999 Happy New Year SMS, Wishes, Messages, Quotes With Greeting Cards For 2021

476. Love is like a flower it looks really beautiful but when it is pressed harder it gets torn .so, don’t break believe of someone.Be generous, be loyal and work hard.May this new year brings lots of new changes in your life.

happy new year wishing messages in English language

477. Dreaming is good but working hard and achieving it is best so, work hard and achieve all the success you are seeking off.Hope this year will bring a positive change in your and your family life.

478. Don’t think about any sorts of alternative if you are confident because thinking about any alternative can damage the power of thinking for our goal so, take time, think nicely and eliminate every obstacles and labor hard to earn your dreams.Happy new year.

479. Pointing out the mistakes of others is easy but understanding the mistakes of self is really hard so, utilize your time.Try to know about your limits and convert it into infinity. A happy new year with lots of love.

480. God always makes me feel like I am really unlucky but when you enter in my life.My life got totally changed.Thank for teaching me the way of leaving.Wish you a very happy future ahead.Wish you a happy new year.

481. People may get lots of problems but until they get problems they won’t understand the real meaning of life.So, don’t get depressed when life sucks you.Just be confident and work hard.Happy new year to you.

happy new year wishing messages in English language

482. Life is boring with our friends but I am glad to have you. May you have a good time ahead.


483. Living with you, enjoying with you, spending my time with you is my dream.Hope the coming new year will fulfill all my dreams.Happy new year dear.

484. I am really lucky because I got such a neighbor’s like you.Thanks for being with me in my hard times.Happy new year to the most helpful person in the world.May the bond between you and me always remain the same.

485. Theoretical knowledge is good but practical knowledge is best to give more emphasis on practical knowledge than a theoretical one. Hope this coming year will teach you many new things which can help you to fulfill your dreams. May you have a good time ahead.

happy new year wishing messages in English language

486. Happy new year to the sweetest friend in the world. May the relationship between you and me stay same forever.

487. Your past cannot determine your future so, stop thinking about your past and be prepared to create your future.Confidence in you can lead you too far so.Stop dreaming and start thinking about it.Happy new year.

488. Your living status cannot determine your future but your way of talking with others can determine your character so, bring politeness in your pitch and don’t get the duck out from any obstacles. Happy new year.

489. Your weight is just a number which cannot determine your character but your activities are the way which can easily determine your thinking and emotions so, stop murmuring for weight and start fighting for a goal.Happy new year to you.

490. Creating things by the help of other’s is too but creating things by own imagination is best. So be creative and start to try to induce your imagination things this coming year.Happy new year.


happy new year wishing messages in English language

491. Soft skill is very important for a person because if a person posses soft skill than he can easily make a plan for his goal.He can easily make a group and start his team work.He can be a good leader so if you want to be the same.Start it from now. Glorious new year to you and your relatives.

492. A leader is not the one who thinks just for his own aim.A leader is the one who thinks for group aim.So be a leader and start to cross the river of struggle. May this new year brings lots of happiness in your life and may you achieve the goal which you are fond of.

493. Time is the only thing in the universe which cannot be bought.So respect the time which you have and start planning for what you want because if you don’t start is now then you will not be able to start it at the end.So get ready to roar and get ready to achieve your goal.Happy new year.

happy new year wishing messages in English language

494. Humanity in today’s world is just a word which doesn’t possess and meaning.Nobody at present is ready to help anyone.Yes, we can say that we have lost the concept of humanity but we can also say that we have also lost the lessons which were taught by our forefathers. So, let’s start a new concept of humanity and help needy poor in their need.Happy new year.

495. Happy new year to the craziest person in the world.

496. It’s never too late but if you think it’s too late then it means you are old now.You cannot achieve anything in your life.So start thinking for thinking and start innovating from now. Glorious new year to you and your loving ones.

497. There are two types of people on this earth.One is always thinking about others, other’ life and another who always think about creating his own identity.It under your hand which type of person you want to be.So start creating now.A happy new year with lots of love.

happy new year wishing messages in English language

498. Being crazy for something is good but being crazy for the thing which is not necessary is not good.To understand the conditions and collaborate with it. May you have a good time ahead.

499. Living under a tin roof and living under Rcc roof cannot determine your future. But the eagerness of achieving your goal will definitely describe your future.Wish you a very happy life and a happy new year.

500. May this new year brings lots of positive and progressive change in your life.Thanks for being with me in my good and hard times.

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