New Year Resolutions for 2077


Find here top Happy New Year resolutions from all over the Nepal and rest of the world done on this site. We have collected here top resolution on this upcoming Naya Barsha. Check it all resolutions. Happy New Year 2077 to All of the visitors. Naya Barshako ko Mangalmaya Hardik Shubhakamana. Get here New year resolutions quotes

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New Year Resolutions

Top New Year Resolutions for 2077

Keshab Jha from janakpur

Happy New Year 2077 Gregorian Samvat‚ I will buy a T-shirt printed Lord BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL and weared always in the tourist places.

Jitendra Sharma from Siraha (New Year Resolutions for 2077)

I have a great idea for this new year. This year, I will do big things that is I will try to kill 50,00,00,001 mosquitoes and gift them to my all facebook friends one by one.

Rajani Shrestha, Delhi (New Year Resolutions for 2077)

My new year resolution is of course about my beauty. This is what I want to get. I will not hide my beautiful face with ugly make-up.

Kailash Shrestha, Kathmandu

Study, study and study. Labor more, labor more and labor more. I have not been able to concentrate on it.

Shanumaya Maharjan, Kirtipur

We all people have lots of effort, so I will try to celebrate each minutes like as 1th day of New Year. Every one please feel each moment is like new one moment of life.

Md. Israfil Khan, Dang

My new year resolution is that I will be strictly to avoid plastic bags.

Raju Sitaula, Sydney (New Year Resolutions for 2077)

I will never forget to give and pass my cute smile who is looking at me.

Dipak Bajgai, Qatar

From this New Year, I will go campus with my boyfriend so that I will be able to save the fuel of my father’s Bike.

Shivani Singh, Washington DC,

From this New Year 2077 Gregorian Samvat while going to campus I will ride my scooter in the speed of not more than 60 kilometer/hour so that I can be safe driver and save my life from the accident.

Ramu Maharjan from Kathmandu: (New Year Resolutions for 2077 BS)
First of all, I’ll do only those things that I need to do… and talk about doing it. I’ll try to be the man of actions rather than of words..!! …Dashain ko Shubhakamana…

Rupesh Singh from Bhaktapur:
I’ll try to be responsible upwards this Bhagwan, no matter how much struggle I should do for it. …New Year ko Shubhakamana…

Mohan Shah from Biratnagar:
In this New Year, I’ll never argue with my father to purchase me a new SAMSUNG Galaxy 5 mobile set as a New Year gift. …New Year ko Shubhakamana…


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