnings of existence with bliss, love, sentiment and numerous guarantees.

Here we have another new year and the entire world is getting ready to praise it. New year is praised each year with eagerness. Individuals need their friends and family, arrange unique gatherings, and go through New Year’s Eve with their companions.

To impart your joy to your friends and family living far from you, get the fun Facebook status of our site. Toward the finish of the gathering of the year, New Year jokes for your companions and companions who are not at the gathering for reasons unknown, you can post great New Year wishes.

Before everybody begins sending New Year’s instant messages to their friends and family and the system stalls out, peruse through our site and get New Year’s arrangements to send messages on time.

So don’t postpone in wishing your companions, as here you have Happy New Year instant messages. Here we have an assortment of New Year status for companions.


Just before the upbeat event, how about we share a refreshed Facebook status of New Year and New Year messages that are cool. Make this year the most magnificent of your life and offer your adoration, wants, joy, appreciation, endowments and appreciation to praise this new year on Facebook with companions or devotees.

Without a doubt, this new year, Facebook status and short messages are excessively charming, making it impossible to pass on your considerations on this event. Read this new year Facebook status and pick the best one to refresh your Facebook status. Remember to share and check your closest companions to spread the delight of this upbeat new year!

Also, esteem your cherished one by sharing sentimental New Year’s adoration messages with him/her that are excessively charming, making it impossible to fill your heart with uncommon emotions

New Year is the day when entire world gets joined together and commend the up and coming of New Year. They supplicate or wish that their bonds would get more grounded in the forthcoming year. They additionally appeal to God for the up and coming New Year 2021 to be more quiet.

Keeping in mind the end goal to express satisfaction, People consume firecrackers and sky got touched off by the brilliant plans made by those firecrackers. A few people additionally need to take a shot at New Year’s Day too.

These individuals celebrate by viewing the firecrackers in sky as it were. They likewise stare at the TV, there are numerous New Year Ceremonies or Award dispersion programs being publicized on Television on New Year’s Day.

Individuals working in healing centers additionally don’t get any occasion upon the arrival of new year as if there should be an occurrence of any crisis they are the ones who will help and are required the most.

Those individuals who can’t go to their homes because of some work, wish their cherished one by the methods for long range informal communication sites like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp only.

On New Year’s day, People do parties with their companions and appreciate. They drink alot and move keeping in mind the end goal to express their joy identified with New Year.

Happy New Year Wishes Cards
Happy New Year Wishes Cards

So what are you sitting tight for? We are giving you Happy New Year Status 2021 for nothing of cost. New Year has recently arrived and parcels joy is likewise accompanied it. Individuals are sitting tight for their bliss to be shared among their friends and family.

They are additionally sitting tight for your significant wishing which you can send to them with a specific end goal to demonstrate your care and sensitivity towards them.

So don’t simply pause, duplicate the given statuses and send them to your friends and family via web-based networking media now. Staying in contact with your associates, partners and companions for the New Year of 2021 is something that ought not be neglected.

He will surely commend this event with his closest companions, yet a solid want for his partners will enable them to recollect him for the following 365 days.

Simply give a couple of vital minutes and utilize these FB Happy New Year 2021 to praise them. Stamp their quality in their brains as they grin with their delightful status on Facebook. We figured out how to gather a portion of the Best New Year Status on Facebook on our site. Trust us, your little however sound want will light up your night and will achieve an uncommon corner in your souls.


1. A New Year brings joy, as well as abandons us content with the would like to understand our fantasies or a fresh start in our lives.

2. Numerous individuals are anticipating the New Year for a new beginning in old propensities. Glad New Year!

3. What makes my spirit feel great in 2021 is what I’m searching for.

4. It’s an ideal opportunity to open new pages and begin another section in your life since it’s the New Year.


5. You can conquer the cutoff points of flourishing and achievement in the New Year!

6. fun, euphoria, delight, peace, love, predetermination, will come, with my uncommon wishes. Upbeat New Year!

7. Little keys open expansive locks; Simple words reflect incredible contemplations; Her grin can fix the heart squares; So continue grinning, shake. Glad new year 2021!

8. Fun, satisfaction, joy, peace, love, bliss, they will accompany my uncommon wish an upbeat new year

9. Try not to let the shadows of yesterday ruin the daylight of tomorrow. Carry on a Happy New Year!

10. May the New Year bring joy, achievement, love and joy into your life!

11. Be at war with your indecencies, content with your neighbors and each new year to locate a superior man.May 12 this new year brings all the insane and clever hues throughout your life.

12. My objective for 2021 is … to accomplish the 2021 objectives that I ought to have accomplished in 2021 on the grounds that I guaranteed them in 2021 and planned for 2021.

13. Happy new year, 2021! I wish you good fortunes 365 days a year!

14. May we as a whole spread perpetual bliss this year! Happy New Year, 2021!

15. It’s an ideal opportunity to commit old errors in various ways. Survive! Glad New Year!

16. There were numerous open doors in 2021 when I could trouble, exasperate, pester and irritate you. Today I simply need to let you know. , I expect to proceed with this all in this new year. , .Happy New Year !!

17. Tomorrow is the principal clear page of a 365-page book. Compose a decent one

18. A New Year resembles a clear book, and the pen is in your grasp. It’s your opportunity to compose a delightful story for yourself.

19. Away with the old, with the new: May you be upbeat consistently. Happy New Year!

20. I adored you from the earliest starting point. Regardless of how far you will be, you will always be in my heart, yet now, amid this New Year, I will go through my occasions with you.

21. My objective for 2021 is … to accomplish the 2021 objectives that I ought to have accomplished in 2021.

22. Enter new streets that you can investigate, achieve new statures … wish you a cheerful new year …

23. May every one of your issues keep going as long as your New Year’s goals!

24. Discovering her was the best piece of my year.

25. May God be sympathetic to you in the New Year!

26. Enormous acclaim and much love for everybody … Upbeat New Year!

27. Life is lovely, appreciate. Wishing you all Happy New Year, 2021.

28. Whatever it is, I wish you a Happy new year.

29. Consistently is extraordinary, treat it in an unexpected way.

30. I wish you an astonishing year 2021 brimming with incredible accomplishments and encounters.

31. Peace, love, bliss will approach my uncommon want. Wishing you all Happy New Year!

32. Enormous praise and much love for everybody … Happy New Year 2021!

33. We wish all of you an exceptionally encouraging, fulfilling and glad new year.

34. Do you have a major wish for a Happy new year 2021 … Have fun and enjoy the festival to the fullest.

35. The New Year isn’t a groundbreaking occasion. You just change your goals. Have fun, my friends.

36. May this New Year be wonderful and propitious for you!

37. Enter better approaches to investigate, achieve new statures … Have a Happy New Year …

38. I genuinely trust that every one of you has the greatest year of 2021. May god shower blessing upon you all

39. May God satisfy every one of your desires in the new year! Enjoy the festival.

40. I need to kiss you at 23:59 on the 31st of December. until 12:01, so I can 2021 a mind-boggling graduation and 2021 have a pleasant begin.

41. fun, satisfaction, bliss, peace, love, joy, will come, with my uncommon wish Happy New Year!

42. Acknowledge my wonderful, little, lovely, beguiling, unadulterated, however earnest want for you in this new year. Wishing you a Happy new year!

43. Send your desires for a glad year loaded with wellbeing, success, love and a great deal of fun!

44. Welcome to a New Year and another great open door for us. Try not to sit tight for another year to change your viewpoint. Get up and be dynamic today!

45. May joy showers in this New Year, may your day be loaded up with affection and night be loaded up with adoration and care. Happy New year, friends!!!

46. May one year from now be among the best that at any point occurred! Cheerful new year 2021!

47. May the personality and outrage finish for your entire life and may god favor you with more seek and fearlessness after the coming days. Happy New Year!!!! May god bless you.

48. Extend your circles as you welcome this new year, make great from your companions.

49. New Year is an ideal opportunity to overlook every one of your feelings of trepidation, drink a couple of brews, abandon every one of your tears

50. I wish less fiascos, less despise, less mishaps and loads of affection this year. Cheerful New Year 2021.