999 Happy New Year SMS, Wishes, Messages, Quotes With Greeting Cards For 2078

Happy New Year SMS Wishes SMS 2078. Here is Best SMS and Wishes collection in English for you and your Beloved Ones. See and select these SMS, wishes, and message to send. A new year needs to be celebrated with near and dear ones. It is a joyous event and a time when people make new resolutions for their better health and future. Make this occasion special with the variety of wishes listed below.

Each year is different but you have to let your loved ones know how much it meant each year with him by your side. You should let him/her know how you want to be treated in the coming year too. So, if you want to make him/her happy and cheer him/her up this New Year. Don’t forget to hit him up with some cute messages that he totally deserves. Choose any from this fine collection and wish him/her happy New Year.

SMS message Wishes in Enlgish

The new year 2078 is about to come. Everyone need SMS and test Message, wishing greeting message to send it to the beloved one. Here are a huge collection of Happy New Year SMS and Message for 2078. Reach out to all your friends, family and loved ones with our Best NAYA BARSHA KO SHUBHAKAMANA SMS to convey your warm wishes. Wish you a happy New Year 2078 with joy, peace, and prosperity.

Now it’s time to say goodbye to an old year and welcomes to the new year. ImNepal.com wishes all of you a Happy New Year.

As you turn the leaf for another new section in your life, a promising new year anticipates you. An additional 365 days of concealed open doors that you would investigate as you come the new year 2078.

Fireworks Happy New Year SMS Wishes Card

Fireworks New Year Card

This is an opportunity to grasp the endowment of life, to demonstrate appreciation towards your dear ones – your companions, family, associates, neighbors, and relatives for being there for you, to make new year resolutions and check the cases as you set out on the new year’s adventure.


To enable you to thank your friends and family to be an irreplaceable piece of your life, we have some assistance for you.

Here are some insightful new year messages and wishes that you can send on the New Year’s eve and express what they intend to you:

Best New Year SMS Wishes Collection in English for Happy New Year


The New Year is upon us

Conveyinghopefulness and expectation

And if in our belief we trust

There is a reason for the festival

May all your dreams come real

Whatever that dream may be

May good well-being always follow you

And bring benediction to your family

May you build reminiscences to treasure

May your wishes are approved as well

May this year bring you much desire

And leave you with countless stories to say

May you find joy in your heart

May you find joy and never be sad

May your determinations give you a new start


And this be the greatest year you have ever had

2) New Year SMS Wishes

An auspicious and a satisfying new year are waiting just for you. Happy new year 2078


I wish you all a happy, healthy and worthwhile new year. Happy New Year 2078

Happy New Year 2077 Greetings card

Happy New Year 2078 Image


My thoughts are with you all, I hope you’ll always think of how much our relationship means to me. Happy New Year folks.


Welcome 2078, Have a Blast.


To my darling, Times change, years come and go

But my love for you never stops to grow

For your affection has made my life bright

Turned my pains to pleasure

And my wrong to right

Let’s smile and do feast for the cheer

I wish you a very happy new year

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We all get the exact same 365 days. The only change is what we do with them. Be sensible with those days. Happy New Year 2078

happy new year wishes in English for facebook status


Ignore Fears, Avoid Tensions, Trust in your Intentions, Have no Fears and Love Your Dearests, Throughout the Year. Happy New Year.


I wish your dog becomes smart to wash muddy legs before running on carpets this year. Happy New Year.

10) New Year SMS Wishes

Old vanishes and new is here, overlook your sorrows and your tears. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year 2077 Greetings card

Happy New Year 2078 Image


The objective of a new year is not that we should have a new year. It is that we should have a New soul and feeling. Happy New Year.


Three words I can sum up the whole thing I’ve learned about life.

It goes on!

Happy New Year


Leave the griefs, discomfort, and unhappiness behind and let’s welcome the brand new year with a smile. Happy New Year 2078


This year may I wish you lastly learn how to use your Smartphone correctly? Happy New Year


Kick everyone’s butt this year except mine. Have a kickass new year.

happy new year wishes in English for facebook status


A new year is like a blank book. The pen is in your big hand. It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself.


Tomorrow is the first blank page of a 365-page book. Write a good one. Happy New Year.

18) New Year SMS Wishes

Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin with a new year.

Let 2078 be the year of the records you have set and I want no one to accept that you could surpass them in the years to come.

Work with the best skills in 2078 and show the world that you have the power to create wonderful and superior things.

Do not bring your latest numbers this year. Have a new mindset to do new things for the new year. Happy new year 2078.

The new year is a time to dream. Ι Know that you consider him to be responsible and disciplined. Happy new year 2078


Teri duniyamae koi gaamnahoo

Teri khusiyakavikaamnahoo


Jo koi heroine says kaamnahoo.

Bay jhijhakmuskuriyejo v gaamhae

Jhindagimae tension kiskokaamhae


Jhindagikanaam hi kavikhusikabigaamhae

Happy New Year.





Ahi duwakartahaeaapkaaaechahanaewala.


Jab saeaaenayasaalaaya

Jubba pet era naamlaya!!




Haarsaalaatahae, haarsaaljaatahae.

Isssaalaapko woo saabmilae

Jooaapkadilchahatahae. Happy New Year.

23) New Year SMS Wishes


Saamnanaa ho kavitanhaeyosae

Haaraarmanhaarkhwaabpura ho aapka,


Happy New Year.

happy new year wishes in English for facebook status


Full khilangaegulsanmaekhubsuratinazaraaegi,

Bitaesaalkikhattimithiyadhaesaang rhea jiyegi,



Happy New Year.


Let’s welcome this New Year with grins on our expressions and hopes in your heart for the best. Wish you a very Happy New Year.


Oh, my dear, forget your terror, let all your thoughts be clear, Never put tear, please hear, I want to tell one thing in your ear, wishing you a very Happy New Year.


May you have a year that is filled with love, happiness, glare, and confidence. Wishing you a Happy New Year.


The new year is a time for festivity of love, life, and bond. Therefore, it is the time to thank god for the wonderful groups and to bring to their lives as much magic as they bring to ours. Happy New Year.


Whether we need them or not the New year will carry tests,

Whether we grab them or not the New Year will bring new chances. Happy New Year 2078


May the coming new year take away all the tears and sadness and shower you with all the love and happiness. Happy New Year.

happy new year wishes in English for facebook status


Hope grins from the beginning of the year to come, whispering it will be happier! Happy New Year.

I hope you develop new horizons, fulfill new wishes, set new hopes and rediscover the power in you to bring about positive changes for the development of the new year. Happy New Year 2078 boss!

In this New Year, we want you to enjoy not only what you see in the mirror, but also the soul that is in it. Happy new year 2078 boss.

Let the New Year fill your heart with the hope of a new beginning and the pursuit of a better and better tomorrow for you and your loved ones. Happy New Year 2078, sir.

New Year Status For Friends and Family

What the future holds for us depends on what we prepare for the future. May all your days be beautiful and bright. Happy new year 2078 boss.

As you enter another year, you want God to fill it with the right ingredients that can be used to prepare a success story. Happy new year 2078 boss !!!

During the year you played the role of leader, teacher and important friend. Thank you for inspiring us throughout the year. We wish you a very successful year and inspire you the same way every year. Happy New Year 2078, sir.

32) New Year SMS Wishes

A new year brings not only joy, but it also makes us content with a hope to achieve our dreams or a new start in our life. So, a new year is very special for everyone. Happy New Year.


For last year’s disputes belong to last year’s language. And next year’s words await another voice. And to make an end is to make a start. Happy New Year.


Childhood is when you are allowed to stay up late on New Year’s Eve. Middle age is when you are forced to. Happy New Year.


Be gratified with what you have

Celebrate in the way things are.

When you realize there is nothing

Missing, the whole world belongs

To you. Happy New Year.

happy new year wishes in English for facebook status


I whispered an appeal, for somebody so dear. Asking for peace and hope, and a Happy New Year.


May the New Year bring you the bravery to break, your determinations early. My own idea is to swear off every kind of advantage so that I conquest even when I fall.Happy New Year 2078

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