New Year is one of the most auspicious celebrations in the year that occurs in January. It celebrates all over the country with big happiness. This year 2077, new year’s day will be celebrated on 1 January 2077.

New Year SMS in Nepali That Everybody Wants to Share with Friends and Family on Social Media

1. new year wishes in Nepali language

Happy new year direct mutu dekhi

Na dimaag le
Nna boli le
Nna sandessh le
Nna message le
Nna gift le
Tapaai laai happy New year
Direct dillai le
Wishing a New year Jhakas

2. new year wishes in Nepali language

Aauchha New year her
Sangai layaayo khushiyaali her ..
Yataa utaa jahaan pani her
Aaaj basant bahaar chha her
*Happy New year*

3. new year wishes in Nepali language

Raat maaa chhitho sute nindraa aaihaalyo,
bihaan uthdaa ta New year aaihaalyo..
Soche send garu Tapai laai New year maa raamro sms,
herdaa ta tapaai ko miss call already aaihaalyo,
Wish you Happy New year

happy new year wishes in English language

This New Year stands right in front of us with blank pages to be filled with your adventures, love and stories. This new year is staring right into your face and you can’t help but fill all the pages.

4. new year wishes in Nepali language

Harek pal khushiya hos sath,
kahile haat na hosss Khaali
Haami sabai Ko taraf baat,
Wish you Happy New year.

5. new year greetings in Nepali language

new year koh yoh suvbh absar maa
Mero subhkaamanaa swikaar garnuss ,
Khushi ko yoh absarmaa maa
Haami laai pani shaamil garnus .
Wish you Happy New year

6. new year wishes in Nepali language

Tapaai laai ashirwaad milos Ganesh baat.
Vidyaa miloss Saraswati baat.
saamapati miloss Laxami baat.
Khushiyaali miloss bhagawan baat.
maayaa milosss Sabei baat.
Yahi kaamanaa chha mero mutu baat.

7. new year greetings in Nepali language

New year ik khooshi harun ko tasbeer ho,
Andhyaawro baat ujyaalow ko suruwaat ho,
jo kohi pni andhyaaro laai ujayaalo man ko laagi taiyaar hunchh,
tar jo saaawadhani rakhchhan, wahi samajhadaar hunchh.
Kohi samaya ko ta kohee khushee haru ko talabgaar chha.
Baato herdai bala chha, maatra aaune ko makchh chh.
Aai sakepachhi samaau usalaai,
Pheri na bhannu arako saal ko makchh chh.
Usako yaad liyer yo New year ta aayo.

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8. new year wishes in Nepali language

Safalata Kadam Choomdai rahoss,
Khushi Aaspasamaa ghumdai rahoss,
Yash Yati failiyosh ki KASTURI lajaai haaloss,
Laxami ko kripaa yati hoss ki BALAJI pani heri rahoss,
Shubhkaamanaaa chha Tapaai laai yo New year 2077

happy new year wishes in English language

New Year is thehappiest and newest thing in our lives but we fail to remember that by each passing year, we are getting older and wiser. So, make this new yet old year worth remembering.

9. new year wishes in Nepali language

Makai ko Roti, aap ko Aachar,
Surya Ko roshani, Khushi ko bahaar,
Chandramaa ko Chanadni, Aafano laaiPyaar,
Shubhkaamnaa chha Tapaai laai, NEW YEAR ko Parva

10. new year wishes in Nepali language

Sukhkha samapati tapaai ko jiban maa aayoss,
Laxami jee tapaai ko gHar maa prabessh garossh,
Bhooler pni tapaai ko zivan maa ,
kahile pani kunei dukhkha na aawos

11. new year sms in Nepali language

Kuber ko khazaanaa, Lakshmi maataa ko kripaa r Ganesh ji ko aashirvaad le
Mangalmaya hos tapaai ko aaaune saaaal
Prassanta r ulaaas le.
new year ko haardik shubhkaamanaa !

12. new year sms in Nepali language

New year parb ko shubhKamana!
New year ko shuv absar maa
tapaaiko man ko andhkaar mitaayos
Mithaai khaayos, gift milos
r wishes haru ko yo parb manaayos

13. new year sms in Nepali language

New year ko yo parb
tapaai ko laagi r tapaai ko afano ko laagi
New year ko yo ShubhKaamanaa!

14. new year sms in Nepali language

Sneh ra maayaa
Khushiharoo ko hbarshat hos
Badhoss tapaai koh karobaaaaar
yAsto hoss tapaai koh yoh parb
New year parb koh haardik shubhakamanaa !

15. new year sms in Nepali language

Yo New year tapai ko jeevan ma khushee haru layaayos
Tapaai sadhain nei tara ko jastai jhilmilaayyoss!
New year ko hardik shubhakaamanaa !

16. new year greetings in Nepali language

Devi Mahaalakashmi ko kripaa le
tapaai laai jeevan ma saddhain sukha smriddhhi ko vaas hos!
Shubh New year!

happy new year wishes in English language

This New Year before you wish your first beloved person take your time to wish yourself a happiest New Year. Make time to fix yourself something to eat. Make time to gift something beautiful to yourself. Because you can only love others if you love yourself. Happy New Year to myself.

17. new year sms in Nepali language

dherai mithoh mithoh parikaar khaanus,
swaasthya maa Harek chandramaa jhai niroj rahos,
manchhe ta maatra chandramaa maa gayekaa chhan
tapai tyas bhandaa maathi jaanus,
New year ma mero yahi chha shubhkamana

18. new year quotes in Nepali language

Phool ko shuroovat kopilaa baat hunchhan,
zindagi ko shuroovat pyaar baat hunchhan,
Pyaar ko shuroovat aafanta baat hunchhan ra
Aapanta ko shuroovat tapaai baat hunchhan.
* Happy New year *

19. new year short poem in Nepali language

Sabai laai New year ko shubh shubhakaaaamanaaaa ,
Ma dinchhu tapaai laai lakhaaaau shubhakaaamanaaa,
Nayaa varsh Hos puraano jastoh yaaadgaaar,
Tapaaaaai sabai laai milossss Khushee haru ko sansaaar.
laxmi Aaunechh yati ki Sabai Thaumaaaa Naam hunechh,
Dina ra Raat nam Badosss Yati Adhikk Kaam hunechh,
GHar Pariwaar Samaaj maa Bannechhau Sartaaaaj,
Yehi Kaaaaaaaaaaamana Chh Mero tapaai Ko laagi
New year Ko dherei Shubh Kamanaaaaaaaaaa.

20. new year sms in Nepali language

Yo New year ma mero kamanaaaa chha ki tapaai koh Harek sapanna puraa hoss,
duniyaa maa uchchaa udessya tapai ko hosss,
shan sammaanko uchaai maa naam tapaiko hosss,
Wish you very Happy New year.

21. new year text messages in Nepali language

Muskuraaudai hasdai wishes timi bhan,
Jivan ma khooooshi haru lyaau,
Dukh dard aaphno bhuler,
Sabaisang milijuli basne,
New year shubhkamanaaaaaaaa chh khushi koh,
Ujyaaalo koh, laxami Koh….
Yo New year tapai ko jindagi khushi le bharos ,
Duniyaaaa ujyaaaalo le roshan hossss,
gHar maaa maataa laxami ko aagman hossss.
Happy New year 2077.

22. new year text messages in Nepali language

gahu ko Roti, katahar ko Aachaaaar,
Suruj Ko Kiran, sukha ko bahaaaar,
Jun ko Juneli, Aafanta ko Pyaaaar,
Shubhkamanaaaaa chha Tapaai laai barambaaar .
Wish You Happy New year.

23. new year text messages in Nepali language

I Pray to God to give You:-.
Diyo ko ujayalo,
wishes ko rang,
flowers haru ko khushbu,
basant bharujo umang
Mithaai koh swaad,
istamitra ko Pyaaaaaar,
Shubhakaamnaaaaa chha Tapaai laai,
New year ko hajarau hajaaaar .

24. new year text messages in Nepali language

Lyayossss Harek Anuhaarmaaaa Muskaan,
Sukh ra Samridddddhi koh Bahaaaaaar,
Samast Khoooooshi harooooo ,
Aafno layoss saath ra Pyaaar,
Yo Paaawan Avsar maa,
Tapaai sabei laai New year ko pyaaaar.
Happy New year 2077 to all of you.

happy new year wishes in English language

Just consider New Year is a new day, do your daily chores, dream your daily dreams but just in a different way. Other days, you just keep thinking. But today make your first move. Happy New Year Darling

25. new year shayari in Nepali language

wishes, sms, gift, bahar ko saath,
Masti le bharosss New year ko din ra rat,
Pyaarle bhareko hossss din yo saaaaraaaa ,
Khushi haru rahossss sadaa saath timaro .
Happy New year 2077 to all of you